Woodland Park patio drink spot 110 Reserve has Breck type and costs | Meals & Drink

The two month old 110 Reserve comes as an extension of Miss Priss Women’s Clothing Store and owner of both, Pamela Mikesell. It’s a very inviting porch / deck / breezeway mini-bar with a view of the highway and Pike’s Peak and wouldn’t be out of place in Breckenridge in terms of design.

A credit is required for this, but you don’t have to charge Breck prices for simple cocktails. Like an inexplicably high vodka from Tito’s $ 15 Bloody Maria – the cost of a killer cocktail at one of Denver’s high-end spots – that’s heavy on the celery salt and drinks like any $ 5 brunch special anywhere, though candied bacon goes with celery, cucumber, olive and salami slice garnish fits.

When you go

110 W. Midland Ave., Woodland Park, 719-640 9663, facebook.com/110ReserveBar

As fine and refreshing as their Don Julio silver Cucumber margarita is, with fresh fruit and homemade lime syrup and luckily no BS mixes, $ 12 still feels a few dollars high.

Our Chicken satay bowl, colorful and beautifully presented with carrot shavings nested on a rice mound, surrounded by edamame drizzled with dressing, broccoli, cabbage, and sliced ​​bird pieces, is at least $ 4 overpriced at $ 16 for the portion and overall finish, inclusive lumpy rice and fairly dry meat with no juice.

For our money, we are most satisfied with a $ 4 snack bowl of warm mixed nuts encased in a fabulous rosemary spice.

Leisure Information Roundup: Field Workplace: ‘The Hitman’s Spouse’s Bodyguard’ Takes High Spot From ‘A Quiet Place 2’; U.S. soccer stars inform story of battle for equal pay in new movie ‘LFG’ and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Box office: ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ takes top spot in ‘A Quiet Place 2’

“The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” topped the box-office charts, debuting at $ 11.6 million from 3,331 US Weekend venues. The Lionsgate movie, a sequel to the 2017 action comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard, hit the big screen on Wednesday and has raised $ 17 million to date. However, the film cost nearly $ 70 million to produce so it could face challenges to make a profit in theaters.

In the new film “LFG”, US soccer stars tell the story of the struggle for equal pay

Soccer stars Megan Rapinoe and Jessica McDonald rested their cleats and walked the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary “LFG” at the Tribeca Film Festival US National team of women. The players sued US Football governing body in 2019 on allegations of gender discrimination in compensation and almost all other aspects of playing conditions

Cate Blanchett sees pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on the plight of the refugees

These years World Refugee Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the uncertainty faced by those forced to flee their homes, actress Cate Blanchett, an ambassador of goodwill U.N. Refugee Agency, Says As The World Grapples With The Unpredictability Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. The Oscar Winners and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador said the annual event was held on June 20th at a time of “challenge and reflection”.

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Amazon holds on to prime on-line retail spot

Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

How Amazon is preparing for its annual megasale on Prime Day, its reign as the country’s largest online retailer is impressive: it is expected to generate more than 40% of the country’s e-commerce sales by the end of 2021.

Amazon’s dominance on the internet has only grown as online shopping becomes second nature for many consumers. This is exactly what has happened in the past 13 years.

In 2008, e-commerce sales represented only 3.6% of total retail sales in the United States, according to eMarketer. After growing gradually year on year, that number rose to 14% in 2020 as the Covid pandemic boosted online spending on everything from groceries and toilet paper to spinning wheels and workout clothes. Ecommerce sales are set to account for 15.3% of total retail sales by the end of this year and grow to 23.5% by 2025, eMarketer said.

Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards

In second place behind Amazon and well behind the big box chain Walmart is expected to occupy about 7% of the digital retail market this year. Follows the two Ebay, Apple, Home depot, aim and Best buy, according to eMarketer.

As in previous years, Walmart and Target are holding competing deals events that coincide with Amazon Prime Day 2021. Both discount stores will start selling on Sunday, but Walmart’s offerings will extend through Wednesday, while Target and Amazon will end on Tuesday. Both Walmart and Target are hoping to reach customers who are already browsing the web for summer discounts on Prime Day.

Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards

According to a recent research report of JPMorgan, Amazon is well on its way to overtaking Walmart as the largest US retailer in 2022 as it gains a growing share of the overall e-commerce market. The accelerated adoption of internet shopping by consumers during the Covid pandemic has also given other Amazon businesses a boost, JPMorgan said.

EMarketer predicts that total US digital revenue on Prime Day will grow 17.3% year over year to $ 12.18 billion. Sales, which will be exclusively on Amazon on Prime Day, will increase 18.3% from 2020 levels to $ 7.31 billion, it said.

Reporting on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Read more about Amazon and others scheduled for this year’s sales events:

Last year Amazon’s typical July time for its shopping extravaganza was postponed until October due to the pandemic. Prime Day finally marked the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season.

Back to a more normal schedule, this year’s event has been postponed a bit in June. Experts say the company wants to increase spending in what is typically a slower time on the retail calendar. The new time could also lead to an earlier start shot for back-to-school shopping.

“Amazon will be shy when they announce this … so they have the benefit of knowing what they are doing to make sure they are in a good position,” said Rod Sides, vice chairman of retail and sales at Deloitte said in an interview. “While the others answer.”

—CNBCs Nate Rattner contributed to this report.

Sheriff’s Workplace posts tips about how you can spot counterfeit cash

The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office has tips on how to spot counterfeit money after multiple complaints from local residents.

According to Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, these complaints are mostly coming from local truck stop casinos. The fake money was seen in all demonimations.

He says detectives work on several occasions where even the marker pen and counters don’t recognize them.

The sheriff’s office provided a few options to help residents spot fake bills:

FEEL THE BILL – Counterfeit money feels different to real cotton and linen money.
Look at the bill – there are embedded fibers of red and blue. Counterfeit money has no fibers, but some try to print the colors onto the paper. We all deal with money almost every day; Check the color of the bills. Often the forger does not match the colors.

CHECK for security features – in all denominations except $ 1 and $ 2. The easiest way to find a fake $ 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 dollar bill is to look for the security features. Look for an embedded security thread (a strip of plastic) that runs from top to bottom. Hold the bill up to the light, you will see the strip and print on it. Holding the bill up to a light is another great way to look for a watermark. A watermark with the picture of the person whose portrait is on the bill is on all $ 10, $ 20, 50, and $ 100 bill lines from 1996 and on $ 5 bill lines from 1999.

Notify Authorities – Call your local law enforcement agency if you think you have a fake bill and are not putting yourself at risk.

Guidroz says anyone who receives counterfeit money cannot be reimbursed by law enforcement or a bank, but adds that if they are arrested, the courts can order a reimbursement.

See the Facebook post:

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