Jeff Bezos’s House Type – The New York Occasions

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the whole thing was that it wasn’t all that remarkable: another Tuesday. Another billion dollar businessman who pays to launch himself into space.

But the sight of Jeff Bezos in his beige cowboy hat and blue spacesuit (wearing a custom-made Omega Speedmaster over his sleeve as if he were Buzz Aldrin), high-five astronauts, and then pondered the experience in depth, echoed in a way who have favourited Sir Richard Branson’s Wild Ride Didn’t.

It took Amazon just 27 years to grow into a $ 1.8 trillion company. Depending on the fluctuations in the stock market, Mr. Bezos is either the richest or the second richest man in the world. But he has become this without attaining a corresponding mysticism.

Unlike Tesla boss Elon Musk, he did not host “Saturday Night Live” and did a surprisingly good job. Unlike Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, he did not show the Americans the power of a minimalist mock neck. He didn’t go into pandemic quarantine with Jay-Z like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey.

All of these guys arouse enmity, especially Mr. Musk and (even posthumously) Mr. Jobs. But the lines for their products show the emotional connection people have with them. You invented FOMO. Mr. Bezos only used it and embodies it.

We watched him go to the gym, get biceps, and buy motorcycle jackets. The problem was never the fit. They seemed to be accomplishing the opposite of their intended purpose, namely, telegraphing the elegance of indifference.

We read about the end of his marriage MacKenzie Scott, a novelist turned mega-philanthropist, and the beginning of his romance with Lauren Sanchez, a former correspondent for the tabloid entertainment show “Extra!”

It seemed like a cliché.

We gasped at the intimate text messages he sent her.

They were just as goofy as if he’d asked Siri for advice on sexting.

We looked at the pictures of his four-story $ 96 million real estate investment in the Flatiron neighborhood.

It seemed soulless, like something Marriott would have designed if it were to build its version of an André Balazs hotel.

However, since he’s worth around $ 200 billion and has few people who are likely to tell him the truth about what he looks like with a cowboy hat on his phallic rocket, for example, he’s become Dorian Gray’s bullshit, a locus classicus and fun. House mirror, through which a sizeable contingent of normally white men approaching middle age and not obsessed with Ryan Gosling’s looks should see for themselves, if we can get honest enough to admit the mistakes we’ve made with unfortunate style choices.

The name of Mr. Bezos has an onomatopoeic quality.

A dentist with a Lamborghini is a Bezos. This also applies to anyone in the commercial real estate industry who, just after their first extramarital affair, begins to shave areas of themselves that should not be shaved.

The day I decided to take off a fanny pack and a pair of bootleg Dior shorts, I turned into a bezos.

Pretending to be an oenophile makes a lot of men a bezos. That does too Decision that running a financial services company is not enough; what you really need is a part-time job at the weekend as a tropical house and EDM DJ

If you’ve returned from your first trip to Burning Man at the age of 50, you’ll step dangerously close to Bezo’s territory.

If you’ve tried hiring a singer like Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Patti LaBelle, or Christina Aguilera for your child’s wedding, birthday party, or religious gathering, you are a bezos.

Bezoses are more likely to be rich than poor, but using Affirm at the checkout counter has helped many less fortunate guys reach Bezosdom.

It’s hard, but not impossible, for a movie star to be a Bezos.

Mark Wahlberg, athletic a diamond-studded Patek Phillipe sports watch that would be a joke in a Paul Thomas Anderson film starring Mark Wahlberg is definitely a Bezos. So does Ben Affleck when he has taken off his shirt and we can see the huge phoenix that he has etched permanently on his back.

Bezoses wants to believe that the time spent on pelotons over the past year is enough to warrant ordering a Speedo through Amazon. Or that when we were a good few years old for our knees we could still start skateboarding, or fly off in a rocket ship and become a Butch Cassidy for the skies, with a hat (and boots) to match.

Here’s the problem: Butch Cassidy was named Butch Cassidy by theft. A Bezos compensates with a credit card.

Shortly after descending to Earth, Mr. Bezos went to a press conference where he said, “I want to thank every Amazon employee and customer for paying for all of this. Seriously.”

It was an odd admission from a guy whose subordinates are protesting their working conditions and meager delivery wages. But what did everyone expect from a space cowboy in blue satin? He is the largest bezos in the world.

