How ‘Gossip Woman’ star Jordan Alexander’s model compares to Julien’s

As Julien Calloway, ringleader of Constance Billard cool girls “Gossip Girl” from HBO Max Jordan Alexander relies on fashion to help her find her character.

“The clothes she wears, and the makeup, too, helps me become her,” the 28-year-old Toronto native told Page Six Style.

Social media influencer Julien wears oversized button-downs with cycling shorts and parties in see-through pieces by LaQuan Smith and David Koma – pieces Alexander admitted she could “style differently” in real life, but still with her own personal one Style resonates.

“I tend to wear things that are a little fancy or very dramatic,” she said. “I like androgyny with style, and Julien integrates that a bit too.”

Jordan Alexander on the set of Jordan Alexander on the set of “Gossip Girl”.GC images

But the star’s true source of style inspiration is closer to home.

“My grandma is a very chic lady – if she was [from] New York, she’d be safe on the Upper East Side, ”joked Alexander.

“She has always been very fashion conscious; my sisters and I put on their clothes and they were just so flamboyant and wonderful. That probably influenced me a lot when it comes to the fashion drama. “

Jordan Alexander at the Jordan Alexander turned heads at the “Gossip Girl” premiere in June in a white Wiederhoeft corset and trousers with a matching face mask with a bow.WireImage

While they might Go for a big impact on red carpets, Alexander’s everyday look is all about adding a modern twist to wardrobe classics like pearls and little black dresses (she prefers the latter with slim straps and a sexy slit).

And while Julien is something of a sneakerhead, the actress she plays prefers a towering platform heel.

“There’s just something about platforms that makes me feel like I’m alien,” she shared. “They affect the way you walk, and I like that!”

NFL star Saquon Barkley will settle for all future endorsement cash in bitcoin

Saquon Barkley relies on Bitcoin all
BTCUSD, + 0.48%.

The returning star of the New York Giants claimed on “The best business show“That he accepts all future marketing and advertising contracts he signs in Bitcoin.

“You see inflation and you see how high it is right now, and you learn that you cannot save your fortune,” Barkley said. “That’s why I’m going to take my marketing money in Bitcoin.”

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Barkley, 24, says he will use the Strike crypto app for future bitcoin payments, adding that like well-known athletic investors, he wants to build “generational wealth” outside of the field Kevin Durant and Tom Brady.

Barkley has an impressive advertising portfolio with companies like Dunkin ‘Donuts, Nike. built up
OF, -1.11%,
PEP, + 0.24%,
TM, -0.53%,
V, -0.10%
and Hulu – and he admitted during his interview that his annual advertising income is over $ 10 million.

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Barkley currently has one 4-year contract for $ 31.2 million with the Giants, which ends after the 2022 season.

And the running back isn’t the only athlete interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In 2020, Carolina Panther’s offensive tackle Russell Okung announced that he would convert half of his $ 13 million salary into bitcoin NFL draft pick Trevor Lawrence signed a contract with the crypto portfolio app Blockfolio and was paid for in a mix of Bitcoin, Ethereum
ETHUSD, -0.82%,
and Solana. Even Super Bowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes seems to be interested in cryptocurrencies.

Free agent NFL tight-end Sean Culkin told MarketWatch earlier this year that he will convert his entire NFL salary into bitcoin in 2021 because he was worried about falling and going broke like some other professional athletes.

“Everyone was broke not long ago,” Culkin told MarketWatch on the way home from off-season training sessions. “I see this new world starting to grow with crypto. I see it as gold
GC00, -0.98%,
digital gold, but better. “

Blue Jackets’ star Patrik Laine criticizes Tortorella’s teaching model | Sports activities

Patrik Laine sings a new melody.

After taking the blame for the worst offensive performance of his career in May, the Blue Jackets forward passed a significant portion of the blame on to ex-manager John Tortorella this week.

Speaking to Finnish media company on Tuesday, Laine pointed out Tortorella’s requirement that strikers play a “responsible” two-way game – working both defensively and offensively – to contribute to a season-long goal drought.

“I think everyone has to have rules, but of course you always hope that you can use your strengths,” Laine told the publication. “Tortorella has not given anyone freedom. Strikers want to be aggressive. You have to “cheat” a bit if you want to be Goal King. It doesn’t work if the coaches think differently. But I do what they tell me. “

That wasn’t the end of it.

