Disney+’s Quick Circuit Homages 80s Animation Model

Directed by Kim Hazel, ‘Dinosaur Barbarian’ brings 2D animation style and ’80s jams to season two of Disney + s Short Circuit.

Disney + Short Circuit Season 2 features five new animated short films from the creative minds of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Directed by a Disney animator, each original short film explores a unique idea and the creator is given the resources it needs to bring their idea to life. Animator Kim Hazel (Raya and the Last Dragon) was passionate about bringing back the 2D style of animation in a fun, enthusiastic ’80s-style musical number called “Dinosaur Barbarian”.

During a press conference attended by CBR, Hazel broke up the collaborative process behind her superhero creation and her incredibly catchy musical theme song. Since all directors working on short circuit shorts were given 90 seconds cutoff time for their animated short, Hazel “deliberately” chose a musical format to get her story across in a timely manner.

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“[I] work[ed] with the composer, along with the voice [actor]Said Hazel. “Before we even had an animation, we had the song. And it was pretty much done. This is the audio Brian used to storyboard the entire short film. It was designed like a snack from the start. “

“Dinosaur Barbarian” follows a superhero 2D style hero who fights against evil. To bring this hand-drawn style to life, Jennifer Newfield, Director of Production at Short Circuit, helped connect Hazel with the “pipelines” needed to “make something bespoke for her”. The end result produced an 80s Saturday morning style cartoon that was exactly the vibe Hazel wanted.

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When asked what it was like to develop the musical theme, Hazel had nothing but praise to share. “That process was amazing,” she said. “They were so cooperative, so enthusiastic, so fun.”

Describing the process in a little more detail, she noted, “Our relationship was working creatively when I submitted my pitch for ‘Dinosaur Barbarian’ to the program, I had written it, I called it my poem because I’m not a trained songwriter, but I had the beats that I wanted to play in a storytelling way. I passed that on to the composers and they came back with something that just blew me away, both in terms of the melody and the adjustments they made my poem what made it a bajmillion times better. “

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Reflecting on the finished product, Hazel added, “Honestly, it felt very magical because I gave them a word salad about what I was trying to achieve with the song, and on their first go through, I remember I was there sat and ate a sandwich on the weekend and they emailed me their first passport. In my head, I didn’t even know how to react. To be honest, I was speechless at how much they took everything I wanted and did exactly that in 90 seconds. “

The official synopsis of Kim Hazel’s “Dinosaur Barbarian” reads:

Fighting evil is part of the daily business for Dinosaur Barbarian, but what about taking out the trash? Sometimes even a superhero has to clean up.

The second season of Disney + “Short Circuit” is now streamed on Disney +.

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Nightwing in season 3 of Titans

Titans’ latest trailer is giving away a very, very small part of the third season

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Citizen group looking for poll query to divert Wheeler cash falls brief on signatures

A group of residents failed to meet Friday’s deadline to submit 925 signatures from registered Aspen voters to ask a question on the November vote calling for re-use of some of the property transfer tax revenue given to the Wheeler Opera House goes, is required.

Kurt Hall, a member of the group that began their efforts earlier this week, said he did not have a final count of signatures on Friday because multiple people were collected and no count had been taken.

“We’re going to move on and when we get to 925 we are going to go before (Aspen City Council) and hope they see this as confirmation,” Hall said. “Even though we missed the deadline, the pressure will mount and our concern, approach and goal will be spread throughout the community.

“It’s not over yet; it has only just begun. “

They try to split the income so that half goes to the wheeler and the other to art.

The question was also to lift the existing cap of $ 100,000 in Wheeler Real Estate Tax (WRETT) income, which is spent on cultural, arts and music organizations in the valley.

A majority of voters agreed to this in 1979 and all WRETTs went to the wheeler.

In 2016, voters extended the WRETT until 2039.

The city could put its own measure on the November vote and has until September 3, but councilors said earlier this year that they were unwilling to ask voters a question about diverting future Wheeler funds, and preferred the elections in autumn 2022.

advice discussed for months about how much money should be diverted and where it should go.