House tourism market has ‘room for 20’ firms

Sir Richard Branson may be trying to be the first in the billionaires race, but he believes the market has plenty of opportunities for businesses like. offers Virgo galactic, Jeff Bezos’ Blue origin, or Elon Musks SpaceX.

“There’s room for 20 space companies to get people there,” Branson said in an interview this week. “The more spaceships we can build, the more we can bring the price down and the more we can meet demand, and that will happen in the years to come.”

Virgin Galactic is in charge of predicted that “around 2 million people can experience” Space flights priced between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000.

The companies are Branson, Bezos and Musk every flying spaceship that can carry passengers, but in different ways. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are competing to take passengers to the edge of space on short flights – a sector known as suborbital tourism – while SpaceX drops private passengers on additional, multi-day flights – what is known as orbital tourism.

A SpaceX orbital flight costs tens of millions of dollars compared to the cost of Virgin Galactic of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launches vertically from the ground, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo system is deployed in the air and returns to Earth like an airplane for a runway landing.

SpaceX launches its Crew Dragon spacecraft to orbit on its reusable Falcon 9 rocket has so far sent 10 astronauts on three missions to the International Space Station. In addition to government flights, Musk’s company plans to launch several private astronaut missions in the coming year – starting with the purely civil Inspiration4 mission that’s planned for September. SpaceX is also launching at least four private missions for Axiom Space, from the beginning of next year.

“There’s never been a time as exciting as now in space … it’s a moment when I pinch myself,” said Branson.

The growing space business

Astra VP of Manufacturing Bryson Gentile (left) and CEO Chris Kemp remove a protective cover from a missile fairing half.

Michael Sheetz | CNBC

Virgin Galactic was the first youngest generation space company to go public in 2019 through a SPAC or special acquisition company. This has developed into a trend over the past year, with a number of companies announcing upcoming deals and closing them public.

Rocket builder Astra and satellite broadband focused AST & Science each started trading with companies Missile laboratory, Spire Global, Black sky, and Momentum expected to follow in the coming months.

When asked if he thought the space market was growing too fast, Branson rejected the idea.

“I don’t think there’s overheating,” said Branson. “I think the space world is just beginning.”

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Plumber: Select one of the best soaking tub type to suit your toilet area | Houses & Backyard

Q: Dear Ed: I am planning my new bathroom. Space is a little tight, but I want a separate shower cubicle and bathtub. What are some basic bathtub style options that I can look at to see what works best with my bathroom layout?

– Jerry, Washington State Washington

A: Different style bathtubs usually require different types of installations. So do some homework and choose the tub installation option that best suits your bathroom floor plan. With that in mind, I’ll go over a few popular soaking baths.

1. Corner bath

For smaller bathrooms with separate tub and shower fittings, a corner bath may be best to create a little more space. As the name suggests, they are designed to fit snugly into a corner, and many come with ready-made front aprons.

2. Inset or sub-construction baths

These trays are designed to be built into a custom base. The sub-frame type is installed under the finished plinth top, and the drop-in type has a finished rim and falls into the finished plinth opening.

3. Freestanding bathtub

These beautiful soaking baths are self-supporting, cosmetically refined inside and out and very flexible in the choice of the installation location.

However, a freestanding bathtub is anything but “free”. These are usually high-end faucets and can end up soaking up a good chunk of your bathroom budget.

Master builder / plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call”, moderator of TV and Internet shows and LEED Green Associate. visit or write Always contact local contractors and regulations.

San Diego Considers Eliminating Parking House Necessities to Save Companies Cash, Scale back Air pollution – NBC 7 San Diego

If you think finding parking space outside of your favorite store is difficult, it could get even harder. That’s because the city of San Diego is considering letting some companies use their existing parking lots for something else.

Freshly Faded Barber Shop was full of customers on Wednesday; likewise their parking lot in North Park.

“We call it ‘No Park’, not North Park,” said Freshly Faded owner Derrick Banks. “Because there is hardly any space left to park.”

To make matters worse, the city is considering abolishing a certain number of parking spaces for companies. The city’s proposal will ease the burden of new developments, which currently cost up to $ 25,000 per booth and must have at least one space per 1,000 square feet.

The city is also pushing for more pedestrian, bicycle and traffic use.

With approval, companies can provide as much parking space as their customers need, or use the space to expand their showrooms or for al fresco dining.

