Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of AR-15 model rifle utilized in Kenosha shootings | Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois man acquitted last year for fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during racial justice protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020, is calling for the gun to be returned.

Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, when he shot them with an assault rifle as he roamed the streets of Kenosha with other gunmen who appeared during protests against the shooting self-proclaimed militia functioned of a black man, Jacob Blake, from a white officer.

Rittenhouse’s highly controversial trial – and acquittal – was widely viewed as a test case for the US judiciary.

The trial revealed contrasting attitudes by law enforcement when confronted with white men or teenagers who claimed to be acting as informal vigilante-style security personnel armed with assault rifles and black members of the public or those working in support of the Black Lives Matter movement protested .

Rittenhouse is now 19 celebrated on the political right.

On Wednesday, his Kenosha County attorney, Mark Richards, filed court documents demanding the return of the AR-15 rifle Rittenhaus used on the evening of August 25, 2020, along with other items.

“Mr. Rittenhouse also wants to ensure that the firearm in question is properly destroyed,” Richards said wrote.

Although the rifle that Rittenhouse used belonged to a friend who helped the then 17-year-old buy it since he was too young to buy and own his own, Rittenhouse’s attorneys are now care for He is the gun’s legal owner “under the oral contract” made with friend Dominick Black.

“As established by Dominick Black’s and Mr. Rittenhouse’s trial testimonies, the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle … was purchased by Dominick Black but was to become the legal property of Kyle Rittenhouse on his 18th birthday,” Richards’ filing states said.

In conversation with the magazine times, David Hancock, the Rittenhouse family spokesman, said: “Kyle has asked for the firearm to be destroyed … there is nothing to celebrate about this gun. There is not any. Kyle has no interest or desire in getting that gun back and absolutely no interest in selling it or anything.”

Rittenhouse also attempts to recover ammo, a sling and magazines, his iPhone, a cloth mask and a $1 bill. He is also looking recall the clothes he was wearing the night of the shooting, including boots, a baseball cap, jeans, socks, a belt and a t-shirt.

The weapon may not be returned immediately. Under Wisconsin Firearms seized by the police as part of an investigation are kept as evidence under applicable law until the investigation is completed. Although Rittenhouse’s trial has ended, Dominick Black is still on trial.

“Although Mr. Rittenhouse’s case is closed, the firearm is still being held in evidence as Mr. Black’s property until his case is solved.” said Sgt. Leo Viola of the Kenosha Police Department.

GM-backed Cruise seeks last approval for robotaxis in San Francisco

Cruise Origin driverless shuttle


General MotorsUS government-backed Cruise is seeking final California approval to begin commercializing its robotaxi fleet in San Francisco.

The self-driving car start-up announced Friday that it has filed for approval with the California Public Utilities Commission to allow autonomous vehicles to be used. It is the last of six permits required by the CPCU and California DMV to charge the public for travel.

It is unclear how long the review and approval process will take. Cruise is the first to apply for approval. Cruise CEO Dan Ammann recently said the company expects to begin commercialization as early as next year, pending regulatory approval.

If approved, Cruise could be the first to operate a taxi fleet without human drivers. alphabet-supported Waymo has also received approval from California DMV to bill Robotaxi rides, but their approval still requires a “safety driver” in the vehicle in the event of a problem.

The latest permit allows Cruise vehicles to operate on public roads in certain parts of San Francisco between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, even in light rain or fog. However, according to the DMV, they must not exceed 30 miles per hour.

Commercializing autonomous vehicles has been far more difficult than many predicted a few years ago, but Waymo and Cruise are considered two of the frontrunners.

Cruise was scheduled to launch a public transportation service in San Francisco in 2019. The enterprise delayed these plans this year to conduct further testing and obtain necessary regulatory approvals.

General Motors Cruise test vehicles

Source: General Motors

Cruise received DMV approval for self-driving vehicles for the first time in June 2015. Since then, the company has slowly expanded its test sites and expanded its fleet to hundreds of autonomous vehicles, while also obtaining additional permits.