Identified areas of need that the council has focused on include childcare, health and social services, rainwater, and the non-profit arts community.

Mayor Torre said this week that the group trying to split the revenue 50-50 hasn’t done the financial modeling the city is doing to make sure enough money goes to historic Wheeler.

The fund currently has just under $ 40 million.

He also said the group misrepresented that its members tried to work with city officials.

“They turned around and came up with ballot papers with no financial models,” said Torre. “They didn’t take part in any dialogue … the way they approached it wasn’t collaborative.”

City Secretary Nicole Henning accepted the group’s petition Monday after rejecting an earlier petition asking voters to lift the $ 100,000 cap and give the Aspen School District a $ 10 million grant to approve the modernization and renovation of the 550 seats Aspen District Theater and 150-seat black box space.

The language of the petition is not a legislative matter, so Henning concluded and stated in a letter that the granting of funds was an administrative act by a state body.

While the group needed a significant amount of money to renovate the district theater, the additional money released could also fund dozens of local arts and cultural organizations and organizations, which the city would decide on through a grant process.

The WRETT, a 0.5% tax on all property transfers in the city, averages between $ 2 million and $ 4 million per year, although that number was higher in 2020 and likely to be in 2021 as Aspen continues to see record home sales.


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How quick to mow your garden if you’d like U.S. Open-style situations


Luke Kerr-Dineen

June 14, 2021

Lots of grass in the game this week. Here’s what you need to know about each of them

Getty Images

As a golf-nerd-lawn-nerd crossover, I’m looking forward to a few more things in the big weeks than to Monday, when the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America publishes its tournament factsheet, in which, among other things, the different types and lengths of Grasses that will be used on the host course.

So what are we doing this week?

The US Open 2021 will be played on the Torrey Pines South Course. At 7,765 yards, the course is only about 100 yards shorter than Kiawah Island, which was also the longest course in Major Championship history. But unlike Kiawah, which had almost been rebuilt exclusively on papalum grass throughout, Torrey has a mix of different grasses from tea to green. Let’s break it down very quickly …

Teas: Bermuda grass, .3 ″

First up, we have the teas, which are mostly made from Bermuda grass, a common warm-weather grass found on most southern lawns. Golfers and lawn care King Marc Leishman has it in his lawn and says that it is often kept “short”. This week the USGA is keeping them at 1/3 of an inch.

If you have a Bermuda grass lawn and and willing to invest about $ 1,000 in a nice reel mower, you could get it similarly short. But if you go this route, be prepared to allow your time: you can only mow a third of its length at a time. So, to get your lawn up to US Open fairways level, you’ll need to cut it every day. says King Leishman.

The 15th hole on the South Course at Torrey Pines as seen August 17, 2020 in La Jolla, California.

(USGA / Kirk H. Owens)

Fairways: Kikuyu grass, .35 ″

Mark Zeigler at the San Diego Union Tribue has a great story about the grass that I can warmly recommend to you, but in short: Kikuyu is a spongy, almost artificial turf-like grass that is native to Africa and is mainly found in the USA on the Riviera.

The fairways are an inch longer than the tea boxes, but not the length, but the texture is the most interesting element of Kikuyu: it grows thick and lush, which makes for brutal rough if held long and tricky textures if they are be held briefly. The ball sits high and with so much grass underneath it is easy for golfers to tap the ball.

Kikuyu will be driving some players to Kikuyu this week

Getty Images

Rough: Kikuyu grass strewn with ryegrass, 3-5 ″

Kikuya rests in winter so it doesn’t matter if the Farmers Insurance Open hits town in January. To make the course fit for this tournament, the course is littered with ryegrass: a fast germinating cold weather grass that you will find on many lawns in the northeast and midwest.

The ryegrass is still present in the rough this week, but when the Kikuyu woke up the greens crew cut off the rough shortly after the farmers and killed some heavy areas of willow grass so the Kikuyu could play a bigger role and make the rough one of the juiciest best before the US Open.