Café Madeline hasn’t eaten indoors in over a year and benefited from additional outdoor seating.

“If this parklet didn’t take up two spaces, we essentially couldn’t have stayed open, so it makes a difference for small businesses,” said Café Madeline owner Christine Perez.

Perez also calls the parking space proposal complicated.

“We have some people in the community who actually park their cars there overnight because they don’t have parking in the neighborhood, so it’s kind of a double-edged sword,” said Perez.

For the time being, the proposal only applies to companies in priority transit areas that are within 800 meters of an important stop.

This does not apply to public paths that fall under the city’s open-air restaurant ordinance – now extended to July 2022.

The proposal to eliminate parking spaces will be presented to the planning commission on Thursday and is expected to be presented to the city council in July.

The city council approved a similar change two years ago, repealing parking regulations for multi-family housing developments built within half a mile of a tram or bus stop.

Goolsby’s, leisure area with self-pour beer station, opens in Manhattan | Enterprise

In a new entertainment venue in Manhattan, people can play games, have a bite to eat, and eat beer from a self-pour station.

“This was the vision of how can we bring something to Manhattan that will attract all ages and provide a place where everyone can come together, just have a great time?” said company founder and former K-State soccer player Denzel Goolsby.

Goolsby’s has a simulator that offers golf and other sports, as well as duckpin bowling, a variation on the sport with smaller bowling balls.

You can load money onto a card to buy craft and light beers, selters, and wines from the self-service wall. People can also reserve the space for birthday parties, business parties, and other events.

Goolsby, a K-State defender from 2016 to 2019 and the soccer team captain, was partner of Bluemont Hotel co-owner Andrew Suber when the store opened. They met during Goolsby’s 2015 academic year when Goolsby was playing a red shirt on the soccer team. Suber and Goolsby began actively working on the project and delving into concepts in August 2019.

“This is a very small way that I try to give back to the community by providing fun ways to come together. So bring something unique that many people have never seen before,” said Goolsby.

Hailing from Wichita, Goolsby holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing from K-State.

“I’ve met some of the most incredible people in Manhattan, and I think it’s always a good time for everyone when I can give these people a good reason to come together and bring great people together,” he said.

Goolsby said he was optimistic that people would want to reconnect.

“I really think what COVID taught me … is a great need to connect with people,” said Goolsby.

Customizing Each House in Your Dwelling With Model — eggersmann Modifications the Prospects

IIt has never been more important for your home to truly reflect who you are and what needs you and your family have. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to home design, and no one understands that better than eggersmann. The furniture brand made in Germany that has evolved into much more designs to make people really live, taking into account personal style, space requirements and comfort needs.

Innovation and quality craftsmanship are deeply rooted in eggersmann, but also the possibility of creating individual and personalized rooms for every room in the house.

Do you have an outdated room in need of a luxurious pick-me-up? Are you craving old world craftsmanship with modern details? It is time to discover how eggersmann can transform any room with a distinctive vision and its competent design and installation staff.

Really unique materials

Eggersmann created one customer-specific cabinet system with homogeneous surfaces called Uniqueand offers more than 20 raw materials including granite, quartzite, marble, hot rolled steel and slate. Unique furniture is made on the same surface as the countertops. Eggersmann’s monolithic furniture can also be made from Corian.

Finish the design with FRAME 7 deep miter edge finishA style completely original on the market, giving countertops with angled and beveled stone edges and continuing a series of elegant lines in the kitchen and bathroom.

Take a move

With you can design a space that suits your specific needs, regardless of the space eggersmann’s MOTION sliding counter. The remote-controlled raising and lowering system is tailored for those who are short on space, simply want to add more space or simply want to create a clear area.

Hide the stove, prepare surfaces or sinks in the kitchen, or lift a television out of a hidden cabinet with the push of a button. MOTION consists of a collection of stones, woods and melamines as well as a hidden roller system that allows worktops and table tops to slide silently and easily.

Luxe relaxation

Look beyond kitchen countertops and bathroom cabinets, because eggersmann also designs bespoke luxury furniture for every room in the house. Explore the range of bespoke contemporary chairs made from leather, fabric, suede, wood and metal that are exclusively made in Germany. From living room sofas to dining room chairs, the possibilities are endless.

