Tara Sutaria’s comfortable type with Calvin Klein sports activities bra and gray sweatpants is just objectives: Yay or Nay?

No, we’re still not beyond sweatpants. Sweatpants have always been the epitome of cool, and no matter when you decide to revive their comfy appeal, you’ll definitely get a vibe that seems unchanged. When you’re back to relaxed and chic style, we don’t think you’re going to turn your back on modest sweatpants. Does the term “dress up” easily exhaust you? We found a reference that proves that sweatpants are made for the outdoors. It’s from a professional fashionista we often see in biker shorts and ripped jeans.

Get caught up in the loungewear wave with the latest look from Tara Sutaria. She was photographed yesterday at a location dressed admirably sexy in a black Calvin Klein sleeveless sports bra, made from a stretchy cotton fabric which gives it a very breathable feel. This can also be a suitable outfit in summer as it looks light. The rs. plunging neck number 2.088.09 also wore a logo band and looked absolutely neat. Don’t forget to note a portrait of herself that she received from a fan.

The Tadap actress wore the mini-crop number with gray sweatpants that featured an elasticated waistband. She wore her pants with a high waist and to complete her OOTN she chose matching gray fuzzy and fleece slippers. This definitely brought the warmth to her look. The 26-year-old left her straight hair parted down and wore a heavy layer of makeup. Her skin was matte, lips lustrous, cheeks rosy with blush, eyebrows filled in, lashes accentuated with mascara, and eyelids tinted with a mixture of brown and orange.

Is that look a YAY or NAY? Let us know in the comments below.

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School Cuber makes $8,000 mosaics of sports activities stars from cubes

Dylan Sadiq, known as “The College Cuber”, is charging $8,000 for his cube mosaics. Pro teams, including the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, have purchased the artwork.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

It started with a portrait of his favorite basketball player, Luka Doncic. Then came NBA star Damian Lillard. International football clubs like Manchester United and FC Barcelona took notice. A major league baseball team has come forward, as has the National Football League.

Before he knew it, Dylan Sadiq was inundated with requests for his cube mosaics (as in Rubik’s Cubes, but imitators). Sadiq, 21, is a student at Rutgers University, where he is now known as The College Cubers.

Sadiq charges $8,000 and can create a cube portrait in under four hours. After gaining traction on social media platforms and retweets on Twitter, teams such as the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils and Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union, as well as the New York Red Bulls sought Sadiqs work.

“I didn’t expect that,” Sadiq told CNBC this week. As he spoke, a new mosaic he created of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes went viral.

Covid ruined everything

Sadiq is currently in his final semester at Rutgers and plans to graduate in biomedical engineering. However, he does not have a career in this field in mind.

His interests changed during the pandemic as virtual school left him unoccupied.

“When I was personal, I was grinding and studying,” he said. “I immersed myself in my education. But since we’ve been online it’s far from the same, and it’s sad. I feel like I haven’t learned much. If you put me in a situation to make a difference, I don’t know how I can help.”

With no opportunities for personal internships or hands-on experience at school, Sadiq took a detour. He combined his Social Media Accounts and his interest in engineering to master the Rubik’s Cube.

Dylan Sadiq, known as “The College Cuber”, is charging $8,000 for his cube mosaics.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

Sadiq likes to tell the story of how his brother Brandon challenged him to solve the cube when he was 10 years old. His reward was Activision Blizzards Call of Duty video game. Sadiq said it took him a week to complete the task.

In February 2021, Sadiq practiced solving cubes to get faster. He then turned his newfound skills into a path for creating art.

Sadiq bought $1,000 worth of cubes and figured out how to assemble 560 pieces to create one Mosaic by Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks All-NBA guard. He posted it to Instagram in April, and the Mavericks took notice and shared it with the team’s supporters. That sparked another mosaic from Lillard with similar results from the Portland Trail Blazers.

“I’m not sure Luka Doncic has ever seen the mosaic,” Sadiq said. “And Mark Cuban, I’m not sure he saw it either,” he added.

Cuban, the Mavericks’ owner, told CNBC he didn’t see it.

While Sadiq said he’ll almost certainly steer clear of potential engineering jobs, he’s not thinking about his time at Rutgers, which can be expensive over $40,000 a year, as a waste. He said the university hires him for live events, including the October soccer game against Ohio State and the inauguration of the new school president.