And your lawn? For cold weather turf, a length of 3 inches sounds about right. But while your lawn is technically a similar length to that of the US Open, it almost certainly won’t be as thick. But that’s fine; If people ask, don’t tell them this second part.

Greens: Poa annua, 0.1 ″

And finally the Greens. Like most of the west coast greens, they are Poa annua. Considered a weed in most lawns, it’s a unique grass that has a tendency to bud at the end of the day, which can lead to bumpy conditions on the greens later in the rounds.

Golf magazine

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Luke Kerr-Dineen

Golf.com contributor

Luke Kerr-Dineen is the Game Improvement Editor for GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com. In his role, he oversees all of the brand’s service journalism in the areas of teaching, equipment, health and fitness on all of GOLF’s multimedia platforms.

An alumni of the International Junior Golf Academy and the University of South Carolina-Beaufort golf team, where he put them at number 1 on the national NAIA rankings, Luke moved to New York in 2012 to do his Masters in Journalism from Columbia University and was named in 2017 “Rising Star” of the News Media Alliance. His work has also appeared in USA Today, Golf Digest, Newsweek, and The Daily Beast.

AMC brief sellers dealt large $1.2 billion blow after inventory rally

Street performers in Minnie Mouse costumes walk past an AMC movie theater in New York’s Times Square at night on October 15, 2020.

Amir Hamja | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Investors shorting Meme stock AMC Entertainment According to data from S3 Partners, shares have lost an estimated $ 1.23 billion over the past week as stocks are up more than 116% since Monday.

The rally cooled off late Friday after AMC stock surged up to 38% during early morning trading. The stock closed at $ 26.12 per share on Friday, down from $ 13.68 on Monday. At its peak, the stock hit $ 36.72 per share.

AMC was by far the most active stock on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday as more than 650 million shares changed hands. According to FactSet, the average trading volume after 30 days is just over 100 million shares.

With 450 million shares outstanding, the entire company changed hands nearly 1.5 times during Friday’s trading.

So-called short coverage could add to AMC’s massive rally this week. The company has shorted about 20% of its outstanding shares, compared to an average of 5% short on a typical US stock, S3 Partners said.

When a sharply shortened stock bounces up quickly, short sellers are forced to buy back borrowed stocks to close their short position and reduce losses. The forced buy tends to drive the rally even further.

AMC’s new private investors standing by 3.2 million strongAMC owned approximately 80% of the company’s 450 million shares outstanding as of March 11, earlier this month. Their efforts, which soared in January, raised the stock from $ 5 to $ 20 per share and allowed it AMC is expected to reduce its debt burden by around $ 600 million.

The retail investor agenda was to keep AMC alive and hold onto the hedge funds, an analyst told CNBC.

AMC’s stock has risen more than 1,100% since January has defied the predictions of Wall Street analysts. AMC’s business was extremely strained. The company has approximately $ 5 billion in debt and has had to postpone repayments on lease contracts of $ 450 million as its ongoing operations largely dried up Coronavirus pandemic. The cinemas were closed for several months to stop the virus from spreading. When the company reopened its doors, few consumers were comfortable attending film screenings and film studios withheld new releases.

While The cinema business is recoveringAMC is still facing strong headwinds. Although the company ended the first quarter with $ 1 billion in liquidity, the highest in its 100-year history, that money will only keep it afloat until 2022 unless audiences come back in droves for months without offsetting revenue.

While early box office revenues are promising, fundamental elements of the cinema business have changed over the past year, including theater capacity, joint release dates with streaming services, and the number of days that movies are shown in theaters.

“Anything that matters long-term here will never make money again for this company,” said Rich Greenfield, co-founder of LightShed Partners, on Friday morning at CNBC.Squawk box. “” They will never generate cash with their current capital structure. It was trading at 7 times pre-pandemic EBITDA. It is currently trading at 25 times EBITDA and is in a worse position today with the changed industry. This just goes against all logic. “

On the last day of 2019, AMC had a market value of $ 751.87 million. On Friday, that figure was around $ 11.9 billion, according to FactSet.

– CNBCs Yun Li contributed to this report.

