Store Publicist Gia Kuan Model Necessities

When discussing our own garments and style essentials, Coveteur employees found that their feelings could often be summed up with the phrase, “It’s literally the best… white t-shirt, jeans, drugstore, etc.” So, in our new series, aptly titled Literally the best, we ask industry insiders to unveil the style essentials they keep turning to and just can’t live without.

Gia Kuan is a well-known and respected name in the fashion industry. Running her own PR firm, she represents some of the coolest names in the business – Telfar, Luar, Kim Shui and more. Between personal and professional relationships, did we mention her husband works at Stüssy? – Kuan’s knowledge of emerging and under-the-radar design talent is both immense and enviable.

Despite her professional skills, Kuan has yet to give up her youth aesthetically — a notion clear in the piles of pearls and clashing colors you’ll find in all of her ensembles. Combine that with a nod to what she describes as her “’90s emo chrome hearts phase,” and you have an utterly intriguing collection of everything from jade hoops to corset tees to Stüssy sweatpants . Below, she gives us a glimpse into her personal style and walks us through the essentials she absolutely swears by.

Get an idea of ​​your personal style. What outfits do you wear everyday?

“Honestly, my style is changing so much. One thing that probably defines my style a bit is that no matter how old I get, there’s always a little bit of a teenager in me. I like things that are cute, that are a little funny. I now own my own business. In that sense, I feel like I’ve started dressing differently since then. Right now I’m probably channeling a kind of boss lady look where I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to think too much about what to wear before I go out.

“I’m a giant ebay buyer. I buy a lot of second hand, a lot of vintage designers. I think my wardrobe is probably a mix of vintage designers and emerging independent designers. I also collect a lot of vintage designer two piece suits on eBay. Much old Jean Paul Gaultier, old Banana Republic or Ralph Lauren. I buy them oversized and lie in them all day with a hoodie underneath. Then I top it off with a hand embroidered necklace or bracelet that looks like it was made by a 5 year old. That’s my style. I think I need something fun, cute and young to keep me going. I also wear accessories through my nails.”

What do you look for when buying a new garment or accessory?

“I’m pretty aesthetically driven. I think sustainability is put into practice, but I have to say the number 1 in my opinion is comfort or practicality. I work a lot at home. I lie down a lot. I feel like everyone is living the same life right now. You’re wearing something cute over it and you’re actually wearing pajama bottoms that no one can see.

“I look at comfort, but I also look at color. I have this problem with buying something black for my wardrobe, which is funny because I feel like when I was in college, when I was going through this Rick Owens, dark moody phase, I had so many black clothes. Well, you can’t find anything dark in my closet. I think I’m just a very dazzling person [right now]. There is a lot of emphasis on prints and textures in my closet, which I think is often something I look for, especially since I shop so much online. I think a lot of the differentiating factors in online shopping are that pop of color. (It’s quite difficult to shop black online.) It makes me happy. I’m a very influenced person by weather and colour, so I think sometimes my mood determines what I wear that day and vice versa.”

gia kuan

Shop Gia’s must-haves:

corset t shirt

Weslah is a New York-based underground independent designer. He’s super talented; everything he does is truly bespoke. He specializes in those crazy corset pieces. Many of them have been adapted for either entertainers or celebrities, but last summer he released t-shirts and hoodies that have the Weslah logo on the front but still have a bit of gothic grunge. Then they have super tight corseted waists. I love a twist on a basic thing. I honestly love this piece. I wear it with everything from sweatpants to dress pants to skirts. He is a genius.”


Adjustable streetwear ring made of 925 sterling silver

“I’m really into jewelry. It’s honestly my main form of investment because I really never take it off, not even in the shower. I have a stack of rings that I always wear. One of them is a very thin Chrome Hearts ring with small diamond embellishments. It brings me back to my ’90s emo Chrome Hearts phase, which I recently revisited.”

Chrome Hearts

Short Stack Emerald Half Band

“I went to Dover Street Market and found Suzanne Kalan. She specializes in this type of spaghetti-looking diamond rings and bangles. Probably my most expensive investment, I bought an emerald cut ring with a rose gold finish. I stack it with my others and I love it because as you know I do my nails a lot. Honestly, my hands are probably the most beautified part of my entire body, so accessorizing them is especially important to me. I love glitter so all my rings have glitter or diamonds or something on them.”

