New genuine, handmade, homestyle Mexican-style ice cream parlor provides spooky treats

As seen in “Texas Eats” by KSAT 12, Tropicana ice cream serves a taste from the heart of Mexico with fresh handmade ice cream, paletas, fruit cups and snacks in the Alamo City

Everything is made from scratch, including ice cream, paletas, aguas frescas, chamoy, chili and whipped cream on the fresas con crema.

“Our Aguas Frescas are also made in the shop with natural ingredients. Make sure you try them all before you decide on your favorite, ”said Denisse Diaz, General Manager of Tropicana Ice Cream. “We make sure (in the process) that everything we offer our customers is the best it can be.”

On the snack menu, hungry customers can try mangonadas, banana splits, milkshakes, churro splits, fruit cups, nachos with jalapenos and corn dogs.

Since autumn is officially here, Tropicana Ice Cream is introducing its new flavor of pumpkin spice ice cream for all pumpkin spice lovers.


“This ice cream is also handcrafted with pumpkin puree and our signature pumpkin spice blend, which is sure to make your fall evening a little better,” said Diaz. “I like to eat this delicious pumpkin ice cream with a graham cracker crust and some whipped cream – and boom, it hits exactly the point.”

You can also make your own ice cream biscuit sandwiches. All you have to do is choose an ice cream, pick a topping, and the eatery will roll the biscuit right for you. With so many combinations, it might be a bit difficult to choose, but there is a lot to try.

To get a taste of what the menu has to offer, see below for the wide variety.

Credit: Tropicana Ice Cream Menu

Halloween celebrations at Tropicana Ice Cream

Anyone who visits during Halloween weekend, Friday 29-31 October comes in disguise to Tropicana Ice Cream, regardless of age, receives a free paleta with every purchase over $ 10.


The store is also hosting a Halloween costume contest on Instagram from October 20-31. Anyone who posts a picture of themselves with the hashtag #tropicanaspookynights takes part in the costume competition.

The rules will be posted on Tropicana Ice Cream’s social media and the first place winner will receive a $ 50 gift card, runner up will receive a $ 25 gift card, and third place will receive a $ 15 gift card U.S. dollar. There will also be prizes for other participants.

The Tropicana Ice Cream is located at 8223 Marbach Road # 119, San Antonio, 78227.

To place an online order from Tropicana Ice Cream, click or tap here.

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Mysterious and spooky: how Wednesday Addams grew to become the type icon for our instances | Vogue

B.Rooding, Maudlin, woe: Wednesday Addams is an icon for pandemic times. Who better to express our existential malaise in a world that went terribly wrong than the seven-year-old antihero of Charles Addams’ beloved television and film franchise? If it were Wednesday today, she would likely infect her brother Pugsley with Covid and then watch him get sick with clinical distance. And she would do it in her signature uniform: black lace dress, white collar, and braided hair.

These are bitter days indeed, and fashion has moved on to the dark side. The eagerly awaited collection by Simone Rocha for H&M – with gothic ball gowns made of black tulle and a children’s collection modeled by teenagers with Wednesday braids – was sold out a few hours after its launch on March 11th. Lisa from the K-pop supergroup Blackpink appeared on the cover von Elle in September 2020 in a high-necked black dress with a white collar and an irritated, Wednesday-like expression on her face. And the blood-red cherry on the Black Forest cake: it has just been announced that Tim Burton will lead a live-action reboot of the Addams family for Netflix, which will spin itself on Wednesday. Wednesday is all around us, our own toxic little sister. But what is driving this macabre revival?

Simone Rochas from Wednesday inspired A / W 2021 show. Photo: Andrew Nuding

“Daria, Wednesday Addams and Emily the Strange have long been the beloved figureheads – and style icons – of madmen and oddballs everywhere, so it’s interesting to see the masses prevail,” he says Emma Davidson, Digital Fashion Features Editor of the Youth publication Dazed. She says the current trend is a nod to the vintage look of the early 2010s: Peter Pan collars, mini kilts, and the like.

“It feels like a lot of people are just looking back,” agrees Ione Gamble the intersectional feminist publication polyester“Because we haven’t been looking forward to something for so long. And that’s reflected in the clothes we wear. “

I’ve always looked for alternative symbols when constructing my personal style, and Wednesday definitely feeds into thatIone Gamble

It’s daunting to realize that a trend that you clearly remember the first time – the early 10’s penchant for vintage-style blouses – is already back in style. Above that lies the Little House on the Prairie Revival, evoked by puffed sleeves, large collars, and voluminous dresses from brands like Batsheva and The Vampire’s Wife. This is the popularity of the big collar trend including brands including 46 stitch, La Veste and Ganni even sell stand-alone collars that jumpers and tops can be fitted with.

Wednesday Addams’ modern look is based on both trends: the pinafore dresses of the vintage trend of the early 00s and the modern, large prairie collar that is so popular in a Zoom call world where a snippet is the main event. Gamble himself is a fan of the Wednesday look: A recent picture on Instagram shows her in a vampire woman’s smock with long braids. “I always looked for alternative symbols when constructing my personal style,” explains Gamble.

A vampire’s wife’s smock with a view of Wednesday.

The Fashion PR Daisy Hoppen, who represents clients such as Molly Goddard, Shrimps, The Vampire’s Wife, and Rocha, has long favored the Addams aesthetic. “Wednesday and Morticia,” says Hoppen, “they are my most iconic mother-daughter duo.” Hoppen will pair a black smock dress by Molly Goddard with sneakers and long braids for a contemporary, elegant Wednesday aesthetic. “It’s a feminine look,” she says, “with a bit of toughness.”

Wednesday Addams memes are omnipresent on social media. “They definitely embody the malaise of everyday life,” says Davidson. In the slang of the Internet, Wednesday is “a mood” in this pandemic in which many feel apathetic and negative towards the outside world – more precisely like on Wednesday. “Addamses have been around since Tumblr on Wednesdays and have now found their way to Instagram. Wednesday lives very unusual, and people can relate to it [now]. ”

In truth, the resuscitation on Wednesday was long before the coronavirus arrived. The creative consultant and fashion writer Kate Finnigan identified the resuscitation on Wednesday in one piece for UK Vogue in 2019, citing Miuccia Prada’s AW19 presentation which featured gritty looking goth girls in black with – you guessed it – braids.

“The style on Wednesday was cool after working with Charles Addams pen a couple of times,” says Finnigan. “The braids, the black dress, the white collar. It is a design classic. “She notes that Simone Rocha’s AW21 presentation, shown in February, “immediately made me think of Wednesday Addams”. Davidson brings the enduring appeal of Wednesday to a woman’s influence. “Never underestimate the power of Ms. Prada. After setting out her intentions almost two years ago, it is now trickling into the mainstream. “

And let’s not forget most of the Wednesday aesthetic: it’s accessible. All you need are a pair of hair ties, a black dress, a white collar, and a setting. Easy.