Hasbro income falls quick on weak leisure manufacturing enterprise

FIILE PHOTO: A Monopoly board game from Hasbro Gaming can be seen in this illustrative photo taken on August 13, 2017. REUTERS / Thomas White / Illustration

Hasbro Inc. (HAS.O) Sales estimates for the first quarter were not met on Tuesday as COVID-19 delays weighed on the toy maker’s film and television production business.

The company has focused on entertainment production for the past several years to drive growth faster than traditional toy sales.

In 2019, the company acquired Entertainment One, the company behind Peppa Pig and the television series “The Walking Dead”, to quickly expand its entertainment capabilities. However, production setbacks and the closure of theaters resulted in a 34% drop in sales in the TV and film businesses.

The Monopoly maker’s net sales rose 1% to $ 1.11 billion in the three months to March 28, but fell short of analysts’ estimates of $ 1.17 billion, according to an IBES estimate by Refinitiv.

Hasbro’s net income was $ 116.2 million, or 84 cents per share, compared to a loss of $ 69.7 million, or 51 cents per share, last year.

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

QuantumScape CEO mulls authorized response to scathing brief vendor report

QuantumScape could take legal action after being attacked in a scathing report by activist short seller Scorpion Capital.

“We are definitely going to take a look,” said Jagdeep Singh, managing director of QuantumScape, when CNBC’s Jim Cramer asked if the company would consider filing a lawsuit against the company.

“Some of the points there are simple, just absurd. Absurd to the point where there are … things that we want to take legal action on.”

Singh appeared on “Bad money“Friday, the day after Scorpion released the short report. In the 188-page report, Scorpion accused QuantumScape, released in November through a blank check association, of acting as a “pump and dump SPAC”. It even compared the company to Theranos, the disgraced healthcare technology startup.

QuantumScape shares fell more than 12% after the information was released. The stock fell again on Friday, contributing to a 28% decline in less than two weeks.

“We don’t want to be too distracted either, but you know we feel pretty good where we are,” said Singh.

The battery company said it stood by the data it presented to investors and will continue to build a battery for its customers such as: Volkswagenwho recently invested an additional $ 100 million in the company.

QuantumScape argued that Scorpion was motivated to release the report because it could benefit financially from the subsequent price decline. Investors who want to make a profit on a sharp drop in prices are known as short sellers.

“We have always been fairly transparent about what we have and what work still needs to be done,” said Singh. “That’s one of the things we are honestly proud of. We believe we have been the most transparent of all solid-state battery companies.”

Why a quick meals inventory could possibly be Wall Avenue’s subsequent quick squeeze

The stock of Jumping devil could soon live up to its name.

The growing brief interest in stocks in the west coast fast food chain appears to be preparing the stock for a brief press, Danielle Shay, director of options at Simpler Trading, told CNBC’s “Trading nation” on Friday.

“I like Jack in the Box here, but for a short-term option trade,” Shay said.

While the stock isn’t far from its all-time highs, which would normally prevent Shay from buying in, it made an exception due to the unusual activity. According to FactSet, Jack in the Box currently has 9.2% short interest.

“With something like that that has a short interest, it has the potential for short press and profit,” Shay said. “This is why I like to trade shorter term calls on the profit line. That way I can only take advantage of the dynamics of the profit report and the increase in [implied volatility]. “

For investors looking to trade longer-term in this space, Shay suggested the stock of MC Donalds.

“If you look at a weekly McDonald’s chart, it has been consolidating for a while. I think that consolidation is going to break out on the upside. I’m aiming for $ 240,” she said. “It’s more of a long-term trade so you can sell put credit spreads on a regular basis [or] Buy long calls 90-120 days. “

McDonald’s stock lost less than half of 1% on Friday at $ 213.90.

“Indoor restaurants will take a while,” Shay said. “People will worry that they can leave. They can’t open to full capacity. … For me personally, I’d rather focus on the fast-food chains whose model is already geared specifically towards drive-thru is. “

Limited-service restaurants are now a better choice than their full-service counterparts, agreed Piper Sandler’s Craig Johnson.