Suzanne Kalan

Men’s CDG Champion Ring

“On the other hand, I have this Comme des Garçons ring that I’ve been wearing since 2013, to be honest. I wear it for so long that when I take it off I realize my finger has a different shape underneath. It looks like the traditional schoolmaster ring but is made of sterling silver. It’s awesome, super sturdy and I’ve had it for almost seven to eight years. It’s definitely a staple that I never take off – just a part of my uniform now.”

like boys

gia kuan

Jade Donut Hoop

“I wear a lot of different hoop earrings. Sophie Buhai is one of my favorites in terms of simple hoops that are well made. I have many of their gold and silver hoop earrings but recently bought their jade colored hoop earrings which I wear often. They are nostalgic because in Chinese culture, jade is a type of stone that we use. I think she did that particularly well.”

Sophie Buhai

Baby blue cashmere sweater

“I’m actually wearing this Commission sweater now. Honestly, this is the most beautiful piece of cashmere I own. It’s baby blue with a loose turtleneck. I really respect what the guys from the commission are doing in terms of design and philosophy. I was lucky enough to get this sweater from them last year. I don’t even have anything else in that color but I wear it all winter and it just feels incredibly luxurious.”


Overdyed sweatpants

“I have a change of Stüssy jogging pants. My husband works at Stussy. We just have a lot of Stüssy. But honestly, her sweatpants are the most comfortable, and I share them with him too. I like a lot of oversized clothes, so we share half a wardrobe. They’re just great basic jogging pants, but of course I have to have them in crazy colors and prints. I’m wearing them with my Commission cashmere jumper right now.”


AW21 Monkwear Hoodie

Kozaburo is a Japanese brand founded by Kozaburo Akasaka. He’s a close friend of mine with an amazing Japanese brand. This is a very basic white hoodie I got from him over the winter. It’s made from very organic cotton – very heavy so doesn’t pill like a lot of my other hoodies. It almost feels a bit crunchy, but there’s something about it that’s kind of amazing. I live in hoodies. I also have it like an XL so again super oversized.”


Bong Cha Leggings

Oori Ott is an LA based brand owned by my friend Hannah Park who used to live in New York. She makes these amazing, very simple versions of jersey loungewear. There’s this couple Joggers in black jersey that I got from her – I’ve had them for about four years and they really are the most comfortable things. It’s a lightweight jersey material but there’s a high slit at the very top of your thigh so they flow around either side as you walk, which is great in the summer. Then in winter I just put stockings or leggings underneath and it still works. I wear them inside and outside. They’re black, and I’ve rarely found anything black that lasts that long.” (Similar option linked here).

Oori Ott

Store Fall Model Necessities, In response to Every Zodiac Signal

From time to time we are all completely undecided about what to choose from our closet or we lack the inspiration to put together an outfit. Suddenly it can feel like we no longer know how to dress. But if you’ve ever consulted an astrologer or a birthing cart to battle the other pickles in life, it may be time to apply this approach to your wardrobe, as resorting to astrology for fashion advice could be the perfect way out of a rut.

Each zodiac element and sign has specific behavioral traits and aesthetic biases that can help determine what clothing choices a person will make. To that end, we asked astrologer Alice Bell to provide insights into the fashion POV of each zodiac sign and to help us focus on the specific clothing – including favorite colors and accessories choices – that will inspire us. Read on for some sort of astrology reading that has plenty of sign-specific shopping suggestions for your fall style.

Fire sign

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire shields usually want to leave a mark and so their style will never be simple or neutral, Bell says. Strong and bright colors such as red or orange and sequined or decorated outfits are indeed a matter of course for them. “Leo wants to stand out with what they’re wearing, so they might like dresses with a cool silhouette or something that attracts attention – they like to look glamorous,” says Bell. “Sagittarius is a world traveler, so her many trips can affect her clothes and they can be overdone with accessories like feathered handbags or flashy sunglasses,” she adds. “Aries is the more active of the three, so they may like clothes that are a little easier to move around in.”