“That’s a big part of why I’m the college cuber,” Sadiq said. “Everything was ruined because of Covid. But where I feel valuable is through my artwork.”

Sadiq visited the Lions’ Ford Field last July to create a mosaic for the NFL club.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

Finding motivation in Detroit

In July, the Detroit Pistons became the first professional sports team to pay for a mosaic. Sadiq took a trip to the Motor City and created a portrait of Ben Wallace, the center of the Pistons’ Hall of Fame. While in town, he made a mosaic for the Red Wings for their NHL draft party.

He also made sales to the NFL Lions and for the MLB Tigers he created a mosaic of batman Miguel Cabrera. The team presented it to him to celebrate his 500th home run.

“I didn’t understand what I was doing,” Sadiq said of his Detroit experience. “I was just trying to make an experience out of it.”

As he wandered around Detroit, Sadiq said he was interested in the artworks that promoted black pride in the city. This gave rise to the idea of ​​expanding the College Cuber.

“The artwork was fantastic,” said Sadiq. “One of the things I imagined – I wish I could see the creation live. I felt it deserved an audience because artworks like this have a strong message and look beautiful. It’s colourful, vibrant – I wish I could see it being made before my eyes.”

Dylan Sadiq said black artworks in Detroit motivated him to create live performances of the mosaics. He uses over 500 cubes to assemble the artwork in three hours.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

So Sadiq made it possible. He started charging up to $3,000 for a live performance and can create a work of art in about three hours. For a flat fee of $8,000, customers can see the live event and keep the artwork.

Last September, Sadiq converted College Cuber into a limited liability company. He said that of the $38,000 in revenue he’s made since the Pistons became his first paying client in July, about $27,000 has ended up in profit. He keeps costs down through a deal with a toy wholesaler and pays no rent for his mother’s basement studio where he makes his mosaics.

“She’ll probably start charging me (rent) now,” he joked.

Sadiq believes he can surpass $100,000 in sales this year. So far, the Chiefs have bought the mosaic from Mahomes, and Titans running back Derrick Henry is looking for a piece.

The NFL paid $8,000 for a mosaic by league commissioner Roger Goodell, named after Joe Favorito, a well-known sports PR guru and sports business professor University of Columbia, saw a video of one of Sadiq’s mosaics. Favorito said he was “blown away right away” and coordinated a performance.

“Sometimes we take creative talent for granted,” Favorito said. “I think it’s our job to help these young content creators do something really unique. His technical and scientific background connects him in a special way and this is how he is able to do it. The fact that he can do it almost in his head, and then knowing which pieces to put up and create something remarkable and unique in a matter of hours is a gift.”

It all started on the trip to Detroit.

“I learned so much from this experience,” said Sadiq. “I went from being a kid making videos online to an action. I would say that weekend in Detroit changed my whole life.”

Sadiq is shown creating a mosaic of NBA star Kevin Durant for the Philadelphia Union football team. Durant is co-owner of the MLS franchise.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

Make money on social media

Sadiq isn’t the first person to monetize cube mosaics. 2019, CNBC profiled Italian artist Giovanni Contardi using Rubik’s products to create art. Contardi sold a mosaic of the late Amy Winehouse for approximately $5,000 and caught social media attention for an article about NBA star LeBron James.

Sadiq has contacted Rubik’s about a trademark deal. The company is owned by a Canadian toy manufacturer Spin Master, which is traded on the over-the-counter marketplace.

“The pandemic has been a problem for him, but it has also created digital opportunities that he can take advantage of,” Favorito said.

Social media is central to College Cuber’s business. His Instagram account was authorized Facebook’s Bonus program that pays creators to post Roll. Sadiq said he’s made about $550 from Instagram so far. He also joined TikTok creator fund after his Mahomes mosaic garnered over 100,000 views.

For additional revenue, he creates mosaics and charges clients $750 for the video that companies can post in their ads.

But Sadiq does not charge professional sports teams for video contribution. Instead, he looks for retweets or reposts to get attention. Manchester United and Barcelona have helped with football fans, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic also sponsored the work Twitter.

Sadiq said he plans to use the extra attention as a force for good.

