Woodhaven enterprise raises cash for household after mom dies shielding sons from automobile crash

WOODHAVEN, me. – Friends and family gathered Sunday to honor Hillarie Galazka, a 29-year-old mother who lost her life to protect her sons.

Her family said she was killed in a crash to shield her twins I-96, Near Davison.

Woodhaven Nails & Spa held a fundraiser on Sunday for Galazka’s three children. The owners said they saw the story and knew they had to do something.

“She was lighting a room when she went into a room. She gave a lot and cared, ”said Jodie Kelley, Galazka’s mother. “It’s like a shock to me, it’s like a bad dream.”

The tragic accident happened on March 1st. Galazka was walking the I-96 ramp off Davison Freeway with her children when their tiny car was crushed by an SUV.


In the past two weeks, her mother has come to terms with her untimely death.

“Her body was thrown against the front of the vehicle. She went sideways where the twins went, ”Kelley said.

Galazka’s last move was to save her 5-year-old twins, Owen and Hunter, in the back seat by using their bodies as a shield.

Just before the impact, she asked her children to lower their heads to protect them.

“They were micro-premieres,” said Kelley. “As a single mother, my daughter has always done everything to ensure that her well-being was very well looked after.”

The hardest part was explaining to them what happened to their mother.

“We tell them that she is in heaven with God, and that’s where all humans go,” said Kelley.

All earnings on Woodhaven Nail & Spa Sunday will be matched and donated to Galakza’s children. It’s the first time they open their doors on a Sunday.


The owners said that while they didn’t know them personally, the fundraiser is the least they could do.

“These little boys saw their mother die before them. She shielded that of her little boy so they can survive, ”said owner Jade Pham. “My little girl, she is so small. What if this was my little girl? It’s not a lot, but if we bring everyone together I think we can make a great donation and it can really help them. “

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