Profitable, Cash Saving Summit County Psychological Well being Program Grabs Consideration Of Colorado Leaders – CBS Denver

DILLON, Colorado (CBS4) – A program in Summit County aimed at responding to those in the midst of mental crisis has caught the attention of state leaders. Earlier this month, Governor Jared Polis traveled to Dillon to speak with community leaders about what makes the Summit County model so successful.

Governor Jared Polis and other heads of state meet with community leaders in Summit County. (Credit: CBS)

“First and foremost, we’re building it up from the community, not the law enforcement down, which is really important,” said Jaime FitzSimons, Summit County sheriff.

The SMART program, or System-wide Mental Assessment Response, was launched in Summit County just last year, and FitzSimons said it was an idea put forward by the community and tailored to the needs of the Summit County community. That is what makes it unique, but also what makes it work.

“There’s a lot of community support with this team. The other thing is that it’s a plainclothes answer, which means they don’t show up in uniform. They show up as a team and they show up in plain clothes, an unmarked car, and they go to all the cities here in the Summit County jurisdictions, so it’s a nationwide response, ”he said.

The response always includes a deputy paired with a clinician. This is the co-response part of the program, but it goes beyond that initial contact.

“You have a third component in your team, the case manager, so I always describe it as a deputy and clinician in times of crisis. You have the focus in the moment of crisis and stabilization – and stabilize this person in the community. At the back end is the case manager who comes now and provides the all-round service for further stabilization, ”said FitzSimons.

(Credit: CBS)

Over the past 10 months, the joint response has saved hundreds of people from landing in the emergency room, saved the emergency room from overflowing, and saved the county money. FitzSimons and his team estimate that for every person they can help avoid a trip to the emergency room, the county will save about $ 15,000.

“This year it was just over $ 2 million for the first 10 months of this year. It’s a huge number, but more importantly, how many people we’ve stabilized rather than sending people to higher levels of care or destroying our emergency room. We have stabilized an incredible number of people, what we say ‘on the spot’, be it at home, wherever that place is, but not going to a higher level of care, that has crushed the community. “

FitzSimons believes any ward can accept the program and make it successful, but what works in Summit County will likely be different for Denver. In Summit County, the start-up cost of the program is around $ 425,000, and while it was a successful program, funding has been one of the biggest hurdles.

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Young couple happy customers choosing refrigerators in equipment store.

If you’re starting a business or just want to get on with your life, here’s some advice for you: “Don’t wait to turn your business idea into a reality.”

That advice comes from Pete Ord, founder of the customer onboarding software company InstructionsCX. His most recent article in the Daily Herald, How Bootstrapping Can Help Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground, explains how to basically start a business from scratch. As I read it, I realized that his advice could apply to anyone!

So, if you have large expenses – like a vacation, a down payment on a car, or even a new device – read on for some gold standard advice on how to raise money as an entrepreneur of your own life. If you start early, do your research and prioritize, find out how much you can afford and do what you can with what you have, you are well on your way to making that big purchase with confidence.

Start early

For startups, “it takes a lot longer to secure funding than you think,” says Jamie Johnson at “On average, 14 to 19 months can elapse between funding rounds. Because of this, you need to network with investors and look for funding before you feel ready. “

Suppose you are the parent of a young family of five with a four-month-old who is about to start eating solid foods. Your little fridge is slowly getting overfilled, but for the moment it is fine. If you look ahead, you will find that jars of baby food will definitely clutter your shelves, so you will need a bigger refrigerator in a few months.

Before making purchases (like a larger refrigerator) that are outside of your regular monthly budget, you should wait at least three months, recommends family finance guru Jordan Page at This gives you time to put money aside, allows you to take advantage of holiday sales, avoids impulse buying, and gives you time to research. If you only wait three months, you will have the best refrigerator at the best price as soon as the little one comes to you at the dining table!

Research and prioritize

To prepare to receive corporate finance, entrepreneurs need to “research” [their] Define industry, competitors and market [their] Products, make financial projections and determine how much money to raise, and decide whether to raise debt or equity, ”said Thomas Smale, small business finance expert at

As an individual who makes a big purchase, it is important that you do your research as well. Research the refrigerators on the market, determine how much money you will need for the type of refrigerator you want, and decide whether you can pay for it in cash or if you need help such as:

Also, determine where this purchase is on your priority list. Here is a recommended order of priority for spending and saving Bank of America:

  1. Emergency fund
  2. High Yield Debt
  3. retirement
  4. Short term goals
  5. education

Find out how much you need and how much you can afford

Entrepreneurs figuring out how much money they need should answer these three questions like this

  • In which phase is your company now: startup or growth?
  • What is the required funding for?
  • How much equity do you already have?