“I understand the need for a tight system, but all players are different,” said Laine. “I don’t even want to be like everyone else. I am who I am and do things my way. Everyone should have the opportunity to be themselves. Then of course you have to play in the team’s system. I think it’s stupid not to use my potential. But then it’s a different matter what the coaches think. “

Tortorella and the Blue Jackets parted ways after the season. Both he and Blue Jackets General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen declined to comment on Laine’s remarks.

Laine had 12 goals, 12 assists, 24 points and a rating of minus 28 in 46 games – all career lows.

Two goals and one assist came during a season opener for the Winnipeg Jets, who put Laine in second place overall in 2016 and handed him over to Columbus on January 23, along with striker Jack Roslovic. The Blue Jackets sent Pierre-Luc Dubois, whom they had drafted a pick to Laine, to the Jets along with their pick in the third round of this year’s draft.

During a media availability at the end of the season in May, Laine was asked whether a new coach or a new offensive system could revive his goal effect.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I think it was just… the main reason was that I wasn’t playing as well as I needed to. It’s not the system’s fault. It’s my fault. I think it doesn’t matter who is behind the bench. I still have to go out there and do what I do. That wasn’t possible this year, but I’ll do it next year. “

Laine, who scored 140 goals and 110 assists in 306 games for the Jets, was also asked about his relationship with Tortorella, whose straightforward style has bothered some players in the past.

“I think it was pretty good,” said Laine. “I think we had some good conversations about the way I have to play or about… expectations and all that. I think that was good. I’ve definitely seen that if you don’t play well, you don’t play. This is good. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you make. You’re still the same You will be put on the bench if you don’t play well and I definitely have to see that this year. “

Laine was benched three games of his Blue Jackets career for another reason. He only logged into the Nationwide Arena at 11:14 am on February 8 and survived the entire third period of a 3-2 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Sources told The Dispatch the next day that Laine made a disrespectful comment on a member of the coaching staff, leading Tortorella to sit him down.

Dispatch has now learned that the comment was directed at Brad Larsen, Tortorella’s replacement as head coach. Larsen declined to comment when asked if he and Laine patched things up. A source close to the situation said there should be no ongoing issues from the incident, which was quickly resolved.

Larsen has also hired Pascal Vincent from the Jets organization as one of his assistants. Vincent trained Roslovic in the American Hockey League and worked with Laine during previous training camps in Winnipeg.

“That wasn’t a decisive factor for me at all,” said Larsen in June. “It’s kind of a bonus. He knows who they are and has worked with Jack, and Patty knows him from the same organization. I just have the feeling that this is a bonus. “

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That’s leisure! ‘Tables and Spreads’ make it simple to be a star party-planner

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Astrologische Lebensstilberatung ist wieder auf dem Vormarsch, wurde mir gesagt. Und es ist gut zu wissen, dass, wenn sich der Mond im siebten Haus befindet und Jupiter auf Mars ausgerichtet ist, dann Frieden die Planeten leiten wird und wir alle instinktiv wissen, wie man Essen, Trinken und die gesamte Ausrüstung für eine perfekte Party zubereitet, nein egal zu welchem ​​Anlass.

Aber bis diese astrale Ausrichtung eintritt, gibt es eine geerdetere Unterstützung. „Tables and Spreads: A Go-To Guide for Beautiful Snacks, Intime Gatherings and Inviting Feasts“ ist eine inspirierende Bereicherung für jeden, der darüber nachdenkt, eine Party mit Stil zu veranstalten. Shelly Westerhausen Worcel ist eine Autorin/Fotografin, die mit ihrem Blog über fleischfreie Lebensmittel Vegetarian ‘Ventures ( Dies ist ihr zweites Buch über Home Entertainment. Ihr erster, der Bestseller „Platters and Boards“, konzentrierte sich auf Rezepte und die Oberflächen, auf denen sie serviert werden konnten. „Tables and Spreads“ erweitert das Gespräch und enthält alle Elemente, die erforderlich sind, um einen schönen, köstlich kuratierten Tisch für eine visuell zusammenhängende Themenveranstaltung für fast jeden Anlass zu kreieren und zu gestalten.