The same applies to custom-made modern sofas, loungers and love seats. Eggersmann attaches great importance to comfort and craftsmanship in every design – and this shows quickly together with the adaptability. You can customize everything from height, depth, style, and color with each piece.

What are chairs without tables? Eggersmann designers complete every room with tailor-made tables made of solid wood, stone and metal. Regardless of the need, there is an expertly designed table that fits you just right. And your place.

Chic shelf solutions

Think beyond the basic backsplash and explore that innovative 15-square shelving system. Eggersmann increases the shelves and offers you functionality and exquisite form in a refreshing design. The 15-square system is designed for use in backpack splashers and can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a kitchen island.

The base of the system is made of black or anodized aluminum, but can be further customized by adding smoked oak or light ash wood. The modules are specially tailored to your needs and can display wine glasses, spice jars and knives. They can also be used as a room divider or bookcase.

eggersmann offers stylish, customer-specific storage solutions.

Custom cabinets for every room

No space is too small, too big or too challenging for the eggersmann Cabinetry Design Team. All furniture components are fully customizable and fit seamlessly into the architecture of your home. A variety of materials are used, from natural stone materials to exotic woods, metals, glass, lacquers and laminates. Every element of the eggersmann design vision can be easily installed in a kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe or home entertainment system.

Form fulfills a function

Eggersmann innovators understand the connection between something that works well and looks good. It’s about making a room or piece of furniture look stylish – and be extremely functional. That is why every cabinet is made of practical and attractive materials.

Standard cabinet structures consist of three-layer furniture boards and standard low-VOC furniture boards. The multilayer birch plywood offers superior strength and durability, and the waterproof MDF with Medite Tricoya gives you the opportunity to have custom cabinets outdoors where previously only concrete, plastic or metal would have been possible due to the weather.

eggersmann offers 100 percent customizable furniture components.

Eggersmann is a company certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that works to support responsible forest management to prevent overexploitation, protect rare species and eliminate forest and land-related human rights violations.

Always innovative

The wheels of innovation at eggersmann keep turning. That means there is always something fresh, such as B. grain-matched decorative surfaces on all melamine veneers. Both the design and engineering teams worked diligently to create surfaces that would enhance existing designs.

Old world meets new world

Eggersmann is a thoroughly modern company that is rooted in the craftsmanship of the past. Ideas, finishes and manufacturing technologies are always up to date, but they still use old world techniques like hand sewing wood veneers. The craftsmanship connects every piece with the Eggersmann legacy of precision and creates effective and artistic pieces of furniture and furniture.

Maintenance & more

Eggersmann offers customer service that is just as detailed as its products. During the installation, eggersmann experts guide customers through all functions and answer all questions on the way. In addition to the typical Eggersmann furniture and surface guarantee, the company offers information on the care and maintenance of cupboards as well as special cleaners for luxury surfaces and cleaning cloths. The eggersmann YouTube channel also provides additional maintenance information.

eggersmann’s family legacy continues

Wilhelm Eggersmann founded his company of the same name in 1908 and laid the foundation for its success with professional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and first-class customer service. This legacy continues today with Sandra Soltoff and Michael Soltoff at the helm. The family-owned and operated company now includes showrooms and retail studios in the United States, as well as affiliated stores in Canada and Mexico. Texans looking for bespoke German cabinets can work with Eggersmann designers in Houston, Dallas or Austin.

Find out more about this German carpenter’s difference by studying these 10 things that will surprise you about eggersmann and its luxury furniture. Visit eggersmann’s bespoke modern luxury kitchen and home living design website to explore the possibilities for your own dream home.

Coldplay launch new music Increased Energy into the world from Area | Leisure

Coldplay premiered their new single “Higher Power” in space.

Chris Martin and Co asked the French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet for help to bring their new song into the world on Thursday evening (June 5th, 21st) from the International Space Station.

The band members – including Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion – participated in a live video chat with the spaceman currently aboard the ISS, before performing the track with alien-inspired CGI choreography and visual effects took place reflected back to earth by Pesquet.

Front man Chris told the astronaut, “We sent you music because we can’t play for anyone on Earth right now, so we thought we’d only play for you.”

Coldplay will open the BRIT Awards on May 11th with a spectacular performance of ‘Higher Power’ filmed from a platform on the Thames.