Even in our scenario with the refrigerator, these questions can help you find out how much you need and can afford. You are in the “growing phase” with higher incomes than when you last bought a refrigerator, and you need a refrigerator that will last a few years as your young children grow up. You saved enough money to pay for about half the average large refrigerator on the market. So you know how much to save to buy a more expensive or cheaper brand.

Do what you can with what you have

In the world of entrepreneurship, bootstrapping is the term used to describe starting a business with only the money you already have – no outside financing. It may sound impossible to get a business up and running this way, but in some cases it can actually be more effective.

Ord, the founder of InstructionsCXHe gave a vivid example in his article on bootstrapping: “I was once at a networking event for startups: instead of supporting me, some people started to write me off for bootstrapping. But when I asked how many customers they had, the answer was often ‘none’. Some people there had raised up to $ 6 million but still had upfront income. “

Ord, on the other hand, was quick to attract clients, and soon he was generating income and raising money from venture capitalists.

As you look back on your new refrigerator, it’s important to apply the principles of financial prudence. Your food doesn’t have to chill in the fanciest refrigerator money can buy – any refrigerator big enough will likely do it. That doesn’t mean you have to go cheap. It just means that once you have saved enough money on the refrigerator that you need and want, you will be able to buy it!

Whether you’re saving for a double oven, orthodontic treatment, or a trip to Australia, corporate finance principles are great tools to add to your tool belt. If you start doing research early, find out how much you can afford, and do what you can with what you have, you will be ready to make that big buy in no time!


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Elmira will cut back employer contribution charges for pensions, saving taxpayers cash, based on Mayor Mandell

(WETM) – New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced reductions in employer contribution rates to the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) for its two systems – the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and the Police and Fire Retirement System ( PFRS). The adjusted rates will have an impact on payments in the next public financial year 2022-23. In addition, DiNapoli reduced the assumed long-term return on fund investments from 6.8% to 5.9%.

“The strength of the fund gives us the ability to weather volatile markets. Our prudent strategy for long-term, stable returns helps ensure that our state’s pension fund remains one of the strongest and best-funded in the country, ”said DiNapoli. “While the reduction in employer contribution rates is welcome news for taxpayers, our investment decisions are always based on what is best for our 1.1 million working and retired members and their beneficiaries.”

Elmira City Mayor Dan Mandell said this was great news for the city, which will be paying five percent less to its employees’ pension fund. He also said there will be more than one percent savings on the police and fire department pension fund. Mandell believes this will save taxpayers money in the long run as these funds will be reallocated in the 2022 budget.

“It’s a pleasant surprise. We are happy about that, especially for the upcoming budget in 2022. We hope for a tax increase of zero percent. [Funds will redistribute to] all other needs like police and fire brigade or wherever we have a great need, ”continued Mandell.

The estimated average employer contribution rate for ERS will be reduced from 16.2% to 11.6% of wages. The estimated average employer contribution rate for PFRS will be reduced from 28.3% to 27% of wages. The fund’s actuary estimates that the expected employer contributions for February 1, 2023 total $ 4.4 billion, which is $ 1.5 billion less than the expected employer contributions for the same period for 2022 – the lowest since 2011 .

This is the fourth time DiNapoli has cut the assumed rate of return on the state pension fund as economic and demographic conditions have changed. In 2010 he lowered the rate from 8% to 7.5%, in 2015 to 7% and in 2019 to 6.8%.

According to the National Association of State Retirement Administrators, the average assumed return on state pension funds as of August 2021 is 7.0%. Of the 133 government pension plans listed, 34 had assumed a return of less than 7%. There are plans with a fiscal year ending on June 30, 2021, and many have already announced that they will cut their assumed yields further.

DiNapoli also announced that the coverage ratio of the state pension fund is 99.3%.

The annualized returns on the state pension fund are 11.17% over the last five years, 9.19% over 10 years, 7.65% over 20 years and 8.96% over 30 years.

Employer rates for NYSLRS are determined based on investment performance and actuarial assumptions recommended by the Pension Scheme Actuary and approved by DiNapoli. You will find a copy of the actuary’s report here.

In 2012, DiNapoli began giving employers access to a two-year forecast of their annual pension bill. Employers can use this forecast when building their budgets. The estimates of the required contributions vary by employer and depend on factors such as the pension plans they have adopted, salaries and the distribution of their employees among the six pension levels.

There are more than 3,000 employers participating in ERS and PFRS and more than 300 different combinations of retirement plans.

