Tea bricks used as cash provided in Album sale

Many people have heard of the phrase “money to burn,” but an auction in California takes a different approach: money to drink.

Stephen Album Rare Coins’ auction No. 40, scheduled for May 13-15, includes two lots of tea money, bricks of the popular plant that spurred exploration and contributed to America’s rebellion.

According to the company, tea was highly valued in Asia, which resulted in tea bricks being used as currency across China, Tibet, Mongolia and Central Asia.

“Tea bricks were the preferred form of currency over metal coins for the nomads of Mongolia and Siberia at the beginning of the 20th century,” said the auction house.

Not only could the tea be used as money and eaten as food in times of hunger, it could also be brewed as a supposedly useful medicine for treating coughs and colds.

Until the Second World War, tea bricks were still used as edible currency in Siberia.

According to the auction house, the average brick was valued at 1 Szechuan Tibetan rupee or 8 Ga-Den-Tangkas and was used to pay wages, buy food and do normal trade.

The authentic brick offered in the auction can be traced back to Mongolia and was made around 1900.

It is 180 millimeters wide and 113 millimeters high. The auction company did not describe its depth.

On the front there are two small birds with TEA in English at the bottom right and Chinese characters at the bottom left.

The brick was once part of the Charles Opitz Collection. Opitz is the author of an ethnographic study of traditional money.

The brick, rated very good by the auction house, has an estimate of $ 250-350.

Modern replica also available

A modern replica from China is also part of the sale.

From 1975 to 1985 molds of this design were used in China to make tea bricks like this one for sale as novelty and tea to drink.

The replica is 240 millimeters wide and 190 millimeters high (9.5 inches by 7.5 inches), has an unknown depth and a patterned design.

The modern tea brick was rated extremely fine by the auction house and has a presale estimate of $ 75 to $ 100.

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Cape-style dwelling in Middle Moriches on sale for $750,000

A 2,658-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath Cape-style home is on sale in Center Moriches for $ 750,000.

The house is located on 1.5 hectares of land and was used as a horse property. It includes a riding ring and a three-story barn with an attic, electricity and water.

In house credit: Kimberly Riccio

There’s plenty of room for a pool and the barn can be converted into a pool house with permission, says Kimberly Riccio of Hampton Estates Realty, who lists the house with Nicholas Giorgio.

“It’s beautifully laid out,” says Riccio. “There are many beautiful features to the home. You have a wishing well on the property with a little patio around it.”

The master bedroom suite is on the first floor, says Riccio, “which we find very appealing these days.”

The upper floor has two bedrooms, a loft and a large bonus room with a dormer window that can be used as a playroom, office or for other purposes. Photo credit: Kimberly Riccio

The upper floor has two bedrooms, a loft and a large bonus room with a dormer window that can be used as a playroom, office or for other purposes.

“It’s a very nice hotel. It’s been very well looked after,” says Riccio. “It’s all about the perfect buyer looking for this type of home.”

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The home is in the Center Moriches School District and near Terrell River County Park.

Annual property taxes are $ 16,297.

From Arlene Gross
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Mailbag: Will a Royal Caribbean sale truly save me any cash?

If you’re on one of Royal Caribbean’s email lists, you most likely get lots of emails announcing new discounts and sales on cruise fares, shore excursions, WiFi, and more. But do you actually save money with one of these promotions?

I’m back with an answer to another Royal Caribbean common question posted by one of our readers. I hope she helps a lot more people too.

I received an email from Royal Caribbean for a new sale, but I saw comments on Facebook that prices aren’t actually changing. Someone even said they raise the price before selling and then discount it afterwards. Are these sales “fact or fiction”? – Erin A.

Social media is a great resource to learn and share, and you will definitely see a wide variety of opinions when it comes to cruises.

I’ve seen some people write about saving hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to a new sale, but I’ve also seen others complain that their prices have only gone up.

Are you saving money with these cruise sales and pre-cruise discounts?

Like so many things in life, the answer is that it matters.

