Sir Michael Caine ‘cuts down’ on alcohol for grandchildren | Leisure Information

Sir Michael Caine “cut down” drinking for his grandchildren.

The 88-year-old actor, who has daughters Natasha and Dominique with his wife Shakira, admitted that 12-year-old Taylor and 11-year-old twins Miles and Allegra “breathed new life” into him so he tries to lead a healthier lifestyle to be there for them longer.

He said: “I cut the drink and got a new outlook on life.

“I thought I wasn’t going to have grandchildren and all of a sudden I have three. They are my fountain of youth and they breathed a whole new life into me with no worries or problems. I’m completely obsessed and so is my wife.”

The ‘Alfie’ star has found that as a grandfather he has surpassed everything else in his life, including his previous “highs” when he was knighted and won two Academy Awards.

He added, “I’ve had some high points in my life – I’ve won two Academy Awards and was knighted. I used to think you couldn’t get better, but you can because then I am.” have my grandchildren, which is better than anything.

“The wonderful thing about grandchildren is something someone once said: They fill a hole in your heart that you didn’t know was empty. And I think that’s absolutely true.”

Despite his professional success, Michael is “proud” of his parenting.

Speaking to Candis magazine about fatherhood, he said, “One of the things I am most proud of in my life is that I am a great father.

“And I know I am a great father because if you ask my daughters they will tell you too. The best I have ever heard about father of daughters is that a great father is a man who Spends time with his daughters Well, I also spend the money because I have some – to tell the truth, I tend to spoil them. But time is the most important thing. I love spending time with them, and they seem to like spending time with me. “

Sir Mick Jagger felt ‘very fortunate’ amid lockdown | Leisure

Sir Mick Jagger believes he was “very lucky” when the coronavirus was banned.

The 77-year-old star considers himself incredibly lucky having been able to live very comfortably during the global health crisis.

He said, “You have to be patient, learn self-confidence … but all of these things as I say for myself … I’m very happy. I don’t have the problems of living, let’s say in a little apartment in London or New York that some of my friends had.

“Two kids in a two-room apartment in Manhattan? I honestly don’t know how I would have done it. Maybe a couple of weeks. But for that long I don’t know how I would have done it. And I admire them for being able to do it. “

Mick is also aware of the potential psychological effects of being locked out.

He told BBC 6 Music, “I can feel that people might get pretty depressed about the whole thing because there was a point where there was no light at the end of the tunnel. For a lot of people it was a little shabby at times. ” , but I was lucky enough to avoid most of it. “

Meanwhile, Mick recently slammed Anti-Vaxxer, describing their stance on the coronavirus bite as “irrational”.

The Rolling Stones frontman said, “It just seems like even people you know who are relatively reasonable about many things have one thing they just don’t get.

“I have several friends and relatives and they go about doing these things that just don’t … they’re just irrational.

“Of course it doesn’t make sense to talk to people about it. You don’t get it. You have what you believe in and you believe in it. And it doesn’t matter what you say, you will believe in it. And rational thinking doesn’t work . “

BAFTA winner Sir Anthony Hopkins: Appearing’s a part of my blood | Leisure

Sir Anthony Hopkins admitted acting was “part of his blood” when he won a BAFTA on Sunday night (04/11/21).

The “Father” star, who was named Best Actor for his role in the hit film, has insisted that he loves his job and admits that it means “no trouble” for him and the only thing he knows how to do .

He said, “It keeps me out of anger. I don’t want to sound heavy about it, but it’s the only thing I can. I don’t know how I became an actor, I had no intention of doing it.” Everything really, but it’s something that’s now part of my blood. I enjoy it, it’s kind of – I’ll keep it simple. I love it, it’s a way of life. I try not to take myself too seriously, I hope I don’t. “

And the 83-year-old actor praised the film’s “great script” and cast before joking that he didn’t have to act as much in the role as an old man and is older himself.

Speaking of his role in the film at the winner’s press conference, he added, “It was pretty easy because I didn’t have to act old – because I’m old. We had a great script and cast, and it did made.” easy. When you’re with such a great cast, Olivia Colman [and others], it makes it so easy … It made it easy to be ready to work in the morning and not feel depressed. I’m not a method actor, but when you have a perfect script it’s like a roadmap. “

Penny Lancaster threw males’s pants at Sir Rod Stewart | Leisure

Sir Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster once threw him a pair of men’s underwear on the stage.

The hitmaker “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” is used to having women’s underwear thrown at him, and while performing in Las Vegas, he remembered his wife throwing him men’s pants from the audience.

On Harry Redknapp’s podcast, he said, “I was singing away in Las Vegas and a pair of men’s underpants showed up. They were really awful. It was my wife who vomited them! She was hiding in the audience, throwing up a pair of men’s underwear … I’ll still have thousands of women throwing their panties up. “

Meanwhile, Rod recently admitted that he is “stunned” that his wife had held him for two decades.

He said: “I am stunned that Penny kept me for 20 years.

“They didn’t make up the words for how I felt about them. She’s everything … It took me a while to learn because I’ve been a Scallywag in the past. But I’d say the most important things are good ones Manners – This is what I try to teach all of my boys. You can wear the best suits in the world, look great and have the best carpet, but you still need to show manners. Open the door for a lady, stand on when a lady goes to the bathroom when you have dinner. “

And Rod – who has eight children, including Aiden, nine, and Alastair, 14 with Penny – believes he gave his wife “a lot of confidence” to do her television work and her own career.

He said, “I’ve given her a lot of confidence. She does a lot of television work now and when we first met she was just a shy little person who didn’t talk a lot. I gave her the confidence. I’m sure it would they tell you. And she is there for me. “