Neon indicators are again in fashion. This time, as dwelling decor

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You might expect to see a neon sign outside a bar or even on the wall of a hip restaurant for that Instagram-perfect moment, but how does it fare as home decor? People across the United States and around the world are putting up neon signs in their homes.

Advances in LED technology have made neon signs cheaper and easier than ever to make, so now is the perfect time to buy.

What are neon signs?

Real neon signs use glass tubes that are heated and bent into shape by hand. The tubes are filled with gases that react with an electric current flowing through the tube, causing it to glow. Different gases produce different colors. While true neon has a vintage appeal, signs of this type are expensive to manufacture, power hungry, and contain potentially toxic chemicals, albeit in amounts too small to cause harm if the sign shatters and releases them.

Many modern neon signs are not made using the true neon method. Instead, they use acrylic tubes filled with LED lights. This method is known as LED neon. While some people still prefer real neon signs, and undeniably a significant amount of skill and craftsmanship goes into their manufacture, LED neon is significantly cheaper to buy and run.

Are neon signs just advertising?

While neon signs have traditionally been for advertising, that certainly doesn’t mean they’re just for advertising. You can find all kinds of neon signs. Some feature words, some feature images, and others include both. However, some people like to collect or display vintage neon signs that were originally used for advertising purposes, especially from well-known brands like Coors or Coca-Cola.

Can I buy custom neon signs?

Yes, some companies that make neon signs offer custom signs, which is ideal if you want a personalized sign. You can have signs personalized with any text you want, be it your name, a joke in your household or anything else you would like on a neon sign.

How to showcase neon signs as home decor

You can put neon signs on your wall in the same way as a Picture Frame. Large neon signs usually need to be fixed to the wall with special hardware, but smaller neon signs can be hung on a picture hook or work with command bars. Some small neon signs even come with stands so you can place them on a shelf or credenza if you prefer to hang them on the wall. If you’re wondering if a neon sign will look good with the rest of your home decor, don’t worry too much. Neon signs stand out in neutrally decorated rooms or add an extra focal point in rooms that are already boldly decorated.

The best neon signs

Kukuu Do What You Love Neon Sign

This is the perfect sign for anyone who needs a reminder to keep going with a hobby or calling they love, or just a reminder to make time for more joy in their life.

Sold by Amazon

Vifulin Lightning Bolt LED Neon Light

This LED neon light is shaped like a lightning bolt and looks great in all types of homes. It comes on a stand so you don’t have to hang or mount it. It’s also available in a choice of three colors.

Sold by Amazon

Isaac Jacobs LED Neon Pink Rose

Isaac Jacobs LED Neon Pink Rose

This LED neon rose is an excellent choice if flowers are your thing. It’s great for avid plant parents or anyone who likes the look of roses. It is USB powered and extremely cheap to run.

Sold by Amazon

Lucunstar neon sign in the shape of a beer

Lucunstar neon sign in the shape of a beer

Shaped like a frothy beer mug, this is the ideal neon light for college dorms or a home bar.

Sold by Amazon

LC Signs Custom Neon Sign

LC Signs Custom Neon Sign

Customize your own neon sign with up to three lines of text. If you want to say something that just needs to be displayed in lights on your wall, here’s your chance.

Sold by Amazon

Lumoonosity flame neon sign

Lumoonosity flame neon sign

This affordable neon sign can liven up any space with extra bright LED lights. It’s available in either plain red or red and yellow and comes with an adhesive to easily stick it to the wall.

Sold by Amazon

LDGJ Neon Signs Paradise Palm Tree Neon Light

LDGJ Neon Signs Paradise Palm Tree Neon Light

Featuring a flamingo, palm tree and the words It’s 5 AM Somewhere, this sign is an excellent choice for a home bar or lounge. This is a real neon sign, so it costs a little more than some, but it’s worth it.

Sold by Amazon

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Omicron wave reveals early indicators of easing in states hit early

A woman receives a Covid-19 test during a drive through the Covid-19 Testing Center as hundreds of cars and pedestrians queue to check out a Covid ahead of the Christmas holiday in North Bergen, New Jersey, the United States, December 22, 2021 -19 test as Omicron levels up across the land.

Tayfun Coskun | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

After weeks of rising infections, the latest Covid surge is showing signs of slowing in a handful of areas earliest affected by the Omicron variant – offering a glimmer of hope that this wave is beginning to wane.

