Evaluation: Purple Rocket Showcases Sean Baker’s Signature Model and Simon Rex’s Robust Efficiency

One of the most interesting aspects of Sean Baker filmmaking is his ability to achieve his unique vision in circumstances that other, less staunch filmmakers would consider disadvantages. Baker (Starlet, Tangerine, The Florida Project) routinely takes creative decisions that others would never make, let alone incorporate them into her visual style and approach to filmmaking. From working with aspiring actors (or non-actors at all) to Verité-style filming on location (Tangerine was shot exclusively on iPhones), Baker’s films always contain a sense of visceral reality that sets them apart. The filmmaker’s style and all of his signature choices come into their own in Red Rocket, Baker’s latest film starring Simon Rex, which is both captivating and slightly off-putting. The result, though perhaps not as poignant as the Oscar-nominated The Florida Project, is more than worth seeing, a modern exploration of hectic pace and opportunism.

Image courtesy of A24

Rex is Mikey, an articulate charmer who made a name for himself as an adult movie star in Los Angeles. But he’s out of luck, out of work and back to his hometown in Texas, where his first stop is his wife’s house. Right, Mikey has been away for years and fucked other women on camera, but he has a wife, Lexi (Bree Elrod), at home who still lives with her mother, Lil (Brenda Deiss). It takes a bit of persuasion, but Lexi finally lets Mikey back in the house (and eventually her bed) as he finds a way to make a living after his entertainment career is over. After convincing Leondria (Judy Hill), the local pot dealer, to give him some inventory to sell on, he asks his unemployed neighbor Lonnie (Ethan Darbone) to take him to the various strip clubs around town for his Sales. It is a life.

Looking for new customers, Mikey ends up in a donut shop outside a power station where all union workers take their breaks. Believing he is going to commit murder with them, he gets more than he expected when he meets Strawberry (Suzanna Son), the cute young clerk who calls him. She is seventeen, has large, innocent eyes and a confident demeanor that Mikey is immediately drawn to. This is where it gets interesting, because Mikey’s interest is real. It’s also a little creepy and predatory. Mikey never does anything obvious to Strawberry, and she is just as invested in their relationship, which is becoming sexual, as he is. But Mikey is always looking for a point of view, and soon he’s thinking about what a pretty young thing like Strawberry could do in his former industry and plans to convince her to move back to LA with him.

As the central character of Red Rocket, Mikey is never entirely lovable and never a villain. He’s that weird duck that you don’t see often enough in movies, a complex person with flaws and needs, someone with motivations that are not always honorable, but by no means illegal or immoral. His ambition puts him in some interesting situations, from confronting Strawberry’s teenage boyfriend (and the family who are defending him) to having unexpectedly deep conversations with Leondria’s partner June (Brittney Rodriguez). But he’s a man who knows how to get what he wants, and he’s not afraid to charm or flatter to get it. In fact, all of his charm and caress is basically a matter of course for him at this point, his usual course of action in planning his way through life. Rex perfectly manages this balance, can be anything the situation calls for – flirting with Strawberry, a frustrated husband held back by Lexi, a businessman with a vision with Lonnie.

In true Baker fashion, the non-actors surrounding Rex just elevate the process, from Lil’s natural comedic timing to Leondria’s no-nonsense performance. Suzanna Son can more than assert herself next to Rex and embodies this peculiar moment in the life of a young woman when she is no longer a child, not yet a grown woman, but is nevertheless fully capable of attracting a man’s attention. Filmed in the heat of the summer in Texas, Baker takes advantage of the wide sky and the vast landscapes and gives the film strong, bright colors that glow from the screen. While the script (co-written by Chris Bergoch) loses some of its momentum in the film’s final twenty minutes, there’s enough between Rex’s strong performance and Baker’s ever-compelling filmmaking to make Red Rocket an enjoyable ride.

Red Rocket is now playing in select cinemas.

