Proceed Your Fashion Streak With These Beautiful Co-Ord Units For Girls

Finding new fashion inspiration every day to dress comfortably can be quite a chore. We may have a range of basic t-shirts and denims to choose from, but when it comes to prioritizing comfort and style, Co-Ord sets are the ideal deal. Co-ord sets are an urban staple that combines convenience and versatility to be the best solution to your fashion problems. An absolute basic for almost every occasion. Whether you’re taking a flight or just lounging casually at home, a chic combo set is a great choice for any style. And to help you choose the best, we’ve put together a list of stunning co-ord sets that you can get your hands on right now.

We have hand-picked co-ord sets for you

Get your fashion game right while decorating these chic, yet comfy co-ord sets.

1.The Souled Store Co-Ord set

This chic combo set with a stunning graphic print pattern comes with a crew neck crop top and long sleeves. It is paired together with similarly patterned shorts.

Graphic printed Co-Ord set

The graphic print pattern of this combo set is perfect for adding a fun element and a fancy piece to your look.

2. Mentific Co-Ord set for women

This combo set comes in a two-tone style and consists of sweatpants and a graphically printed long-sleeved T-shirt. It is made of breathable polyester material.

Breathable Co-Ord set

The soft polyester material of the Co-Ord set makes it breathable and keeps you comfortable all day.

3. Yoonoy Ladies Co-Ord Set

This monochrome style combo set is rounded off with a cropped blazer and chic wide-leg pants to complete the look. It’s made of stretchy material that will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Monochrome Co-Ord set

Give your casual wear a stylish touch with this selection, as the monochrome pattern of this combination set is perfect to emphasize your personal style.

4. Juneberry Cotton Co-Ord Set

Made of cotton material, this co-ord set offers a monochrome style and a stunning slim fit look. It has an elastic closure for easy comfort.

(19 Ratings & 133 Reviews)

Cotton co-order set

The cotton material of this combination set will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

5. Aesthetic Body Co-Ord Set

Made from 100% cotton, this co-ord set comes in a tie-dye style and consists of a boxy crop top and sweatpants.

Tie-Dye Co-Ord set

The tie-dye pattern on this combo set is absolutely perfect for adding a touch of color to your style aesthetic.

Pulp Musicals Units Sights On The Moon With New Radio-Model Musical THE GREAT MOON HOAX

“Don’t be afraid of the dark … that’s where dreaming begins!” From the piano by Matt Dahan (Starry, The Babies, Music Director of Team Starkid) comes with PULP MUSICALS, a new radio-style music series that interweaves stories from science fiction, fantasy and myths into an incomparable audio adventure.

The first episode of Pulp Musicals is titled “The Great Moon Hoax” and is inspired by actual events when, in the summer of 1835, a troubled New York newspaper published a series of articles detailing the discovery of a thriving lunar civilization. 19th century readers believed the fantasies were wild and the moon never felt closer to earth.

The Great Moon Hoax features an all-star ensemble with: James Tolbert (National Tour: Mary Poppins, Black Friday) as Samuel Stratford, Mariah Rose Faith (National Tour: Mean Girls, Starry) as Rose Stratford, Curt Mega (Glee, Spies are Forever) as Benjamin Park and John Herschel, Natalie Llerena (Starry, Salvage) as Margaret Cavendish, Tony Gonzalez (Annabella, Diary of Atticus) as Chester Thomas, Amanda Walter (Starry) as preacher and choir, and Matt Dahan as a narrator.

The idea of ​​combining science fiction with musical theater came about in mid-2020 when Dahan witnessed his theater community adapt to a world without live venues. Artists and guests went digital, connecting in ways that were both brand new and strangely familiar. He could not shake the image of the early 20th century listeners, who gathered around radios and played radio plays while the imagination filled the scene. As a predilection for the science fiction genre and a longing to find a suitable arena for one’s passions, everything in the form of pulp musicals clicked.