Last year, courtesy of the New York Knicks, he attended his first NBA game after creating a mosaic of All-Star Julius Randle. Sadiq, a native of New Jersey, said visiting Madison Square Garden was “life-changing” as he was able to “feel the culture and unity of [sports] fans.”

Sadiq is now asking teams who become customers to provide free tickets to fans who have never attended a sporting event.

“That’s what I want to experience with my artwork – to bring the fans together,” he said.

Speaking of building College Cuber, Sadiq said, “It was just something that came into existence and I recognize the value I bring to people.”

CLOCK: The 24-year-old creates portraits from hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes

Gael Berry seems to exit in fashion | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Messenger photo by Britt Kudla: St. Edmond’s Elly Berry competing in the Girls State Tournament in Coralville last year.

CORALVILLE — As a wrestler at St. Edmond, Elly Berry has one final goal: reach the medal tally.

Berry (130 pounds) will compete in her third and final state tournament this week and is attempting to become the first Gael wrestler to win a medal.

The competition begins Friday at the Xtream Arena in Coralville. The action starts at 10 a.m

“This will be my third state tournament and I’m excited to see how it goes,” said Berry. “I’m ready to compete and be back down there (with the atmosphere).

“My goal for this final lap is to be on the podium on Saturday.”

Berry has a 5-1 record this season.

“This season has felt super fast,” said Berry. “I didn’t fight much but I feel pretty good about my chances.

“Since it’s my last time there, I really want to do well and prove to myself and others that good things can happen with practice.”

St Edmond’s trainer Eugene Carlson knows what Berry is capable of and what she’s shooting at.

“She should aim high,” Carlson said. “Elly knows what she’s capable of and she needs to step up.

“We spent some time talking about it and I told her she had to leave it all out there. She’ll never get high school wrestling back.”

St Edmond’s Andee Barwin (105) will also compete for the Gaels.


Maria Elizondo made a statement for Humboldt at the state meeting last season.

She’s clearly looking for more this year.

Elizondo reached the semifinals before coming up short. She recovered with two falls in a row, giving her five falls in competition and a bronze medal.

Elizondo is 12-1 this season.

Elizondo (170) is joined by 10 Wildcat teammates who will try to make some noise in Coralville.

“Maria stepped up at that point,” said first-year head coach Andy Newell. “She has filled the position of (the graduate) Kendal Clark (a former state champion and runner-up).

“She’s fourth and wants to compete in a loaded weight class with two champions and one runner-up ahead of her.”

Seniors Brett Harklau (5-3 at 120) and Adalynn Lawman (4-7 at 130) and juniors Baylie Beers (10-3 at 125) and Ashlynn Sutterfield (3-9 at 135) will be in action for Humboldt.

Sophomores Lexi Roberts (2-12 at 125), Claire Weydert (6-10 at 130), Kenzie McMahon (3-11 at 130) and Rylee Coyle (3-3 heavyweight).

In their first state meeting, freshmen Sophia Harris (6-3 at 105) and Ava McIntire (2-7 at 120) will compete.

“We’ve had our ups and downs this year,” Newell said. “We lost eight seniors, that’s hard to replace.”

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Cramer says anticipate business consolidation earlier than shopping for on-line sports activities playing shares

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday he believes investors should stay away from online sports betting, claiming it was unattractive for their own businesses like Draft kings because there is too much competition in the gaming industry.

“Until we see fewer promotions and more M&A deals, these online sports betting stocks are … very difficult to own,” he said “Bad money” said the host, noting that this view is in stark contrast to something of optimism around the burgeoning cohort in early 2021.

“But when we see what the reality looks like, there is a lot of competition for market share and little profit. What a shame, because profits are what this market wants right now. That’s why every single one of these stocks has been destroyed.” “Said Cramer, referring to people like Penn National Gaming, DraftKings and FanDuel parents Flutter entertainment.

Other players in this area are Caesars Entertainment, which operates an online sports betting company, and Rush Street Interactive.

Cramer’s comments on Monday are in response to a major milestone on Saturday when mobile sports betting was officially legalized in New York, the most populous US state where it did so. The first four bookmakers to meet regulatory requirements and start taking bets were DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, Rush Street Interactive, and FanDuel.

Another five operators are still in the process of meeting all legal requirements, Associated Press reported. Cramer said this is something that investors need to consider when examining the impact of New York’s high-profile start.