The U.S. has been reporting an average of nearly 800,000 cases a day for the past week, more than triple the previous record set last winter, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. But in a handful of states and cities, particularly on the East Coast, cases appear to have plateaued or been declining in recent days.

In New York, the seven-day average of daily new cases has declined since hitting a record high of 85,000 a day on Jan. 9, according to Hopkins. Cases there doubled over a series of seven-day periods in late December and early January, but have fallen sharply to an average of 51,500 since last week. In New York City, average daily cases have fallen 31% over the past week, data from the state Health Department shows.

“There will come a time when we can say it’s all over,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a news conference on Friday. “We’re not there yet but boy is it coming and we’ve been waiting a long time.”

New York is still reporting high levels of daily infections and ranks 15th among all states, down from the second-highest a few days ago, according to a CNBC analysis of population-adjusted case counts. New Jersey also recently fell out of the top five and is now 20th as the state saw a 32% drop in average daily cases over the past week.

At the end of December, Washington, DC had the highest number of Covid infections per capita than any other state, peaking at an average of 2,500 per day. That has since fallen to 1,700, the data shows.

And in neighboring Maryland, daily infections hit a pandemic high on Jan. 8 but are down 27% from a week ago.

In Illinois, said Dr. Khalilah Gates, associate dean of medical education at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, said the stabilization in hospitalizations is “already kind of being felt.” On Sunday, the state reported a seven-day average of about 7,200 patients hospitalized with Covid, a 4% increase from the past week, a more modest increase than the 30% weekly growth reported, according to the Health Department was only observed two weeks ago.

“There’s not that influx that we had at the beginning of the climb and things are just a little bit around,” she said. “And if that goes on for five to seven straight days, I think you start to breathe a little easier and say, OK, like we kind of got through that climb, got through that climb too.”

Cases are also declining in South Africa and the UK, which are being closely watched as potential clues to what could be happening in the US, as they have both experienced previous spikes. Hopkins data shows average daily infections in South Africa are down 80% from where they peaked on December 17 and in the UK by 42% from that country’s peak on January 5, although there’s no guarantee the US will will follow the same path.

American populations have different vaccination rates, previous exposure to the virus, and levels of underlying health conditions, so Omicron’s trajectory could vary.

Certainly, cases are rising in most states, with 23 reporting record-high infection rates as of Sunday, data from Hopkins shows. And yet, U.S. cases are undercounted due to the availability of at-home testing kits, the results of which are not typically reported to state or federal agencies.

That increase is particularly visible in western states, where average daily cases are showing some signs of slowing but are still up 14% over the past week. This has led to a “jumping up” in Covid admissions at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Daignault on CNBC Worldwide exchange Friday morning.

“We had this delta rise, it was a rise and then a plateau, and then the Omicron kind of lifted off this delta crest,” said Daignault, an emergency room physician at the hospital.

Caused the increase New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Thursday to issue emergency orders to combat the new wave of cases.

A steep peak

Experts predict the Omicron wave will fall almost as fast as it has risen, leaving the US with relatively few Covid cases sometime in February or March, although cities are likely to reach that point sooner.

While the threat of a new variant could always change projections, it’s possible Americans could see some breathing space as a large segment of the population retains some immunity to the recent infection.

“Sometime in early March, mid-March, we should be in a very good position,” said Ali Mokdad, professor of health metrics at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. “April, May, we will have reported very few cases.”

However, how quickly cases drop after they have peaked depends on a community’s adherence to public health measures after that period.

“It depends on how high the peak is. And whether people, when they see case numbers going down, kind of ease things up,” said Aubree Gordon, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

hospitals overwhelmed

There is a growing body of evidence that the Omicron variant makes people more contagious, but not as sick as the Delta variant.

Still, there is a record 156,000 Americans in US hospitals with Covid, according to a seven-day moving average of HHS data, up 17% over the past week. A significant proportion of Covid hospitalizations appear to be from people admitted for other reasons who test positive for the virus once in a facility.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told CNBC: “screeching in the streetlast week that about half of the city’s hospital admissions are people who were diagnosed after being admitted for something else. NY Governor Hochul on Sunday reported that 42% of hospitalized Covid patients in New York were admitted for something other than the virus.