“The Great Moon Hoax” is 94 minutes long and will have an operatic character (less than 5% of the episode spoken) and cinematic in your mind’s eye (songs mix together like scenes on stage, and sound effects play to make sense increase time and place). Future episodes will feature both original and adapted stories, with the protagonists traveling between other classic pulp genres.

The full original cast recording of “Great Moon Hoax” is scheduled to be released on iTunes on Friday, November 19 for $ 14.99 and will come with a full libretto. The album is currently available for pre-order, with the song “More Than This” (sung by Mariah Rose Faith and James Tolbert) is downloaded immediately upon purchase.

To honor the past, “The Great Moon Hoax” will “air” its three half-hour parts for free on YouTube – Part 1 on Monday November 15th, Part 2 on Wednesday November 17th and Part 3 on Friday November 19th . Each part premieres at 8 p.m. East / 5 p.m. Pacific and held live for four hours before being removed. Matt Dahan will be present on live chat when each part airs. For more, follow @pulpmusicals on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

Join the cast of Pulp Musicals, here at the beginning – the sky is the limit and the stars are waiting.

Stetson Wright units PRCA all-around regular-season cash report | Rodeo

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – With a payday of $ 8,860 at the Washington State Fair Pro Rodeo in Puyallup, Stetson Wright added more than just one more all-round title to his résumé.

The Milford, Utah cowboy made ProRodeo history by becoming the regular season’s top-tier all-round money maker with $ 285,135 in the saddle and bull, the PRCA reported in a weekly press release Monday. The PRCA regular season ends on September 30th.

ProRodeo legend Trevor Brazile held the record, earning $ 218,852 in the 2015 regular season standings. Brazil’s total cash was originally reported at $ 282,242, but that number was incorrect as it included the money he made in the 2015 National Finals Steer Roping, the publication explains.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” Wright said in the press release about his season. “I think I never think about the money won and never about records. I just think gold buckles. So it’s pretty great to hear that. “

Brazile, who won a PRCA record of 26 world championships and earned more than $ 7 million in career income, is an inspiration to many cowboys on the rodeo trail, including Wright.

“Having my name in the same sentence as Trevor Brazile is pretty great,” Wright said in the press release. “And breaking a record set by the 26-time world champion rate is also pretty special.”

Flushing Township units cash apart for storm cleanup

FLUSHING TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) – 8/19/21 – The Flushing Township Board of Trustees unanimously decided this week to allocate $ 30,000 for storm clearing.

The Wednesday night vote came after the area was badly hit by storms and a micro-explosion last week. They left branches and twigs that were later piled up on the curb in many parts of the city.

Flushing Township does not have a public works department. Township Supervisor Fred Thorsby said it also lacks the equipment and manpower to carry out the cleanup.

He told ABC 12 that the money for the rubble removal would have to come from the community’s general fund.

In a Facebook post, Thorsby said that a tree service would be hired to begin the cleanup on Aug. 30. The Post also said that signs would be posted at the entrance to the subdivisions on Aug. 30.

Copyright 2021 WJRT. All rights reserved.

‘Change is coming’: UN units out Paris-style plan to chop extinction charge tenfold | Biodiversity

Eliminating plastic pollution, reducing pesticide use by two thirds, halving the introduction rate of invasive species and eliminating harmful environmentally harmful government subsidies amounting to 500 billion in biodiversity loss.

The goals of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which should help stop and reverse the ecological destruction of the earth by the end of the decade, also include protecting at least 30% of the world’s oceans and land and the Providing a third of the climate crisis mitigation through nature by 2030.

The newest design the agreement based on grueling virtual scientific and financial Negotiations in May and June, is under consideration by the governments ahead of an important summit in the Chinese city of Kunming, where the final text will be negotiated.

In addition to the draft targets for 2030, the new goals for the middle of the century include a tenfold increase in the current rate of extinction, the improvement of the integrity of all ecosystems, the appreciation of nature’s contribution to humanity and the provision of the financial means to make the vision a reality.