Das Buch ist sauber in zwei Teile gegliedert. Die erste ist ein enzyklopädisches Kompendium rund um das Thema Unterhaltung, einschließlich Zeitplänen, die zwei Wochen vor der Veranstaltung beginnen und damit enden, dass Sie ruhig und glücklich spazieren, um Ihre Gäste zu begrüßen und einen Drink anzubieten, nachdem Sie sich nur einen kurzen Moment Zeit genommen haben, um Ihre Pracht zu bewundern Weidetisch (ja, das ist ein unüberspringbarer Schritt). Wenn zwischendurch etwas übersehen wird, konnte ich es nicht finden.

Beginnen Sie mit den 5 Qs, die Ihnen helfen, Ihren Spread zu wählen und zu skalieren. Folgen Sie dann den zahlreichen skurril illustrierten Diagrammen und üppigen Fotos, die Sie zu den entsprechenden Speisen und Rezepten führen, Servierplatten, Utensilien, Bettwäsche, Musik, Blumenarrangements, Kerzen (nie parfümiert!), Käsemesser, Farbthemen, Glaswaren und Beilagen. bis hin zu DIY-Themen-Party-Picks und den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten, Fleisch für eine elegante Plattenpräsentation zu falten. Worcel liefert einen Tsunami an Informationen und bietet gleichzeitig ein Rettungspaket an. Sie sagt: „Ich habe Ihnen mehr Informationen gegeben, als Sie jemals brauchen werden, damit Sie auswählen können, was Sie zusammenstellen möchten: Brotaufstriche, Bretter, Platten oder Tische, die Sie stolz und glücklich machen – und nie hungrig! ”

Teil 2 besteht aus Spread-Themen und Rezepten. Es gibt 21 davon, von einem einfachen Dips-Dinner bis hin zu einem aufwendigen Thanksgiving-Dessertbuffet. Jeder enthält spezifische Styling-Notizen, Rezepte und einen Vorschlag für die Getränkepaarung. Sie können auswählen und auswählen oder sogar mischen und kombinieren, aber echte Herausragendes sind einige der interaktiven Spreads. Wir haben unten fast eine ganze Strecke für Sie zum Probefahren in der Rezeptabteilung eingefügt. Der Blumenkohl mit knusprigem Quinoa-Topping in Salatbechern ist cremig, erdig, knackig und würzig; sautiertes Gemüse und Getreide, umhüllt von frischem, weichem Buttersalat, mit zusätzlichen Gewürzen und Beilagen, um Ihr Gericht zu verfeinern.

Und als kleine Anspielung auf die Saison haben wir ein Rezept für Blackberry Hibiscus Limeade aus der Summer Limeade Party der Schule hinzugefügt. Sie können Ihren Gästen eine farbenfrohe Platte mit Obst und Kräutern anbieten – geschnittene Zitrusfrüchte, Beeren, Thymian, Minze –, damit Ihre Gäste ihre Getränke individuell gestalten können, wie es Worcel tut. Aber Sie müssen das Buch kaufen, um die Pierogi-Party zu erleben. Alle Rezepte und zusätzliche Coachings für dich und deine Freunde, um Kartoffel-Sauer-Sahne, Spinat-Feta und zum Dessert Pflaumen-Cheesecake-Piroggen, frisch und scharf, für euch selbst zuzubereiten.

Der Mond besucht etwa zwei von 28 Tagen das siebte Haus, und Jupiter richtet sich etwa alle zweieinhalb Jahre mit dem Mars aus. Sie können also Ihren lokalen Astrologen nach der besten Zeit für die Planung eines Ereignisses fragen, aber die bessere Wette ist es, “Tabellen und Spreads” zu erhalten. Wenn Sie nur ein Stubenhocker sind, ist es eine unterhaltsame Lektüre, und wenn Sie tatsächlich unterhalten möchten, werden Sie Ihren Glückssternen danken. Es ist eine inspirierende, unterhaltsame und beruhigende Ressource, die verfügbar ist, wenn Sie es sind.