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Lewis Hamilton showcases his distinctive sense of fashion in royal blue jacket with purple tapes

Lewis Hamilton turned around as he competed in the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates.

The 36-year-old racing driver is aiming for an eighth record title on Sunday, but the winner of the last four F1 titles has been pushed by the 24-year-old all season Max Verstappen.

And on Saturday, Lewis made sure all eyes were on him when he showed up in a royal blue jacket with large pockets and purple ribbons in the front and matching pants.

Stylish: Lewis Hamilton, 36, wore a royal blue jacket with large pockets and purple ribbons at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday

The athlete wore a sky blue T-shirt under his jacket and had a chunky silver chain around his neck.

His t-shirt matched his Gucci shoes, which had a white border around the bottom green and red stripe on the side.

Lewis could be seen protecting his eyes from the bright sunlight by opting for dark sunglasses.

Fashion forward: The athlete wore a sky blue T-shirt under his jacket and had a chunky silver chain around his neck

He wore black face covering to protect himself and others from the coronavirus.

The star wore her hair in a ponytail behind her head to complete her look for the day.

His excursion takes place when Formula 1 announced a contract to continue the race in Abu Dhabi, in which the season finale will take place on Sunday, until 2030.

Brave style: Lewis wore dark sunglasses and he wore black face cover to protect himself and others from the coronavirus

Brave style: Lewis wore dark sunglasses and he wore black face cover to protect himself and others from the coronavirus

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place at the Yas Marina Circuit and was added to the F1 calendar in 2009.

Sunday’s race marks the conclusion of three consecutive events in the Middle East and the fourth and final stop in the region on the F1 calendar.

“We are pleased to announce that under this new agreement we will be driving in Abu Dhabi until 2030,” said F1 Managing Director and President Stefano Domenicali on Thursday.

“We’re really looking forward to the season finale this weekend, when more Formula 1 history will be written.”

Hamilton used three wins in a row to draw level with Verstappen in the overall standings before the final.

It is the fourth time that the title will be decided in Yas Marina, where the championship was held in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

Max has insisted that he be “treated differently” from other drivers and that he will not change his driving style after receiving two time penalties in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman has refused to give in to his conviction that he did nothing wrong in the penultimate race of the season and is going into his championship showdown Lewis.

Max was deeply involved in fights with Lewis twice at Turn 1, both times asked to relinquish position – and received a five-second time penalty for gaining an off-track advantage.

Winner: Lewis and Max Verstappen (L) celebrate on the podium at the end of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix (picture in June 2021)

Winner: Lewis and Max Verstappen (L) celebrate on the podium at the end of the French Formula 1 Grand Prix (picture in June 2021)

At the most controversial moment of the Grand Prix, Max was found guilty after the Hamilton brake check on lap 37 – after braking to let the Briton through, which resulted in a ten-second penalty.

Lewis hesitated to overtake Max in front of the DRS line so he could gain the speed advantage on the main straight before the Dutchman hit the brakes and the Briton damaged his front wing after cutting off the Red Bull’s rear.

Looking back on Thursday’s race, Max said that “clearly things don’t apply to everyone”.

As reported by Motorsporthe said, ‘The things I did about defense, two other guys did about racing too, and they didn’t even get a mention or a penalty.

“So I don’t get it because I thought I was just driving hard. What happened to me didn’t deserve a punishment, and the other two who did it clearly didn’t get one, but obviously it’s only me who get it.

“Of course the people at the front are a bit more critical, but I don’t understand that for me.” The 24-year-old added: “I think on my part, which is unfair.” [is] that I am treated differently than other drivers. “

Close: Verstappen has been criticized for his wheel-to-wheel battles with Lewis in Saudi Arabia

Close: Verstappen has been criticized for his wheel-to-wheel battles with Lewis in Saudi Arabia

Suki Waterhouse showcases her edgy sense of fashion

Suki Waterhouse shows off her edgy sense of style when she steps out into Hollywood in a crazy stone-colored look with a velvet bucket hat

She is known for her edgy sense of style.