The Guardian assumes that the summit planned for October is expected to be postponed a third time due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is now expected to take place in Kunming in the first half of 2022, subject to personal preparatory negotiations that could take place in Switzerland at the beginning of next year.

Basile van Havre, co-chair of the CBD working group responsible for drafting the agreement, said the goals were based on the very latest in science. He added that if adopted, it could mean a significant change in global agriculture.

“Change is coming [in food production], “he said.” In 10 years there will be a lot more of us and they need to be fed, so it’s not about decreasing activity levels. It’s about increasing performance and doing better for nature.

“Halving the nutrient runoff, reducing the use of pesticides by two thirds and eliminating plastic discharge: that’s great. I am sure they will raise some eyebrows as they represent significant changes, especially in agriculture. “

Last month, Van Havre warned that the time was running out for an ambitious deal in Kunming, part of a decade-long goal to live in harmony with nature by 2050.

scientist have warned that humanity is causing the sixth mass extinction in the history of the planet, fueled by excessive resource depletion and overpopulation. One million species are threatened with extinction mainly from human activities. according to the UN assessment threatening the healthy functioning of ecosystems that produce food and water.

The plan includes the goal of protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. Photo: Soumyabrata Roy / NurPhoto / REX / Shutterstock

In the latest series of 21 goals to be negotiated in Kunming, nature-based solutions such as the restoration of moors and the introduction of regenerative agriculture will contribute at least 10 GtCO2e (gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent) per year to efforts to contain the global climate crisis – about one Third of the required annual emission reductions of 32 GtCO2e, as in the Emissions gap report of the UN Environment Program 2020 – while at the same time ensuring that there are no negative effects on biodiversity.

“We wanted [the contribution of nature] into an absolute number. We don’t control what’s going on on the climate change agenda, but science tells us we can bring that into the issues, ”said Van Havre. “The challenge will be how we carry out the carbon footprint.”

Other goals include restoring freshwater and marine habitats, conserving the genetic diversity of wild and domesticated species, increasing financial flows to developing countries, improving business information disclosure about how their activities are damaging the environment, and respecting the rights of indigenous communities in decision-making about biodiversity.

Prof. Sir Robert Watson, who previously headed the United Nations Scientific Organizations on Climate and Biodiversity and held various senior positions in the UK government, NASA, the World Bank and the US government, welcomed the draft targets but cautioned that some are unrealistic and difficult to measure. Governments Failed to fully achieve the goals of curbing natural destruction for consecutive decades, including the goals for the 2010s as Aichi goals.

“Overall, the paper recognizes and deals with all key issues, as well as the 20 Aichi goals. The question is whether governments can set appropriate national targets and regulatory and legal frameworks so that other actors, particularly the private sector and financial institutions, can do their part, ”said Watson.

“I would have liked the paper to have explicitly recognized that the issues of biodiversity, climate change and land degradation had to be tackled together and that the goals, specifications and measures of the three conventions had to be developed and harmonized together.”

The goals and objectives now have to be negotiated in face-to-face meetings, where they are updated based on feedback from the national governments. Once the agreement is reached, the final agreement will be adopted by the 196 contracting parties to the CBD.

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the CBD, said, “Urgent policies are needed at the global, regional and national levels to transform economic, social and financial models in ways that change the trends that have exacerbated biodiversity loss , stabilize by 2030 and the recovery of natural ecosystems in the next 20 years, with net improvements by 2050. “

Find more Age of Extinction coverage here, and follow biodiversity reporters Phoebe Weston and Patrick Greenfield on Twitter for the latest news and features

Subsequent week units the tone for all of earnings season

CNBCs Jim Cramer on Friday looked to the start of the reporting season and focused on the quarterly reports from major banks and other companies in the food and travel industries.

The “Bad money” The host’s outlook came after Wall Street stocks rallied sharply to rebound from Thursday’s big sell-off, which helped big averages end the week higher.

“What happens next week will shape the entire winning season,” said Cramer. “If we can get some good ones, we’ll be in party mode, but a negative series of numbers from the banks and some worrying Covid stats could make for a tough season of earnings.”