Sale of cruise fares

Royal Caribbean offers cruise fares frequently, and new deals appear every few weeks on things to pre-order for your booked glider.

Yes, every sale offered by Royal Caribbean could potentially save you money compared to the previous day’s price, but not every sale means there are lower prices across the board.

In my experience, Royal Caribbean’s sales tend to have different destinations. However, it is extremely rare for a promotion to give a flat rate discount for every sailing and date.

However, this does not mean that one or more people are not reporting a discount so that no savings are made.

When it comes to selling cruises, a large part of the time saved depends on the type of booking. Kids Sail Free offers always have the best discounts when you have a third or fourth passenger in the same room. A 30% discount on sales results in a completely different type of savings.

In addition, you may already have the lowest price on a sailing boat since you booked early enough to get the best deal.

Traditionally, cruise prices in the Royal Caribbean are generally set lowest when a new sail becomes available and then prices rise over time. Royal Caribbean calls this pricing model “low to high”.

The idea behind the low to high model is that it gives consumers confidence that they are getting the best deal.

Of course, there may be exceptions as the pricing is not linear, but there is no doubt that the best prices come early.

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Does Royal Caribbean Games Play With Their Prizes?

Erin also mentions the oft-repeated theory that Royal Caribbean increases prices before a sale to make the discount seem remarkable.

In my experience, cruise prices fluctuate daily or even hourly depending on a variety of factors.

The best parallel I can offer to give an example of how cruise fare prices tend to go up is jeans in the mall. The ticket price is the base price for jeans and similar list prices apply for cruise fares. Later the store sells these jeans and the price drops a little. As soon as this promotion ends, the price of the jeans can go back up to the ticket price. And a week or two later, a new sale of jeans will bring the price down again. And so on.

Cruise fare prices aren’t exactly like goods in a store, but you’ll see an up and down in their prices in a similar way.

The main difference to the cruise fare is that the price of a cruise also depends on supply and demand. The more cabins are booked, the higher the prices tend to be.

The reason the price of a cabin can go up before a sale is not because of the nefarious Royal Caribbean conspiracy to suck up all your money, but the fact that cabins on this sail were recently sold and now there is less supply and prices are increasing adjust accordingly .

The price of airfares is similar and ultimately the remaining seats / staterooms combined with booking trends determine discounts (or lack thereof).

The bottom line is that sales can save you money on your cruise fare, but don’t expect a discount on every sailing.

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Do Pre-Cruise Sales Save Money?

What about selling WiFi, shore excursions, or beverage packages? Are you saving money with these sales?

The answer is a little clearer here as it’s easier to compare and keep track of prices as everyone gets the same deal (as opposed to cabins).

Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner sale definitely saves money on most purchases compared to price waiting to be booked on board.

Beverage packages, WiFi, and even shore excursions definitely cost more if you wait to book them once you’re on the ship.

Continue reading:: Information and planning tips for the Royal Caribbean Drink Package

Spa treatments are a bit like a wash as the price is basically the same on board or online. The spa has special offers on board, but they’re almost always combo packages and they’re not offered online so you can’t compare the two.

Special meal packages are sometimes discounted online compared to waiting for a booking on board. Individual restaurant reservations are more or less the same as on board.

The really nice thing about pre-cruise sales is that you can easily track prices and cancel and rebook if there is a better price.

Cruise professionals can book something they want early on and then look for new rate cuts when they occur. In contrast to cruise fares, there is no penalty for cancellations and rebookings even within a few weeks of sailing.

Continue reading:: How to cancel and book pre-cruise purchases with Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner

Selling cruise planners can absolutely save you money and almost certainly won’t cost you more than booking on board.

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Inside the costliest house on the market in Bal Harbour, Forida

The most expensive single family home for sale in Miami Beach’s exclusive Bal Harbor Village is called Villa Magnolia and is priced at $ 35 million.

The view from above Bal Harbor’s most expensive residential property.

Lifestyle Production Group / The Jills Zeder Group

The two-story residence at 182 Bal Bay Drive has reportedly eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and more than 12,800 square feet of living space Listing agent Jill Hertzberg of the Jills Zeder Group.

