‘Basic’ Kate Middleton channelling Princess Diana’s ‘fairy-tale’ type – ‘a disgrace’

Kate Middleton channeled Princess Diana’s style several times until she donned almost identical outfits to her Diana’s. Princess of Wales, already worn once. But is the Duchess of Cambridge trying to deliberately emulate her style?

Fashion designer Melita Latham told Express.co.uk that the two styles are completely different and that while “anyone can recreate Kate’s ensemble,” Princess Diana’s “presence” is impossible to imitate.

Melita said Diana “certainly had a style of her own. From her first unexpected appearance in the spotlight, she had a particular style that shone almost as much as her beauty. “

“She could have come to any engagement in an old sack and would have put those present in awe.

“Wearing khaki pants and a white blouse (and armor to protect them) while inspecting minefields is a moment few will forget, but just as few would be able to make a similar impression,” explained the fashion expert.

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“Seldom does this beauty, charm, presence and style come into their own as perfectly as with Diana.

“A truly groundbreaking personality in terms of what she achieved as a princess and mother, but also in her death, modernized (almost destroyed) the royal family almost overnight all by herself.

“Quite remarkable,” she concluded.

Commenting on Kate’s style, Melita commented: “Kate is a classically beautiful woman, a loving mother and an admirable member of the royal family. Her flair for clothing is classic and suits all occasions, which is obviously aided by her remarkable figure and beauty.


“If Kate had made such an impression in the white blouse, I seriously doubt,” said the fashion expert.

“Of course Kate is everything a princess is, and one day it should be a queen, there can be no doubt about that.

“Our first really beautiful princess (how princesses are supposed to be in fairy tales) was Diana. She was the model T.

“Of course, 40 years later, Kate is no less a princess, and anyone can recreate her ensemble in today’s fashion market,” she explained.

“If you can imagine them together as people of the same age today, it is difficult to choose what is more beautiful. However, it is not at all difficult to see what is most present at the moment, ”said Melita.

But is Kate trying to restore that “presence”?

The fashion designer doesn’t think it’s even possible to recreate Diana’s essence.

“I doubt Kate is trying to emulate Diana, if so it would be a shame.

“She has a style of her own that is clearly influenced by her own family. It simply cannot compensate for the “first”, the “prototype” effect.

“If you saw an automobile for the first time in a country of horse-drawn carriages, you will remember that moment.

“In today’s world of cars, however, you have to remember which is which.

“In today’s celebrity-hungry media society, there are a lot of princesses, royal or not, and I’m afraid that’s where Kate lives,” concluded Melita.

‘There’s extra disgrace in speaking about cash than intercourse’

Der tootin ‘.

“It’s more shameful to talk about money than sex,” claims Laura Dern.

Dern – whose “Big Little Lies” character Renata Klein Once said: “I will not be rich” – adds: “I cannot believe that no one has ever told me money. Nobody talked about it. Should you get a checking account? How do you save? Who do you talk to about it? “

Dern, 54, also loves that Renata’s line has become one of the series’ most iconic moments.

“I hope every woman says so,” she said during a Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live! Chat with Vanity Fair’s Editor-in-Chief Radhika Jones.

“Little did I know it would resonate that way, and if it was a line that I ever said could resonate, I’m thrilled that it is because it’s obviously multilayered, and it’s not just about Finance goes. But how nice that women talk about money. “

The Oscar-winning actress, who began performing as a teenager, jokingly apologized for performing with her daughter Jaya TikTok videosand stated that her 16-year-old “would have killed me if I hadn’t given her at least a couple of TikToks. She asks me to do a TikTok most days so I try to speed myself up. “

And the “wild” actress called filming “Jurassic World: Dominion” during the COVID-19 pandemic “a very complicated and daunting consideration – going back to work at such a crucial and frightening moment and not wearing PPE at work to be able to act as an actor. “

The Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live! is a virtual charity event in support of the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s COVID-19 relief efforts.