Earth sign

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

When it comes to earth signs, style is all about practicality. Essential pieces that combine well and easily with anything in your wardrobe are must-haves. They love neutral colors and clothing that is comfortable and timeless. “Capricorn and Taurus both have a very traditional and expensive-looking style, like a classic trench coat or silk scarf,” advises Bell. “Virgo is probably the most basic sign in the world and is also a huge fan of athleisure because their health is very important to them.” Finally, for all three earth signs, Bell recommends great jeans, cashmere sweaters, basic T-shirts, loafers or ballerinas and, as accessories, something practical like a tote bag.

Air sign

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As Bell notes, Air Signs love to be on the cutting edge of trends and are very happy to shop with aspiring designers. As born show-offs, they want to wear original pieces that nobody else owns, such as unique prints or fun accessories such as cool heels or a small handbag. They like to experiment with their outfits and are therefore not afraid to wear colors, but nothing super daring. “They prefer softer, floral prints or cooler greens and blues,” explains Bell. “Libra is more social and flirtatious, so they like dresses that go from day to night. When I think of Aquarius, I think of a brand like Paloma Wool, which always has weird prints. At Gemini, I think of a mashup of different items and prints put together. Air Signs aren’t afraid to take style risks! “


Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

The most sensitive of the zodiac, watermarks, have a penchant for calm pastel tones and, unlike their fiery counterparts, do not like to draw attention to them with bright colors. “Pisces prefer colors like purple, turquoise, and light blue, and clothes with a sheen that feels kind of mystical,” suggests Bell. “Cancers have a nostalgic style, so they like vintage silhouettes, although both characters are like clothes to lie around in as they are very introverted,” she concludes. With the last one to the left of the watermark, it’s a whole different story. Scorpio is a bit of the weird because it wears dark colors, especially black. “Scorpio is a kind of sexual sign, so they might like clothes with unexpected necklines or very figure-hugging but not too revealing clothes – the way they make a statement is very subtle,” says Bell. “For a Scorpio, I think of black leather boots and a leather jacket.”

Store eight Milan Trend Week Avenue Fashion Appears From the Spring 2022 Reveals

There is a very short and sweet part of the transition period when you can wear nice pairings like sweaters and shorts or jackets and sandals – if the weather permits, of course. It’s the kind of ensemble that Los Angeles locals are lucky enough to wear for most of the year. But for the rest of us who don’t call Southern California home, the ideal fall forecast gives us a chance to make the most of our summer and Autumn wardrobes.

This last week in MilanHer show goers welcomed perfect temperatures in the low 70s and sunny skies and got a few extra days of sandal season. Chunky knits and plaid trousers were paired with heeled sandals, as were brown leather trousers and blazers. Fuzzy mohair cardigans, midi skirts, velvet jackets and cuts from head to toe were on display alongside open-toe shoes. The judgment? sandal Season is not over yet.

When the temperatures cool down, all of these looks go well with you knee high boots or Ballet flat, but in the meantime, do like the Milan Fashion Week street style set and take the opportunity to wear sandals with other classic fall staples.

Below are eight ways to wear sandals this season, inspired by the street style of Milan Fashion Week.

Buckle up

A pair of buckled mules easily grounds oversized knit and flared trousers – no jacket required.

MM6 Maison Margiela oversized jacquard knit turtleneck

Valentino Garavani Mini VLogo hobo bag made from calf hair

Stella McCartney Mona wool trousers with flared legs and houndstooth check

Leather bound

Pick up patent, wrinkled, vintage or smooth leather separations with strappy sandals – you guessed it – leather.

Rejina Pyo Margo Blazer made of synthetic leather

Kassl Bag Lady leather lacquer shoulder bag

Bouguessa Diana embossed leather pants

Double intake

Now wear an embroidered blouse and tapered pants with buckled mules and repeat this later with ankle boots.

Sea Santos blouse with eyelet collar

Bottega Veneta Loop shoulder bag

Ulla Johnson Jupiter carrot trousers made of cotton twill with quilted seams

Jil Sander x Birkenstock Arizona two-buckle sandal

Compensation blocks

A metallic block heel sandal is comfortable to wear all year round, from special occasions to the office and beyond.