Payments under the new tariffs are due by February 1, 2023, but employers receive a discount if they pay by December 15, 2022.

2 Suggestions for Saving Cash That You Most likely Have not Thought-about

There are many different approaches and strategies people can use to build wealth, but we can all agree on one principle: Consistently save money is key to achieving a financial plan with long-term goals.

But while most people understand the importance of this concept, many still find it difficult to prioritize the reasonable amount of savings needed to meet their specific goals. If you are one of them, here are two surprising tips on saving money that you may not have thought of.

1. Be clear about your expenses

Lots of people like to use Budgeting toolsthat are great and can be very effective at managing money. Unfortunately also when going through the process of draw up a budget, I’ve noticed that a lot of people never really get a clear idea of ​​how much they are actually spending.

Sometimes individuals only use estimates of their expenses. For certain expenses, you can round the amounts up, while other expenses can be rounded down. This ultimately leads to an inaccurate calculation of the total cost, be it too high or too low.

The challenge is to calculate these amounts as accurately as possible. One way to do this is to look at your current checking account and credit card statements and break down the expenses to know exactly where your cash flow has gone each month.

This kind of clarity about spending leads to two scenarios, both of which help individuals save more. A person will either find that they have a higher ability to save than they originally thought, which makes them more accountable to themselves to save more. Or someone will find that they are simply spending too much in certain areas and are asked to adjust accordingly to allow more flexibility in saving.

2. Allocate money for activities you really enjoy

By putting aside an amount of money, this tip may seem absurd, but it does take into account the emotional side of financial planning, which is very important. I think it is beneficial for the individual Distribute money for activities they enjoy and that brings them peace of mind in life.

This action does two specific things. First of all, it allows people to simply enjoy their life and reduce stress. Since neither of us is promised a day, it is of course very important that you make an effort to enjoy your life. Next, a person might be less prone to spontaneous purchases of other things they might like (even if not the things they really like). Ultimately, this can lead to discipline in how much someone is spending each month, which can lead to higher amounts of savings. Take the following example.

Mark and Jane have been married for 10 years. Both of them enjoy the restaurants in their area very much and have decided to create a once-a-week spending category so that they can spend time together without interruptions. This has improved their relationship significantly, but it has also given them some degree of control over their spending. Knowing that they will have their date once a week has helped them limit their purchases of random things, which has improved their savings.

Saving cash on back-to-school provides

SALT LAKE CITY – We heard that back-to-school shopping is more expensive this year. So I took a local classroom list to Smith’s home to see for myself.

People are spending more money than they did at this time last year.

But there are some sustained effects from the pandemic.

Zions Bank economist Robert Spendlove points out that some parts of the world are still standing still.

That means that Utahns will pay more for school supplies this fall.

The National Retail Association says spending is expected to hit an all-time high, with families spending about $ 850 on average, nearly $ 60 more than in 2020.

According to Spendlove, a global chip shortage is having a major impact on production, starting with the auto industry.

He warns that your Christmas shopping list is likely to get more expensive this year too.

So what can you do to save money?

Put together a budget, search for deals online and don’t wait.

Get the whole family involved too and make it a learning opportunity.

Metropolis of La Crosse saving cash on SRO program this 12 months – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

La Crosse City Council last week blessed a new annual agreement to continue the school resource officer program with the school district.

The council had to vote because the treaty has implications for the city budget.

La Crosse police chief Shawn Kudron says the city will save money for SROs under the new deal.

“Currently (the Memorandum of Understanding) is for 3 SROs,” at a cost of $ 150,000, says Kudron. “This is a reduction from our previous contract with the school district, which previously cost $ 100,000 more.”

Councilor Mark Neumann said it was important for the city to back up its contract with the school district.

Bucco to Governor: Signal Invoice Now to Put Opioid Settlement Cash to Work Saving Lives

Bucco to Governor: Sign Bill Now to Use Opioid Compensation for Work to Save Lives

A $ 4.5 billion state settlement with the drug company responsible for making and promoting the addictive pain reliever that fueled the rampant opioid epidemic will gross more than $ 110 million in New Jersey , and Senator Anthony M. Bucco urges the governor to ensure the money is used to fight addiction and save lives.

“In anticipation of this year-long agreement, both houses of the legislature unanimously passed a bill that establishes a framework for the use of opioid comparators to support addiction prevention and treatment programs,” said Bucco (R-25). “This bill is on the governor’s desk and I hope he won’t waste time signing it so we can get the money out on the streets, help people and save lives as soon as possible.”