Eine von Worcels Versammlungen, obwohl sie „Ladies Night Lettuce Wraps“ heißt, ist für jedes allgemeine Gruppentreffen geeignet. Es ist ein leichtes, aber zufriedenstellendes, einfaches, unterhaltsames, interaktives Essen mit zwei Rezepten. Eine gemahlene Hühnchen-Alternative zum Blumenkohl im Rezept unten für alle Fleischfresser anzubieten, die unter den Gästen lauern, ist ein Hinweis auf die geniale einfache Inklusivität des Buches.

Es gibt viele wertschöpfende Details in dem Buch, aber dies ist im Grunde eine Mahlzeit, die Sie selbst einpacken. Mit einem süßen oder halbtrockenen Weißwein servieren; Worcel schlägt einen Riesling oder Chenin Blanc vor, um die Gewürze in den Rezepten zu ergänzen. Zusammen mit dem Blumenkohl und knusprigem Quinoa eine Platte mit Buttersalat – Blätter gewaschen und getrennt – für Wraps sowie Schüsseln mit Toppings bereitstellen: Sojasauce, geröstetes Sesamöl, Sesam, Paprikaflocken oder Chili-Knoblauch-Sauce, Frühlingszwiebeln , Koriander und Limettenspalten, um den Aufstrich zu vervollständigen.

Blumenkohlsalat-Wraps (Foto mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Chronicle Books)

Ingwer Sesam Blumenkohl

Diese mit Gemüse gefüllte Füllung kommt in nur wenigen Minuten zusammen und ist ein absoluter Publikumsliebling! Überspringen Sie nicht das Rösten der Sesamsamen, da sie zusammen mit der knusprigen Quinoa den dringend benötigten Crunch hinzufügen (Rezept unten).

Dient 4 als Hauptgericht oder 6-8 als Vorspeise/Snack

3 Teelöffel Erdnuss- oder Olivenöl

1 Kopf Blumenkohl, gewaschen und in kleine Röschen geschnitten

½ Tasse gefrorene Erbsen (60 Gramm)

1 Karotte, in dünne Scheiben geschnitten

3 Esslöffel Tamari oder Sojasauce

1 Esslöffel Tahin

1 Esslöffel Honig

2 Teelöffel Chili-Knoblauch-Sauce

1 Teelöffel Reisessig

1 Knoblauchzehe, gehackt

½ Teelöffel geriebener frischer Ingwer

2 Teelöffel frisch gepresster Limettensaft

1 Esslöffel gerösteter Sesam

In einer großen Pfanne bei mittlerer Hitze 1 Teelöffel Öl erwärmen. Fügen Sie die Blumenkohlröschen hinzu und braten Sie sie 2 Minuten lang oder nur bis der Blumenkohl leicht weich wird. ¼ Tasse Wasser hinzufügen, abdecken (den Deckel leicht geöffnet lassen, damit der Dampf entweichen kann) und 2 Minuten dämpfen lassen. Die Erbsen dazugeben und weitere 2 Minuten dämpfen oder bis der Blumenkohl sich leicht mit einer Gabel einstechen lässt.

Aufdecken und 30 Sekunden anbraten oder bis das meiste Wasser verdunstet ist. Fügen Sie die restlichen 2 Teelöffel Öl und die Karotte hinzu und braten Sie sie 5 Minuten lang oder bis die Karotte anfängt, braun zu werden.

Währenddessen in einer kleinen Rührschüssel Tamari, Tahini, Honig, Chili-Knoblauch-Sauce, Reisessig, Knoblauch und Ingwer verrühren. Gießen Sie die Mischung in die Pfanne und werfen Sie das Gemüse herum, bis es vollständig mit der Sauce bedeckt ist. Kochen lassen, das Gemüse oft schwenken, bis die Sauce eingedickt ist und die meiste Feuchtigkeit verkocht ist, weitere 3 bis 5 Minuten. Vom Herd nehmen und den Limettensaft hinzufügen. Mit Sesam bestreuen und sofort servieren.

Fleischfressende Option (mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Worcels Partner Wyatt, der bei vielen Rezepten der Fleisch-„Pairer“ ist): Ersetzen Sie den Blumenkohl durch 1 Pfund (455 Gramm) gemahlenes Hühnchen. Fügen Sie das Hühnchen gleichzeitig mit dem Blumenkohl hinzu, kochen Sie es jedoch 3 Minuten lang. Mit dem Rest des Rezepts wie angegeben fortfahren.