Even if the omicron variant causes less severe diseases, the hospitals can still be burdened due to the high patient volume in combination staff shortage.

“The rate-limiting factors are still the incredible speed of this variant, the number of patients who come into the ER or require an admission,” said Daignault, the LA physician. “And even if we do peak in late January, you still have the back end of that spike for the rest of February.”

Daignault suspects that many of the intensive care patients at his hospital are currently suffering from the more virulent Delta variant. Delta cases could also contribute to a spike in LA’s daily Covid deaths, he said. Still, the CDC recently estimated omicron now accounts for 95% of new cases.

Nationwide, cases and hospitalizations have passed the peak of last winter, but there are about 87% as many patients in intensive care with Covid. The US is reporting a seven-day average of nearly 1,800 Covid deaths a day, according to Hopkins data, which, while rising, is about half the peaks recorded around this time last year, before vaccines were widely available.

While vaccines, particularly without a booster dose, appear to offer less protection against infection by Omicron, they appear to withstand the serious illnesses and deaths that they were originally designed to prevent. While this means that vaccinated people may be contributing to the rise in cases, in reality it is the unvaccinated who are driving hospital admissions.

But the high transmissibility means many healthcare workers have contracted the virus and are being forced to isolate, pushing some hospitals to their limits even sooner.

Although a peak in cases provides some light at the end of the tunnel of this surge, hospitalizations and deaths have lagged the rise in infections. The full impact of the Omicron spike remains to be seen.

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WATCH: Signs Covid is peaking in the North East

Ciara Griffin indicators off in model as Eire edge previous Japan

Ireland 15 Japan 12

Ciara Griffin spectacularly ended her international career by bagging a series of stellar attempts in a hard-earned win for the Irish women’s rugby team against Japan at RDS.

With a gap of nine points and the dismissal of first-time starter Hannah O’Connor in the 29th minute, the home team did just enough to beat a stubborn Japanese challenge.

It was also Adam Griggs’ last game as Irish head coach, with Greg McWilliams taking the hot seat in the New Year. Whoever the latter chooses as their new captain, they will have big footsteps to fill – this is the impression Griffin has made since taking office in 2018.

It was Ireland’s semi-final Enya Breen who got the ball rolling as she converted a routine six-minute penalty.

However, Lesley McKenzie’s guests finally grew into the action and rushed to attempt the opening of the proceedings in the 17th minute. After breaking a defensive gap with a Kanako Kobayashi offload, Ria Anoku had the vision of getting Mana Furuta off-center for an unconverted fiver to the left of the post.

The admission of this attempt was a setback for Ireland, but they suffered an even bigger blow when O’Connor received a red card from Italian referee Clara Munarini for a high challenge against the chin of Japanese whore Nijiho Nagata.

This raised serious questions about the Irish determination and at the end of a long period of attack, blindside flanker Seina Saito turned the game into a turn in the 37th minute that gave Japan a 12-3 interval advantage.

The home team needed a spark to work their way back into the standings, and thanks to their soon-to-be-eliminated skipper, they got just that four minutes after the restart. After downloading an attempted clearance from Kobayashi, Griffin sprinted towards the loose ball and landed perfectly.

Ciara Griffin rushes to score one of her two attempts against Japan. Photo: Dan Sheridan / Inpho

Though Breen was marginally off with their tricky bonus hit, Ireland was now a rejuvenated force and tried to take their numerical shortage lightly. In her 24th game as Ireland’s leaders, Griffin showed why she will leave such a huge void by leaving the line-up.

After consultation between referee Munarini and TMO Matteo Liperini, she received a second try in the 55th minute for a great driving finish under a number of Japanese bodies. Breen was there to provide the extras when Ireland suddenly had a three point lead (15-12) again.

Aoife Doyle believed she had extended her lead in the right corner to just over an hour but was disqualified on that occasion for a blow from Irish defender Lauren Delany.

A missed penalty by Breen on 70 minutes left the door open for Japan, but Ireland held out under relentless pressure in the final moments to get Griffin and Griggs the perfect dismissal.

Goal scorers – Ireland: C Griffin 2 attempts, E Breen pen, con. Japan: S Saito, M Furuta try everyone, A Otsuka con.

