Model Watch: Tv persona Sarah Lian lets her outfits do the speaking

Clothing is more than just vanity. Sarah Lian believes it can also work to complement a personality. She also sees fashion as a reflection of society and time.

The 38-year-old Malaysian gives a lot of thought to the choice of her outfits – be it with simple accessories like accessories or more serious things like a sustainable fashion choice.

Born in Taiping, Perak, and raised in Canada, Lian was active in film, television and theater. She is often seen here as a celebrity in the local scene at events (or as a hostess).

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As for her aesthetic, she seems to prefer anything that can help her stand out.

From bold yet chic designs to comfy two-piece ensembles to exquisite red carpet dresses, Lian certainly knows how to rock a look. Maybe it’s more about their confidence than anything else.

While Lian likes to keep up with trends, she doesn’t think they define anyone’s style. In her opinion, fashion shouldn’t be a make or break factor in judging a person.

Curating a good OOTD (Outfit of the Day) is in the details, after all, and Lian is more demanding than most when it comes to striking that fine balance between effortless and beautifully polished looks.

What do you think of fashion? How does it affect life in general?

Fashion plays a big role in my life. In addition to studying fashion at university, I believe that it is an extension of your own personality. Fashion has always been a social commentary on society and the world we live in, and to me that sounds true. Since most of us were at home (during the pandemic), clothes like loungewear or fun “home” styles were more noticeable and common. It also showed that there wasn’t much room for pretexts as everyone had nowhere to go, we could all be more authentic. Also with sustainability in the foreground, I try to be a little more conscious when buying clothes. When I buy fast fashion, I make sure that I have pieces that last a long time and, to be honest, my favorite pieces have a long lifespan.

What does a typical Sarah Lian outfit look like?

I would probably describe my personal style as effortless, chic with a touch of boldness. I like to take risks while holding on to simple silhouettes that emphasize the curves on a woman’s body. A textured dress with a neckline or design detail paired with a pair of strappy sandals would likely be a signature Sarah Lian look.

If someone asks you for moderation suggestions, how would you respond?

Convenience is the key. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, everything you wear will look like you are drowning. Also, knowing your body type and finding ways to balance your appearance would be another aspect of dressing well, and if all fails, stick to the basics. Don’t make it too complicated! 4. Do you think everyone can be fashionable?

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I think anyone can be fashionable with the amount of attention and time they spend on fashion. Being up-to-date on the trends and the new collections or the spirit of each season can help you make better, more informed decisions about what you like and what you don’t like. That being said, you can still be fashionable if you stick to the basics, it’s all up to your interpretation.

What are your style essentials?

A pair of comfortable heels, rings or bracelets to add a little more detail to the outfit, and a great lipstick too.

Leisure mogul Ari Emanuel and dressmaker Sarah Staudinger engaged

Top Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel and fashion designer Sarah Staudinger reportedly got engaged months after their relationship was reconciled.

Insiders confirmed the news at Page Six On Sunday. It comes five weeks after Emanuel listed his entertainment and events company Endeavor Group Holdings Inc – owner of the popular company – public UFC Mixed Martial Arts Organization.

A source reported on Page 6 that 60-year-old Emanuel asked 32-year-old Staudinger about the IPO that debuted Endeavor on the New York Stock Exchange with a valuation of $ 10.8 billion.

The source said the couple reunited a few months ago after breaking up after dating for about two years last fall.

The wedding is sure to have an impressive guest list given the couple’s impressive network of A-listeners.

Staudgeer’s fashion brand Staud has many high profile fans, including Meghan Markle, Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and Lizzo.

Emanuel’s half of the list could include some of the stars he represents – including Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Martin Scorsese, Larry David, Michael Bay, and Tyler Perry.

The fashion designer Sarah Staudinger and Ari Emanuel (above in 2019) are engaged, say insiders

Emanuel could also invite some heavy hitters he knows through Endeavor, owned by the UFC, the Hollywood agency WME and the Miss Universe pageant.

Tesla founder Elon Musk is on the company’s board of directors and Patriots owner Robert Kraft is believed to be an investor.

At the family table, Emanuel’s two brothers will likely be seated – former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the renowned bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel.

Last November, it was reported that Emanuel and Staudinger had ended the relationship they started in 2018 – shortly after he filed for divorce from Sarah Addington, his wife of over 20 and mother of his three sons.

At the time, sources reported that Staudinger had lived with Emanuel but moved out after the split.

Variety reported that Emanuel recently bought a $ 27.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills that could serve as the couple’s first home.