Warm Hugs Only checkmate vest

Linda Farrow Jerry round frame acetate sunglasses

Jil Sander skirt with geometric print

Hang around

When else could you wear comfortable, cozy tartan slippers or? Sheepskin slides Out of the house outside of autumn?

Sleeper pajama set made of crpe de chine with feather trim

Evolve Together Milan Face Mask, 7 Inch Set

Prada Galleria Medium Saffiano Leather Bag

Sandals that fit

A flat leather sandal with straps goes surprisingly well with the tailored suits of fall – a neutral brown option creates a solid contrast to an otherwise dark blazer and trousers.

& Other Stories One button blazer

Melissa Joy Manning moonstone earrings made from 14k recycled gold

& Other Stories figure-hugging flare pinstripe trousers

Autumnal textures

It is best to avoid summer-like materials such as raffia and ropes and opt for something that is more geared towards the fall season, such as this combination of satin sleigh and velvet jacket.

L’Agence Kaydence double-breasted corduroy blazer

Saint Laurent Signature round sunglasses

Emme Parsons satin slippers

Head over heels

You’ll want to wear a pair of Bottega Veneta heeled sandals with everything.

Marc Jacobs hairy, cropped mohair cardigan

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer 50mm sunglasses

Bottega Veneta BV Lido Slide sandal

Store 7 Black and White Outfits Impressed by Stockholm Road Type

Stockholm Fashion Week is over and photographer Søren Jepsen was there to capture the most stylish in town. These seemingly simple looks caught the eye between bright colors, eye-catching prints and current accessories. The trade fair visitors opted for many black and white items, from handbags to boots and knitwear to suits. The combination of colorless hues is a modern take on the effortless minimalist style we often see from Scandinavia; Instead of neutral camels and grays, however, it was bolder, yet minimalist, recognized black and white.

On the Falling runways, we might have seen garments collaged in bright colors, glamorous resurrection Party clothes, and poppy aughts-inspired style, but this group of street-style stars gave us inspiration for fall fashion outfits that are a little easier to digest (and also to wear). Mixing versatile pieces like iVory jeans, black outerwear, or white buttons will always be a reliable recipe for season-independent, cool style.

Photographed by Søren Jepsen

A horizontal approach

the Knit sailor stripes is in itself a staple for any wardrobe – it goes with everything from a white maxi skirt to a pair denim.

& Other Stories casual sweater with Breton stripes

Good Love mini bag made of leather

Bottega Veneta gold-colored sunglasses with a hexagonal frame

Alexandre Vauthier cotton blend poplin midi skirt with sash

$ 1,088$ 435


Photographed by Søren Jepsen

Hardwear added

Stick to metal for a polished look.

& Other Stories oversized cable knit vest

Ray-Ban RB3447 Phantos round sunglasses

Brinker & Eliza Zoe necklace

Totme Pine suit pants

Photographed by Søren Jepsen

Solid color suit

Black accessories go well with white suit pieces.

Zara high-waisted ankle-length trousers

Loulou Studio bustier top in rib wool and cashmere

Saint Laurent leather belt

Photographed by Søren Jepsen

Ivory layer

Stack a few different shades of white in different materials for a consistent look that doesn’t lack texture.

Allude cardigan made from a wool-cashmere blend

Everlane the silky cotton crop shirt

Dr. Martens black Jadon retro quad boots

Photographed by Søren Jepsen

The white accessories

Instead, swap out your traditional black boots or handbags for one in bright white this fall.

Raey double-breasted suit jacket made of wool

Little Liffner Tall Tulip tote made of leather with a lizard effect

Faithfull The Brand Alwin wide leg linen trousers

Paris Texas 60mm stiletto knee boots in embossed calfskin

Photographed by Søren Jepsen

Two tones

Play the black and white pairing with pieces that combine the two for you.

Frame the oversized shirt

Ganni midi skirt made of leather with topstitching

GHBass Whitney Super Lug Weejuns Penny Loafers

House of Dagmar Mazzy oversized sweater with stripes

Photographed by Søren Jepsen

Denim addition

blue Jeans are also neutral in our book.