Sales and earnings per share forecasts are based on FactSet estimates:

Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards

Tuesday: PepsiCo, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs win


  • Publication of results for the fourth quarter of 2021: 6 a.m. Conference call: 8:15 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 1.53
  • Expected sales: $ 17.97 billion

JPMorgan Chase

  • Earnings release for the 2nd quarter 2021: 7:00 a.m. Conference call: 8:30 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 3.16
  • Expected sales: $ 29.96 billion

“PepsiCo [will give] big numbers for us, but they also need to talk about how raw costs continue to rise, especially freight. JP Morgan should give us great numbers too, but they need to talk about trading and lending aren’t as strong as they should be, “Cramer said.

“I think both stocks are too high right now, given these two negatives,” he continued. “I would refrain from buying them before the receipts unless we get a significant withdrawal on Monday.”

Goldman Sachs

  • Publication of the results for the 2nd quarter of 2021: 7:30 a.m. Conference call: 9:30 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 10
  • Expected sales: $ 12.13 billion

“If people are concerned about trading profits … they have to worry about Goldman because much of their business is trading profits, even if corporate financial income is very high,” he said.

Wednesday: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup win

Wells Fargo

  • Earnings release for the 2nd quarter 2021: 8:00 a.m. Conference call: 11:30 a.m.
  • Forecast earnings per share: 95 cents
  • Projected sales: $ 17.77 billion

“Wells is more of a turnaround than banking history,” said Cramer. “If CEO Charlie Scharf tells us a good story about how the turnaround is going, then I think his stock can actually break away from the group, maybe even hit new highs for the year.”

Bank of America

  • Publication of results for the second quarter of 2021: 6:45 a.m. Conference call: 9 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: 77 cents
  • Expected sales: $ 21.86 billion

“If you think the economy will get stronger and interest rates will go up, and maybe even go up quickly, then you want to buy Bank of America stock right here now,” he said.

City group

  • Earnings release for the 2nd quarter 2021: 8:00 a.m. Conference call: 10 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 1.99
  • Expected sales: $ 17.32 billion

“I’m not sure about the earnings quality of Citigroup, new CEO there, it’s a cheap stock, but I don’t want to stand behind it,” said the Mad Money presenter.

Delta Airlines

  • Earnings publication for the 2nd quarter 2021: ahead of market; Conference call: 10 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 1.36
  • Expected sales: $ 6.14 billion

“I want to know how much damage the Delta-Covid strain is doing to Delta,” Cramer said. “We also need to know whether business travelers are finally coming back.”


  • Earnings publication for the 2nd quarter 2021: ahead of market; Conference call: 8:30 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 9.31
  • Expected sales: $ 4.6 billion

“I sincerely hope they tell us their position on outfits like Engine # 1,” he said.

Thursday: UnitedHealth Group, Alcoa results

UnitedHealth Group

  • Earnings publication for the 2nd quarter 2021: ahead of market; Conference call: 8:45 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 4.43
  • Expected sales: $ 69.47 billion

“It’s still for sale here,” said Cramer.


  • Earnings release for Q2 2021: After Market; Conference call: 5 p.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 1.28
  • Expected sales: $ 2.64 billion

“They gave us a fantastic quarter last time, but now it looks like a lot of the cyclical stocks have peaked,” he said. “This is particularly important because aluminum goes into everything and the rising costs have been a major stumbling block for gross margins for many aluminum buyers.”

Friday: First Horizon, Kansas City Southern

First horizon

  • Publication of results for the second quarter of 2021: 6:45 a.m. Conference call: 9:30 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: 39 cents
  • Expected revenue: $ 771 million

“I think it could be a whopper because its core market in Tennessee is brand new,” said Cramer.

Kansas City South

  • Earnings publication for the 2nd quarter 2021: ahead of market; Conference call: 8:45 a.m.
  • Projected earnings per share: $ 2.17
  • Expected sales: $ 750 million

“Expect them to comment on Biden’s newfound hostility towards the industry,” he said. “I think the White House is trying to block this deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow get their way.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns Wells Fargo stocks.

