New arts present raises cash for Shelby County Animal Shelter | Neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A new festival was held in Shelbyville this weekend to raise money for pets in need.

The Shelbyville Fall Art and Craft Show featured more than 80 vendors, food trucks, a petting zoo, and face painting over Labor Day weekend.

ArtSpark Productions’ Sherry Kremer says the first-time event was so successful that some vendors ran out of products on the first day.

Kremer used to work in tourism and wanted to develop a show that promotes regional companies – but not only regional companies benefited from the show.

“I wanted to create an event that would help the vendors, artisans and artists, and also benefit a local charity, so we chose Shelby County Animal Rescue,” said Kremer.

A number of raffles and promotions were also offered during the weekend to raise funds for the shelter.

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Native 9 year-old offers lemonade stand cash to animal shelter

FULTON COUNTY, NY (NEWS 10) – A local girl is doing something for her community and raising money for a sweet cause to help shelter dogs.

Nine-year-old Kaira Dupuy decided to open a lemonade stand in her mother’s flea market over the weekend and sell lemonade and biscuits for 50 cents.

“Someone came to my booth and said there is $ 2 here and you can have it for anything you donate,” said Dupuy. “You don’t have to give me lemonade or cookies.”

An idea emerged from this simple conversation. Dupuy immediately knew what to do with the money she had earned.

“I have a dog at home that came from an Alabama killing shelter,” said Dupuy. “And they sent him here and I adopted him and just felt like I wanted to help all the other animals.”

Dupuy decided that all of the proceeds would go to the Fulton County’s regional SPCA. Her mother published a Facebook post about it and soon there was money coming in for this sweet thing.

They sold out within a few hours and ran twice to the store to get more supplies of lemonade. In the end, she raised $ 212.

Tonight, Kaira donated all of the money to the shelter and donated a large bag of dog food and toys to help dogs that still need a good home.

“What Kaira did today is super, super special. I will cry! But that was very nice because we really love our dogs and we want to take care of them and we can only do that with the generosity of people like Kaira, ”said Toni, who works at Fulton County’s regional SPCA.

Kaira said she was happy to know she was changing the lives of the local dogs.

“I will start almost every year now so that I can help more animals.”

A Camper With a View, the Panorama Shelter Blends With Type in Dutch Landscapes

The Panorama Shelter is a special type of teardrop camper with a design that aims to blend the inside with the outside. It is a Dutch concept that was developed to travel around the Netherlands and showcase its landscapes.

This bespoke shelter is the collaboration of Kip Caravans, a Dutch caravan manufacturer, and six other partners, including the Dutch Bureau for Tourism and Conventions (NBTC). It is part of a program called Ode to the Landscape, which aims to promote tourism in the Netherlandsthrough a series of events and excursions that will take place throughout the year.

The Panorama Shelter is a more artistic and improved version of the Shelter Camper by Kip. The original camper is the company’s smallest trailer, measuring 4.5 m and weighing 560 kg. The trailer has a very open design with windows on top and on both sides. But this new version received even larger panoramic windows and their number was also increased in order to make traveler feel as close as possible to the nature that surrounds you.

There is a tall window on the front door, large windows on the right and left that cover most of the side walls, and a pop-top roof with cotton cloth. They are all thermally insulated to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature in summer and to maintain warmth in winter.

The Panorama Shelter is spacious and fully equipped. It has a kitchen with a fridge, a spacious sofa bed with a 2 m long bed and a mobile toilet box. The sink has a faucet that works for outside showers. There is a built-in 240V power supply and an induction hob that you can use to prepare your meals indoors or outdoors.

Unfortunately that is Panorama protection was specially developed for the “Ode to the Landscape” program, so it will not be offered for sale. Hopefully Kip Caravans will consider adding the model to their range, but for now you can still choose between the other models available on their website.

Emergency meals and shelter cash awarded to 4 native W.Va. counties

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) – Federal funding was awarded to counties in West Virginia by the Department of Homeland Security.

The local board is mandated to distribute funds provided by Congress to expand the capacity of food and conservation programs in high-need areas across the county.

The following counties were most recently selected for funding to complement emergency food and shelter programs:

Marion County: $ 26,356

Taylor County: $ 7,068

Tucker County: $ 2,000

Randolph County: $ 13,879

Agencies wishing to apply should visit the United Way website at All applications are due by Wednesday, February 3, 5 p.m. Agencies don’t have to be a United Way agency to apply.

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