Frankie Shop Noa top made of synthetic leather

Madewell Pearson high neck sweater

Khaite the Daria stretch jeans

Prada Saffiano leather belt

Pizza Folks, a NYC-Model Store Simply Debuted in DTLA – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Danny Boy’s famous original opened on August 5th; the restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Find it in Halo at 330 S. Hope Street
  • Cheese, pepperoni, meatballs and other pizzas are available in pieces; vegan and gluten-free options are also available

If you’ve fond memories of a trip to New York City, include that last-minute ticket to the matinee of the hot-and-hot Broadway musical, a leafy fall stroll through Central Park, and a foray into the medieval art collection at The Met .

And the memory of the large disc that you devoured with a corrugated paper plate in front of a pizzeria with fast counter service?

It is appetizingly anchored in your Food Memories Hall of Fame, as it should be.

If you’ve been craving a counter-service-style piece for some time, a craving basically familiar to any well-gravy, beautifully topped, ultra-cheesy cake connoisseur, here is some good news: Danny Boy’s famous original, a store full of “New York nostalgia” just opened in DTLA.

The famous Danny Boy’s original is directed by Chef Daniel Holzman, a pizza connoisseur who got his culinary start at Le Bernardin (yes, the Michelin-starred NYC gem) when he was only 15 years old through the Disc.

Types of pizza include a classic cheese, a pepperoni (natural), meatballs, Greek salad, and a Sicilian slice that is gluten-free. You can create your own cake if that’s what you want, or try a traditional cheese-sticky sandwich like a meatball parmelade.

Garlic knots, Caesar salad, and Italian ice cream are also on the pizza addition.

“As a classically trained chef, I approach pizza with awe. Pizza is not a fast food, but one of America’s most important dishes – founded The Meatball Shop in New York City and worked in renowned restaurants on both coasts.

“I looked for masters all over the country, learned history, and tried thousands of cakes. I’ve interviewed oven builders, traveled to tomato farms, tried grain from countless flour mills and experimented with the perfect cheese mix. And served hundreds of different recipes to friends and family … I finally got a damn good pizza. “

“LA is home to some of the best pizza in the world. I’m proud to be part of the community and strive every day to bake the best cake I can.”

This pizza is served in a shop that takes its no-frills inspiration and authentic feel from a shop Chef Holzman visited with his father as a kid, adding another layer of love to the new venture.

Keep in mind that Danny Boy’s will only be open Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm for the time being, but hours and days will bubble and expand, much like a pizza getting hot in an oven.

Your best choice while you are busy dreaming about sinking your teeth in a sensational disk?

Check out the Instagram for Danny Boy’s Famous Original for updates, information and lots of perfect pizza pictures.

The Mys Tyler App Helps You Get Outfit and Type Inspo From Ladies With a Related Construct, Then Store Their Appears to be like

Have you ever bought an item of clothing based on a photo of a model only to find that it just doesn’t fit you? It’s hard to guess whether something looks good on you or not based on how it looks on another body, especially if it’s shaped differently than yours. Mys Tyler – a new online shopping and body positivity app – wants to change that.

“Until now, women had to imagine what clothes would look like themselves only to try them on with a shockingly low success rate,” says founder and CEO Sarah Neill in a statement.

She was living in New York when she came up with the idea for Mys Tyler in 2014. Last year she quit her job and returned to Sydney to finally launch the app with the aim of helping women make informed shopping decisions and create an inclusive fashion community. The app has already been downloaded over 83,000 times in 100 countries.

It works by connecting users with women of similar size, fit, proportions, and overall appearance so that they can be inspired by the style and purchase the same flattering items for themselves.

A body quiz asks for personal details like height, age, typical dress and bra size, and even skin tone, and a fit algorithm uses the data to compare you to others who share your characteristics and physique.

You can then “follow” women whose style you like and enjoy a personalized feed of outfit suggestions from women who look like you. Use it for simple inspiration – “maybe I should try flowing dresses too” – or to buy the exact same piece thanks to a direct buy feature that connects you directly to stores and retailers.

You can also sign up as a contributor, post outfits with captions, part information and styling tips, and links to individual items that are still available online – and you can even earn commissions on your suggestions.

“There are millions of women around the world who look like you, love to shop, and know what clothes are best for your body,” says Neill. “We’ll help you find it.”