“These online gambling companies are throwing money at people to gain market share,” Cramer said, referring to the commercial and commercial blitz taking place in New York. “If the industry is already that competitive with four players, imagine the deals you get with nine players.”

Another factor to consider is New York’s “astronomical” 51% tax rate on revenues that online sports betting providers will be subject to, Cramer said.

“Before you can think about buying sports betting stocks, I think we need to see some consolidation. We have to see some companies leave, ”he said.

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Drive like a Kardashian, with fashion, in an all-electric Moke – WSVN 7News | Miami Information, Climate, Sports activities

Oh, how about being a Kardashian Jenner for the holidays. I mean, I got a Christmas card, but Kris Jenner, she gave her family a fleet of cars, but not like any car.

These are so cute that you’ll want one for your next beach day – literally.

You are cute, calm, and Kardashian.

The Moke used to be a British military vehicle, but Moke America brought the quirky car back to life as an eco-friendly celebrity magnet.

Todd Rome, Moke America: “Rock Stars, Athletes, CEOs.”

Jackie O, James Bond and Reality Stars.

Kris Jenner just gave all of the kids their own as a gift.

Todd Rome: “Everyone got a different color and it was a lot of fun.”

Must be good!

Todd Rome: “Men love them. The women love them. The kids love them. You know, everyone loves her. “

And we drove to the chic Fisher Island.

Alex Miranda: “This is a very exclusive place and I can tell you, I feel very cool.”

To test drive!

Alex Miranda: “When you drive this car you are totally exposed to the elements if you don’t have the top down here. It’s better than a golf cart; it’s almost like a Wrangler. “

And it’s not all fun! The emission-free cruiser with road approval …

Todd Rome: “The top speed is 25 mph and the Moke can be driven anywhere at 35 mph or less.”

It can be plugged into any household outlet for up to 40 miles when fully charged. Plus, they’re fully customizable.

Todd Rome: “Actually, every single thing on the car can be pretty much changed. You design the vehicle. We build it and send it straight to your home. “

Its small size makes it perfect for the beach, and because everything is electric now …

Alex Miranda: “All you hear is the breeze and the sea and the animals and the birds, paradise. Look at that. Look at that, stunning. “

If you don’t want to blow your music too, the moke starts at around $ 22,000.

Just try not to upset the neighbors too much.

Moke America Miami
1 Fisher Island Drive
Fishing island 33109

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Twin Peaks bringing its lodge-style sports activities bars to Philly area

The Philadelphia area is set to see a wave of new sports bars in the years to come as Twin Peaks, a lodge-style restaurant with wall-to-wall TVs and an all-female waitress, begins its first Northeast expansion.

Known for its rugged atmosphere and hearty, freshly prepared menus, Twin Peaks was founded in the Dallas suburbs in 2005 and has expanded to 85 locations across the country. The company now plans to open 10 locations in the Philadelphia area.

“Everything we put into our building is a high-quality weapon of mass diversion,” said Joe Hummel, CEO of Twin Peaks. “We want everyone who walks in to see these weapons of mass diversion and concentrate fully on what’s going on outside the four walls, sounds, fire pits, fire pits. We really want to distract them from everything that is going on outside the four walls so that they can escape in our house, so to speak. ”

Twin Peaks has a combination of company-owned locations and franchises. The 10 restaurants planned in this area are part of a franchise development agreement.

The company and its franchisees are still in the process of selecting the upcoming locations, but have focused on a handful of potential destinations.

“We overlook the King of Prussia Market, Springfield, Willow Grove, Oxford Valley, Bensalem. These are some of the narrowing areas that we are really interested in, ”said Hummel.

The brand’s Pennsylvania presence could include potential locations in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, Berks, Lancaster, and York. There is also a chance a suitable location is emerging in South Jersey, and the company is also looking to Pittsburgh and the Ohio markets.

In its existing US locations, Twin Peaks is perhaps best known for its frosty 29-degree draft beers.

