Uma Thurman courting Bloomberg Media Group CEO Justin B. Smith | Leisure Information

Uma Thurman dated Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group.

The “Kill Bill” star reportedly started a romance with the media mogul after their relationship was mentioned in a New York Times article describing a party at Justin’s home in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC. Is

The article listed Uma as a Bash participant and the article said she was “with Mr. Smith.”

She also told reporters, “I’m a news lover.”

Prior to his romance with Justin, Uma dated architect Peter Saves while his family was quarantined in the Hamptons last October.

According to a source, the horse met Peter and asked if he could see the dog swimming during his trip to Sag Harbor.

“At the time, Peter didn’t know who the horse was. He was walking on a beach near him that was locally called Long Beach, so he asked him to swim and see his dog.

“I saw his dog swimming and said the horse was fine and now, a few months later, they fell madly in love and wanted to buy a house in the Hamptons together. . “

The actress was also previously married to Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke. Ethan Hawke has a 22-year-old daughter Maya and a 19-year-old son Levon.

Eight-year-old Luna ‘s mother, who is with ex-fiancé Arpad Busson, was single in her later years as she said it was related to the only character she played in the 2005 film “Prime”. I was talking about something earlier. “Because she knows what it’s like” to be alone. “

She said at the time, “I woke up ten years later, got single many times, and I know what it means to have a plan and think the plan has gone crazy.”

Uma Thurman is dating Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group | Entertainment news

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Hoplite Leisure CEO Jonathan Lee Smith Pleads Responsible To Wire Fraud – Deadline

Jonathan Lee Smith, the CEO of two Hollywood production companies specializing in the production of reality TV shows, has pleaded guilty to wire fraud for a $ 2 million business loan through forged documents and financial misrepresentation The situation of his company.

Smith who manages or owns Hoplite entertainment and Hoplite Inc., agreed to plead guilty to the crime, with a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

“To convince a private lender to fund a $ 2 million loan, Smith falsely presented last year that his two companies had claims of $ 3,348,000, and he put in fake licensing agreements and others Fakes to back up the claim, “said the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, which was pursuing the case, said Tuesday. “In order to convince the private lender to give them additional time to repay the loan, court documents state that Smith falsely stated that the payment was imminent. He also emailed a fake record of a $ 100,000 transfer from Hoplite, Inc. In reality, the loan was never repaid. “

Under the plea agreement, Smith agreed to pay $ 2 million in redress. He is expected to appear in the US District Court in Los Angeles on July 6th. The FBI is investigating the case and US Attorney General Alexander B. Schwab of the Department of Major Frauds is leading the indictment.

Hoplite Entertainment has reality shows like Wrecking Plan, Ink therapy, Geared Up, Culinary Escapes, Charged & Disbard, Hot Spots, Recipe Hunters, Drone Wars, Slope Slap, Back in the Game, Loud Life and We Bought a Vineyard.

Willow Smith didn’t anticipate profession stress | Leisure Information

Willow Smith didn’t “think” that musicians would put that much “pressure” on.

The 20-year-old singer, who was only 13 when she released her debut single Whip My Hair, was concerned about her career choice with her famous parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. It’s about work, ”he said, but admitted that she was too young and too naive to take her warning seriously.

In response to the digital version of V Magazine, she said, “I started dancing when I was seven. I think it was around that time that I started making music.

“But I did a GarageBand song for the Chinese ‘The Karate Kid’ set and brought it to my parents. I want to sing. ”And they said to me first,“ It’s really good. Is it? “And I thought,” Yeah, I’m sure. “

“And they said, ‘This is going to be a lot of work, so let’s just make sure. We just want you to know that you are really young. And the people who do that. Most of them are much older than you. “And you have to deal with more pressure.” You told me immediately.

“I didn’t really believe them because I was young. And apparently I came to a place where it was too much. I took a step back and understood what I wanted to do. Had to do. “

Willow is now facing “additional pressure” as he goes in a rockier direction and admits that his love for “metal culture” was a target of bullying in his youth.

She said, “Being a black woman in the metal crowd is very, very different, in addition to the pressures that the music industry puts on you. Well, metal culture, metal world and just it’s like the added pressure of rock music. I was bullied at school hearing about Paramore and my chemistry romance. “

Willow Smith didn’t expect the career pressures | Entertainment news

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Billy Joe Saunders feels Callum Smith ‘took the cash route’ and wasn’t at his greatest in Canelo Alvarez combat

Billy Joe Saunders is getting the big fight he’s been waiting for he competes against Canelo Alvarez in a super middleweight title unification bout on Saturday from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on DAZN (excluding Mexico).

Saunders will be the second Englishman to face Alvarez in his last three fights. Six days before Christmas Alvarez dominated Callum Smith to win the WBA and WBC super middleweight titles and become world champions in four divisions.