Knusprige Quinoa

Obwohl ich empfehle, dies als Topping auf diesen Salat-Wraps zu verwenden, ist diese knusprige Quinoa auch immer großartig auf Salaten und Tacos! Quinoa wird nach dem Backen knusprig, also mach dir keine Sorgen, wenn es noch etwas Feuchtigkeit hat, wenn du es aus dem Ofen nimmst.

Für 8 als Belag

1 Tasse (180 Gramm) Quinoa, gespült

¼ Tasse (60 Milliliter) Tamari oder Sojasauce

1 Esslöffel Olivenöl,

2 Teelöffel Chili-Knoblauch-Sauce

1 Teelöffel Reisessig

½ Teelöffel gemahlener Ingwer

In einem mittelgroßen Topf bei starker Hitze 2 Tassen Wasser zum Kochen bringen. Nach dem Kochen die Quinoa dazugeben und die Hitze auf niedrige Stufe reduzieren. Abdecken und 15 Minuten köcheln lassen. Vom Herd nehmen und abgedeckt weitere 10 Minuten ruhen lassen oder bis die meiste Flüssigkeit aufgesogen ist. Quinoa mit einer Gabel auflockern.

In der Zwischenzeit den Backofen auf 375 Grad vorheizen und ein Backblech mit Backpapier auslegen. In einer mittelgroßen Rührschüssel Tamari, Olivenöl, Chili-Knoblauch-Sauce, Reisessig und Ingwer verrühren. Quinoa in eine Rührschüssel geben und umrühren, bis sie vollständig mit der Sauce überzogen ist. Quinoa gleichmäßig auf dem vorbereiteten Blatt verteilen. Unter Rühren 25 bis 35 Minuten backen, bis der Großteil der Quinoa gebräunt ist und sich die Quinoa nicht mehr nass anfühlt. Aus dem Ofen nehmen und vor dem Servieren abkühlen lassen.


Limeade-Platte zur Sommersonnenwende. (Foto mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Chronicle Books)

Limeade aus schwarzem Hibiskus

Suchen Sie nach getrocknetem Hibiskus in Lebensmittelqualität entweder in der Teeabteilung oder in der Kräuterabteilung Ihres örtlichen Lebensmittelgeschäfts (oder online).

Ergibt 6 Getränke

1 Tasse (200 Gramm) Zucker

6 Tassen (1,4 Liter) Wasser oder 5 Tassen (1,2 Liter) Wasser und 1 Tasse (240 ml) Sprudelwasser

1 Tasse (120 Gramm) Brombeeren

¼ Tasse (10 Gramm) getrocknete Hibiskusblätter

2,5 cm großes Stück frischer Ingwer, geschält und gerieben

1 Tasse (240 Milliliter) frisch gepresster Limettensaft (aus ca. 12 mittelgroßen oder 16 kleinen Limetten)

1 Limette, in Scheiben geschnitten

In einem kleinen Topf bei mittlerer Hitze den Zucker, 1 Tasse Wasser, die Brombeeren, Hibiskusblätter und Ingwer verquirlen. Zum Köcheln bringen und verquirlen, bis sich der Zucker aufgelöst hat. 1 Minute köcheln lassen, abdecken und vom Herd nehmen. Vollständig abkühlen lassen und dann abseihen. Entsorgen Sie die Feststoffe. Nach dem Abkühlen mischen Sie den abgesiebten einfachen Sirup mit dem Limettensaft und den restlichen 5 Tassen Wasser (oder 4 Tassen, wenn Sie Mineralwasser verwenden). Abgedeckt mindestens 2 Stunden im Kühlschrank ruhen lassen. Wenn Sie servierfertig sind, fügen Sie 2 Tassen Eis, die Limettenscheiben und, falls verwendet, Mineralwasser hinzu. Rühren und servieren. Der einfache Sirup kann bis zu 1 Woche im Voraus zubereitet und in einem luftdichten Behälter im Kühlschrank aufbewahrt werden.

Who Will Be Gossip Lady’s Breakout Type Star?

