Kylie Jenner Turns Up Her Attractive Maternity Type With This Crimson Skintight Bodysuit

New York Fashion Week may be over, but Kylie Jenner is not easing off skin-tight maternity wear.

On Thursday, October 7th, the model and beauty mogul posted her latest outfit Instagram: a scarlet Richard Quinn one-piece from head to toe. She showed off her baby bump in a spandex catsuit with matching gloves, stilettos and a knee-length belted coat. Jenner also posed with another red accessory: a flower-strewn handbag. She has labeled the pictures accordingly: “❤️?.”

The monochrome, skin-tight catsuit looks inspired by Kim Kardashian’s fancy Met Gala after-party outfit:

It’s not the first time Jenner has been taken Maternity wear inspo from her sister, either. On September 9th, Jenner was spotted in Midtown Manhattan wearing a sheer lace jumpsuit with an oversized black coat and a pair of black pumps. Kim Kardashian wore a very similar outfit when she was pregnant with Saint West in 2015. The two even had matching, elegant updos!

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Jill Dillard Flaunts More and more Attractive And Slim Fashion

Jill Dillard certainly seems a long way off on Instagram when it comes to dressing up like her dad and getting sloppy, urges Jim Bob Duggar. Today she celebrates her freedom and independence by becoming increasingly “normal” when it comes to dress codes. While TLC fans know Counting On Alaun has some issues with their parents, they appreciate that Derick supports them.

Jill Dillard recently started modeling swimsuits on Instagram

While the swimsuits that Derick’s wife models may seem modest by most standards, they are out of line by Jim Bob’s standards. In fact, he could have a fit checking out what she’s doing on her Instagram these days. We reported that she shared six new photos of herself in her new swimwear on May 12th. It looks like she’s heading to public beaches from her backyard photoshoot this summer. This news came through her Instagram stories.

‘Stunner’ Jill Dillard shares photos while modeling new swimsuits

Jill Dillard might get some modeling tips and ideas from her cousin Amy. Remember, their parents never raised them under the strict restrictions that Jim Bob Duggar places on his family. She also runs her own boutique in Arkansas. Fans know from Jill on Instagram that she finds Support from Amy and other friends in their community during the time of Josh Duggar’s arrest. She’s probably pretty relieved right now that she’s on the verge of the whole Counting On family drama.

Attractive, slim and sexy

TLC alum Jill Dillard models more than swimsuits and increasingly shows them to be wearing attractive dresses and skirts with a short hem. That could actually give her father several apoplectic fits. Fans are there for this as she and her husband are increasingly gaining favor. They admire that the once abused daughter no longer tolerates what Josh did with his abuse scandal. Plus, they like how she’s comfortable now without the horribly long skirts and leggings she grew up with.

Jill Dillard could make a statement to her father by dressing sexy and slimmer than before. However, fans also know that it takes years for people to deviate from their family habits. Shaking off the past and discovering new styles will likely take a lot of courage for the Duggar daughter.

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What do you think of Jill, who apparently disregards all of Jim Bob Duggar’s rules about traditional clothing? What do you think about the fact that these days she is getting more and more stylish and sexy when choosing her outfits? Mute the sound in the comments below.

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Baseball Celebrity Jose Canseco and 2024 Presidential Candidate Go Mobster Rockstar Model with CORE “Save Me” …Huge Manufacturing, Stylish, Attractive, Nudity?

THE ANGEL, March 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Silverstone Records today USA releases the new music video of the Billboard chart hit Rock Band, CORE with “Save Me” and it already falls on the high-end production and some of the characters who star in this video. Best-selling author, reality star, boxer, and baseball legend Jose Canseco, and the very first official 2024 presidential candidate, James Bills of TexasBoth appear in this very sexy new short film and music video out today on VEVO and Networks.

CORE 2021 radio and network promoshot

2024 Presidential candidate James Bills and baseball star Jose Canseco on the set of the CORE “Save Me” filming in Las Vegas.

Canseco’s role, a Las Vegas gangster (as Gino Leonardo) stands out in this CORE video, and the film industry has taken note of it. The 6’5 “240-pound mega-star who was training for a boxing match to fight on pay-per-view just days after the CORE filming of” Save Me “ended, received offers to perform similar mob roles in Playing feature films After the news was picked up last week, the bills of the presidential candidates (as Lupo wins) Who is a masked servant under Canseco’s control? Bills, who is also a professional baseball coach, got along very well with the professional athlete on set and even talked about politics and the future of America. actor Brian Ramian (how Marco Mason) and supermodel actress Miss Zitlaly Cervantes (as Claudia Quintano) complement the movie roles as they play a modern day Bonnie and Clyde who, with the help of an unlikely BAND of accomplices, carry out an intricate and dangerous jewelry heist. Zitlaly’s character goes naked to get through a laser trap and complete the heist. It’s a clever yet elegant sexy scene in the video.

Shot and produced over 9 days in Las Vegas At the Plaza Hotel, CORE had a fairly large audience while filming took place on the rooftop of the Vegas landmark. The film crews were working around people in the crowded Plaza Casino on the ground floor and the same landing pad on the roof Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack ended up returning to their very private penthouse suites at the Plaza Hotel years ago.

CORE “Save Me” is directed by Bruce Haymer-Coleman, the famous MTV music video producer and director he worked with Elton John, Alice in chains, Depeche mode, INXS, Tesla, sponge, garbage, hole, better than Esra, the meat dolls, the cranberries, Gloria Estefan, The proclamants, Mellissa Etheridge, Akon, Donna Summerand many more great national label artists. Haymer-Coleman, Canseco and Bills are represented by CORE’s manager, Mike Quinn, President of Silverstone Entertainment USA The angel the parent company of Silverstone Records USA. CORE’s tour operator, Andrew Goodfriend of TKO is preparing for the CORE TOUR later this year. So find them on the go for a great live experience.

CORE’s new album WHAT I AM with “Save Me” and three other radio charting singles will be released this summer after a long wait due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the production of new albums.

CORE is a rock band with roots in Las Vegas and Austin. CORE landed their first national debut record deal with The angel based on Silverstone Records USA. The single “Save Me” is recognized and powerful. So if you love rock, those punchy drums and a classic rock star vibe in sound and showmanship, then CORE is sure to be a new favorite!

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: MightyMikeQuinn
E-mail: [email protected]
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14 Occasions Colombian Sensation Maluma Confirmed Off His Attractive Model On Instagram

Colombian music sensation Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as Maluma, started recording songs at the age of 16 and released his debut album. magic, a year later in 2012. It wasn’t until 2015 that he caught the music industry’s attention with his album Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy. Since then, Maluma has skyrocketed with multiple albums and with success many singlesto become one of the best-selling Latin American music artist With over 18 million record sales, winning a Latin Grammy Award and working with legendary artists from the Latin and pop world, including Ricky Martin, Madonna, Shakira, J Balvin, The weeknd, and more. He even does an acting and plays along Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in the upcoming film Marry me.

Maluma has consolidated his stance in the Latin American reggaeton boom, a genre of both types of music and fashion That has increased over the past few years through working with high fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga and to show that he has his own eye for design. Along with looking forward to its upcoming release and decrypting Instagram posts about possible pregnancy rumors With his new girlfriend, Maluma’s worldwide fan base follows his personal style exactly. From sleek suits to patterned shirts, the star is distinguished by his bold looks that flaunt his swagger and sex appeal.

As the singer turns 27 today, L’OFFICIEL is checking out some of the most stylish looks and hottest collaborations of recent times.