Hertzberg told CNBC that there are several reasons the property should fetch the highest price in the area. “The main reason is location, location, location.”

Villa Magnolias villa gate and brick driveway.

Lifestyle Production Group / The Jills Zeder Group

The property was built on the northern tip of Miami Beach in a residential complex between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. The exclusive neighborhood includes its own police force and a marina.

Villa Magnolia living room.

Photo: Luis Travieso

With the asking price of Villa Magnolia, the price per square foot is north of $ 2,900. For comparison, in the fourth quarter of 2020, the average single-family home in the Miami Beach-Barrier Island area sold for about $ 3.79 million, with an average price per square foot of $ 1,047 The luxury real estate data from Elliman Report. This puts Villa Magnolia at the top of the market with a price per square foot that is 277% above average.

The vaulted ceilings of Villa Magnolia and the column-filled halls.

Photo: Luis Travieso

Hertzberg described the Villa Magnolia as “a modern house in the neoclassical style”. It features classic elements such as columns, coffered ceilings and handcrafted stone.

Villa Magnolia’s water front extends over 221 feet.

Lifestyle Production Group / The Jills Zeder Group

One of the house’s biggest selling points, according to Hertzberg, is the 221-foot-long waterfront in the backyard.

You will also find a single-story waterfall there. At the push of a button, water flows from an infinity pool on a terrace on the second floor into the main pool overlooking Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

182 Bal Bay, Bal Harbor, FL

Image source: Luis Travieso

The boardwalk includes 100 feet of piers clad in white stone.

Inside, the house is just as impressive. Here’s a look:

Dining room with Fendi furniture.

Photo: Luis Travieso

The house is being sold fully furnished and much of the furniture has been designed by Fendi. The Italian dining table shown here offers space for 16 people.

At the head of the table hangs a picture of Marilyn Monroe, which can be set in motion by remote control to reveal a flat-screen TV.

Owner’s suite

Photo: Luis Travieso

The owner’s suite has a king-size bed with a headboard and moldings covered with white crocodile skin.

Next to the owner’s suite there is a terrace and an infinity pool.

Photo: Luis Travieso

Off the owner’s bedroom there is a terrace and an infinity pool.

The stunning closet has floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Photo: Luis Travieso

The “Her’s Closet” has floor-to-ceiling mirrors and its own terrace.

The “his” bathroom has a floating onyx washbasin.

Photo: Luis Travieso

The “his bathroom” has a floating onyx washbasin, which is illuminated by the lighting embedded under the stone.

Villa Magnolia has a cinema with walls made of black alpaca fleece.

Photo: Luis Travieso

The walls of the cinema room are lined with black alpaca fleece. Surround sound speakers are built into the walls and hidden behind individually framed movie posters.

There is a 750-gallon saltwater aquarium in the kitchen of Villa Magnolia.

Photo: Luis Travieso

And while Villa Magnolia is the most expensive villa for sale in Bal Harbor, it’s not the most expensive property for sale in the village.

“A six-acre waterfront property at 200 Bal Bay Drive was recently listed for $ 65 million,” said Hertzberg.

The $ 65 million lot at 200 Bal Bay Drive does not include a home.

Lifestyle Production Group / Douglas Elliman

The view of the pool and water at 224 Bal Bay Drive.

Photo: Lifestyle Production Group

In comparison, Villa Magnolia has more square meters, a larger plot of land, the double waterfront and is offered turnkey with all designer furniture, Herzberg said.

182 Bal Bay Drive, Bal Harbor

Lifestyle Production Group / The Jills Zeder Group

Although Covid-19 prevented in-person screenings of Villa Magnolia for about a month, demand has increased dramatically due to the pandemic, leading to a record year, Hertzberg said.

“In 2020 our team, The Jills Cedar Group, had sales of over $ 1 billion,” she said.