Cruise’s current fleet of vehicles includes Chevrolet Bolt EVs that are retrofitted with self-driving vehicle software and additional technologies such as cameras, radar and lidar that enable vehicles to “see” their surroundings.

The next fleet of vehicles is expected to consist of the Cruise Origin, a rectangular shuttle-like vehicle designed exclusively as an autonomous vehicle. Ammann said earlier this year that GM is expected to begin producing the Origin for Cruise early 2023.

GM acquired Cruise in 2016. Since then, it has been like investors Honda engine, Softbank Vision Fund and, more recently, too Walmart and Microsoft.

Schumer seeks federal investigation into ‘morally bankrupt’ NRA over cash shifts

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Senator Chuck Schumer on Sunday called on the Federal Justice Department to investigate the National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy claims amid what he described as the “evil deeds” of the gun rights advocacy group.

At a news conference on June 11, the Senate Majority Leader urged federal prosecutors to conduct an investigation into bankruptcy fraud against the NRA after the organization reportedly invested millions of dollars in advertisements criticizing proposed universal background check laws before firearms purchases.

Last summer, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against the NRA for failing to comply with several gun laws, which Schumer cites as an act to evade James’ New York jurisdiction as the NRA continues to pay for ads to the Stop “common sense”. Weapons reform.

“Gun violence is increasing here in New York and across the country, as everyone knows, and good people at the federal, state and local levels are trying to do a good job of reducing this violence,” Schumer said. He listed the various laws that had been put forward at both state and federal levels, such as the “ghost pistol” ordinance and manufacturer liability for gun violence.

Referring to polls conducted in the United States, Schumer said that universal background checks are supported by about 90% of Americans, with about 80% of gun owners supporting this as well.

However, the NRA’s stance was exactly the opposite, believing that background checks did not prevent criminals from obtaining guns (they stated that many of these guns were bought on the black market) and firmly added that federal gun control laws were strong are enough as they are.

In addition, the NRA’s website provides a list of arguments against background checks, including that it would deprive citizens of their due process.

Schumer says the NRA continues to put millions in ads while claiming to be bankrupt. Photo by Dean Moses

Schumer calls the NRA’s actions “evil” when they put money into advertisements, mailings, texts and more to thwart the efforts of elected officials and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) while declaring that they are broke.

“The NRA is just constantly trying to stop good people’s efforts to keep guns from taking to the streets. I’m here today to reveal some sickening news: The NRA is in the process of sinking millions of dollars through ads, tweets, and automated copy across the country trying to stop universal background checks. The NRA is spending millions on ads to stop the passage of a law we all believe in, which is universal background checks, ”Schumer said.

“How can you say you are bankrupt when you have to spend millions of dollars on ads across the country to prevent universal background checks, gun tracking and other things that would prevent the murders on the streets? What hypocrisy, what obvious hypocrisy, ”he added.

Schumer urges the DOJ to investigate whether the NRA actually filed false court documents stating they are bankrupt, despite having dumped $ 2 million in advertising campaigns in 12 states and other advertising “cash dumps” since April 2021 could spend against gun laws.

The NRA could have shot itself in the foot with this fake and desperate bankruptcy filing, and the Justice Department should investigate their actions and outrageous spending to determine if fraud or other criminal offenses were committed. In filing for bankruptcy to avoid investigation and accountability in the New York jurisdiction, the NRA has abused the bankruptcy system and possibly committed fraud, ”Schumer said.

amNewYork Metro has requested a comment from the NRA.

New leisure firm seeks native expertise | Existence



A new entertainment and production company is seeking to leverage talent in Kokomo to host a range of performances for the community, from plays and concerts to films and music videos.

The company, O Entertainments & Productions, is the brainchild of Earvin Owensby, who recently moved to Kokomo from Indianapolis to be closer to the family. Now he wants to help make the City of Firsts a Mecca for the arts.

“I hope it will draw attention to Kokomo, which is family-oriented fun for music and entertainment. I hope to promote Kokomo as a place to go and bring your family, such as comedy shows, and that companies here can sponsor some of those events, ”he said.