“There you start to see that some of the sales in the same store are really positive,” he said in the same interview with Trading Nation, pointing to a table of Chipotle Mexican Grill.

“This is a long-term winner. It’s a name we’ve had on our model portfolio for a while, and we still think it should be bought,” Johnson said, noting the stock was above its 50 and 200 Days moving averages lies in an upward channel and with strong performance compared to the S&P 500.

“This stock seems to have even more room to run,” he said. Chipotle finished trading 1% on Friday.

Johnson’s second choice was Chili’s parents’ stock Brinker International.

“On a weekly chart looking back a few years, you’ll see that you’ve finally reversed a downward trend from those 14’s highs and are now making new highs,” he said.

Brinker’s performance is also improving compared to the S&P and “confirms to us that something positive is happening here,” said Johnson. The Brinker share closed on Friday by about half, 1% lower.

“It looks like a lot of these restaurants are looking for another leg in really good tech,” said Johnson.

New York City restaurants reopened for indoor use on Friday at 25% capacity.

Disclaimer of liability

Judy Garland’s film profession was brief however full of marvels | Leisure

Judy Garland plays a huge role in the history of films, despite the fact that she only thrived on the big screen for a decade.

She cameo with a movie cameo on Broadway Melody of 1938 and she is great on Love Finds Andy Hardy, but it is “The Wizard of Oz” from 1939 that earned Garland’s place in cinema history. Frances Gumm, who was born in Minnesotan, would make 20 feature films in the next ten years, culminating with “In the Good Old Summertime”. But because of the behavior that emerged from the top and bottom of the studio manager, she was a persona non grata in Hollywood by then. She would live another 20 years but only complete seven more films.

Garland’s filmography seems bigger because she was so productive in the 1940s and because she became such a young star (she was 14 or 15 on “Broadway Melody”). All chronologies are skewed for Garland, whose death in 1969 at the age of 47 seems to transport her to an earlier era in film history, though if she were alive today she would still be a bit younger than Betty White.

Renee Zellweger’s Oscar-winning 2019 performance in “Judy” reveals two ways to look at Garland’s legacy. It’s a tragedy because she was in such bad shape at such a young age that we’ll never know how many opportunities she missed, with tantalizing stories about her as an opportunity in Valley of the Dolls and the video Proof from “Annie Get Your Gun,” which she was fired from in 1949. But we don’t know what films she might have made.

The downside is that her decade at the top is one of the best in film history. There are a number of musical all-timers best remembered for their iconic songs: “On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe” in “The Harvey Girls”, “Get Happy” in “Summer Stock”, ” I Got Rhythm “in” Crazy Girl. “

There were also dramas and comedies that showed the indelible timing that would dazzle audiences as she turned to the concert stage. And even in the last few decades of her life, the Minnesota native, whose story is told at the Judy Garland Museum there, received some excellent screenings.

“The Wizard of Oz” (1939)

Garland’s training in the studio system helped her achieve greatness in her first lead role. In fact, she got there within minutes of starting “Over the Rainbow,” the signature song that meant many things throughout her career. The classic status of “Oz” feels predetermined, but its production has been chaotic, actors have been replaced and five men cycled through the director’s chair. Garland was surrounded by beloved performers, but their naturalness and warmth make it so unforgettable.

“A star is born” (1954)

After her run in the 40s, Garland would only do three musicals, this is undisputedly the best (surprisingly, it’s her first competitive Oscar nomination). Garland had lived through enough Hollywood scare to know this story of one career on the way up and another on the way down in her bones. She was fortunate enough to have director George Cukor guide her, especially when singing “The Man That Got Away,” which he lets her play in a single take, knowing that she is damned the woman who it was would behave like that again through the mill. “

“Meet me in St. Louis” (1944)

Hard to find the best number in this jam-packed musical: the theme song? “The trolley song?” I would go with a sad Christmas carol “Have a Merry Christmas”. I can never see the scene where Garland’s character comforts her younger sister without wondering what Garland, barely from her own childhood, thought of young co-star Margaret O’Brien.