Bucco is a sponsor of the bill, S-3867who would establish the Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund and a 13-member Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund Advisory Council.

According to the draft law, monies received by the state in a settlement would be paid into the fund and used specifically for the purpose of supplementing programs and services for the prevention and treatment of addiction diseases and according to the terms of the settlements in connection with claims from manufacturing, marketing , Distribution or dispensing of opioids.

“This settlement money should be used immediately to mitigate some of the damage caused by Purdue Pharma’s irresponsible advertising and marketing of OxyContin,” said Bucco. “This is just a drop in the bucket compared to the damage done, so it is important that we get the most out of every dollar to fight the epidemic and prevent tragic consequences. It’s the right thing. “

A similar fund was recently created in upstate New York, where settlement funds must be poured into a new fund to ensure proceeds go towards fighting the opioid epidemic.

The agreement between 15 states, including New Jersey, and Purdue Pharma follows years of litigation. A mediator’s report filed in federal court in New York revealed the deal, and the settlement is subject to court approval.

“The opioid epidemic didn’t miss a beat during the pandemic, and there is no time to waste,” said Bucco. “This money, if used properly, will save lives and prevent tragedies that have become all too common in our state’s communities.

“The governor understands the urgency and I hope he will work with the legislature to ensure the money is paid responsibly so that it has the greatest impact and helps the most people,” added Bucco.

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Speaking to college-bound teenagers about saving cash as we emerge from pandemic

(WTNH) – 2020 was a year of uncertainty for many families, both health and financial. Now that we get back to normal in mid-2021, let’s stretch your dollar by asking why do experts say this summer should be used as a college student learning experience.

The big lesson you need to learn now is your money and whether you were ready for the unexpected.

“One small mistake can add up and blemish your credit report for years,” said Nathan Grant, senior credit industry analyst at Credit Card Insider.

Grant said if people are back to work and have some normalcy we should spend this summer talking to our kids, especially those planning on going to college this fall.

“Whether you work from home or not, there will be a huge expense to consider. And if you already have debts, now is the time to take care of it. “

Teach them to develop responsible financial habits early in life. It will help you secure better loans and interest in the future, find a job, or rent an apartment.

Many of us shop more online. As you buy books and school supplies, explain why it is important to use a credit card instead of a debit card.

“With a credit card, it’s not your money that is at stake, but the lender. They take care of it immediately and fraud cases. Which is a debit card. This money will be debited from your account. You sometimes have to wait weeks to get this money back and that could affect other bills, especially during this pandemic.

Only spend what you can pay off in full so you don’t get into debt. And repeat the importance of saving a little bit of money each month in case something unexpected, like a pandemic, happens again.

Paying on time is another of the most important lessons you can teach your children, as late payments can stay on your credit report for up to seven years.

Uncover Italy’s greenest campus and the way it’s saving cash and vitality

With over 200 hectares, the University of Calabria, also known as UNICAL, is the largest campus in Italy and one of the greenest in Europe.

Around 30,000 students are enrolled at the university, including a thousand foreign students.

In terms of organization, it offers everything a modern university needs: green spaces, study areas, classrooms, laboratories and a new green electricity system.

In recent years the university has changed the way energy is produced and consumed. It has combined geothermal, photovoltaic and solar energy generation methods to create a greener and cleaner campus. It also saves you more than half a million euros in energy costs every year.

Nicola Leone, dean of the university, tells us that “building a state-of-the-art campus in Calabria was a huge challenge”. In his opinion, it is “one of the poorest regions in Europe” and does not have many resources. But the university was able to draw on funds from the European Commission.

The total budget for this energy transition was 18 million euros, 75% of which was financed from European Cohesion Policy funds.

On the campus, 96 cube-shaped buildings are connected by a central bridge. These buildings are illuminated by an intelligent system of LED lamps that can be controlled remotely. There are 33,000 of them. This system alone drastically reduces CO2 emissions.

In addition, the university uses energy from the earth with the help of a geothermal system and energy from the sun with solar and photovoltaic systems. The role of the energy manager is essential on a green campus. It’s more than just measuring temperatures.

Vittorio Ferraro, energy manager at the university, explains that the photovoltaic system installed across the bridge has enabled the campus to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 900 tons per year. The LED system has also reduced emissions by approx. 800 tons per year and the geothermal heat pumps by approx. 90 tons per year.

Ecology is very important on campus. Motion detectors turn the lights on and off in classrooms to avoid wasting energy. The middle bridge, which is almost two kilometers long, can only be crossed by bike or on foot.

