Halle Berry slams ‘unfavorable’ Instagram | Leisure

Halle Berry hates the “negativity” of social media.

The “Catwoman” star loves that sites like Instagram are so “funny” but admits there is a darker side and she finds it frustrating that there is so much “negativity” online.

She said, “I love that it’s so fun. I think that’s the part of it that I want to lean into and not take seriously. To try to stay a part of what happens, but still age appropriate What I hate and that will never stop, I know because it’s the nature of the world, but I hate the negativity that’s going on there. I just really want to like these trolls, beat them because they are the Really harm people. “

The 54-year-old actress thinks social media is very “harmful” for young people and wishes people would use the platform responsibly and only say nice things.

Speaking to Essence Magazine, she added, “It’s harmful to young people and I really want it to be when they really didn’t have anything [nice] to say don’t say it.

“If you have such negative things to say about someone, why are you on their side? You obviously like them or you wouldn’t be there. It’s kind of annoying and I worry about the younger people who really don’t . ” I don’t understand that this is only hated by trolls who have no life and they take it so much to heart. It can be really, really harmful, and I see that in my daughter and it makes me angry. “

Jim Cramer slams market peak discuss, says economic system is at begin of recent cycle

CNBC’s Jim Cramer pointed out on Monday that retail investors ignore talk of a potential market spike when the economy is in recovery mode.

“With all the manual work about how good this is for the market, today’s campaign has shown that there is no high point to be seen.”Bad money“said the host.” If you can’t imagine the economy getting much, much stronger, the problem is entirely up to you. “

The comments come after the S&P 500 closed with a new record of 4,187.62, an increase of 0.2%. The tech heavy Nasdaq Composite rose 0.9% to 14,138.78 for the first record close in more than two months.

The Dow Jones industry average was the only decline in the major indices, falling about 0.2% to 33,981.57. The index is within 1% of its highs more than a week ago.

“You could see the money flowing out of the grocery, drug and packaged goods stores and going straight into the cyclicals today,” Cramer said. “That tells you that the market found out and disproved all of this top-notch talk.”

Cramer noted that money managers would ditch cyclical stocks or names that would outperform during periods of expansion when the market actually neared a high. However, Americans are expected to spend more on travel and entertainment as the country reopens fully and pulls away from the downturn caused by the pandemic.

This may explain the increase in the cinema operator’s stock holdings AMC, Elevator company Otis worldwide and steel manufacturers Cleveland cliffsCramer pointed out that his shares were up 13.2%, 7% and 5.3% respectively on Monday.

“This is the beginning of a new cycle, not the end that all automakers can benefit from,” he said.

Lamar Odom slams ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr: ‘She was very deceitful’ | Leisure

Lamar Odom has accused his ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr of using him for “fame”.

The 41-year-old former NBA star ended his engagement to Sabrina in November, a year after they announced they were getting married, and Lamar has now claimed that the reason the romance ended was because Sabrina was “very cheating” and used it for his money.

When asked if Sabrina had hurt him, he said, “Yes, in every way. She was very fraudulent. I really liked it, took her word for it and she was like she was really lying to me all the time. I think she got what she wanted and that was the blue check, so I guess I was good for something. “

Lamar then claimed that Sabrina and her manager posted a reality show about the couple without telling him.

The sports star said he knew something [he] signed up for “with the reality series but was not informed when it would air.

When asked what he thought Sabrina wanted from the relationship, he said, “Clout or fame, kind of. The thing about this girl … she and her deceitful manager were supposed to drop this reality show, but they didn’t even tell me they were going to put it out. Who moves like that?

“It was just me and her. I knew what I was doing and I knew what I signed up for, but I thought if you made it available to the world, you would let me know. This is a greaseball move and something I can’t respect from her or her manager. “

And Lamar also said that thinking about lost love makes him “sad”.

During an appearance on ‘The Real’ he said, “When I talk about them, it makes me sad because I don’t really like people taking advantage of me, especially for financial reasons.”

Lamar previously accused Sabrina of holding his social media accounts “hostage”, at which point Sabrina released a statement calling the allegations “extremely disappointing.”

She said: “I find these allegations from Lamar and whoever he works with extremely disappointing. We have not been together anymore and have not been for a while. I made up my mind to speak quietly about the situation and I suggest that you do the same. ” .

“We both know the truth and I assure you that at the end of it no truth will be told. If you excuse me now, I will move on in peace and quiet. (Sic)”