Ireland: L Delany; A. Doyle, E. Considine, S. Naoupu, L. Sheehan; E. Breen, K. Dane; Feely, L., Jones, N., Djougang, L.; A McDermott, S. Monaghan; C Griffin, E McMahon, H O’Connor. Substitute: K O’Dwyer for Feely, C Moloney for Jones, both 46 min .; S Touhey for Doyle, A Caplice for McMahon, both 65 min.

Japan: R anoku; H Nagura, M Furuta, K Kobayashi, K Imakugi; A Otsuka, M Tsukui; S Kato, N Nagata, M Lavemai; K Tamai, O Yoshimura; S Saito, M Suzuki, A Nagai. Substitute: W Kitano for Yoshimura, M Abe for Tsukui, both ht; S Minami for Lavemai, 46 minutes; I Nagata for Nagai, 50 minutes; M Yamamoto for Otsuka, 55 minutes; Y Ito for Suzuki, 59 minutes; A Kokaji for N Nagata, 74 min.

Referee: C. Munarini (Italy).

Ford indicators cope with Redwood Supplies to recycle EV Batteries 

Dane Hardware (right), Ford Design and Release Engineer, and Mary Fredrick, Ford Battery Validation Engineer, measure the voltage of a battery with a digital multimeter at the Ford Battery Benchmarking and Test Laboratory in Allen Park, Michigan.


ford works with the battery recycling start-up Redwood Materials to reuse the raw materials from EV battery packs.

The agreement, which initially begins with recycling scrap from battery manufacturing, is the latest indication that automakers are taking steps to control the supply and cost of raw materials required to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles receive.

“It will help us reduce our reliance on importing many of the materials we use today in building the batteries, and then it will reduce the depletion of raw materials, which will be incredibly important in the future when we start.” to scale, “said Lisa Drake, Ford’s chief operating officer.” Creating this domestic supply chain is really an important step in making electric vehicles more affordable and accessible to all. “

With electric vehicle sales in the US expected to grow from an estimated 350,000 cars in 2021 to over a million annually by 2025, according to research firm LMC Automotive, automakers are increasingly focusing on the life cycle of electric vehicle batteries.

Tesla, which recycles batteries from its vehicles, addresses the problem on its website and says, “None of our discarded lithium-ion batteries end up in landfills and are 100% recycled.” GM works with Li-Cycle of Canada to remove scrap from manufacturing. to recycle Ultium battery cells.

Ford’s deal with Redwood Materials could benefit both companies as the number of electric vehicles continues to grow. Ford and its battery manufacturing partner SK Innovations will ensure a steady and potentially growing supply of key materials such as lithium, nickel and copper, which are important for the manufacture of EV battery packs. Redwood Materials will receive recycled battery packs, with the key elements then being returned to Ford for reuse in future electric vehicles.

“We build and put around 2,000 batteries on the streets in America every day,” said JB Straubel, founder and CEO of Redwood Materials. “We must at least plan how we can recycle and dismantle a similar number of batteries very efficiently and sustainably.”

Initially, Redwood will recycle waste it receives from Ford at its Carson City, Nevada facilities. Over time, as Ford and SK Innovation add new plants, it is possible that Redwood Materials will build new recycling centers closer to the battery factories.

On paper, Ford’s battery recycling plan makes sense. However, to ensure there is a continuous loop, Ford needs to keep track of what happens to its electric vehicles long after the sale. A big job as vehicles usually have two or three owners before they reach the end of their lifespan and if that happens the electric vehicle will likely end up in a junkyard. The answer could be that automakers need to track EV batteries.

“It is definitely possible for the automaker to protect this battery for its entire life and bring it to the recycling center,” said Sam Jaffe, Managing Director of Cairn Energy Research Advisors.

Jaffe, who follows the EV battery market, says recycling is coming to Europe because of the legal obligation for automakers to guarantee that the battery is recycled. “The batteries go to the scrapyards, the automaker picks them up and takes them to centralization and then to recycling,” he said. The push to increase recycling in the EU is one of the reasons Volkswagen and Peugeot have introduced small recycling operations on the continent.

At this point in time, Ford has not yet put in place a final plan to ensure that battery packs are recycled at the end of their life, but Drake admits that the financial benefit of recycling batteries is significant. “If we can regain this value and not have to reduce it again and have a certain security of supply domestically, that is incredibly valuable for us,” she said during a briefing on the announcement of the partnership.