“Cold beer is a really great way to watch sports, but to say ‘cold beer’ or ‘cold beer’ – they’re two different things,” said Hummel. “We have teamed up with a proprietary type of dispensing system in California and he is developing our dispensing systems for us that actually pour beer at 29 degrees. When it hits our frozen mugs, a beer becomes mushy. It just makes us exercise and our kitchen scratches so much better. ”

The bar’s menu offers a variety of burgers and sandwiches, as well as soups, salads, tacos and hot dishes such as braised beef, steak, grilled salmon and a variety of side dishes.

Twins Peaks’ marketing gestures refer to the general lumberjack ethos, or “mantality,” as the company quips in an ad.

The bar has sometimes been compared to Hooters, but Hummel said the resemblance only came from the women serving.

“Our brand has so many dynamic parts,” said Hummel. “If you look at our lodge compared to any sports bar out there, we have so many other things that can get you to add to the sport.”

The company is already in the midst of significant growth and plans to use the Philadelphia area as a launch pad in the coming years to venture north into New York and Massachusetts.

“We think Eagles fans, Phillies fans, Flyers, Philly Union, all of these sports are a great fit for our fan base who will have a game day in our lodges outside of the Philly market,” said Hummel.

Twin Peaks plans to open between 22 and 25 new locations in the coming year, and between 30 and 35 a year in the following years. The company is also targeting soccer fans in Mexico, where 32 new locations are to be planned in the coming years.

In the Philadelphia area, the first of 10 new lodges is slated to open in late 2022 or early 2023.

Hummel expects Twin Peaks to attract sports fans from across the spectrum when it gets to the area.

“Sport has resonance – and there are so many different sports,” said Hummel. “Boxing, UFC, of ​​course the NFL and college football, college hoops, NBA, hockey, baseball. There are Champions League and World Cup qualifications that go straight to the MLS.”

Though the company was born in Dallas, Hummel says the new lodges will be a welcome atmosphere for rival Eagles fans who will be watching the scoreboards closely for the final weeks of the NFL season.

“Philly, they’re hanging in there,” said Hummel. “They haven’t had as much success (like the cowboys) but they are still on the hunt, especially if Washington beat the cowboys that Sunday.”

Phoenix boys shut out common season in fashion – Medford Information, Climate, Sports activities, Breaking Information

Pirates in fourth place defeated the Skyline Conference champion and third-placed Henley 2-0 to move into the playoffs of the states with a lot of momentum

PHOENIX – In the past few weeks, Phoenix head coach Chris Gallegos has been feeling better and better about the way his team plays.

The progress that the pirates have made could be seen on Monday evening.

In a fight between two of the top teams in Class 4A, the goals of the seniors Victor Martinez and Jorge Mejia in the second half as well as a strong defensive performance of No. 4 in Phoenix brought a 2-0 win against third-placed Henley in the final of the regular season for both teams at PT Rising Field.

“The way things went and things built up, we played better,” said Gallegos. “Everyone came together and it was building block, building block, building block.

“This is what we needed to prepare for the playoffs, so that’s what we set out to do. Henley is a phenomenal team, we knew it was going to be close so this will be the perfect game to help us get into the playoffs. “

When these two teams met for the first time on October 6th in Klamath Falls, Henley – who won the Skyline Conference title with a win over Klamath Union last Friday and snapped Phoenix’s five-year run at the top of the table – scored a 6-2. Victory, a game Gallegos knew things just totally got away from his team.

On Monday evening, however, things looked very different for the Pirates (12: 2, 8: 2 skyline).

Not only did Phoenix take the win and a bit of revenge on Henley (11-3-1, 9-1), the Pirates limited the Hornets to a total of eight shots throughout the game.

“We had to clean up a few things defensively,” said Gallegos. “As soon as we did that, it started to click. The guys start to click and they really just collapse. We are going in the right direction. … I have a great back line right now and they do a great job. Defense wins championships, and they do. Sergio (Alegria) showed a phenomenal game and really improved. He was just a great leader for us back there. “

The first half ended goalless, although Phoenix left Henley 9-3. The Pirates’ best chance in the first half had seven minutes before half-time when Cielo Marlia-Larsen sent a cross towards the rear post from the right. Caden Gallegos made the run into the 6-yard box, but his attempt to slip just failed.

The Pirates’ fate changed in less than six minutes in the second half when Martinez, reigning Skyline Player of the Year, attempted to split a pair of defenders right in the box. The center referee ruled that a foul had been committed, which gave Phoenix the penalty and a chance to get in front.