The WBO super middleweight title list is one of the mentality that Smith shouldn’t have gotten into the fight with five weeks’ notice and taken more time to prepare for the man who many believe is the best Pound-for-pound fighters in sports. Saunders believes Smith only took up the fight on short notice for one reason.

“You know, and I can just go and think he was offered a hell of a lot of money and I think he was probably put in the same position as me,” Saunders said on DAZN’s “Off The Cuff.” “And he took the money route. In my opinion he wasn’t at his best. I’m not taking anything away from Canelo, but when you box someone like him it takes two months to take care of everything. What comes with this? If you think that you take it with five weeks notice, your bags are packed, you are on the plane, you are over there, you are [doing] Media, it’s you, you’re in the ring, the lights are on, you don’t know what’s going on. No no no. This is not proper preparation.

“And I don’t care if they say he stays in the gym, he stays fit. Mentally, that means you need this mental side of things to find your way in this crowded situation, and not just to be blinded by the money before you. Because I think this happened to him. I think he went in for the money, not the fate of being the man who dethroned Canelo. Because he’s a good fighter, Smith, and I just don’t . I don’t think that was his night, definitely not. “

In preparation for Alvarez, Saunders (30-0, 14 KOs) didn’t bother to see too much of Alvarez-Smith. Why you might ask Because Saunders immediately felt that Smith had the wrong schedule to get the job done.

“I can give you my opinion on what I think happened,” Saunders said. “But I can’t really give you my full opinion on the fight because I’m being honest with you – I’ve only seen the highlights and I’ve only seen about two minutes of them and turned it off because I rate Callum Smith as a fighter. But I think he went in there depending on his strength and size, and that doesn’t work. The game plan is completely wrong, he fought completely wrong. “

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Sam Smith refers to gender id with new tattoo | Leisure

Sam Smith has hinted at her gender identity with her new tattoo.

The “How do you sleep?” hitmaker – who announced two years ago that they were not binary and wanted to use s / s pronouns – seemed to be referencing their identity in their new ink.

The tattoo, shared online by the London Social Tattoo Shop, shows a short-haired person in underwear looking in the mirror in high heels.

They titled it: “ICON @samsmith thanks for getting tattooed (sic)”

Sam had previously admitted that they were “always not binary”.

They said, “I’ve always had a little war in my body and mind … I’m neither male nor female, I guess I flow somewhere in between. It’s all on the spectrum …

“Yeah, I’ve always been non-binary, I’ve always felt the way I felt, and just hearing other non-binary stories make me feel suddenly seen. This is a way I can live where I am Tell people this is how I feel and how I want to be treated, life is easier. “

And the 28-year-old singer is happy that they changed their pronouns as they were able to “feel just like themselves” and “enjoy” their lives.

They added, “I’ve always felt the way I felt. It wasn’t a new feeling, it was just the discovery of a language and a community of people who felt the same way. It was beautiful. It was a process of Feeling heard and seen – that there is a space where I can live and enjoy my life and feel just like me and be treated as such. I think that’s the difference to the pronouns. “

Overview: John Smith sings of resilience, devotion and hope | Leisure

This cover photo, published by Thirty Tigers, shows “The Fray” by John Smith.


From STEVEN WINE Associated Press

“The Fray”, John Smith (30 Tigers)

During the first song on John Smith’s new album, hand claps break out as if welcoming the emotions to come.

“The Fray” is the British singer-songwriter’s answer to the past year and offers 12 melodies of resilience, devotion and hope, with determination in the lyrics and buoyancy in the music.

“It’s been a crazy year. where do I start? “Smith sings, his sandpaper tenor is a voice of recovery.

The album’s melodic folk-pop, based on Smith’s subtle guitar work, has a calming influence (he records his moods in the liner notes). And he has excellent help: Bill Frisell offers an elegant guitar solo for “The Best of Me”, and Sarah Jarosz, Lisa Hannigan and the Milk Carton Kids support her with a charming voice.

The arrangements benefit from a pleasant variety. “To the Shore” swings like a shanty, the title cut is heightened by gospel piano, and “Just As You Are” is a waltz to heal.

“Hold On” is the heart of the set. With horns, angelic backing vocals, and a smart guitar riff, it’s good music and advice.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed in any way without permission.

Fort Smith Board approves more cash for Parrot Island water slide

The Fort Smith Board of Directors voted to fund a new slide at Parrot Island Waterpark. The City and College of Sebastian County each previously voted to allocate $ 250,000 to expand Parrot Island Waterpark with a new liner upon completion of the FlowRider amenity.

The $ 250,000 for the expansion was included in the city’s budget for 2021. However, it will require an additional $ 220,833 to build the slide the city needs, deputy city administrator Jeff Dingman told the board on Tuesday, March 16, at the city’s regular board meeting.

The original plan for the new slide was to replace the yellow “body slide” in the park with new fiberglass for a “tube slide”. The new foil would fall off the existing foil tower, which can only serve four foils. The yellow slide has been changed and is now working properly, Dingman said.