The students particularly appreciate that the university applies what they have learned in class. Valentina, student of energy technology, says: “Even for those who live on the outskirts, it is like arriving in another city. It’s not just about discovering the green campus, but also learning that small gestures can have a big impact on the environment “.

Not only is UNICAL a world class education center with diverse science and research programs, but it’s also a great example of campuses around the world and how they too can go green.

New Hawaii Tesla fleet raises eyebrows as DOT says it is saving cash

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Government officials begin driving more electric vehicles and a fleet of brand new Teslas is attracting attention.

History always has to be investigated.

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There are a lot more electric vehicles on Hawaii’s streets these days, including Teslas, but KHON2 gets a lot of questions, why so many Teslas for the State Department of Transportation (DOT)?

State cars and trucks usually look functional, are slightly worn around the edges, and are never mistaken for a luxury car.

Hawaii’s electricity is the most expensive in the country, but there are ways to save

But when shiny new Teslas appeared by the dozen, viewers asked KHON2 to dig deeper. Always investigating, the man in charge asked Ed Sniffen, DOT deputy director of the Highways Division.

“I really appreciate the concern that you have to make sure we are taxable,” said Sniffen. “We’re not looking for luxury vehicles. We don’t try to spoil our employees. I would love if everyone understands that we are looking for the best deals for the state. We could have thought about looks and opted for the Chevy Bolt, but we could have got a less reliable vehicle at a higher price. “

Hawaii Energy: Beat The Heat Without Breaking The Bank

Sniffen said that’s because, taking telematics and charging points into account, the Teslas came in at $ 1.49 a mile, and the Nissan Leafs and Chevy Bolts came in at $ 1.60 to $ 1.70 a mile.

“When they tell you the cost per mile of a Tesla is lower than that of a Nissan Leaf, it’s really incalculable,” said Panos Prevedouros, transportation professor at UH Manoa Engineering School. “So there may be other fixed fees there that we don’t know about. Somebody makes good money with it between the contractor and Tesla and everyone. “

Hawaii Energy offers help to local businesses

A contractor, Sustainability Partners, takes care of the purchase of the Tesla cars and takes care of the charging station components. All of this is part of a new model for Hawaii government fleets called Mobility as a Service, where state and regional agencies can electrify their fleets for a fee per mile. It’s not the first foray into electric vehicles for the DOT, but it’s the first with a 10-year pay-as-you-go contract that the state and all counties can use.

“I think we got Chevy Bolts in 2019 that cost us about $ 50,000 for the vehicle,” recalled Sniffen. “The charging station cost us an additional $ 15,000-20,000 to install the infrastructure for the charging station, then install our racks, and so on. So all in all, about $ 70,000 when we finished. And the maintenance is still on us, the insurance is still on us. “

It would have cost $ 2 million with the latest fleet replacement, but the new approach: “My profit on 43 new vehicles is only about $ 170,000,” said Sniffen. “Because the Teslas were the best offer, we got 43 Teslas. But when you decide to make the next bulk purchase of vehicles, it is all available vehicles and technologies that give us the best deal. “

He says the DOT will also save fuel, make hundreds of dollars even after the cost of electricity, and be more environmentally friendly in the process – to the extent that Hawaii’s power grid contains some clean energy.

“We have some renewables, but they are less than 30 percent,” said Prevedouros. “In fact, it’s usually less than 20 percent. So 80 percent of our electricity is dirty. The argument that we are saving CO2 shouldn’t really be on the slide. It is too early to say that. “

The DOT says the Teslas are easier to track and verify when they are only used for work tasks, some employees are allowed to take them home but are not allowed to use them outside of work other than commuting. They are also more practical in size and put the Chevy Bolts side by side and in the cubic interior in the shade.

Skeptics say that whatever the case, agencies should keep an eye on the bookkeeping and look back soon to ensure that the expected savings are taking effect.

“Let’s find out the full cost and the contract and what we actually paid for these vehicles,” said Prevedouros, “and what could have been if it had been a cheaper gasoline vehicle or some other type of vehicle.”

Expect to see more electric vehicles hit the streets in the states and counties as Governor David Ige signed Law HB552 on Thursday June 24th to have a 100% zero emission light fleet by 2035.

The current DOT conversion has so far turned 43 Tesla into a fleet of 300 light commercial vehicles. Sniffen says they are keeping a close eye on the money and will likely reduce the overall fleet size in the end.

“We fund this over time to make sure we can afford it,” said Sniffen. “As we go through this, we will adjust the fleet to the right size. We will use telematics to give us this data, to give us a feel for what is necessary in the system, and we will get rid of those that are not needed. “