Duran Duran recall how their model shifted after punk “acquired a bit uninteresting”

Duran Duran remembered how their style and musical focus shifted after punk got “a little boring” for them.

In a new interview, front man Simon Le Bon spoke about how the band once found the rebellious genre exciting but got boring after a while.

“Punk influenced our style of music, the way we dress; it had a massive lyrical influence on me – the greatest lyrical influence on me was Patti Smith. The album ‘Horses’ was a punk rock album, ”said Le Bon Fashion.

He continued, “But then something happened between us and punk: It went into a somewhat stricter style where everyone wore black and the album covers were one color. It all got a bit boring.

“And as teenagers, after six months, we were ready for the next one, you see? There was a collective consciousness: there were shops in Birmingham like the Oasis where color had suddenly become fashionable again. And as you know, I showed up in pink leopard skin pants. “

Duran Duran. CREDIT: Getty Images

In the meantime, Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor announced earlier this week that the band was planning a biopic.

Speak with The sunTaylor said the band had looked at numerous scripts for a potential film and expected something to materialize “in the next few years”.

“It’s something that is being debated,” Taylor said of a biopic. “It is discussed and we have put forward different scripts and ideas.

“We haven’t quite made up our minds on the right one yet. But there are things in development so we’ll see where they go. We’d love to do something like that and I think something will happen in the next few years. “

Elsewhere, Simon Le Bon has called for streaming services to reform their payment models so that emerging artists get a bigger share.

The new wave icon warned that a “hole” could arise in the next generation of artists if musicians do not receive a higher rate per stream.

Duran Duran has released her new album ‘Future past’ last week (October 22nd). It offers collaborations and production pairings with Tove Lo, Ivory doll, CHAI, Giorgio Moroder, Erol alkane and Blur‘S Graham Coxon.

From auto mechanic to cash adviser: How one monetary planner shifted into a brand new gear

At 15, Dan Murphy took a job in a body shop. For almost a decade he worked as a mechanic with no long-term career plan. Within a few years he was married and had two children. It was then that he realized: “I don’t want to be a mechanic for the rest of my life.”

Ambitious by nature, Murphy attended engineering school to improve his body repair skills. He also qualified for special training in repairing Toyota and BMW vehicles.

But at 23, Murphy made a life-changing decision to reinvent himself as a financial planner. In high school, he had enjoyed a stock picking game that a teacher used to introduce students to the stock market. After receiving an inheritance at 18, he enjoyed researching how to invest it.

“I made a commitment,” said Murphy, now an independent consultant in Shoreview, Minn. “I thought, ‘I’ll do that at all costs.'”

Murphy spent the next four years studying personal finance and improving his sales skills. To improve his résumé, he quit working as a mechanic and took a job as a sales manager at a tool dealer.

Meanwhile, he listened to motivational speaker Zig Ziglar’s tapes to learn how to think and act like a top salesman. “You can have anything in life that you want, if you only help enough other people to get what they want,” explained Ziglar. Murphy loved that.

However, despite his positive attitude, Murphy ran into roadblocks. At a major investment firm, the hiring manager heard Murphy’s story, giggled, and showed him the door. He applied unsuccessfully for a few other financial planning jobs. “I’ve spent four years hoping and praying that someone would give me a chance,” Murphy said. “And when someone did it, it changed my life completely.”

Murphy’s entry into the business took place in stages. In his first interview at an Ameriprise Financial branch, the interviewer asked, “How many people do you know who have to invest $ 50,000?” And “How many people do you know who have to invest $ 5,000 a month?”

“I have no high net worth friends,” Murphy replied.

The Ameriprise interviewer suggested applying to the company’s call center that served high net worth clients. During that interview, Murphy was asked experiential questions such as, “Tell me about a time you managed a portfolio.”

“I couldn’t answer those questions because I didn’t have this experience,” Murphy said. “But before I left, I got honest. I said, ‘Look, I don’t have the background that you want. But I’m the kind of person you want If you are looking for someone who surpasses everyone else, then this is me. “

He got the job. It paid $ 30,000 a year plus commission.

For the next six years, Murphy took customer calls and helped resolve their financial concerns. Eventually he moved to an independent broker-dealer and then joined an RIA firm. He is in the process of starting his own company Greater Good Financial, of which he donates 20% of sales to charitable organizations.