Owensby said he grew up in a large family of musicians and singers and that he always “wanted to do something to make music and filmmaking better”. He said he had always been fascinated with the production world and tried his hand at screenwriting and film projects about four years ago. Now he hopes to increase that by bringing local talent on stage and behind the camera.

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Although Owensby doesn’t have a stationary location yet, he has his eye on a few spots and hopes one will soon become the home of O Entertainments & Production.

He is currently working on a biblical film project called “One Touch”, is planning a city-wide post-COVID concert in the fall and is looking for musicians of all genres. He also hopes to bring the red carpet experience to Kokomo by hosting film premieres from independent filmmakers.

“We hope to bring more events to the community, such as stage arts, plays and concerts,” he said.

Further information and trailers from O Entertainments can be found at Those interested in becoming a part of O Entertainments and Productions can contact Owensby at He is looking for actors, musicians, comedians, singers and writers.

California Governor Seeks Extra Cash for Larger Schooling

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed spending Friday more about higher education than in its previous budget – and won praise from college leaders as a result.

Issued by the University of California this statement: “The University of California is deeply grateful to Governor Newsom for proposing the largest government investment in UC history: more than $ 807 million, including more than $ 506 million in ongoing funding for core campus operations, the Student Needs and Medical Education. Reflects, with the support of the legislature, an earlier agreement to fully restore more than $ 300 million in budget cuts approved in the 2020 state budget. “

California State University Chancellor Joseph I. Castro said“The governor’s proposal to revise the budget in May provides significant additional funding for public higher education and California State University, and contains many visionary strategies that will enable the Golden State’s economy to revive. Two of those bold proposals are transformation investments in Humboldt State University to accelerate a transition that continues to meet California’s needs and to create a national Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Equity Innovation Hub at California State University in Northridge. We are grateful for the proposed recurring investment in the CSU. Investing in the CSU – the largest and most diverse public university in the country – continues to be one of the smartest and most consistent decisions leaders can make with a return seven times the return on every dollar, the Californi invested in the university. “

The Community College League of California said, “The league commends Governor Newsom for his bold proposal to invest in California community colleges by repaying deferrals, investing in labor training, increasing the cost of living, funding delayed maintenance and housing students. “

MAFAC seeks summer season bandshell leisure | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

MARSHALL – The Marshall Area Fine Arts Council wants to bring summer music back to the Liberty Park Bandshell.

MAFAC contacts artists who have performed at the Bandshell in the past or who may be interested. It hopes to plan at least four concerts for the summer months.

The President of the MAFAC Board of Directors, Cathy Schlagel, said the dates for the concerts have not yet been set. Wednesday evenings will be fully open in 2021 as the Marshall City Band cannot perform on stage due to social distancing guidelines.

“We’d like to consider filling some of the weeks the city band usually plays.” Schlagel said. “We’ll see what works for the performers. It depends on when they are available. “

She said the total number of concerts will also be shaped by the interest of the artists. Funding could become a factor as MAFAC usually pays performers a small scholarship.

“We know we want at least four like we did in other years before 2020.” Schlagel said. “We will consider possibly doing more if there is enough participation.”

MAFAC is the name of its summer concert series outdoors “A Little Night Music.” The performances usually last a full hour.

The concerts took place in the weeks after the city band series. They covered the end of July and most of August.

Schlagel believes that bringing back outdoor concerts to the Bandhell ​​will attract an enthusiastic audience. The seating area of ​​the park offers enough space for the spectators to distance themselves socially.

MAFAC concerts would result in more extensive use of the clam than in 2020. The facility hosted an event last fall, an autumn musical performed by students from Marshall High School.

“The mussel has always been a popular meeting place” Schlagel said. “We believe there will be big voter turnouts this summer. Both the performers and the audience are ready for it after last year. “

Lauren Deutz, Marshall’s EDA director, said she welcomed the news that MAFAC plans to host bandshell entertainment in 2021.

She views bandshell concerts as something that can help generate economic activity across the city on weekday evenings. It could stand out in both restaurants and shops.