Rejected Broadway posters on sale to assist theater group | Leisure

Posters play a key role in the life of a show. Until word of mouth gets the upper hand, advertising campaigns need to trick customers into being willing to pay high ticket prices for something they may know little about.

“It’s definitely the first thing anyone sees on a show. And what I like the most is that it lingers when the show stops, ”says Verlizzo.

The latest set – in addition to a collection of his work, “Fraver By Design: 5 decades of theater poster art from Broadway, Off-Broadway and beyond” – shows Verlizzo’s range, which includes everything from woodcuts to elaborate typography to stylized illustrations.

“That was a criticism I always came across in school – ‘You have no style. You don’t have a style of your own, ”he says. “It’s like, ‘Well, I like all kinds of things. I like woodblock prints. I like illustration. I like graphic design.’ I don’t understand why I have to commit to a certain look or style. “

To make his posters, Verlizzo begins with a script and dreams up an image that can be reduced to the size of a stamp newspaper ad or blown onto an advertising billboard.

“I read it quickly first and try to get visual impressions of what I’m really reading it for,” he says. “Sometimes there is a subject that is evolving that I think I can express graphically.”

Phoebe Bridgers smashes expectations with guitar public sale sale | Arts & Leisure

Phoebe Bridgers thought she knew the end of her guitar when she crashed it at the end of her performance on a February episode of “SNL,” but GLAAD had other ideas and they got $ 101,500 richer.

The guitar was sold in an auction sponsored by GLAAD, the non-governmental media surveillance organization, which was set up to protest against defamatory reporting on LGBT people. The sale coincided with her music awards last week, in which Bridgers was nominated for Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist.

GLAAD talent boss Anthony Ramos was curious to see if Bridgers’ guitar would be of value to his organization, especially given the 26-year-old singer identified as bisexual.

“I saw the show on Saturday [Feb. 6] and saw twitter explode over that guitar and said, ‘Huh. I wonder what happened to that guitar? ‘”Ramos told Variety Magazine. “I bet people would pay some money for it – it’s worth a try.”

A discussion was held with Bridgers’ publicists, and the semi-intact guitar made its way to Los Angeles, where it would eventually be offered for sale.

Bids stayed low for a few days for most of the auction, but thanks in part to Bridgers’ growing fan base, the price rose rapidly.

“Saturday night when I went to bed it was about $ 18,000 and I said, ‘That’s a great number!'” Ramos said. “I was hoping we would be 25. Then I woke up and it was 40, then 50, then 80 and finally over 100. Obviously we were very pleasantly surprised.”

GLAAD cannot reveal the identity of the winning bidder, but is grateful for the amount of money that will be used to support members of the LGBTQ community.

“Phoebe is such a visible powerhouse in the music industry and we knew the product was special,” Ramos said in a statement. “But we were so pleasantly surprised that so much money was raised that goes directly into our work to support and promote LGBTQ people.”

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Become profitable or get monetary savings throughout Simply Between Associates spring cleansing sale

ST. PETERS, MO – St. Charles County is hosting events to help residents turn their spring cleaning clutter into cash.

Just Between Friends (JBF) is on sale in St. Charles County on April 17th and 18th at St. Peters Rec-Plex

Families who register as senders can then rate, tag and bring their items to the event. JBF then sells the items. The senders receive between 60 and 70 percent of the sale. The average postage check is over $ 250, according to JBF.

The event’s customers save between 50 and 90 percent on the items they buy. The items include clothing, shoes, toys, games, books, kids equipment, baby supplies, furniture, and more.

Top story: inmates riot in the St. Louis Justice Center, blow up windows, throw objects

There is an on-site expert overseeing all recalled items. The expert “works closely with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the Kids in Danger and We Make it Safer safety groups.”

All team members and buyers must wear masks. Those who do not feel well should stay at home, social distance, contactless passports and payment, if possible, and clean and disinfect frequently.

Prime time shopping takes place on Friday, April 16, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Entry is $ 10.

Shopping on Saturday, April 17th is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and admission is $ 5.

Sunday, April 18, is a half price day and open to the public for free from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

click here to learn more.

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