‘Kickin Most cancers’ by operating and elevating cash for a coworker

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – A lot of people say their colleagues are like family.
This may be especially true of a Sioux Falls man who pursues an effusion from those he works with.

Over 200 people come together to raise money for a colleague and friend who is fighting cancer.

“Someone goes through something like that, you can’t just be by their side all the time. So just do what you can and help them shoulder the financial burden, ”said Lucas Holden, one of the organizers of the event.

Kole Vogt was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma after a seizure during a video call to work in July.

“We heard about Kole’s situation while working with him at Eide Bailey and we obviously wanted to help the family. It’s just, yes, expensive to go through all of these treatments and he has such a great family, ”said Paige Dejong, one of the organizers of the event.

Buffalo Ridge Brewing launches ‘Raising Hope IPA’ in aid of childhood cancer research

So, Eide Bailey staff put together a 3-mile run and a mile of walk to do just that. Kole and his family were even allowed to be there.

“We were stuck in the hospital for the last week, so it feels really good to be outside and see and feel the support,” said Janelle Vogt, Kole’s wife.

Kole has done three out of six rounds of chemo so far. Once he’s cancer free, his doctors want to do a bone marrow transplant. He says the support he has had throughout this trip has been overwhelming.

“Thanks to everyone who has given some kind of support, because there are so many different forms, be it to help the children, just to send prayers, or anything,” said Kole Vogt.

“We are really blessed to have the support crew that we do behind us. To be honest, we couldn’t do it without all the support, ”said Janelle Vogt.

Donations to the family will continue to be accepted through the event’s Venmo account (username: kickincancerwithkole) for the next few weeks. There is also a GoFundMe page for Kole that you can visit by clicking here.

Caldor Fireplace Evacuees Operating Out Of Cash With No Place To Keep – CBS Sacramento

SHINGLE SPRINGS (CBS13) – More than a week since the Caldor Fire broke out through El Dorado County, thousands of residents have been homeless and evacuation sites are full.

Now more than 200 evacuees are at the KOA in Shingle Springs, camping and paying more than $ 100 a night for accommodation. Some say they run out of money while trying to keep their families in one place.

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“We’re just trying to survive and make the best of it,” said a man named Paul.

The evacuees from Caldor Fire say they are nervous.

“I’m stressed, I’m afraid for my family, I’m afraid for my family’s home,” said Cat Hall from Kyburz.

Some have been KOA at Shingle Springs Campground for more than a week. Having no place to go, they spend money every day to have safe shelter.

“Some of these people only have the money in their pockets,” said Paul.

Garrett Larson and his new bride were married the night before they were told to evacuate their Pollock Pines home.

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He never thought that the fire would come this close and that he would have to spend his honeymoon at the KOA.

“It comes to your door and it’s scary, it’s sad and you just have to do your best in the meantime,” Larson said.

Cal Fire said Monday the fire is knocking on the door to the Lake Tahoe Basin.

And those who had to flee the fire do not know if their home is there or when they can go home.

“Now the depression sets in, people realize that it takes at least two weeks, some 30 days, and it’s very quiet today,” said Paul.

Families are looking for a way to afford another night together.

“Who knows what will happen when we go home,” said Hall.

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Shingle Springs KOA accepts donation cards that evacuees would use to pay for their stay at the campsite.

Husband-and-wife staff shares ideas for working a enterprise collectively

As the man-woman team behind it Clothes rental app Style Theory, Raena Lim and Chris Halim are united not only in marriage but also in business.

That “definitely has some really good advantages,” said Halim CNBC does it.

And it also has its downsides: “Work longer,” laughs Lim.

But after spending five years perfecting their approach, the 32-year-old couple has advice to share with other co-founders of the couple – both in and out of the business.

Play to your strengths

First of all, they say, it is important to identify certain areas of focus that showcase an individual’s strengths.

“Chris is really analytical so he makes a lot of business and financial decisions,” said Lim of her husband, who is the Singapore fashion company’s chief executive officer.

Focus areas that belong to her will call her and focus areas that belong to me I’ll make the call.

Chris Halim |

Co-Founder and CEO, Style Theory

“Rae is much more focused on the branding side, the human resource side of things, the operational side of things,” Halim said of his wife as chief operations officer.

Each party should then own these areas and take responsibility for important decisions.

“She will call focal points that belong to her and I will call focal points that belong to me. That worked out quite well for us,” said Halim.