“We prefer to keep it operational and add a new fifth slide to the park rather than replace one of the original four slides,” said Dingman.

The new slide will be the first tube slide for the park. However, building a new slide requires an additional, separate slide tower and support structure for the pump house.

“These items are being created with future expansion in mind, making it relatively easy to add up to three additional slides in the future,” said Dingman in a memo of the project’s budget.

The city’s total share of the foil expansion project is expected to be $ 470,833, Dingman said.

“Sales were expected to drop significantly in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in departments cutting their budgets to absorb the forecast economic shock. However, Fort Smith failed to realize that the expected economic impact of the pandemic and sales tax revenue were above sales estimates. Therefore, an allocation from the additional (budgeted above) sales tax revenue for parks generated in both 2020 and 2021 is required to fund the additional amount the city needs to expand Parrot Island water park, ”Dingman said in the memo .

The additional funding won’t take away any money for planned park projects in 2021, said Doug Reinert, director of Parks & Recreation. The board unanimously approved the regulation for the additional funds.

In November, City Administrator Carl Geffken informed directors that Parrot Island was having a difficult 2020 fiscal year due to the pandemic. It had 59,248 visitors and total sales of $ 1.003 million for the year. At a total cost of $ 1.301, the park ended the season in a deficit of $ 297,973. However, Settle and Geffken found this was an anomaly and the park had made money every two years. In 2019, Parrot Island had total sales of $ 1.351 million and total sales of $ 1.273 million for net income of $ 77,527. The attendance in 2019 was 91,589.

Mayor George McGill also announced at the meeting that the city would host a second mass COVID vaccination clinic on May 5th. The city hosted a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Fort Smith Convention Center on February 24. There will be a clinic on Wednesday (March 17th) for those who received their first shot at this clinic and need their second shot.

His model of success: Heavy7Hearts designer Patrick Smith sews his personal means | Neighborhoods

Heavy7Hearts shirt and hat

Patrick Smith models two of his favorite designs Heavy7Hearts’ early days of news he believed his UW-Stevens Point campus should hear.

Courtesy Heavy7Hearts

He had classmates model the objects for videos and photos he would take for social media. And he wore his gear on campus, including those student government meetings. “Because it was such a strong message, people kind of felt. And that’s exactly what I wanted, ”said Smith.

Later, as he worked his way through school, he took jobs at local screen printing companies to learn the process himself. If he could print his own products, he thought, he would not have to deal with setbacks from printers who viewed his messages as arsonists.

And he didn’t stop there. In addition to wanting to print on blank factory clothes, Smith taught himself how to sew youtube videos and friends. He called the line Heavy7Hearts for the seven days in which God created the earth according to the Bible.

His goal: “Change the world one trend at a time.”

After graduating in 2018, Smith returned to a Madison who, to his eyes, was as he had left him. He took jobs in after-school programs where he saw children facing the same challenges and lack of support that he had encountered. He saw people without a home in the streets and thought of his own family’s struggle to put a roof over their heads.

Betty Smith: ‘Spend the cash on Ewert pool’ | Columns

It is like a stab in the heart, the acceptance of the right approach is not acceptable when dealing with the improvement of the Ewert Park and its pool.

When Paul Ewert and his wife gave the land to the Black Community, there was no place for them to relax. They asked the Black Community what they needed. They said a place where they could be with their family and friends.

Why is there always a money problem when it comes to East Town, the original Joplin or the Black Community trying to make improvements to the swimming pool?

Check the records: when Schifferdecker was out of date and Ewert was turned into a water basin, voices were raised about the difference. Schifferdecker has been made a top priority and brought to A1 condition – no delay in spending people’s tax money regardless of where they came from. Now there is not enough money available for improvements in the Ewert pool.

It is not right and it will never be without the pool for the original Joplin or the Black Community. Why can’t there be equality in everything? There is no good feeling about how things are handled.

Do you remember how things were neglected in every way at Parkway Cemetery? The way the conditions were is remembered as a decent road was never traveled because other things were top priority according to the town, but the Osborne Memorial Cemetery was improving daily. Photos will prove it.

Parkway was given to the Black Community because the blacks were no longer allowed to be interred in Fairview Cemetery, where they had been interred along the west and south fence lines until there was no more land available to them.

It’s an example of how unequal treatment is.

If you live in East Town you know how much has been left out of daily living.

Everything is available for skipper and Cunningham – why not Ewert Pool?

If you want to swim you have to be miles from your home when no one else is. Are you kidding?

Hire lifeguards for employment in all pools. Balance the way all pools are open at certain times and the lifeguards on duty depending on which pool needs one.

Have a clear conscience by doing the right thing and not making a difference who it is or where it is.

Spend the money at the Ewert pool.

Betty Smith is a Joplin resident who grew up swimming in the Ewert Pool.