“Judgment in Nuremberg” (1961)

Garland’s second and final Oscar nomination was for a drama about trying to bring prominent Nazis to justice. Declamorized, song-free and fascinating, she plays a German woman who is forced to testify about her friendship with a Jewish man.

“In the good old summer time” (1949)

When we meet Garland’s Veronica, she is wearing a hat with fake birds on it, attracting the attention of co-star Van Johnson, who is fooling around with the birds that suddenly turn out to be real birds. Buster Keaton himself invented the surreal piece, which is funny but also shows why the romantic lead roles in this remake “Shop Around the Corner” hate each other. Garland’s hilarious / exasperated execution of the physical comedy is just as perfect as her delivery of a handful of melodies.

“The Clock” (1945)

Nobody understood Garland’s attraction better than Vincente Minnelli, who staged her several times (“St. Louis” belongs to him too), she married and had daughter Liza Minnelli. He showed Garland’s humor and vulnerability in her first big, non-singing role as the quirky woman who meets and marries a soldier on leave.

“The Harvey Girls” (1946)

The story of the “girls” who helped colonize the American West is extremely old-fashioned, but I don’t care because it’s so fun to see Garland with Ray Bolger, the co-star of “Oz”, and the song ” Atchison ”again. with a literal cast of thousands is such a show stopper.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases.

GameStop shares leap once more, however quick sellers aren’t backing down

Ramin Talaie | Bloomberg | Getty Images

GameStop After a wild session, the stock resurfaces, pushing the stock back above $ 100, but short sellers betting against the brick and mortar video game dealer are nowhere near falling.

GameStop’s shares rose more than 50% on Tuesday to a high of $ 124.58. The stock rose sharply after Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya said in a tweet that he bought GameStop call options and bet that the stock will go higher. Trading was suspended several times due to the volatility.

GameStop surged more than 400% in January alone when an army of retail investors took on short sellers in online chat rooms, encouraging each other to stack up and push the stock higher. Short sellers have lost more than $ 5 billion in market value year-to-date, including a loss of $ 917 million on Monday and $ 1.6 billion on Friday, according to S3 Partners.

Despite the massive shortages, short sellers are doubling their bearish bets. In the past 30 days, GameStop stock borrowed and sold rose 1.4 million shares, valued at $ 91 million. This corresponds to an increase of 2%, as the share price has more than doubled, according to S3 Partners.

Short sellers have also reloaded bets in the past seven days, with short selling stocks up 769,000, valued at $ 50 million. GameStop’s interest in shorts is unchanged from a week ago at 139%.

“Similar to the Revolutionary War, the first line of troops is drowning in a shower of musket fire, but is being replaced by the next troops,” said Ihor Dusaniwsky, S3 managing director for predictive analytics, in an email. “We’re seeing a short squeeze on older shorts that have suffered massive mark-to-market losses on their positions, but are seeing new shorts.”

“This keeps the short positions in GME stock relatively flat overall, although there is a significant short squeeze on a significant number of existing short sellers,” added Dusaniwsky.

The explosive rally in GameStop was mainly due to the buying frenzy of individual investors in online forums, especially the notorious Reddit chat room “wallstreetbets” with more than 2 million subscribers. A trend post on Tuesday includes a screenshot of the user portfolio showing a return of over 1,000% on GameStop stock.

GameStop had a roller coaster ride on Monday, during which the stock more than doubled and turned negative within a few hours. The stock closed 18% on Monday at $ 76.79.

“The flow of orders in the retail trade in options accelerates the short squeeze,” said CC Lagator of AI options said. “The call buyers are essentially leveraging the market makers’ hedges. As stocks go up, more stocks are bought to cover the increase in short deltas. This is market inefficiency and eventually ends when those who sell the calls , are over-hedged for a share that no longer rises and then actually has to sell shares in order to remain delta-neutral. “

The hedge fund Melvin Capital Management, which is short on GameStop, is down 30% through Friday this year. according to the Wall Street Journal.

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