The press tour for the Gossip Girl reboot, which premieres on July 8th, may have only just begun – but there is one star out there who is already drawing some serious looks. That would Evan Mock, the model-turned-actor who plays the rich kid Aki in the lively upcoming series. Last night in New York City, Mock aired the official HBO Max premiere in a 1970s style statement look that proves he’s one of the breakout style stars on the show.

The whole cast was out last night and there were many glances to be had. Tavi Gevinson wore a chic Stella McCartney dress with bright neon floral prints; Emily Alyn Lind went for a menswear-inspired look with a suit vest and tie, while Jordan Alexander went edgier with a white net mask with two large bows on the side, a strapless corset and baggy pants. There were many statements on the red carpet and each actor certainly has his own distinctive style. But dressed from head to toe in Gucci, Mock made a modern take on retro suits and totally stood out from the crowd.

Some of the Gossip Girl cast members on the premiere red carpetPhoto: Getty Images

Mock’s sleek look included a blazer with wide lapels, a button-down shirt and flared pants. His cool accessories – including Gucci penny loafers, Gucci’s 1955 Horsebit mini bag, and black shield-like sunglasses – gave him a youthful finish (as did his pink buzz cut). Being on a fashion-conscious show like Gossip Girl means the pressure on good press tour looks is mounting, and Mock is clearly off to a good start. Given mock has modeled For labels like Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton, something tells us that many other designer labels will soon be knocking on his door to dress him. We can’t wait to see what fit he pulls out next.

A soccer star bringing skilled abilities, methods and leisure to summer season camps

By Mayra Franco

Click here for updates on this story

MISHAWAKA, Indiana (WBND-LD) – A soccer star known as “Hollywood” brings his expertise to children in Michiana.

But before we find out all about summer camp fun, we wanted to tell how he started futboleros.

Founder James Ortega has played football professionally for over 30 years and had a vision to entertain the football world with more than just dribbling the ball.

So he combined the two, football and entertainment.

It was about 15 years ago that the whole concept of mixing football and entertainment came about.

Ortega was recognized and worked with companies like Nike and Red Bull who decided to start their own company doing what he loves most: entertainment, classes and playing soccer.

This is where the Futboleros Soccer Academy comes in.

It has turned into a camp to get kids involved in the community by mixing football with entertainment here in Michiana. But before he took root locally, he was a professional Los Angeles soccer player who starred in four films, 20 soccer commercials, and was the main entertainment for the LA Galaxy.

He appears annually at over 300 events with his team ‘Futboleros Soccer Entertainers’, which are other professionals from all over the world.

They appear in halftime shows for companies like Copa America, which is like the superbowl for the soccer world, LA Galaxy, local events and more.

Ortega felt that there was more than just football, he felt a passion to entertain football fans with spectacular shows of special tricks and choreographies across the country and with the kids every day too.

“I’m unique, so I do everything, so you want entertainment, you want to learn, that’s what I’m here for. I’m a real soccer player … I’ve done it all my life, I love it, I have a passion and not only do I train, but I show you exactly how to kick the ball and hit it right into the goal, ”said Ortega, when he kicked the ball towards the goal post.

The Futboleros soccer camp is open to children ages 7-14 of all skill levels with a few different camp options. You can choose whether you want to train for half a day or a full day on the lawn, in the hall or in the sand.

“Do you want to just stick it on your finger or around your head, right on your neck, for a little entertainment, or if you just want to learn how to juggle and be in total control. You’re coming to Futboleros, ”said Ortega as he showed us these tricks.

Laughter, fun and kids who love playing soccer are what you hear here at Outpost Sports, one of the camp’s three locations.

A group of children meet five days a week to learn how to become skillful players who learn to showcase their talents in fun ways.

It contains extreme air balls as a new way of motivating children and training for adults too.

Ortega brings a lot of energy to give the children some professional experience while training.

Ortega says one of his favorite parts about the camp is the kids.

“Watching the kids smile, watching them have fun, watching them grow, watching them progress to the next level, it’s nurturing like adding water to a flower,” said Ortega.

There is also a tournament for adults and children on July 25th and the last registration date is July 10th.