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Nichols: Tennessee vs. Texas units desk for Wild West-style showdown in Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. – A lonely tumbleweed blows across the landscape. Wind howls in the distance. Spores clink in the dust.

We knew it could happen sometime in this year’s College World Series, also known as The Greatest Show on Dirt.

And now the showdown is here: Tennessee vs. Texas.

Hand to hand. One UT vs. the other UT. Winner continues, loser goes home.

By then, you’ve heard all the fuss (and probably some more) about today’s matchup.

But the point cannot be overstated: No. 3 Tennessee vs. No. 2 Texas is going to be a grudge match. A life and death struggle. A horny afternoon (pun intended) between two of the best teams and most electric fan bases in college baseball.

So before we dive into the analysis, here are a few interesting off-field comparisons and edges that will get you into today’s first pitch (1 p.m. CT, ESPN).

PMS 151 vs. Texas Burnt Orange

Let’s start with the obvious: the orange comparison.

Now let’s get that out of the way: I’ll admit my nursery was burned orange for a while. And i liked it.

Tennessee Orange doesn’t work on four walls. It’s too “out there”, at least for my 8 year old taste.

But in uniforms? This orange pops like nothing else in the country.

That makes Tennessee unique when compared to the longhorns’ interesting mix of red, yellow, and mud brown.

This is what makes the “Vols” script so cute, regardless of whether the script is set in white on a bright orange jersey or emblazoned in orange on what is perhaps the best cream-colored uniform in baseball (sorry, braves).

Overall, Tennessee’s PMS 151 is one of the greatest colors in any sport, and I think Nike’s designers would agree with that.

So it’s this bright orange – at least when combined with the stadium-moving, well-traveled, SEC-tested fans of the Vols – that gave Tony Vitellos Club our first off-field advantage.

Famous alumni

Second, we come to the alumni chapter.

No, not that group of people you meet up with every week to cheer your team on from a random bar in a town you moved to for work.

I’m talking about the part of this column where we look at another notable comparison between these schools: the famous graduates.

And the lists are pretty impressive.

For Tennessee we start with Peyton Manning. Aptly known as “The Sheriff,” Manning is an NFL Hall of Famer, vol-legend, voice communications graduate, and 1997 Heisman winner – for those who are not Charles Woodson.

Manning is also known for saying a lot of “Omaha” – especially when he was with the Broncos – and the GIF was used a lot last Sunday when Tennessee took its place in You-Know-Where.

Manning even made a hilarious appearance on a Tennessee video last week, correcting Tony Vitello on how to correctly pronounce the name of the CWS host city.

But where does it not have to appear? TD Ameritrade Park, especially on Tuesday afternoons – at least if Tennessee wants to win.

In recent years, Manning – while popular across the Volunteer State – has been notoriously associated with the Vols losing when he’s in the stands.

While alumni status is great and Manning has done way more than his fair share for the University of Tennessee, I think fans won’t want him anywhere near Nebraska anytime soon.

Aside from Manning, another famous Tennessee alum is ESPN personality Paul Finebaum.

Of course, Finebaum cut his teeth off at the Tennessee student newspaper The Daily Beacon before graduating with a political science degree in 1978.

He has since skyrocketed to become arguably the most famous SEC soccer personality of all time, as well as the most hated man in the state of Alabama.

For Texas, no name is synonymous with the Longhorns as Mr. “Alright, Alright, Alright” himself, Matthew McConaughey.

As an actor, McConaughey made his first breakthrough in 1993 comedy Dazed and Confused. He followed in a few other supporting roles before starring as Jake Brigance, a small town attorney, in the film adaptation of John Grisham’s A Time to Kill. This book is still one of my favorites, and McConaughey was phenomenal.

He has since starred primarily in romantic comedies and received an Emmy nomination for his role in True Detective.

But McConaughey did a lot more than just acting, as evidenced by his role as “Minister of Culture” on the 40 acres. What does this role include? I’m not totally sure.