And Suki Waterhouse, 29, showed off her chic fashions on Friday when she was spotted wearing a crazy outfit in West Hollywood.

The actress looked stunning in a pared-down look that consisted of a slightly opened button-down cardigan with matching trousers and a bucket hat.

Elegant: Suki Waterhouse, 29, showed off her chic fashions on Friday when she was spotted wearing a crazy outfit in West Hollywood

Suki kept things warm in her gaze as she pulled on the stone colored cardigan, which remained slightly open to take a look at her stomach.

She wore her blonde locks in loose waves, which were rounded off with the hat, while she draped her figure in a large scarf in a dark gray shade.

The model recently made headlines when she criticized the Gossip Girl Revival for making a joke about her and actor friend Robert Pattinson.

She was offended after one of the show’s characters disparagingly referred to her as “nobody” in a casual joke.

On the go: The actress looked stunning in a simple look, consisting of a slightly opened button-down cardigan with matching trousers and a bucket hat

On the fourth episode of the new show’s season one, Luna (played by Zion Moreno) mentions Suki while giving tips to her friend Zoya (Whitney Peak) on how to increase her social media presence to help her find Obie ( Eli Brown) to get closer.

“When do you get it? For the press he’s R-Patz and you’re Suki Nobody, ”she says.

In now-deleted tweets, Suki made it clear that she didn’t appreciate being the overlooked half of a celebrity couple.

Keep It A Secret: The model recently hit the headlines when she slammed the Gossip Girl revival for joking about her and actor friend Robert Pattinson (pictured in January 2020).

Keep It A Secret: The model recently hit the headlines when she slammed the Gossip Girl revival for joking about her and actor friend Robert Pattinson (pictured in January 2020).

“Another day to remember that women can also be patriarchy,” she wrote out loud Glamor.

Although Suki was willing to relate to their relationship in order to strike back what she thought was an offensive joke, she and Robert usually keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

They were first linked in July 2018 when they were seen kissing in London, and a source told Us Weekly in August that year that they had been together for months.


Hochul’s announcement of latest Covid measures showcases new model of management | Native Information

She also said she knew few expected the coronavirus to still be such a problem, but the Delta variant had required ongoing containment and vaccination efforts.

The 7-day positive test rate in Western New York was 4.1% on Monday. Hochul noted that hospital admissions are manageable, but the one-day positive test rate for that region on Monday was 5.6%, a sign that infection rates remain high.

“I don’t like these numbers, my friends,” said Hochul.

Poloncarz also pointed out that of all Covid-19 deaths reported to date in Erie County in July and August, those who were not vaccinated died at a younger age. The mean age at death for the vaccinated was 80. For the unvaccinated, the mean age at death was 70.

Because the 2020 census increased Erie County’s total population, the percentage of adults who received at least one dose of the vaccine has now dropped from more than 70% to 69%, which is below the national average.

Later on Tuesday, Hochul announced during a virtual press conference that she would convene an “extraordinary session” of the state parliament from Wednesday to address a trio of issues, including one related to the pandemic: the extension of an eviction moratorium until January 15. The US Supreme Court intervened earlier this month to lift a federal eviction moratorium imposed by the Biden government. In the absence of state laws, heads of state and government fear a housing crisis for tenants who are behind with their payments.

Cindy Crawford showcases her type as she enjoys dinner in Malibu with husband Rande Gerber


You have been married for over 20 years.

And Cindy Crawford showed off her style skills in a zebra print dress as she went to dinner at Nobu in Malibu. California With my husband Rande Gerber (59 years old) on Thursday.

The 55-year-old catwalk superstar stood out from the crowd in a chic shirt dress when he saw the hotspot enter.

Beloved: Cindy Crawford, 55, qualified for her style in a zebra print dress when she and husband Rande Gerber, 59, went out for dinner Thursday at Knob in Malibu, California. Indicate

Cindy had a leather jacket in one hand, so she wore a black belt with a tight waist to emphasize her sleek build.