Before the single was released, cryptic billboards around the world pointed to a mysterious website called

And fans managed to decipher the letter-like symbols to reveal the song title and release date.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Coldplay’s new album is imminent after the ‘ALIENS’ group registered and officially applied for a trademark for the term ‘Music Of The Spheres’, the name for music, merchandise and more in the United States to use.

A source said, “Chris and co have been dropping clues for a while but it’s finally getting started. They were working on new music during lockdown and it will all culminate in the record that has the working title.” ‘Music Of The Spheres’. Chris and the group have now officially registered the name as a trademark for an album. It also contains goods and everything you need for a gate. It’s a really exciting time for everyone. There is no doubt that this project will also go straight to the top. “

‘Music Of The Spheres’ was also printed in a book accompanying the vinyl version of Coldplay’s 2019 album ‘Everyday Life’, along with ‘Coldplay, Coming Soon’ in fine print.

‘Higher Power’ is now available for all major streaming services.

Sandlot Georgetown Outside Bar Leisure Area Black Cooks Opens DC

Sandlot Georgetown, a large outdoor dining, drinking and entertainment venue showcasing black-owned businesses, opens May 6th. Photo courtesy of Sandlot Georgetown

Sandlot southeastSandlot Georgetown, a huge outdoor culture, entertainment and food and beverage garden owned by black-owned companies, will open a second location in DC Georgetown on May 6th. Weekly live entertainment – recently allowed under DC’s revised Covid regulations – and a rotating line-up of food and drink providers.

Shipping containers act as portable bars and food destinations in Sandlot Southeast. Photo by George Tarrant GT Studios

DC-American co-founder and owner of the event design firm Suite Nation, was a groundbreaking force in the Washington arts and entertainment scene. He is on a mission too Transform empty or unused spaces like the gas station area in Georgetown into lively meeting places that draw on diverse cultural resources. Nearly a decade ago, Callender was behind the redesign of the Friendship Baptist Church in southwest DC. The historic property, which stood empty for over 20 years, was reinvented Blind Whino (now Culture House DC), a gallery and event space.

A previous photo of the demolished gas station site that stood empty until Sandlot Georgetown was built. Photo courtesy of Sandlot Georgetown

In 2018, callender and business partner Kevin Hallums of creative events agency Rock Creek Social Club launched the first sandlot in southwest DC, which was later relocated to Navy Yard to make way for development at Buzzard Point. This current iteration, called Sandlot Southeast, was designed with versatility and mobility in mind. Food and beverage retailers have set up shop in portable shipping containers, a mobile art gallery houses exhibits, and a rotating cast of go-go and other musicians perform. Callender, who is also the commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife & Culture, continues to work with developers to activate empty lots before their projects begin (EastBanc plans to build on the Georgetown site). Future Sandlot locations are also in the works for Anacostia and Tysons.

“They have empty locations that can be converted into gallery space or other uses, even if they’re temporary. But that’s often a fear, “says Callender. “You have a space that can be beautified and the neighborhood upgraded, but then you have real estate groups that don’t think in that capacity and it’s just a tough no. Others understand, they are more willing to be creative. “

Grub Rockstar Catering, which serves dishes like wings, mac n ‘cheese and crab cakes, is on-site. Photo by Anela Malik

Programming is still in progress for Sandlot Georgetown. Callender hopes to book outdoor jazz musicians and DJs on weekends, but stresses that they work within the confines of the neighborhood’s noise regulations. One thing is for sure, Callender will expand Sandlot Southeast’s exposure to black-owned companies. Earlier this year, Uber Eats launched a social impact program at its Navy Yard site that gave black chefs and business owners free access to a commercial kitchen and food truck on the premises. According to Callender, they currently work with a pool of 60 black chefs, restaurateurs, and caterers – limited by a huge list of more than 370 applicants spanning from New York to Richmond. Georgetown will also have a special food truck for Black vendors, starting with Grub Rockstar Catering from DC on the opening weekend. Beer, wine, and cold-pressed juice cocktails from black producers are poured in at a bar, and Callender says he sources dog food for the puppy-friendly space from a black company in St. Louis.