Martinez had no problems with that, sending Henley keeper Andrew Edwards in the wrong direction and sinking his shot into the net to the left. I

It was the first goal Henley – who entered the game on Monday night with a four-game winning streak – had allowed in a 3-2 loss to McLoughlin since October 9.

The Pirates doubled their lead in the 62nd minute, Martinez re-initiated the action that led to the goal. Martinez gave the defender a deft move, marking him as he spun with the ball, but saw his shot blocked. Before the ball could land, Caden Gallegos attempted a volley in the direction of the goal, but that too was blocked. The second ricochet landed at the feet of Mejia, who had time to control the ball at the back post and shoot it home to give Phoenix a 2-0 lead.

Less than three minutes later, Henley had his best chance of the evening, but Phoenix keeper Tucker Speaks’ double save – the first to come after a looping shot he dumped on the crossbar – kept the Hornets off the scoreboard.

It allowed Speaks and the rest of the Phoenix defense to post their fourth shutout in their last five games.

“We did a good job and much better than there,” said Alegria. “When we were over there, (the defenders) decided to move up because we weren’t scoring enough goals. We should have just stayed behind the whole time. … We really wanted (the shutout) because we gave everything. Mentally we weren’t there for the game that was played 6-2 (against Henley), but this is our home here and we did what we do at home – and that’s the win. “

Speaks, another of Phoenix’s nine seniors, finished with four saves while Edwards made five stops.

As a team, the Pirates outperformed the Hornets 17-8.

“The playoffs are just around the corner and we’re trying to get better, we’re trying to improve,” said Alegria. “We’re trying to win.”


HENLEY 6, PHOENIX 2: At Klamath Falls, Phoenix fell behind early and was never able to recover in the final of the regular season against a Henley squad that finished second in the postseason.

After the Hornets (9-4, 7-3 Skyline) with goals in the 12th 20th minute after a pass from junior Sofia Rodriguez.

After a goal by Henley at the beginning of the second half, Phoenix senior Maddy Mayer hit with a PK after 46 minutes to reduce the Hornets’ lead to 4-2.

Junior Morgan James played well in midfield, winning 50/50 balls and creating opportunities for the Pirates in the transition period.

Reach reporter Danny Penza at 541-776-4469 or dpenza@rosebudmedia.com. Follow him on Twitter @penzatopaper.

Phoenix’s Caden Gallegos (2) hits Henley defenseman Eli Hayes to the ball in the first half of Monday night’s game. Photo by Denise Baratta

Phoenix’s Victor Martinez, right, hits Henley’s Trevor Tobiasson to the ball for a shot on goal in the first half of the game on Monday night. Photo by Denise Baratta

Victor Martinez shoots on goal under pressure from Henley’s Lello Squera in the first half of Monday night’s game. Photo by Denise Baratta

Phoenix’s Jenner Seldon (5) and Henley’s Jeshua Ruelas (17) will fight for first place at a loose ball in the first half of the game on Monday night. Photo by Denise Baratta

NHL began its $1 billion take care of ESPN and Turner Sports activities – this is how many individuals watched the season openers

Pittsburgh Penguins center Evan Rodrigues (9) takes a break and Tampa Bay Lightning goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy (88) stops during the NHL hockey game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins on October 12, 2021 at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL , a parade.

Andrew Bershaw | Sportswire icon | Getty Images

The National Hockey League started its 2021/22 season on Tuesday. It’s also the first year of its $ 1 billion media rights package with ESPN and Turner Sports.

The networks told the NHL an average of 884,000 Viewers for ESPN’s double headers on Tuesday, and Turner drew around 669,500 viewers for its national slot on Wednesday. Both numbers are above the NHL average for the last two season openers.

In ESPN’s first game, the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated reigning Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning 6-2. That game averaged 984,000 viewers on Tuesday and peaked at over a million viewers, according to ESPN, which used metrics from research firm Nielsen.

the Disney– Own network added that the 2021 contest surpassed its last highly rated NHL opener in October 2001 between the Penguins and Colorado Avalanche. This kick-off in 2001 drew 927,000 spectators.

ESPN also made its debut with the expanding franchise Seattle Kraken, which fell 4-3 against the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The game reached an average of 782,000 viewers and also peaked at over a million viewers. The network said that ESPN + streaming metrics are not included in viewership.