Research shows that 91 percent of women order the clothes online, are dissatisfied with the fit of their purchases and round Third of online purchases be returned (poor fit is the main culprit).

While Mys Tyler’s main concerns are body positivity, self-confidence, and inclusivity, it also helps the environment by minimizing the waste and carbon footprint that comes with all of these returns.

Mys Tyler is available on the Appstore and Google play.

Saturday leisure for Store the ‘Dale – Canceled resulting from climate | Occasion Calendar

Scarsdale-based Pamela Sklar and her band Intuition Quartet will play for Shop the ‘Dale weekend entertainment on Saturday May 29th at 12:00 noon.

The Intuition Quartet presents improvised solos from gentle to fearless from flute and harmonica and plays vocals and instrumentals from originals, blues, bossa nova, light jazz, R&B and pop.

Intuition members are Sklar, Flute; Hope Berkeley, harmonica; Irene Maher, guitar / lead vocals and Joan Indig, bass / lead vocals, combine their different styles of Chicago blues, rock, classical, jazz, pop and folk into a dynamic and inspired collaboration.

Previously recorded and known as The Blues Mothers, individual members have won an Original Song Award from Billboard Magazine, featured original music in the top ten on Women of Substance Radio, performed with many well-known artists and toured internationally and named “Best of 2012 Indie Artist” from WOS Radio.

Supervisor claims he helped NY sub store proprietor kill employee over cash dispute

The manager of the sandwich shop in New York state confessed to helping his former boss kill a colleague over a money dispute in 2019.

James Duffy, 35, pleaded guilty to second degree murder last month and is expected to testify against former shopkeeper Giorgios Kakavelos, 52, in a trial for which opening statements are available on Wednesday.

Duffy told authorities he worked with Kakavelos to kill 22-year-old Allyzibeth Lamont on October 28, 2019. Then he helped hide her body and dispose of evidence like the baseball bat he used in the crime.

Kakavelos allegedly owed Lamont money for working at his Johnstown restaurant, the local number 9 substation. Instead of paying her, he hired Duffy, and the two of them planned their murder over three days, according to Duffy reported by the Daily Gazette.

But Kakavelos maintains his innocence and his lawyer said the police played Duffy “like a violin” during the questioning. Duffy admitted smoking crack and drank alcohol in the days leading up to the murder, and he killed Lamont in his own dispute over cash she owed him, said Kakavelos’ attorney Kevin O’Brien.

“Mister. Kakavelos entered a bloody, just terrible scene and Duffy threatened him and his family if he didn’t help get rid of the body,” O’Brien told The Post. Kakaevlos had a wife and children and owed Lamont no money, he said.

“Like a kid, Duffy gave in and tried to get someone else to do it,” he added. “If the government wants to use a drunken crackhead as the main witness, that’s fine with me.”

Duffy’s attorney could not be reached on Tuesday.

Duffy said the night of the murder he attacked Lamont with a bat, while Kakavelos helped with a garbage bag, according to the Gazette. Duffy then used a hammer and choked her, said Duffy’s testimony.

According to Georgios Kakavelos' attorney Kevin O'Brien, James Duffy allegedly killed Allyzibeth Lamont over cash she owed him
According to Georgios Kakavelos’ attorney Kevin O’Brien, James Duffy allegedly killed Allyzibeth Lamont over cash she owed him

The two allegedly buried Lamont’s body after midnight in Malta in a shallow grave covered with cement, manure and sticks.

In the days leading up to the murder, Kakavelos was charged with reloading supplies such as duct tape, bleach, and laundry detergent quoted by the Leader-Herald. He also paid Duffy $ 1,600 for three days, the newspaper said.

O’Brien said the items mentioned in the indictment were bought for routine maintenance at Kakavelos’ store but were used for cleanup because he was “afraid” of what Duffy would do if the shopkeeper didn’t help.

After Lamont’s disappearance, the two disposed of evidence and Kakavelos had the trunk of his Volkswagen Passat relined, cleaned and deodorized, according to the Leader-Herald.

Duffy and Kakavelos were arrested within days of Lamont’s disappearance, and Duffy led police officers to their body, reports say. On their first charges, they faced life in prison without parole.

