Joyful New River Oaks Retailer to Deliver Kate Spade’s Spirit and Type — Your Sneak Peek at Texas’ First Frances Valentine Boutique

S.The climax of a designer’s death by suicide is a strange, if perhaps even morbid, way of starting a piece of fashion. But when talking about the Frances Valentine brand, Kate Spade, who died in 2018, not only co-founded the line, but continues to be her design inspiration.

Her signature vibrant and playful aesthetic, once only available online, comes to Houston style in the River Oaks District.

“The goal is not just to keep Spade’s legacy alive, but to capture the woman spade could be today, ”remarked FastCompany in a profile at Frances Valentin Co-founder and best friend of Spade Elyce Arons.

When the doors of the new Frances Valentine boutique in the River Oaks District open in the first week of September, it will be Frances Valentine’s first store in Texas. The opening will be followed by other stores in Palm Beach, Sag Harbor and on Madison Avenue in New York City. When it became clear to the company that many fans of the brand still appreciate the personal touch of a shop window, they started out in brick-and-mortar retail. Houston becomes Frances Valentine’s sixth location.

“We visited Houston for a trunk show last February and immediately fell in love with the charming River Oaks District,” Arons said in a statement.

Frances Valentine brings the brand’s Ionic style to Houston with a store in the River Oaks District.

You don’t know the brand? Frances Valentine stands for brightly colored patterns, bold palettes, brightly colored caftans and a range of pullovers and tunics. The line includes charming handbags, indispensable leisure jewelry, hats and shoes in all variations. The aesthetic is airy, fresh and fun in every way. The selection of home accessories is just as spirited.

“We are very pleased that Frances chose Valentine River Oaks District as the home of their first boutique in Texas, ”says Rosalind Schurgin, CEO of Festival Companies. “Each addition to our dynamic portfolio of global luxury and contemporary designers is carefully crafted to enhance and complement a range of unique offerings while appealing to our diverse, international clientele.

“The feminine, airy charisma of Frances Valentine’s designs goes well with the stylish Houstonians and will resonate with a large global audience drawn to the city’s sophisticated and rich retail offerings.”

Zac Efron and brother Dylan sneak their grandpa out his resort-​fashion retirement house: Video

Zac Efron has reportedly teamed up with his younger brother Dylan to “get” their grandfather out of his nursing home for fun.

Efron – who starred in the 2016 film Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro, made mischief with his own grandfather.

The two brothers teamed up to get their grandfather out of his resort-style retirement home for some time.

As he strolled through the retirement home on tiptoe, the 33-year-old actor did his best to remain invisible as he ducked low before going through an employee’s ID to gain access to his grandfather’s room.

“Let’s get Grandpa out of here,” said the high school musical alum in the first few seconds of a cheeky video he posted on his Instagram account.

He titled the post: “We are coming Grandpa!”

The Greatest Showman star once showed off his athletic skills when he did a somersault before excitedly meeting up with his grandfather, who was ready to go.

Zac Efron rolled his grandpa down the hall and past other residents before they went home to watch a soccer game.

Watch: Here is a sneak peek at Round1, Park Metropolis’s latest huge leisure venue [video] | What’s in retailer

Round1, a huge new entertainment center in Park City Center, opens on Saturday.

We visited Round1 the day before it opened to get a glimpse of everything the venue has to offer.

Check out the livestream below.

Round1 is a bowling and entertainment complex with arcade games and table tennis, plus batting cages, basketball courts, and private karaoke rooms. It also has a restaurant with a menu of pizza, burgers, and wings, and is seeking a liquor license.

Round1 is located on the first floor of the former Sears, which opened in 1972 as one of Park City’s anchor stores.

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5 Simple Methods to Sneak Extra Cash Into Your Emergency Fund

In need of a healthier emergency fund? How to build one with no stress.

We all need money rolled into one saving account for a rainy day. You never know when you will lose your job, get stuck at a home repair, or walk to your driveway and find your car won’t start.

Without a Emergency fundYou could get into serious debt and ruin your finances for years. A better bet is to stash the cost of living in the bank for three to six months for the unexpected. And here are a few simple ways to increase your cash reserves – without taking too much of yourself.

1. Maximize your forced pandemic savings

Many people changed their lifestyle during the pandemic. Maybe you’re not commuting to work right now, or you’ve replaced movie and restaurant trips with quiet nights at home to be on the safe side. All of these forced savings could be an excellent opportunity to replenish your emergency fund. Of course, once the pandemic ends, you’ll need or want to spend those expenses again – and that’s fine. The key is to take advantage of forced savings while this is the situation you are dealing with.

2. Reduce an expense that can be replaced with a cheaper alternative

If you cancel your cell phone plan, you may not be able to communicate with others. However, if you cancel your gym membership, you can still exercise. Look at yours budget and see if there is an edition that you can replace with a free or inexpensive alternative. For example, you might be able to cancel a cable plan that costs $ 80 per month and sign up for $ 15 monthly streaming service instead. Returning to this cellphone example, you probably can’t do without a phone entirely, but you may be able to sign up for a cheaper plan.

3. Use your stimulus check

The legislature is working on sending a third one Stimulus test to the public. If this succeeds, there is an easy way to increase your savings – provided you don’t need money for basic necessities such as groceries and medicines.

4. Don’t spend your tax refund

Most people who file a tax return receive a refund. Usually getting money back from the IRS is an easy way to increase your savings without limiting anything else.

5. Save your raise

Did you get a raise this year? If so, you may have spent the extra cash on treats or entertainment. Well, it’s time to quit this practice if your emergency fund needs work. The good news is that at this point you are probably not used to this increase, which means you should be able to live without spending it. Do not incur any additional costs in the short term. Instead, turn that paycheck into savings until you are more satisfied with the amount of rainy daily money you have.

Emergency savings are essential. Without that money, you could really find yourself in a world of debt if life brings you unpleasant surprises. The good news is that funding your emergency savings may not be as difficult as you would expect. And once you’ve managed to reach a level of savings that you’re happy with, the security you enjoy is well worth every sacrifice you’ve dealt with along the way.