In the United States, recycling of EV batteries has, in large part, not received significant attention because the number of end-of-life electric vehicles remains relatively small. That will change in the next 10 years when the industry ramped up electric car production.

AlixPartners, an automotive consultancy, says investments in battery production will account for nearly a quarter of the $ 330 billion spent on developing and building electric vehicles from 2021 to 2025. Ford is committed to spending $ 22 billion on developing electric vehicles, including the F-150 Blitz, by 2025. The first deliveries of the fully electric pickup are planned for the beginning of next year.

Ford is among several companies that have invested in Redwood Materials, which raised more than $ 800 million in three funding rounds. According to Straubel, the demand for raw materials will continue to rise, making recycling instead of mining a smart move for car manufacturers.

“It can reduce the need to import more of these materials from overseas and can reduce the need for and pressures on mining expansion,” he said.

– CNBCs Meghan Shipowner contributed to this report

Avenue indicators encourage public to keep away from giving cash to panhandlers in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – When you see someone on the side of the road asking for help, it seems like the right thing to do to give them money, but police say it doesn’t always.

It’s not uncommon for people to ask for money along the busy streets of Sioux Falls. According to the police, the money raised is often used to feed addictions.

Endangered missing person notice for two children from Pierre

“The reality is that when people are struggling with addictions, mostly alcohol, sometimes bad behavior is followed, it’s nature to drink too much sometimes,” said Jonathan Thum, Sioux Falls Police Chief, Jonathan Thum.

“We want to help the homeless in our community, but we also have to support our neighbors as well as our business people, because unfortunately they are the ones who get their hands on the effects of the rubbish, the rubbish, the not-so-beautiful things. We just have to respect them too, ”said Julie Becker, General Manager of St. Francis House.

The city has taken a number of measures to educate people about the problem of panhandling. These signs are the latest endeavors.

KELOLAND in view: Sanford International extends stay

“We want more than anything, you know, we could do press briefings, we could do PR campaigns, but a fixed stationary sign is just one more thing that people see and it reminds them, ‘Hey, let’s get ours ‘Money for the local charities that are doing such a great job helping people, not using our money to feed some of the addiction problems we are seeing in the community,’ ”Thum said.

There are many other ways you can help the homeless community here in Sioux Falls.

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“Besides St. Francis House, there are so many nonprofits that are really here to help the homeless in our community,” Becker said. “If you give us this support, we can expand that dollar even further to help so many more people.”

The city says they plan to further evaluate the impact of the signs before adding more across the city.

Future FinTech Indicators Definitive Settlement to Buy UK Cash Fee Service Firm

NEW YORK, September 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Future FinTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FTFT) (“hereinafter referred to as” Future FinTech “,” FTFT “or” the Company “), a leading blockchain-based e-commerce company and fintech Service provider announced today that on September 1, 2021the Company signed a definitive agreement (the “Agreement”) to acquire 100% of the equity of Khyber Money Exchange Ltd. (“Khyber Exchange”) by Rahim Shah | (the seller”).

Khyber Exchange is a money transfer company with a platform to transfer money through one of its agent locations or through its online portal, mobile platform or over the phone. Khyber Exchange was integrated into February 2009, is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Germany and Italy; his website is

According to the agreement, the company will acquire 100% of the equity of Khyber Exchange for a purchase price of € 685,000 (approx US $ 820,170). The company conducted extensive operational, legal, and financial due diligence to achieve this agreement. The Khyber Exchange is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); the acquisition must be approved by the FCA prior to formal closure.

More detailed information about the agreement can be found on Form 8-K and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission September 7, 2021.

Shanchun Huang, Chief Executive of Future FinTech, commented, “We are excited about this acquisition as it further expands our presence as a fintech and further diversifies our geographic reach in terms of international business transactions and cash flows. We believe there will be synergies with other financial services businesses that we develop. “

“Khyber Exchange will also be an excellent fit for FTFT UK Limited, our recently established subsidiary that provides us with the operational base for developing the fintech business in Europe. Our goal is to become a diversified fintech company that seizes current opportunities and integrates them into a comprehensive business platform, and to create a company that can meet the current financial needs of its customers and positively transform the traditional banking sector to provide innovative products and services to bring to market, ”concluded CEO Huang.