Duffy’s April 30 plea came in return for a life sentence of 18 years. Fox 23 reported.

Spokane Valley RV type store catches fireplace

May 5, 2021, 11:30 p.m.

Matthew Kincanon

Posted: May 5, 2021 11:30 PM

Updated: May 5, 2021 at 11:36 pm

The RV shop

SPOKANE VALLEY, Washington. – The Spokane Valley Fire Department responded to a structural fire at 1129 N. Flora on Wednesday evening.

The fire was in a freestanding RV style shop and the crews were able to put it out. A second fire engine contained a small grass fire that spread to neighboring properties.

The house also showed heat damage from radiation.

The property appeared to be empty and a quick search of the house revealed no mortal danger in the main buildings. The store was not searched due to extensive damage and structural breakdowns.

No injuries have been reported and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Roman-style pizzeria, ice cream store to open in Shelby Park

A new pizza place and ice cream parlor are in the works on the corner of Oak and Shelby Streets. The two new concepts – Square Cut Pizza and Sugar Room – come from Emil and Liz David, the owners of the Hot Buns Food Truck in Louisville. They are expected to open in the former Scarlet’s Bakery at 741 E. Oak St. early this summer. Chef Emil David told me that he and his wife visited Louisville for a wedding for the first time in 2016. At the time he was working as a chef at one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants, but he quickly fell in love with the bluegrass state. He told his wife that they would be back one day, and the couple finally moved here in 2019, David said he immediately set off to open his own restaurant concept in Louisville. But then the real estate market was too hot and he couldn’t find the right property. While they were searching, the Davids launched the Hot Buns Food Truck, a Bao-Bun-centered concept that was relatively new to the area, so they could keep exploring various communities in Louisville. The food truck business has had quick wins since its first year in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, David said. More than a year (and a pandemic) later, the two said they found the right place to make a permanent footprint in Shelby Park’s Square Cut Pizza, which is in the 4,500-square-foot former bakery, is owned by the place influenced where David cut his teeth in the culinary world: Italy. Roman style pizza is cut into squares (hence the name) and is a different type of thin crust compared to Neapolitan pizza. David explained that it is crispy on the top and bottom, and has an airy center. The pizzeria will also have a salumeria, which means it will also function as an Italian charcuterie shop. David said there will be an open plan kitchen, bar and outdoor dining area for 40 to 50 people with an additional 8 to 10 seats outside. In the meantime, the Sugar Room will be located in a former garage / storage room on the same property. Click here to learn more about Louisville Business First’s new businesses.

A new pizza place and ice cream parlor are in the works on the corner of Oak and Shelby Streets.

The two new concepts – Square Cut Pizza and Sugar Room – come from Emil and Liz David, the owners of the Hot Buns Food Truck in Louisville. They are expected to open in the former Scarlet’s Bakery at 741 E. Oak St. early this summer.

Chef Emil David told me that he and his wife were visiting Louisville for a wedding for the first time in 2016. At the time, he was working as a chef at one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants, but quickly fell in love with the bluegrass state.

He told his wife that they would be back one day, and the couple finally moved here in 2019.

With an extensive background in the restaurant industry, David said he immediately set about opening his own stationary restaurant concept in Louisville. But then the real estate market was too hot and he couldn’t find the right property.

During the search, the Davids launched the Hot Buns Food Truck, a Bao-Bun-centered concept that was relatively new to the area, so they could keep exploring various communities in Louisville. The food truck business has had quick wins since its first year in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, David said.

More than a year (and a pandemic) later, the couple say they found the right place to create a permanent footprint in Shelby Park.

Located in the 4,500-square-foot former bakery, Square Cut Pizza is influenced by the place where David cut his teeth in the culinary world: Italy.

Roman style pizza is cut into squares (hence the name) and is a different type of thin crust than Neapolitan pizza. David explained that it is crispy on top and bottom with an airy center.

The pizzeria will also host a salumeria, which means it will also function as an Italian charcuterie shop. David said there will be an open plan kitchen, bar and outdoor seating area for 40 to 50 people with an additional 8 to 10 seats outdoors.

In the meantime, Sugar Room will be located in a former garage / storage area on the same property.

Click here to learn more about the new Louisville Business First companies.