The wedding is sure to have an impressive guest list, as Emanuel and Staudinger have an impressive network of A-listeners. The couple is pictured with actress Connie Britton

Staudinger is pictured with one of her most famous fans, Emily Ratajkowski

Staudinger is pictured with one of her most famous fans, Emily Ratajkowski

Emanuel's half of the list could include some of the stars he represents - including Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (pictured together in 2015)

Emanuel’s half of the list could include some of the stars he represents – including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (pictured together in 2015)

Emanuel and Staudinger (right) are pictured with comedian Larry David (second from left) at a Los Angeles Clippers game in 2019

Emanuel and Staudinger (right) are pictured with comedian Larry David (second from left) at a Los Angeles Clippers game in 2019

Staudinger crashed into the fashion scene in 2015 when she and George Augusto founded their Staud brand – which quickly drew the attention of stars like Emily Ratajkowski, Alexa Chung, Dakota Johnson, Margo Robbie and Nicole Richie.

Staudinger spoke to about the vision behind their brand over the past year.

“We started STAUD because we believed there was a need in the market for elegant, chic clothing at an affordable price,” she said.

‘We felt like everything out there was too trending or too expensive. Our goal is to create timeless designs with an enhanced aesthetic at a reasonable price. ‘

Staudinger and Staud co-founder George Augusto walk the catwalk at their show at New York Fashion Week in February 2019

Staudinger and Staud co-founder George Augusto walk the catwalk at their show at New York Fashion Week in February 2019

Meghan Markle wears one of Staudinger's designs in South Africa in 2019

Meghan Markle wears one of Staudinger’s designs in South Africa in 2019

When asked why she believed her brand was so popular with celebrities, Staudinger said, “I think the rest of the customers seem to be connecting with us for the same reason.

“With our pieces, celebrities can make a statement that fits their style, not just the garment or designer they’re wearing.

“Most of the girls who wear our clothes have amazing tastes and want to express that, and we provide the canvas for them.”

It’s unclear how Staudinger and Emanuel met, but both have connections with many Hollywood stars who could have made an introduction.

The couple’s representatives have not returned requests for comments on their engagement.

Staudinger (center) poses with models at the Staud fashion show during New York Fashion Week in February 2019

Staudinger (center) poses with models at the Staud fashion show during New York Fashion Week in February 2019

Sarah Hyland ‘cannot wait’ to marry Wells Adam | Leisure

Sarah Hyland “can’t wait” to marry Wells Adams.

So ready to tie the knot with her fiancé after her wedding was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ‘Modern Family’ star nodded to her upcoming wedding as she marked his birthday with a cute social media post .

She wrote on Instagram: “It’s love for the birthday of my life !!!! Thank you for always dancing silly, singing out loud, laughing contagiously and loving endlessly. I miss you more than words can say and, if it is possible, I love you even more than that. Since we can’t be together, I want everyone to do a classic @wellsadams shimmy to celebrate you! To Pluto and Back Sugar Balls, can’t wait to finally marry you on the day . (sic) “

It comes after Sarah reveals that she has “put her wedding plans on hold” amid the pandemic.

Speaking of the couple’s plans, she said, “We don’t have any plans at the moment. We’ve put all plans on hold. My whole family is mostly on the east coast so they get kicked out … and just age and mine, of course We want to be as safe as possible for health risks. “

Wells admitted they hadn’t bothered to make plans because of the health crisis.

He stated, “There are no plans. I think the thought was that around this time we would originally think about it, and now that this is happening you know why should we even try to solidify anything when everything is so in.” Is okay. ” in the air?”

Sarah Amos Joins Condé Nast Leisure As Head Of Unscripted – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Condé Nast Entertainment has named Marvel an executive Sarah Amos as VP, Development & Production (non-fiction books, documentaries).

In the new role, part of the ongoing restructuring at CNE under President Agnes Chu, Amos will lead the company’s efforts in the non-written area. She will report to Helen Estabrook, who recently served as the head of Conde Nast EntertainmentFilm and television department.

“In addition to bringing her world-class development and production experience, Sarah is an experienced storyteller with the ability to translate compelling material across a variety of platforms,” ​​said Estabrook. “We are very happy to have her on the CNE team.”

Amos joins CNE from Marvel, where she served as vice president of development and production for Marvel Entertainment’s NewMedia division and video, live streaming and audio content for and third-party platforms including SiriusXM and Marvel Entertainment for nonfiction, overseen Disney +. Amos was Executive Producer of the Disney + original series Marvels Behind The Mask, Marvels Hero Project and Marvels 616 – a collaboration with Supper Club, the team behind Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

Prior to Marvel, Amos worked in productive roles at ABC News, including the flagship program World News with Diane Sawyer.

Amos is the second former Marvel Entertainment executive to join the Disney + alumna Chu team at CNE following the appointment of Jennifer Jones (who also worked with Chu at Disney +) as Head of Business Affairs.