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Tri Star Sports activities and Leisure Group Launches Pupil Fund – The Hollywood Reporter

Lou Taylor, CEO of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group – known as The Hollywood Reporter’s Business manager icon in 2019 for representatives from stars like Steven Tyler, Mary J. Blige, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Britney Spears – created the Finish Line Scholarship to support the black student community at Spelman College.

The scholarship starts with a $ 70,000 donation and is distributed among students who have excelled in their studies but need financial assistance to complete their studies. The idea for the Finish Line Scholarship came about during the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, when Taylor and her Tri Star leadership team were trying to come up with elements of action that could support the cause.

“When we shared with Tri Star staff which HBCU we would work with for our scholarships, many employees shared their personal success stories and how the financial support they received along the way made a big difference to them and their families. “Said Taylor. “Among them was an employee with her own Spelman story. We knew immediately that we had made the right choice by partnering with Spelman College for our finish line scholarship. ”

Tri-star worked with Spelman President Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell and Vp for Institutional Funding Jessie Brooks to create the scholarship. Taylor confirmed that this is not a one-time gift, but rather a long-term plan to create future opportunities for Spelman students. Tri Star hopes to expand the scholarship program each year and provide more funding in the years to come.

Nicolas Cage to star in Butcher’s Crossing | Leisure

Nicolas Cage is said to star in “Butcher’s Crossing”.

The 57-year-old actor is linked to the adventure film adapted from John Williams’ 1960 novel About the Rugged Frontier of the American West.

Gabe Polsky will direct the film with Altitude Film Group, which is producing and funding the project. The group has acquired distribution rights in Great Britain and Ireland and will handle international distribution on the Cannes Virtual Market.

Polsky adapts the script with Liam Satre-Meloy, the film telling the story of a young Harvard dropout who seeks his fate in the West by tying his fate to a team of buffalo hunters led by Miller (Cage). Then they embark on a harrowing journey in which they risk their life and sanity.

The title of the film refers to the small town in Kansas where the two crossed during the set history of the 1870s.

The film is scheduled to be shot in the United States in October.

Polsky is producing with Molly Conners for Phiphen Pictures alongside Will Clarke and Andy Mayson for Altitude Film Entertainment and Cage’s Saturn Films banners.

Gabe said, “This is an urgent story with timeless themes – a heartbreaking journey that explores the limits of human nature.

“Nick Cage is one of the most dynamic and interesting actors and it will be exciting to have him play this brilliant role.”

Cage also starred in the action film “The Retirement Plan” with Ron Perlman.

Set in the Cayman Islands, the film also shows Ashley Greene, Ernie Hudson, Jackie Earle Haley, Joel David Moore, Grace Byers, Rick Fox and Lynn Whitfield.

How is Pasadena spending its pandemic rescue cash? – Pasadena Star Information

As the dust settles on the pandemic, city leaders ponder the best way to spend a huge injection of cash: $ 52.6 million in federal rescue dollars.

The first increment, $ 26.3 million, came fresh from Washington, DC last week, part of the $ 1.9 trillion American rescue plan law stopped by congress and signed by President Joe Biden in March. The second payment, another $ 26.3 million, is due in June 2022.

But here’s the catch. The city isn’t entirely sure whether the second pile will land – at least in its full form.

“There is a growing concern across the country, from mayors and cities in every state that the second 50% payment could be reclaimed from the federal government through legislative negotiations,” said Matthew Hawkesworth, the city’s chief financial officer, at a city council meeting last week.

People wearing masks because of the coronavirus pandemic walk past Pasadena City Hall on Saturday, May 2, 2020. (File photo)

Efforts to reduce funding have already started, officials said, who expect the trials to continue. In short, in a highly polarized setting on Capitol Hill, there is concern that the city may not see this second half and they have tried this week to include everything they could.

At the same time, there was resistance to this scramble as residents and elected leaders urged the city to take a much more “global” look at where this money is going.

Federal rescue finance itself has certain baskets that it has to go to. It can only be used to:

    • Respond to the public health emergency or its adverse effects.
    • Give key workers a reward during COVID-19 restrictions.
    • Coverage of the city for services it could not afford due to pandemic-related revenue shortfalls.
    • And / or for necessary investments in water, sewer or broadband infrastructure.