For comparison: the first game of the 2020-21 NHL season opener an average of 972,000 Total number of viewers on NBC’s sports network. This competition featured the Philadelphia Flyers and Penguins and was the most watched regular season game on NBCSN.

Other games from last season’s triple header were the Chicago Blackhawks against the Lightning and Avalanche against the St. Louis Blues. The combined television show had an average of 774,000 viewers, up from 600,000 viewers the previous season.

Alex Ovechkin # 8 of the Washington Capitals shoots the puck against the New York Rangers during the second period at Capital One Arena on October 13, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Patrick Smith | Getty Images

The NHL ended its 16-year partnership with NBC Sports, reaching a $ 1 billion package with ESPN and Turner Sports last April.

On Wednesday TNT released its national double header package and added some crossover appeal. The network featured star NBA commentator Charles Barkley on the pregame show of the Washington Capitals 5-1 victory over the New York Rangers. The game averaged 817,000 viewers and peaked at 920,000 between 9:00 PM and 9:15 PM ET.

In the competition, Capitals star Alex Ovechkin scored two goals to move up to fifth place all-time. The 36-year-old Ovechkin has 732 career goals and still needs 163 to break Wayne Gretzky’s NHL record 894 goals. TNT said there was an average of 522,000 viewers for the second competition in which the Avalanche beat the Blackhawks 4-2.

On the ad front, metrics company EDO estimates that the automotive category leads with 15.4% of ad spend for this season’s NHL opening games. Restaurants accounted for 12.9% and insurance for 11.9% of advertising spending. EDO added Apple Commercials led to search engagement. It’s a metric the company uses to measure online brand search activity in the minutes after a TV ad is broadcast.

GIRLS GOLF: Tipton’s Quigley seems to be to exit in fashion | Sports activities

Tipton golfer Lucy Quigley has achieved many accomplishments in her high school career. Highlights include winning the 2020 Lafayette Jeff Regional, qualifying for the 2019 and ’20 State Finals, and making the all-state team in both years.

Fittingly, Quigley will crown her Blue Devil career with another appearance in the state finals.

“I’m happy for her,” said Tipton coach Jason Bales. “I know this was one of her individual goals and seeing how she accomplishes it is good for the soul. She has put in a lot of work over the four years, and honestly even longer. Personally, I remember training her as a sixth grader – and it’s hard to believe we’re already here. “

The State Finals will take place on Friday and Saturday at the Prairie View GC in Carmel. All 100 players play both rounds. Quigley has an 8:39 am tee time on Friday. Lapel junior Macy Beeson, the reigning national champion, is one of her threesomes.

“She’s very focused on the weekend, but she’s enjoying the moment,” added Bales. “It was pretty great [Tuesday] Spending time with her on her training session and playing with her dad. I really feel like she wants to end her high school career on the right track. Tipton is certainly well represented, no question about it. “

Quigley was ranked 37th in the state for his sophomore year in 2019, and 17th as a junior last year. She wants to climb higher again this year with the aim of finishing in the top 5 and getting back to the all-state team.

“After years of playing summer golf tournaments, training rounds, and the state tournaments at Prairie View, I know very well what gives me confidence,” she said.

The course also suits their game.

“I finished the summer season very well, but it took me some time to get used to the shorter stretches of the high school season. I’m looking forward to the length of Prairie View, ”she said.

Quigley took a strong second place in the Lafayette Jeff Regional on Saturday at the Battle Ground GC. Before that, she took third place in the Western Sectional of the Chippendale GC

“They’ve had a really solid senior season,” said Bales. “Her results have been consistent all season and in the last few weeks she has started to play really well. Her ball stroke has been as good as I’ve seen her in the past few weeks, and she always hit the ball well.

“In order for her to play in all aspects of the game, Lucy has a great chance to do something special in Prairie View.”

Bales pointed to Quigley’s sharpened mental strength as an important aspect of their game. He said it showed up in the regional.

“After a bogey and a double at the beginning of her round, she finished the last 14 holes with 1-under. She shot when she had to. She only finds one way to do it. She is a competitor and her work ethic – in everything – is contagious, ”he said.

After 12 years, Quigley’s golf career is coming to an end. She wants to study Marketing at Indiana University.