“That’s my way of saying, ‘I’m not in for the money,'” he said. “I hope to build trust this way. And I choose charities that give others the opportunity to invest in themselves, as I’ve been looking for in the four years I’ve tried to get into the industry. ”

While Murphy has earned two job titles (Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor), ideally he would like to add the most popular one: Certified Financial Planner. But he cannot because the CFP Board of Directors requires a bachelor’s degree or higher to be awarded the title.

“I’ve lost occasionally [a prospect] who asks if I am a CFP, ”he said. “I say no because I don’t have a college degree. I understand the need for a box that people can fit in. But I would change the CFP rules to make them more experience-based. “

In his early years at Ameriprise, Murphy saw many young consultants fail. As fresh college graduates, they thought they’d learn the ropes and make $ 80,000 or more.

“I’ve seen so many of them fail,” Murphy said. “They had financial degrees and some had an MBA. But it’s tough business. It’s a lot of stress. And it really is a sales job. It takes human skills to be successful. “

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Cash for police coaching facility shifted to mental-health hospital in Prince George’s

The establishment at Lanham’s Doctors Community Medical Center will be a step towards eliminating long-standing disparities in access to psychiatric and behavioral health care across the county, Alsobrooks told a news conference.

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“In many cases we ask the police to carry out work for which they are not equipped or trained,” said Alsobrooks. “We will treat people with the dignity they deserve in facilities where they can actually be healed.”

Prince George’s, a Washington suburb of 909,000 residents, has only two acute inpatient psychiatric wards and far fewer per capita mental health providers than its neighbors, according to a recent assessment of the needs of the community prepared by the district government. The mostly black suburb also has fewer doctors and hospital beds per capita, according to information Status data.

More than half of Prince Georgians who were hospitalized for psychiatric care in 2019 had to leave the county to do so, officials said on Monday. Ernest L. Carter, the county health officer, said the construction of the new facility at Doctors marks the beginning of an era where more residents “can get help here in Prince George’s County.”

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“This is a great first step in creating a robust utility network,” said Carter. “We have to make it easier for every Prince Georgian to receive medical care where he lives.”

The first floor of the Lanham Mental Health facility is primarily dedicated to outpatient services, including a substance use disorder treatment program and a behavioral health clinic. An inpatient psychiatric ward with 16 beds would be housed on the second floor.

Earlier this month, Luminis Health, the parent company for physicians, filed an application with the Maryland Health Care Commission for a certificate of need for the second-floor unit, which must approve applications for the addition of new inpatient beds.

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This application is pending and the process may take years in some cases, as was the case with a new regional hospital in Largo that should be opened in June. Alsobrooks asked the state commission to approve the certificate of need, calling it “an urgent matter”.

“There have been structural health disparities in Prince George’s County for the past few decades and these should now be addressed,” she said, adding that Effects of the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the health needs and the relative lack of health infrastructure in the county.

The opening of the first floor of the facility is planned for December.

Alsobrooks said the diversion of funds from the police training facility to building the behavioral health facility reflected the community’s priorities. Prince George’s County Council approved the reassignment.

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A public safety facility is yet to be built, including an academy to train firefighters, said Alsobrook’s spokeswoman Gina Ford. The diversion, however, means no building is dedicated to police training. For now, the police will continue their training at headquarters.

As the county’s top prosecutor from 2010 to 2018, Alsobrooks said she learned that 70 percent of those arrested in Prince George were drunk and about 33 percent of prison inmates are taking medication for mental illness.

Deneen Richmond, president of Doctors, said the need for mental health services has “grown incredibly” since the pandemic began, and many people may not get the care they need.

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District council member Dannielle M. Glaros (D District 3), whose district the hospital is a part of and which has focused on tackling healthcare disparities, said she had been struggling for weeks to get an appointment with a local behavioral counselor for her daughter Girl needed help during the pandemic.

“Now she has a regular advisor, but not everyone can access it,” said Glaros. “We have urgent care and outpatient facilities for children and adults here. . . will really make sure people know they can get help. “

She and Richmond were among those who joined Alsobrooks for the groundbreaking ceremony, wearing hard hats and shoveling dirt to mark the start of construction.

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Luminis executives said the new facility will create about 100 new jobs, including for psychiatrists and nurses and behavioral therapists.