However, I’m sure Texas will continue to give the green light – also the name of McConaughey’s insightful 2020 novel, see what I did there? – for every idea sparked by its most electrifying, versatile alumnus.

In addition to McConaughey, Laura Bush and Owen Wilson are two other famous Texas alums.

I really couldn’t decide which one, so I went for both. While it’s probably not a good thing that I have a hard time choosing between a former first lady and a blonde actor whose most famous word is “wow”.

Anyway, let’s get into that.

Bush has a master’s degree in Texas, technically, as she received her bachelor’s degree from SMU before graduating with a library science degree in Austin.

She married former President George W. Bush in 1977 and, as the First Lady of Texas, focused on health, education, and literacy initiatives.

As the First Lady of the United States, Bush did even more. She continued her brand interests of education and literacy by doing the annual National book festival in 2001 to promote global education. She also campaigned for women and represented the United States on disease-related international travel.

She has made several other public appearances since leaving the White House, most recently at the inauguration of President Joe Biden in 2021.

As mentioned, Wilson’s best-known word is monosyllabic. But he’s done a lot more in his illustrious comedic career.

Wilson, an American actor, producer, and screenwriter, received an Oscar nomination for the 2001 film Royal Tanenbaums. He also starred in the 2011 film Midnight in Paris – another good one if you haven’t seen it before – and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Wilson’s more famous comedic roles can be seen in the series Wedding Crashers, You, Me & Dupree (grossly underrated), The Internship and The Night at the Museum.

Wilson was also moved to tears in Marley & Me and became America’s most popular racing car in his role as the voice of Lightning McQueen in the Cars series.

These are also just a few alumni from each school. But just like in his days against Florida, Peyton Manning can’t win here. Texas takes this off-field edge through a landslide.

Remember the Alamo

They needed to know it was coming, even though it and the other two criteria listed above did not affect the end result of today’s game.

If your high school history teachers were as good as me, you know the story. But here we go anyway.

In November 1835, Davy Crockett and 30 other men drove west to Texas. They stopped in Jackson, Tennessee, and moved on to Little Rock before arriving in Lone Star State in early 1836.

On February 8, Crockett arrived at the Alamo Mission. A little over two weeks later, General Antonio López de Santa Anna led soldiers in a siege of the building.

On February 25, over 200 Mexican soldiers posed outside the walls of the Alamo before firing at will. Crockett and Company returned the favor and sent the Mexican soldiers into retreat after a 90-minute battle.

Another battle took place on March 6, in which Crockett died valiantly defending the Alamo when Mexican soldiers took control.

Santa Anna was finally captured during the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836 when Texas forces shouted “Remember the Alamo!” Sam Houston then forced Santa Anna to sign an agreement that would end hostilities.

This agreement also marked the first steps in Texas’ independence from Mexico. Texas officially became the 28th state in the Union in December 1845, though formalities weren’t completed until 1846.

So the Tennessee Volunteers helped save Texas and gave the Vols today’s final off-field advantage.

The essentials: insights into the field

If you’ve come this far, congratulations. You are finally on the important part.

While the above comparisons are all fun, what really matters is what happens between the white lines.

And this is where Tennessee takes advantage of the final advantage in this column.

Yes, Texas (47-16) will be furious if there is a heartbreaking 2-1 loss to the state of Mississippi on Monday night. Yes, Texas outlasted one of college baseball’s favorite stories in the USF, beating the Bulls 4-3 and 12-4 in the Austin Super Regional.

But the Horns have also lost three times in a row this season, while the Vols (50-17) are 15-1 after 16 of those losses.

Three of the above 15 wins came in an SEC baseball tournament that began with the Vols losing to a controversial call to Alabama. In addition, Tennessee has six winning streaks of at least five games after one defeat.

The only consecutive declines were against the state of Indiana in late February.

Four months later, the stakes are much higher. Win or go home.