“I am happy to end my golf career here at the state finals. I’m looking forward to what I’m capable of, ”she said.

Cash Issues: Saving for a big expense? Elevate cash like an entrepreneur | Information, Sports activities, Jobs


Young couple happy customers choosing refrigerators in equipment store.

If you’re starting a business or just want to get on with your life, here’s some advice for you: “Don’t wait to turn your business idea into a reality.”

That advice comes from Pete Ord, founder of the customer onboarding software company InstructionsCX. His most recent article in the Daily Herald, How Bootstrapping Can Help Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground, explains how to basically start a business from scratch. As I read it, I realized that his advice could apply to anyone!

So, if you have large expenses – like a vacation, a down payment on a car, or even a new device – read on for some gold standard advice on how to raise money as an entrepreneur of your own life. If you start early, do your research and prioritize, find out how much you can afford and do what you can with what you have, you are well on your way to making that big purchase with confidence.

Start early

For startups, “it takes a lot longer to secure funding than you think,” says Jamie Johnson at https://uschamber.com. “On average, 14 to 19 months can elapse between funding rounds. Because of this, you need to network with investors and look for funding before you feel ready. “

Suppose you are the parent of a young family of five with a four-month-old who is about to start eating solid foods. Your little fridge is slowly getting overfilled, but for the moment it is fine. If you look ahead, you will find that jars of baby food will definitely clutter your shelves, so you will need a bigger refrigerator in a few months.

Before making purchases (like a larger refrigerator) that are outside of your regular monthly budget, you should wait at least three months, recommends family finance guru Jordan Page at https://funcheaporfree.com. This gives you time to put money aside, allows you to take advantage of holiday sales, avoids impulse buying, and gives you time to research. If you only wait three months, you will have the best refrigerator at the best price as soon as the little one comes to you at the dining table!

Research and prioritize

To prepare to receive corporate finance, entrepreneurs need to “research” [their] Define industry, competitors and market [their] Products, make financial projections and determine how much money to raise, and decide whether to raise debt or equity, ”said Thomas Smale, small business finance expert at https://entreprenur.com.

As an individual who makes a big purchase, it is important that you do your research as well. Research the refrigerators on the market, determine how much money you will need for the type of refrigerator you want, and decide whether you can pay for it in cash or if you need help such as:

Also, determine where this purchase is on your priority list. Here is a recommended order of priority for spending and saving Bank of America:

  1. Emergency fund
  2. High Yield Debt
  3. retirement
  4. Short term goals
  5. education

Find out how much you need and how much you can afford

Entrepreneurs figuring out how much money they need should answer these three questions like this https://capitalism.com:

  • In which phase is your company now: startup or growth?
  • What is the required funding for?
  • How much equity do you already have?

Even in our scenario with the refrigerator, these questions can help you find out how much you need and can afford. You are in the “growing phase” with higher incomes than when you last bought a refrigerator, and you need a refrigerator that will last a few years as your young children grow up. You saved enough money to pay for about half the average large refrigerator on the market. So you know how much to save to buy a more expensive or cheaper brand.

Do what you can with what you have

In the world of entrepreneurship, bootstrapping is the term used to describe starting a business with only the money you already have – no outside financing. It may sound impossible to get a business up and running this way, but in some cases it can actually be more effective.

Ord, the founder of InstructionsCXHe gave a vivid example in his article on bootstrapping: “I was once at a networking event for startups: instead of supporting me, some people started to write me off for bootstrapping. But when I asked how many customers they had, the answer was often ‘none’. Some people there had raised up to $ 6 million but still had upfront income. “

Ord, on the other hand, was quick to attract clients, and soon he was generating income and raising money from venture capitalists.

As you look back on your new refrigerator, it’s important to apply the principles of financial prudence. Your food doesn’t have to chill in the fanciest refrigerator money can buy – any refrigerator big enough will likely do it. That doesn’t mean you have to go cheap. It just means that once you have saved enough money on the refrigerator that you need and want, you will be able to buy it!

Whether you’re saving for a double oven, orthodontic treatment, or a trip to Australia, corporate finance principles are great tools to add to your tool belt. If you start doing research early, find out how much you can afford, and do what you can with what you have, you will be ready to make that big buy in no time!


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