“When people go to a concert, they’re more likely to eat out or go shopping somewhere.” Said Deutz. “The local economy definitely has some advantages. It should be both fun and profitable. “

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Miami Seaside Ordinance Seeks To Roll Again Alcohol Gross sales In Leisure District – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The final call for dozens of bars, hotels, and other businesses in the Miami Beach entertainment district would come in at 2 a.m. when city commissioners pass an ordinance shortening alcohol sales hours.

The ordinance would change the city code related to “sales hours and violations” and change the hours of operation for the sale and local consumption of alcoholic beverages in the entertainment district south of 16th Street on Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive.

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The regulation, if adopted, would change the notice time for on-site sales and consumption from the current time of 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The Commission will hold a second reading of the regulation during a public hearing on May 12th after approving the sectoral regulation in a first reading.

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There are 44 existing companies that would be affected by the rollback.

Back in February of this yearMiami Beach officials approved a measure to limit alcohol sales during the spring break.

The move was aimed at containing problems as thousands of college spring breakers were expected to flock to the city.

MORE NEWS: Pivot in Pandemic: Miami Maintenance Co. credits the FIU’s Small Business Development Center for helping them survive

At the time, the following areas were affected: Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue from Fifth Street to 16th Street, and the remaining area between Pennsylvania Avenue and Collins Court from Fifth Street to 16th Street, including Española Way .

Biden Price range Define Seeks Extra Cash for Training, Well being

WASHINGTON – President Biden is seeking more funding for education, healthcare, research and renewable energy over the next year a spending plan of $ 1.52 trillion This reflects his vision of an expansive federal government addressing issues ranging from climate change to racial inequality.

The tentative plan, released by the White House on Friday, would increase discretionary spending from $ 1.4 trillion approved last year by 8.4%, or $ 118 billion, excluding emergency response measures the Covid-19 pandemic. Discretionary spending is the portion of the budget that Congress creates as part of the appropriation process.

Non-defense spending would increase 16% to $ 769.4 billion in the next fiscal year. Defense spending would rise 1.7% to $ 753 billion – much less than Republicans are likely to support, but more than requested by progressives pushing for cuts during the Trump administration.

The proposal fulfills some of Mr Biden’s election promises, including more money for schools in high poverty areas, cancer research and investments to fight climate change. Some Republican lawmakers, calling it an intrusive expansion of federal power, met immediate opposition.

The request would increase non-defense spending as a share of gross domestic product to 3.3%, which is roughly the average for the past 30 years, officials said. A full budget proposal will follow later in the spring, including mandatory spending programs such as social security, tax increases and the impact of the next decade on deficits, debt and the economy.

Bel Air Seeks To Renew Arts & Leisure District Standing

BEL AIR, MD – The city of Bel Air has taken a step closer to redesigning its historic core as the Maryland Arts & Entertainment District.

The Bel Air Board of Town Commissioners passed a resolution Monday evening approving the renaming of nearly 100 acres of downtown as an arts and entertainment district.

Bel Air was first designated as an arts and entertainment district in 2011, according to Trish Heidenreich, director of economic development at Bel Air. This status would expire this year, unless the city requests a renaming.

The label allows state tax incentives for activities, artists and businesses in the district, she said.

April 1 is the deadline for the city to apply for a redesign by the Maryland State Arts Council, which has coordinated the program since 2001 under the umbrella of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Since then, the council has appointed nearly 30 Arts and entertainment districts around the state, including Bel Air and Havre de Grace.

“Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in art-related investments, activities and events in the city, attracting more shoppers and diners to our restaurants and retail stores,” Heidenreich said at a town hall meeting on Monday evening. Bel Air’s Entertainment District was put to the vote.

“In addition to boosting trade, the opportunities to improve our commercial and residential property portfolio have increased by providing economic incentives for affordable housing to artists and art studio workshops who are renovating unused properties and creating jobs in the community,” added Heidenreich added.

“It’s a very positive label,” she said, noting that it was “quite an important tool for attracting investment into the city.”

