View, Scent, Model: Wow Home Roundup

HUDSON VALLEY, NY – There are great opportunities to find a new home in this area this spring.

Wow House: Brand new with sunset views over the Hudson Valley

GARRISON, NY – This is a cozy, yet luxurious home. Newly built, ultra-modern, equipped with sustainable functions and equipped with a built-in Tesla charger. Address:… Continue reading

This rye wow house still has that new smell of home

RYE, NY – It’s just a fact that a house can’t have ghosts if someone has never lived there, but this downtown Rye townhouse won’t be left untouched for long. Features such as a large sun deck, heated … Continue reading

Wow: New House mixes Arts & Crafts Style with modern Polish

NYACK, NY – New build of character in a village full of character – enjoy the luxurious bathrooms, lavish chef’s kitchen, and space to spread out both outside and inside. … Continue reading

A brand new Chappaqua Wow House with a classic look

CHAPPAQUA, NY – New build or character aren’t choices buyers should make. Homeowners have the best of both worlds at this unique new upscale Westchester housing estate … Continue reading

What does cash scent like? Flaring

Regarding “Pasadena Defends Pollution” (A1, February 3): In the 1960s, we lived near Hobby Airport, where we could see the torches from Pasadena. We always sang, “Pasadena, where the air is green.” Friends who lived there replied, “It’s the color and smell of money!”

Emily Murphy, Kingwood

Progress is painful

Regarding “Biden’s drilling job could end up being a ‘nail in the coffin’ for oil,” he said. (B1, January 31): Yes, progress can sometimes be painful. Horse breeders, stables, and buggy makers were in their arms when the advent of the horseless carriage put them out of business.

Peggy Campbell, cypress

A medical giant

Regarding “Doctor tested research barriers” (A1, February 3): Thank you for the article about Dr. Emil Freireich’s extraordinary cancer work. With all the empty social media influencers, celebrities and politicians aside, it’s good to be reminded that there are people like Freireich who are committed to making the world a better place. As he showed, it takes hard work. These greats rarely make the headlines, but their influence is global. I always made it my goal to say “Hello, Dr. Freireich” when I passed him on the skybridge at MD Anderson. I wonder how many considered this white-clad gentleman with a walker to be one of the world’s medical giants.

Mark Adamcik, Sugar Land

California versus Texas

Regarding “Letter to my Liberal Friends: Forget California” (A14, Feb.3): Unlike Bret Stephens, I don’t pretend to know why the net movement of residents from California to Texas is currently positive. But I’ll take an exception from his selective use of state rankings and crime statistics to help explain this.

In the 2019 US News and World Reports ranking, California ranked better than Texas in six of eight categories ranging from health care to education, and ranked 19 places above Texas in the overall ranking.

When people from California move to democratic cities in Texas, they may be drawn to the moderately liberal politics of our cities rather than the far-right politics of the state.

Jason MacInnis, Houston