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SHINGLE SPRINGS (CBS13) – More than a week since the Caldor Fire broke out through El Dorado County, thousands of residents have been homeless and evacuation sites are full.

Now more than 200 evacuees are at the KOA in Shingle Springs, camping and paying more than $ 100 a night for accommodation. Some say they run out of money while trying to keep their families in one place.

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“We’re just trying to survive and make the best of it,” said a man named Paul.

The evacuees from Caldor Fire say they are nervous.

“I’m stressed, I’m afraid for my family, I’m afraid for my family’s home,” said Cat Hall from Kyburz.

Some have been KOA at Shingle Springs Campground for more than a week. Having no place to go, they spend money every day to have safe shelter.

“Some of these people only have the money in their pockets,” said Paul.

Garrett Larson and his new bride were married the night before they were told to evacuate their Pollock Pines home.

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He never thought that the fire would come this close and that he would have to spend his honeymoon at the KOA.

“It comes to your door and it’s scary, it’s sad and you just have to do your best in the meantime,” Larson said.

Cal Fire said Monday the fire is knocking on the door to the Lake Tahoe Basin.

And those who had to flee the fire do not know if their home is there or when they can go home.

“Now the depression sets in, people realize that it takes at least two weeks, some 30 days, and it’s very quiet today,” said Paul.

Families are looking for a way to afford another night together.

“Who knows what will happen when we go home,” said Hall.

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Shingle Springs KOA accepts donation cards that evacuees would use to pay for their stay at the campsite.

Find out how to verify to see if Sacramento County owes you cash

District officials say non-monetized checks worth more than $ 8,000 and worth more than $ 2.6 million will go undrawn and attempt to deliver them to legitimate recipients.

Sacramento County, California – thousands Sacramento County residents and businesses may borrow some cash.

District officials say non-monetized checks worth more than $ 8,000 and worth more than $ 2.6 million will go undrawn and attempt to deliver them to legitimate recipients.

Checks that have not been billed or monetized for more than 6 months will be stored in the database on the Unbilled County Warrant Web Page. The district calls checks “warrants”.

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This list includes the warrant number (check), the names of individuals and companies, the names of additional recipients, the amount outstanding, and the date the check was issued.

Tap here to see if you have any Sacramento County unbilled checks.

According to the county, you will need the following information and documents to claim money:

“Each claim requires a separate affidavit with the name and (current) address of the recipient, the warrant number, the date of issue and the amount. The recipient’s name, warrant number, date of issue and amount must exactly match what is listed on the original order form in the unclaimed warrants list on the website. “

County also has Specific criteria Who is allowed to sign personal affidavits, check for multiple recipients, check for companies, etc.

Anyone borrowing money can collect a fee directly in Sacramento County without paying any services or fees.

Most often, checks are payments from sellers and refunds of overpayments, usually utility bills refunds and debtor refunds, according to Sacramento County spokesman Ken Casparis.

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The Sacramento Sustainable Community Collaborative supports the cost of weeks of professional training in solar and other energy-related areas.

How to find out if Sacramento County owes you money Source link How to find out if Sacramento County owes you money

The way to discover out if the town of Sacramento owes you cash

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The City of Sacramento Treasury has one List of people and companies They may owe that money, but they must file a lawsuit before June 28 to receive the funds.

According to Osvaldo Lopez, the city’s chief accounting officer, there are around 4,100 companies whose unpaid funds have been owed by the city of Sacramento, which total 1.1 million.

Four groups can make a claim – Providers who previously did business with the city, former city employees, retirees who are part of the Sacramento City employee retirement system, and utilities who were in credit when their accounts were closed.

The Sacramento city administrator is proposing an increase in the police budget, but the Measure U committee wants the funds to be spent elsewhere

“We are essentially talking about unpaid checks that have been made out or mailed but have not been cashed three years or more after their date of issue,” Lopez said in a press release. “This process also focuses on unreimbursed billing account balances for city utility customers.”

The city will issue a check within 30 to 90 days of receiving appropriate documentation, according to Lopez.

Claims can be sent to the Sacramento City Treasury Department by mail or email. For more informations, click or tap here.

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How Sacramento area utilities are serving to residents get monetary savings

Here are some programs that can help you save the most money while helping the environment.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA. – After this Department of Water ResourcesSnow cover in the northern and central Sierra is again low, making this the third driest year in the state.

Everyone can do their part to help save water in California. Here are some programs that can help you save the most money while helping the environment.


Sacramento County Water Authority (SCWA) offers a voluntary discount program for modifying existing grass or turf with native and drought tolerant landscaping.

Customers can receive up to $ 1,000 per household.


The Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) offers a variety of discount programs to help homeowners install new and more water efficient home appliances.

The discount programs include:

  • Discount for irrigation efficiencies – Residents can get up to $ 500 off when they upgrade existing ground irrigation systems with new high-efficiency equipment or install an EPA Water Sense-approved weather-based irrigation controller.
  • Lawn replacement discount – Residents can get up to $ 500 discount for converting water-thirsty lawns to water-efficient landscaping.
  • Discount program for highly efficient toilets (HET) – A new toilet can help you save water and make some money. Residents can get up to $ 100 off a toilet when they replace old toilets with new, highly efficient ones.
  • Highly efficient discount program for washing machines – Get up to $ 150 off when you replace an old laundry washing machine with a new, heavy-duty machine.


The city offers a discount program similar to Sacramento County Cash for Grass program. A resident can convert grass into a water-efficient landscape for a discount of up to $ 1,000 per address.


The city of West Sacramento has a huge list of tips and discount programs available to save water as well Lower your water bill. The programs include:

  • Smart Irrigation Controller Discount – The city is offering $ 150 to replace your existing traditional irrigation controller with a “smart” irrigation controller. These controls use local weather reports and landscape conditions to change the irrigation schedules.
  • Water wise home visit – Not sure whether your landscape is drought-friendly? Would you like more information on how to use water wisely? The city offers residents a free overview of their landscape, as well as an indoor installation manual and landscape guide.


The city of Elk Grove is part of the Sacramento County’s water rebate program. Rather than offering their own discount program, residents can contact the Sacramento County Water Agency to participate in the program.

There are also strict watering days to save water in the moose grove. Residents can click here to view the watering schedule for their address.


The city of Sacramento There are several ways to help residents save water in their homes. The programs include:

  • Turf conversion discounts – Residents can receive up to $ 3,000 to replace their lawns with low-water-consuming crops and drought-tolerant landscapes.
  • Smart controller discount – Sacramento is offering discounts of up to $ 400 for installing a weather-based smart controller in their home and upgrading their irrigation system.
  • Rain barrel discount – The Rain Barrel Rebate saves water by storing rainwater during rainy events for dry periods. The city grants a discount of up to $ 150 for the installation of rain barrels.
  • Laundry-to-Landscape Discounts – With this gray water system, the wastewater from your washing machine can be directed into your garden for irrigation. Residents can receive a discount of up to $ 100 on materials required to install the system.
  • Highly efficient toilet discounts – Replace your older toilet with a new high efficiency toilet and get a discount of up to $ 125. However, be sure to do an inspection before removing the old toilet to make sure it is fit for the program. There is no limit to the number of discounts that can be requested for this program.
  • Discounts for highly efficient washing machines – In partnership with the California Water Efficiency Partnership, residents can get a discount of up to $ 125 when they replace a washing machine with a new, highly efficient one.
  • Repeat the loo program – For multi-family residents only within a deprived community, the city is offering a discount of up to $ 250 to replace older toilets.

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