Black-owned companies are getting free space for food trucks through a share program sponsored by Uber Eats. Photo by Feed the Malik

In addition to the food truck sponsored by Uber, head chef Spike Mendelsohn appears with his health-conscious fast food concept. Plnt burger, for the month of July (it will be the first location for the burgeoning chain outside of Whole Foods). Sandlot visitors can book reservations with Tock – all groups of up to 10 people must be seated by order of the Mayor, although Callender envisions the seating format will be maintained in the long run. What else does Sandlot bring to Georgetown? It’s because of the neighborhood.

“You try to fit in with the neighborhood and see what is needed. I hear people say that Georgetown is no longer what it used to be since other parts of the city have gone online, but I definitely have a feeling that Georgetown will always have its unique character. ” says Callender. “This is what makes Sandlot unique – we create something new and refreshing. It’s a different way of delivering entertainment and culture. “

Sandlot Georgetown. Photo by Ian Callender

Sandlot Georgetown. 2715 Pennsylvania Avenue, northwest.

Food editor

Anna Spiegel reports on the dining and drinking scene in her hometown DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and the MFA program at Columbia University in New York, and held various cooking and writing positions in NYC and St. John, US Virgin Islands.

‘Area Beer’ helps elevate cash for Adler Planetarium

‘Space Beer’ helps to raise money for the Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium works with a brewery on the North Side to raise money for science classes.

You could say it’s a beer that is out of this world.

Adler Planetarium works with a brewery on the North Side to raise money for science classes.


Empirical brewing in Foster and Ravenswood looks like it will happen when the Big Bang Theory folks own a brewery, with beers named after the periodic table, action figures hanging from the ceiling, and comics on the wall.

“We’re just a bunch of nerds too. So the sci-fi art is kicking in,” said Jacob Huston.

For this reason, they took the opportunity to brew a range of beers in collaboration with the Adler Planetarium “Space for Everyone”.

“Everyone has room for a sour beer. Like all of our beers, it’s light and easy to drink,” said Huston.

And 25% of all sales will be for digital programming at the Adler Planetarium, including a science comedy show called “Wow Signal” on Adler’s YouTube channel.

“Especially during this time when the eagle is closed, the mission doesn’t stop. If the universe is still there to explore,” said Chris Bresky.

Bresky plays a character on the show called the Wandering Astronaut, who recently stopped by Empirical Brewing – and can be seen in the artwork on the cans.

“The curious astronaut is kind of the embodiment of all their curiosity. Exploring Earth, a new visitor here,” said Bresky.

And the people at Empirical want to increase the commitment to working with Adler into space.

“We’re actually trying to get some yeast into space, break it down, then propagate it and use it for subsequent batches,” said Huston.

They may not hear you screaming in space, but they can hear you order a beer.

Eating, leisure coming to area alongside fashionable path in Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A popular dining and entertainment venue will soon open on a popular Spartanburg Trail.

“The Rail Trail itself has become much more popular in recent years,” said Christopher George, city spokesman for Spartanburg. “They had record numbers for a couple of years in a row and last year was another record for them.”

While many places were closed during COVID, there was a lot of traffic in one place. That place was the Mary Black Rail Trail.

“People using the Rail Trail right now – I’m out there a lot – and it’s families with kids, it’s people who play sports, it’s just people who enjoy the fresh air,” said George.

One of those people is Cheryl Robinson. She started using the railroad when the pandemic started and said she saw many benefits from it.

“The Rail Trail helped me lose 54 pounds in a year,” said Robinson.

Robinson said she walked the path several times a week.

At the moment there is an empty lot every time she passes. But soon this lot will be a new dining and entertainment venue.

“We haven’t had one that specifically orientates itself on the Rail Trail that way,” said George. “And it’s a really good example of how such paths stimulate economic development.”

Robinson told 7 News that the new development is another huge benefit for people like her who use the trail frequently.

“It would be nice because a lot of us don’t have our bottles of water with us, so we could stop and have a bottle of water or a drink or whatever,” she said.

“It’s really the perfect thing to turn a little trip – where you might be there for an hour or so – into some kind of all-day message,” added George.

The new venue will have a restaurant and café, and space for food trucks and live music.

“The most exciting thing about it is the entertainment area and the assembly point along the railroad track,” said George. “There is something unique there, something you see in other cities, and we are very excited that one of these concepts is coming to Spartanburg.”

There’s no official groundbreaking yet, but the developers expect things to move in late spring or early summer and they hope that the first phase of the project will be completed by the end of 2021.