The story goes on

Rahim Shah |, Chief Executive Officer of Khyber Exchange, stated, “As a global money transfer company, Khyber Exchange can send money to over 130 countries through its agents, online portal, mobile platform or over the phone. Fund transfers can be collected from their offices or via the beneficiary’s bank account, with the funds transferred being credited within 24 to 48 hours. Khyber Exchange guarantees its customers that its transactions are executed at the best possible exchange rate, are secure, reliable, and processed instantly. It has amassed a significant number of loyal customers over the past decade. The acquisition by FTFT will help Khyber Exchange run its business and operations in Asiaespecially in the fast growing Chinese market. “

About Future FinTech Group Inc.

Future FinTech Group Inc. (“Future FinTech”, “FTFT” or the “Company”) is a leading blockchain e-commerce company and a Florida-based financial technology service provider. The company’s business activities include a blockchain-based online shopping mall platform, Chain Cloud Mall (“CCM”), a cross-border e-commerce platform (NONOGIRL), an incubator for blockchain-based application projects and financial services for the supply chain industry . The company is also engaged in the development of blockchain-based e-commerce technology as well as financial technology. For more information, please visit

Safe Harbor Statement

Certain statements made in this press release are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, or the Stock Exchange Act. Forward-looking statements include statements relating to our beliefs, plans, goals, goals, expectations, expectations, beliefs, estimates, intentions and future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that are beyond our control and are related thereto could cause actual results, performance, capital, property or achievements of the company to differ materially from the future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements. All statements that are not historical facts are statements that may be forward-looking statements. You can make these forward-looking statements through our use of words such as “may”, “will”, “anticipate”, “assume”, “should”, “state”, “would”, “believe”, “consider,” “expect” , “estimate,” “continue,” “plan,” “show,” “project,” “might,” “intend,” “aim,” and other similar words and phrases for the future.

All forward-looking statements, whether written or oral, attributable to us are expressly restricted in their entirety by this caution, including, but not limited to, the risks and uncertainties set out in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the December 31, 2020 ending Year and our other reports and filings with the SEC. Such reports are available upon request from the Company or the Securities and Exchange Commission, including on the SEC’s web site at We have no obligation or undertake to update, revise or correct any forward-looking statements after this date or after the respective date on which such statements are otherwise made.


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SOURCE Future FinTech Group Inc.

Promenade 15: LPO/Jurowski overview – orchestral visionary indicators out in fashion | Proms 2021

Vladimir JurowskiHis prom with the London Philharmonic was his last concert as chief conductor of the orchestra, and whether by accident or on purpose, his program, which was largely music of the 20th century, ended. Jurowski was radical in his innovative planning and determination to redefine the parameters of the repertoire: the symphony, which premiered in 1934, and its material Hindemith’s opera about the life of Matthias Grünewald, makes a strong demand to maintain artistic integrity by remaining steadfastly true to its vision.

Attentive to the mixture of severity, beauty and tension of the symphony, Jurowski conducted with extraordinary fervor and intensity. The textures were clear and warm, with a wonderful shimmer in the string chords that introduce the visionary angelic concerto at the beginning, the woodwinds balanced in the sad central burial and yet mourning, the brass sparkles with assertiveness in the final perforation, which sweeps away the expressionistic horror the climatic temptation of St. Anthony. It was an exceptionally fine achievement.

His accompaniment pieces were Stravinsky‘s Jeu de Cartes and Walton’s Cello Concerto together with Friedrich Goldmann’s 1977 orchestration of Brook‘s Goldberg Canons: effective additions to the Goldberg Variations, they weren’t discovered until 1975 when Bach’s manuscript came to light in a private collection in France. Goldmann makes no attempt to imitate baroque line-ups, and ironically, his arrangement for modern instruments sounds more Hindemith than Bach in some places, although it was executed with admirable clarity and grace.

Stravinsky’s poker game ballet, with its allusions to Tchaikovsky and Rossini, was thoroughly cheeky wit and precision. Steven Isserlis, the soloist at Walton, played with considerable virtuosity and sophistication, although neither he nor Jurowski could hide the fact that the last movement of the work, called theme and improvisations, is disturbingly episodic.

When the concert ended, Jurowski was presented with the Royal Philharmonic Society’s gold medal in recognition of his work, a highly deserved honor.