“Significant growth” in the arts over the past 10 years

Two people announced during the public hearing that the Arts & Entertainment District has been a boon to the city of Bel Air.

“In the past 10 years since Bel Air was named the Arts & Entertainment District, we’ve just seen significant growth in the variety of arts and cultural events in the city, both in the number of local artists selling their work here and in beautiful public works of art that have been installed, “said Kristien Foss, chairman of the Bel Air Cultural Arts Commission.

Photo by Angela Robertson / City of Bel Air.

“All of this really adds to our city and makes it a really vibrant place to live,” said Foss. “It attracts both our visitors and our new residents … It celebrates our history.”

To qualify as an arts and entertainment district, a municipality or district government must apply for and present an area that will serve as a center for cultural attractions and arts programs.

In Bel Air, the borough comprises 99 acres, including lots along MD 22, Main Street, and US 1st. (See the map below.)

“I think more and more art is popping up in Bel Air every day and year, and that is what makes it so colorful and fun,” Mayor Amy Chmielewski said during the public hearing that was held due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chmielewski said, “I look forward to seeing more murals and more art.”

A mural in honor of the first responders was painted on the Bel Air Armory Marketplace side in 2018. Photo by Elizabeth Janney / Patch.

After she spoke, the city commissioners unanimously passed that Decision to redesign Bel Air’s arts and entertainment district.

If approved, the nomination would take 10 years. During that time, the city would provide tax credits for eligible art-related real estate and activities in the district.

Here it is Map of the Bel Air Arts & Entertainment District::

Map courtesy of Bel Air City.

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Cash & the Legislation: Court docket seeks to clear murky waters regarding widespread legislation marriage | Enterprise

In January, the Colorado Supreme Court decided to reconsider the way courts determine the existence of marriage under common law.

The case is Hogsett v. Neale and arose out of a divorce petition filed by one of the parties to a same-sex relationship. (Hogsett wanted a marriage in search of Neale-controlled assets. Neale – surprise – didn’t. Neale prevailed.)

The last time the Supreme Court swam in these murky waters was in 1987 in a case called People v. Lucero. In the Lucero case, the court identified numerous factors that indicated a marital relationship. Now the court in the Hogsett case has ruled that the Lucero factors have become “less reliable markers of the boundary” between marriage and non-marriage. (One example is living together, which is common today for people who have no intention of being married and just want to save money.) The court found that the existence of a same-sex marriage, which became legal in Colorado in 2014, is essential Contributing to this was the weakening of the Lucero factors as a test of common law marriage.

Under the rules now established by the Hogsett decision, courts asked whether or not a common law marriage exists must apply a vaguely defined set of circumstances in order to enter the legal and social institution of the couple Entering marriage followed by behavior that expresses this mutual agreement. “And:” (D) The key question is whether the parties intended to enter into a marital relationship – that is, to lead a life together as a spouse in a committed, intimate relationship of mutual support and commitment. “

The existence of common law marriage has an interesting history, including the fact that it was difficult to find a justice of the peace or that someone else was empowered to legitimize a marriage during the settlement of the western part of the country. So it became a do-it-yourself project. In any event, only nine states (including Colorado) and the District of Columbia continue to recognize common law marriage. The other 41 states have abolished it Bottom line: it’s more trouble than it’s worth. (Colorado Supreme Court Justice Melissa Hart wrote a concurring statement on the Hogsett case urging Colorado law to end the marriage under common law.)

As can be seen from the Hogsett ruling, a common law marriage is like a licensed marriage, which means that all sorts of legal ramifications come into play, including divorce, estate, intestacy, tax filings, interests in co-ownership, and pension accounts and pensions, custody, social security benefits, medical decision-making, etc. Marriage also affects criminal law. This is due to the spousal communication privilege that protects communication within the spouses from being forced to testify in a process.

At least from a lawyer’s point of view, couples should stay as far away from it as possible due to the uncertainty associated with common law marriage. They should either apply for a license and get married, or document the fact that they have no intention of getting married and have merely chosen to hang out together.