She enhanced her tall stature with open-toe mules and elegantly adorned them with a Gucci shoulder bag.

Cindy styled her signature chocolate skirt in a relaxing wave and opted for a light makeup slick.

Rande, on the other hand, cut his laid-back look into a gray T-shirt and jeans, hunched his shoulders with a black hoodie and finished off his casual look with a black leather sweatshirt.

Wonderful: Catwalk superstars stood out from the crowd in chic shirt dresses when they saw them enter the hotspot

The duo have taken safety precautions to protect themselves from the new coronavirus by wearing a face mask.

Cindy has been a popular name since the 1980s and is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading supermodels.

From 1991 to 1995 she had a famous marriage to Hollywood star Richard Gere.

After her divorce, she married the entrepreneur Rande, who turned to a male model in 1998.

The couple are parents to their son Presley, 22, and daughter Kaia, 19, who are both modeled after famous parents.

Family: Cindy is married to Rande, who has developed from a former male model to a businessman since 1998. They are parents to daughter Kaia (19 years old) and son Presley (22 years old).

Kaia, who has dominated the fashion world since her catwalk debut at the age of 16, is now challenging her acting.

After a small role in 2016 and 2017, she booked her biggest role to date in the Ryan Murphy Anthology Series American Horror Story.

The show is a spin-off of the American horror story of the same name, and teens starred in the second of two art episodes released last week.

She will also play a role in the next new AHS season entitled Double Feature.

Featured Stock: Kaia, who has dominated the fashion world since her catwalk debut at the age of 16, is now challenging her acting as part of American Horror Stories.

Featured Stock: Kaia, who has dominated the fashion world since her catwalk debut at the age of 16, is now challenging her acting as part of American Horror Stories.

GVCA Gallery showcases pupil artwork from 10 college districts | Leisure

MOUNT MORRIS – The Genesee Valley Council on the Arts brought back their Scholastic Art Show this spring.

The show, which was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, can be seen in the GVCA Galleries on 4 Murray Hill Drive until April 24th.

Art by students from 10 different school districts in Livingston County will be featured.

The winners of the exhibition include Mady Marzec of Avon, who received a Best-in-Show in the drawing category, and Michelle Jefferson of Dansville, who won first prize for the director’s choice.

The Director’s Choice Award is given to a play that the director believes is very skilled and different from the rest of the plays, said Deborah Bump, Executive Director of GVCA.

The detail in Michelle’s portrait “was extremely impressive and showed a clear understanding of the artistic elements,” said Bump.

Michelle’s portrait includes individual strands of hair that snake on the forehead of the portrait and extend from the top of the head. The drawing also includes a sticky note that covers part of the face and contains a message encouraging the viewer to do what they want.

Gallery visitors are asked to vote for a People’s Choice Award.

“These students have worked very hard and the quality of their work is excellent,” said Bump.

The annual Scholastic Art Show demonstrates the variety of materials, methods, and topics that students deal with in their art class. The Scholastic Art Show 2021 features a wide variety of digital and traditional media, including drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, jewelry and textiles.

Participating high schools include Avon, Dansville, Geneseo, Keshequa, Lima Christian School, Livonia, Mount Morris, Pavillon, Wayland-Cohocton, and York.

This year’s show has seen some adjustments to present the event.

Usually the Scholastic Art Show takes place at a local school and art teachers are invited to submit as many items as they would like for their students. With the COVID-19 restrictions this year, this plan had to be changed and all entries were electronically submitted to GVCA.

Nearly 600 works of art were received and these entries were reviewed and narrowed down to 10 entries per district that are on display at GVCA.

“Last year was different in many ways for students across Livingston County,” said Katelyn Costello, Scholastic Art Show coordinator for GVCA. “While our show has changed a bit, we are very excited to have this incredible work showcased in our galleries and online. It’s easy to see how hard these students work and how passionate they are with the things they create . “

The exhibition at GVCA was judged by three community members active in the arts, and the first and second place ribbons were awarded in 14 different categories.