Jack Leiter Indicators with Rangers for All of the Cash

The Texas Rangers will hold a press conference around 12:30 p.m. CT to announce that they have signed Jack Leiter (and will likely tell us the exact amount they paid him).

I wanted to wait until they announced it before writing this post, but Jeff Passan is for baseball news like Woj is for the NBA, so I’m doing it.

Jack Leiter, the number 2 in the draft, agrees with the Texas Rangers on a deal that will gross him more than $ 7.9 million, sources told ESPN. This is the highest bonus for a pitcher since the draft rules changed a decade ago and is just under the $ 8 million Gerrit Cole received in 2011.

-Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) July 28, 2021

Congratulations, Leits Out, on a terrifying amount of money. And play a game to make a living. Must be good.

Notable Vanderbilt-centered unsigned players to keep an eye out for until 5pm on Sunday MLB signing deadline are now:

  • Kumar Rocker (1st round, 10th overall, NY Mets—Contract talks are supposedly “in the balance”)
  • Jordan Lawlar (1st Round, 6th Overall, D-Bags – Rumors have it that the Bags have about $ 7 million available and ready to give that to Lawlar, but he’s still 50/50 with signature )
  • Davis Diaz (Round 12, D-Bags – could be a consolation prize if the Bags sign a late overslot, if they can’t close the deal with Lawlar, probably not both)

New indicators in Gary direct individuals to Jackson 5’s former dwelling | Leisure

GARY, Ind. (AP) – Crews have posted signs in northwest Indiana directing motorists to the little Gary house that Michael Jackson and his siblings called back home before the Jackson 5 became famous.

Marlon Jackson and Tito Jackson, along with several dignitaries, unveiled one of the signs outside the family’s former home at 2300 Jackson Street on Thursday.

State Senator Eddie Melton, D-Gary, who helped secure the signs through the Indiana Department of Transportation, hopes they will fuel tourism and development in Gary while recognizing the Jackson family’s connection to the city.

“Your family has contributed so much to our world and it is an honor to recognize them and celebrate the community they grew up in,” he said.

The “Home of World Famous Jackson 5” signs were posted along Interstate 80/94 and on local roads to guide motorists to the little white house that houses Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and the eight other Jackson children grew up.

Tito Jackson said Thursday that being back in Gary and seeing the house brings back “great feelings and great memories”. The (Northwest Indiana) Times reported.

300 Leisure Indicators Ambar Lucid

In the meantime, Lucid hadn’t planned on signing a record deal. “When I was younger, I definitely had a more vicious perception of labels,” she says. “But when I started meeting people and talking to people in the industry, I realized that there are a lot of amazing people out there who actually care about artists and just want to see them thrive.”

When she met members of the 300 team in late 2020, “I heard how much they wanted to work with me and how passionate they were for my music,” she says. When the time came to decide whether to sign the label, she turned to her trusted tarot cards.

“My tarot cards told me that the group of people associated with this label were ready to listen to me and that my experience would be based on really expressing my needs and what I wanted,” she says. That gut feeling was confirmed when she finally met the team at 300 co-founders and CEOs last weekend Kevin Liles‘House where they celebrated with cake.

At 300 years old just being named on INC Magazine’s list of the best places to work in the US for 2021, Lucid is joining a list that includes the following Megan Thee stallion, Young thug and Gunna.

“Ambar joins a team of risk takers,” says Liles. “Independence is in our DNA. We have a clear vision of how we can support and nurture Ambar as she continues her musical journey. She has the freedom to be a creative artist with a family who can support her every step of the way supported. “

The signing is also a moment of affirmation for Lucid, who was once said that she would never succeed with bilingual music. “I’m thinking about where I could have gone if I’d followed this terrible advice,” she says. “My job is to make sure I reach out to children and tell them, ‘Don’t believe someone who tries to restrict you and put you in a box.'”

She does just that with Get Lost in the Music, her optimistic newcomer track out today, inspired by an experience of hiking with psychedelic mushrooms. The song explores her journey to self-acceptance, a topic she will explore further on her upcoming EP on June 18th.

“The songs on this EP represent a version of me where I’m proud to be who I am and I validate my experiences for who they are without being ashamed,” says Lucid. “I do not apologize.”

Listen to the new title below and wait for the music video to be released later that afternoon.