But the Vols have often had their backs to the wall. Just check out these examples from Hoover, or check out Evan Russell’s Grand Slam versus Vanderbilt, Max Ferguson’s Walk-Off versus Arkansas, or Drew Gilbert’s Walk-Off Grand Slam versus Wright State.

So, yes, Vitello was right when he said on Sunday that the Vols are “built for this”.

But the Tennessee manager added that his team “has a brand name to rejuvenate”.

This type of imprinting usually works well on cattle – especially after adding Jason Russell’s fiery statement to WBIR.

“He’s got something burning inside,” said Russell. “I can promise you, the state of Tennessee, that you will do your best in this area.”

See you at TD Ameritrade.

Karan Johar units up Yash Johar Basis to assist leisure trade amid pandemic

To the members of the Indian Entertainment industry amid the coronavirus pandemic, filmmakers Karan Johar founded a foundation on Friday named after his late father, film producer Yash Johar. In a social media post, the 49-year-old director said: Yash Johar The foundation was established with the aim of studying the financial well-being, health, and education and training of people in industry. He said the initiative will work to improve the quality of life for people in the area Indian Entertainment industry.

” My father understood that it is difficult to be in the film business, which is why we are announcing the establishment of the foundation, taking into account the current scenario and taking into account the effects and aftermath of COVID-19 that we have initiated YJF 2021 COVID Responding to issues such as food, shelter, medication from those in the entertainment industry negatively affected by the pandemic, ” Karan Johar said. The director of ” Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ” announced the initiative with a video that shows photos of his father and behind-the-scenes moments from the making of various films that he and his father have produced under their Dharma Productions banner.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed.)

Council approves budgets, units apart cash for drought – Fort Bragg Advocate-Information

FORT BRAGG – Fort Bragg City Council had a busy session on Monday that lasted well into the evening – after 10 p.m. – when it received a series of presentations and proclamations, as well as the adoption and approval of several new ordinances, directives and resolutions from the Personals heard.

The evening began with a presentation by Sheila Siemens, Executive Director of the Noyo Center for Marine Science, where she outlined the ups and downs of the pandemic’s programs and her hopes for the near future.

Then Mayor Bernie Norvell made a proclamation recognizing the week of June 14th as the celebration of June 10th and a second proclamation recognizing the following week, June 21st to 27th, as National Pollinator Week. The winners of the Dana Gray Water Conservation Poster Contest for grades 3 to 5 were also announced.

New summer program approved, questions about waste disposal answered

The council then took public comments and passed its approval calendar, which included nearly a dozen items – mostly approving the latest protocols, but also approving a contract with Therma, LLC to install, monitor, and maintain the CV Starr Community Center building automation controls for no more than $ 28,000; and approving USDA grant applications to fund a biosolids dryer and backhoe loader.

Councilors Marcia Rafanan and Jessica Morsell-Haye drew and questioned the budget allocated to a professional services agreement with a new program called Surviving the Odds Project or “STOP” for $ 40,000 for ten students.

Morsell-Haye asked to move the item to the next council meeting on June 28 to clarify the numbers, but City Manager Tabatha Miller said they could proceed with the resolution until an updated budget is in place, reflecting 10 students instead of 15 Councilors Rafanan and Tess Albin-Smith voted against, despite making sure they were speaking out not against the program, but rather against the inaccurate budget information.

Urban planner John Smith also gave an update on the town’s drying yards for biosolids which are causing a bad odor south of town where the sewerage facility is located. A new and improved method of treating the wastewater is causing more solids to be dried before they can be shipped, but the city doesn’t have a bio-solids dryer that can handle the increased pollution.

Smith said the city is trying to mitigate the odor by stop moving the solids unless they’re loaded into a truck and adding enzymes to help. The new dryer is expected to arrive in October.

City approves budgets for fiscal year 2021/2022

The proposed city budget for adoption was $ 27.4 million in revenue and $ 30.7 million in funds. The general budget includes funding for investment projects and is not an operating deficit. The General Fund budget is $ 9.97 million in revenue and $ 9.92 million in funds, representing a surplus of $ 53,000.

