Brooke Shields would not have a holy grail magnificence product | Leisure

Brooke Shields doesn’t swear by a beauty product.

The 55-year-old actress prefers to have lotions and potions in her skin care routine that keep her skin clean and hydrated rather than just having a Holy Grail product.

When asked what her essential beauty product is, she said to Byrdie, “Cleanliness. As long as I keep my skin clean and hydrated. Honestly, I don’t swear by any particular thing. Really, it’s anything that isn’t chemical.” something that is super moisturizing. But the main thing is to keep myself hydrated. I’ve noticed that the elasticity that comes with hydration is really what I need.

“While I love vitamin C, I’ve found that products with vitamin C really help keep the dullness off of my skin and refresh it. It doesn’t matter to the brand as I don’t have a favorite yet. I only got it recently discovered. “

However, the “Chalet Girl” star admitted she refuses to live without moisturizer after her mother cemented the importance of healthy skin on her from a young age.

She explained, “Honestly, it’s so boring, but it’s all about moisture. It’s a lot easier to apply makeup to a damp, supple face or skin. The drier or dehydrated I am, the older I look and I really need to be careful not to just hydrate from the inside but also the outside. I grew up with my mom and said, ‘Moisture, moisture, moisture.’ “

Brooke, who has Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, with husband Chris Henchy, is more likely to opt for thicker moisturizers, which make her skin feel so creamy that her kids don’t like to touch her face.

She continued, “I like thicker, richer creams because I feel better mentally. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like the feel of my skin. My kids will say they don’t want to kiss me because I feel too much Got stuff on my face. “

Brooke Shields: My fame made college arduous | Leisure

Brooke Shields had to win over her classmates because of her career in Hollywood.

The 55-year-old actress was only 12 when her groundbreaking lead role in “Pretty Baby” hit the big screen in 1978 while she starred in “The Blue Lagoon” just two years later, and her dazzling teenage life meant other kids took some time to warm up.

As she appeared on the Tea With Twiggy podcast, she said, “Ninth grade was tough, just as it was tough being a freshman … I went to high school and had just done Blue Lagoon or something They weren’t afraid to get up at lunch when I sat down in unison to move around en masse … Then they get bored when they’re difficult or caring.

“Then we started studying together, or if I did well on a test, I showed them that I didn’t get any special treatment.”

She revealed how the turning point came when her mother, Tina Shields, threw a “whole class” roller skating party, which was a wake-up call for the other kids.

She explained, “The kids I thought were so cool, but what they saw when we were at this event was how much I had to work.

“So they all dance and I have to take pictures and do soundbites.

“And then I got to dance with them, but I think they saw that I wasn’t stuck. I didn’t think I was better than them.”

“And then I had to do this math test on Monday. It evened out!”

Meanwhile, Shields has also pointed out the difference between her personal life with actress and model mom Tina and her father Francis, who was a businessman.

The couple split when Brooke was only five months old, but she said, “So I had this seemingly fabulous life with my mother, but it was a whole different world with my father.

“My dad never saw my films, he didn’t see anything I did, they didn’t acknowledge that I was an actress or that I was famous or anything.

“It sounds tough, but it actually balanced everything.”