The Scholastic Art Show can be seen until April 24th.

At the end of the show, the Alexandria Mae Gleason Scholarship will be awarded to two high-ranking artists who wish to continue their art studies in college. High school graduates are nominated for the award by their art teachers.

The Gleason Scholarship was an integral part of GVCA’s High School Art Show, named in honor of the fallen aviator who was active in her high school arts program at Dansville Central School and who will become a high school art teacher after completing her service wanted . The scholarships are each $ 350.

All visitors must wear a mask when visiting the galleries and observe the guidelines on social distance. GVCA will provide hand disinfectants and masks on request.

The Genesee Valley Council on the Arts is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday until 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The list of first and second prizes for the Genesee Valley Council 2021 on the Arts Scholastic Art Show:

Best of Show: Mady Marzec, Avon.

Director’s Choice: Michelle Jefferson, Dansville.

Drawing: Josephine Vanky, Avon, first place; Isabelle Settle, Lima Christian, second place.

Painting: Emily Schleyer, Dansville, first; Hannah Fairbrother, Wayland-Cohocton, second.

AP College Level: Abbey Young, Dansville, first; McKayla Bugbee, Geneseo, runner-up.

Mixed media: Kenda Stewart, Wayland-Cohocton, first; Emily Sullivan, Geneseo, second.

Studio Art: Ayden Taylor, Pavilion, First; Gabbie Koehler, Avon, runner-up.

Ceramics: Hannah Nobles, Pavilion, first; Megan Bailey, Livonia, second.

Sculpture: Lana Bogue, Livonia, first.

Digital Photography: Evelyn Miller, Dansville, first; Alyssa Stout, Pavilion, Second.

Printmaking: Paige Phillips, Avon, first; Kelsey Davis, Keshequa, runner-up.

Film Photography: Haylie Dixon, York, first; Michelle Gates, York, second.

Digital illustration: Michelle Jefferson, Dansville, first; Jolin Qiu, Dansville, runner-up.

Computer Art and Graphics: Emma Heiman, Dansville, first; Lindsey Berling, York, runner-up.

2D design: Louis Keisling, Livonia, first.

Glass: Grace Hanggi, Wayland-Cohocton, first.

This artwork by Mady Marzec of Avon received a Best-in-Show in the Drawing category at the Genesee Valley Council at the Arts’ Scholastic Art Show.

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Jennifer Garner Showcases Her Signature Mother Type in Striped Sweater, Blue Denims & These Sneakers She Can’t Cease Carrying

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Jennifer Garner I just stepped out in a foolproof outfit that went perfectly with her classic mom style.

More from Footwear News

Garner was seen in Brentwood, Calif., On Thursday inspecting the construction of her new home. For the excursion, Garner opted for a blue striped sweater in combination with classic blue jeans. The denim had a straight silhouette with a desperate hem.

Garner equipped with a brown shopping bag. When it comes to shoes, Garner opted for sneakers from her sports brand Brooks. The kick, known as the Ghost 13 Running Shoe, has a lace-up closure and a mesh upper. The shoe is also padded and equipped with a rubber sole.

When Garner isn’t in the Ghost 13, he often wears the brand Levitate 4 Road Shoes in black color. These high-performance shoes feature the brand’s Fit Knit upper with a lightweight DNA AMP midsole, ample cushioning, and a removable insole. As in today’s look, Garner often pairs her sneakers with sweaters and simple t-shirts.

Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe

Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe

To buy: Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe, $ 130

She also swaps it out for Canadian suits, overalls, flannels, and sweatshirts. When Garner isn’t in jeans, he also wears activewear looks like classic leggings and other Alo Yoga products.

Click through the gallery to see other times Jennifer Garner wore Mom jeans and sneakers.

Start gallery: 15 times Jennifer Garner styled mom jeans with sneakers

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