“We are in much better shape than we thought,” said Councilor Lindy Peters. “We’re a lot better,” confirmed Miller.

After several meetings, budget workshops and public hearings, the city of Fort Bragg’s budget for 2021/2022 was unanimously approved.

The council also unanimously approved the 2021/2022 budgets for the Fort Bragg Municipal Improvement District, the budget line and the budget for capital projects.

For more information on these budgets, please visit the city’s website at

State-prescribed “optimization” of chargers for electric vehicles

In 2015 the Assembly Bill 1256 was passed, which requires local governments to introduce an optimized process for the approval of charging stations for electric vehicles.

The intent of the legislation was to prohibit local authorities from enacting ordinances that inappropriately hinder the installation of these chargers that provide power for plug-in electric vehicles, as well as the ability of homeowners and farm / businesses to install EV inappropriately restrict chargers. The installation of the stations is also exempt from environmental testing under the California Environmental Quality Act, also known as CEQA.

A public comment called the charging station in the Boatyard shopping center “white albatrosses” and suggested that the city reject the law completely. As Councilor Albin-Smith pointed out, the council’s hands are tied by the state.

The council heard a report from Assistant City Planner Kevin Locke regarding the legislation. Although the bill was passed in 2015 and is due to come into effect in 2017, Locke said many cities and counties have not officially passed the bill yet.

City Manager Miller said Fort Bragg was brought to the attention of the legislation about a year ago and, although the city honored the intent, it waited to be full again before officially enacting the legislation.

The regulation was adopted unanimously.

City asks council to allocate $ 600,000 for drought

City officials asked the city council to provide $ 600,000 to pursue various options, including procurement and approval hurdles, during this summer’s expected drought. State emergency funds are to reimburse these costs at a later date.

The Noyo River, which is the city’s main source of water during the summer and fall months, is below the worst year of drought on records in 1977. Staff told the city council that it is not possible to use trucks to transport water from Ukiah or Willits a viable option to rent as it would take 57 loads per day to provide 200,000 gallons. This would require ten trucks in 24-hour operation. Likewise, solar dehumidifiers are costly, delivering just 30 liters of water per day at a cost of around $ 4,600 per panel.

Desalination was recommended by the staff as the best option for providing water to the city. The reverse osmosis desalination system will be installed at the water treatment plant on the coastal rock and would deliver at least 288,000 gallons per day.

The municipal council unanimously approved the budget change.

City officials are given instructions on “voluminous” public comments

City clerk June Lemos said the city recently received several public comments that exceeded 1,000 pages.

The overly long files create a problem with the legislative program that cannot be easily compiled and published for online viewing. The law requires the city to make public comments visible on paper, which the city does. The city cannot limit the total number of pages that can be submitted under state law; it’s about what to do with uploading or printing comments that are too big.

One proposed solution was to submit public comments and subsequent attachments as a link or to use another online platform.

“Publishing 1,000 pages three days before the meeting is too much to ask,” said Lemos. “It also crashes our software.”

Lemos and the city council made it clear that the call only applies to long public comments, not regular public comments.

The public comment on the subject was, perhaps unsurprisingly, very much against any kind of restriction.

The solution recommended to staff was that all comments be included in the public record the day after the meeting or as soon as possible afterwards.

The next ordinary city council meeting will take place on June 28th at 6 p.m. in hybrid format. For more information, visit the city’s website at

Centerville units leisure district listening to on plan to assist companies, actual property, jobs, economic system, eating places

The proposed entertainment district spans about six blocks on 48 or Main Street Ohio and about five blocks on Franklin Street, records show.

The designation would support strategies for the city’s business development that call for a “high-end bar with music, a brewery … (and) unique restaurants,” according to the proposal.

The proposed district “would mirror the existing 113 acre Architectural Preservation District” and its approval would give access to 15 new liquor permits, Centerville records show.

Currently the city has fewer than five in that area, said Centerville Development Director Michael Norton-Smith.

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