Nonetheless, it has enormous potential in a city that has suffered significant financial losses in sales and tourism revenues, and almost one $ 900 million budget for fiscal year 2021-22 – a budget that needs to be approved by next week. Both the city Rose Bowl operating company and the Pasadena Center operating company Revenues plummeted during the pandemic.

Everyone agrees that federal funds are urgently needed. But how it is allocated is more complicated.

At last week’s council meeting, with budget deadlines looming, the urgency was seen building as members stood up on a number of points – amid community rejection – to commit federal funding to certain city programs .

These included the Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau’s tourism recovery plan, a $ 475,000 infusion for hiring three employees as the city’s hospitality industry recovers from the pandemic. Officials see the funding as critical to bringing the city’s ailing hospitality industry back to health.

But several members of the public opposed it, fueling their continued pressure on the city to divert funds into housing programs, the health department and youth programs and away from police tourism and capital improvements, things they say the money is not supposed to cover.

“They find money for business, they find money for retail, but when it comes to housing programs and financing offers for the homeless, they always have difficulty finding money, or they just say they don’t have the money,” said Sonja Berndt , a housing attorney, warned the city not to go too quickly on a wish list of items to be funded with the rescue funds. “There is never money or crumbs for the poor, the weak, the marginalized.”

Berndt and others called on the city council to better include the voices of the citizens in the discussion about how to deal with federal aid money. And Berndt complained that such money goes back into the city’s general fund when departments like Housing and Public Health get relatively little of the funding pie compared to the city’s police force.

The result, she said, is that violence prevention, supportive housing, public health and community programs are coming under pressure.

The city council eventually approved $ 1.075 million in federal aid to go towards public health responses, public health improvements, and funding the visitor’s office.

But the council members also seemed to get the message that the decisions should not be rushed.

“I think we should have a more global discussion in the council, where we’re not just looking at the council’s allocation, but also how the county spends its dollars, how the state spends its dollars – on rent subsidies, for example – and trying to Strengthening areas that need strengthening while giving more input to the public and the council, ”Mayor Victor Gordo said at the June 14 meeting.

His colleagues seemed to agree.

“Fifty million is a lot of money,” said Councilor Andy Wilson, calling it “a golden opportunity” to decide how to spend it.

City officials offered a laundry list of items a framework for future funding, everything from a public health fund to offsetting parking fund losses to capital improvements related to housing support and infrastructure.

In response, the council decided to organize public workshops, as the city council’s finance committee also plays a role in creating a new framework. The priorities would eventually return to the entire city council for approval.

One obvious benefit is that most federal funding does not yet need to be budgeted, even though there are deadlines in federal legislation.

“The good thing is that some of us have been pushed back,” said Berndt. “We said, ‘No, let’s have an overall strategy, not a piecemeal thing.’ We need a kind of public relations work where the public can make comments. “

Dustin Hoffman to star in Sam & Kate | Leisure

Dustin Hoffman will lead the cast of “Sam & Kate”.

The 83-year-old actor will star in the comedy with his son Jake Hoffman, Sissy Spacek and Schuyler Fisk.

Darren Le Gallo is writing and making his directorial debut for the project. He will also produce with Ben Shields Catlin, Orian Williams, Ford Corbett and Cindy Bru. Amy Adams and Stacy O’Neil are executive producers for Bond Group Entertainment.

The film is a life-affirming story set in a small town in the heart of the country. Dustin plays Bill, a larger-than-life father who is cared for by Sam (Jake Hoffman) who has returned home to take care of his ailing father.

At home, Sam falls in love with local Kate (Fisk) and at the same time Bill has a romantic interest in her mother Tina (Spacek). The four are forced to face their past as they try to make new love work in their lives.

Williams said, “Darren’s heartfelt script brings the family experience to screen in a whole new way.”

Volition Media Partners will provide funding with Bankside Films, which is handling the overseas sales, while the film goes onto the Cannes virtual market next week.

Stephen Kelliher of Bankside Films said, “‘Sam & Kate’ is a beautifully watched story that celebrates the magic of finding the person who sees you for who you are and allowing you to be the best version of yourself .

“In a world where we crave connection and belonging, audiences around the world will love to see this uplifting and life-affirming story.”