Separate work and leisure

That demarcation should also extend to the separation of work and pleasure, the couple said.

Although it was not always easy – especially in the early days of the company – it was vital to their effective and harmonious work.

Raena Lim and Chris Halim, the couple behind the Singaporean clothing rental app Style Theory.

Style theory

“The first few years were tough,” said Halim. They would work Monday through Sunday and would not take a vacation for a “long time”. “But we learned,” he said.

“We had five years to refine it,” added Lim. “Weekends are for personal life, and we really make the most of the days of the week to really make sure we get our jobs done.”

Build a strong team

Much of this structure was made possible with the help of their 150-strong team, the couple said.

“What really keeps you going is finding people who are passionate about the mission you’re on. In difficult times, they’re the ones who motivate you more than you do,” said Lim.

The 100% alignment is really very helpful and super important when you are making important decisions together.

Chris Halim |

Co-Founder and CEO, Style Theory

9 retirement planning tricks to keep away from operating out of cash

How can someone effectively plan their retirement so they don’t run out of money?

In order to give you the security that you will not run out of money even in retirement, we have asked financial experts and management consultants this question for their best advice. From opening a Roth IRA to investing in real estate, there are several tips that can help you Plan your retirement effectively so you don’t run out of money.

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Here are nine retirement tips to avoid running out of money:

  • Double check your policy
  • Start as early as possible
  • Plan for inflation and additional expenses
  • Open a Roth IRA
  • Take into account time and resources
  • Find passive income investments
  • Invest in real estate
  • Review your company’s 401K plan
  • Work with a retirement advisor

Double check your policy

One of the first things that you should do before retiring is to make sure that your life insurance is still active. You also want to determine whether you can still maintain your policy with your retirement income and savings. The last thing you want is your life insurance to expire, especially when you need it most. It is also more expensive to get new life insurance later in life, so plan accordingly.

Chris Abrams, Abrams insurance solutions

Start as early as possible

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. With your first job, start investing in a retirement account and keep doing it until you retire. By consistently investing and diversifying your 401K investment portfolio, you should never have to worry about running out of money, especially when you need it most. It is not enough to simply put your money in the bank. If you have the opportunity, take advantage of your company’s 401K match. But if that’s not an option, start your own IRA and contribute as much as you can as early as you can.

Ronniba Pemberton, Markitors

Plan for inflation and additional expenses

A smart way to plan your retirement is to calculate the money you need during the inflation adjustment and then buffer that amount by an additional 20-25%. It’s almost impossible to calculate how much you really need, but a good rule of thumb is to assume that you need more than you expect. Be generous with yourself, not so much to live in opulence and luxury as to predict wisely that you will live longer, that healthcare costs could be higher, or that inflation could rise even in your golden years. Therefore, in addition to the standard daily costs, it is advisable to look beyond the obvious and anticipate many different costs that may arise in the future.

Anna Berkolec, CVLab

Open a Roth IRA

Not every first “real” job offers a retirement plan like a 401k. The best advice I can give is, once your paycheck comfortably covers your bills, open a Roth IRA and start stashing money. It is a tax free way to multiply your money and also withdraw the money. You could put away as little as $ 100 a month. Getting used to putting money away is a good habit and can help you understand how retirement planning works.

Bailey Mosley, Brewery Pedal House

Take into account time and resources

I’ve been helping clients with retirement provision for almost a decade. The most important factor is time because it is never too early to start saving. Start asap and don’t stop. The power of compound interest is amazing. A couple’s high earners should postpone social security for as long as possible, ideally until they are 70 years old. Pension and annuity). It is also important to know what your monthly expenses are and if they change as you retire. The monthly need is crucial to consolidate. We can then see how much is guaranteed and what the gap is, then we need to assess how much income we can get from investing to fill that gap, taking into account taxes and inflation as well. It is important to work with a professional who can assess your individual situation and advise you individually.

Alison Stine, Stine wealth management

Find passive income investments

Plan your retirement early and with solid passive income investments. You want to make sure you have good investments that can still bring you income after you retire. That way, on top of what you’ve already saved up for retirement, you have that little something extra. This method will also help you avoid running out of money in retirement.

Tri Nguyen, Network capital

Invest in real estate

One of the best ways to prepare for retirement is to invest in real estate. Real estate investing has the power to create passive income streams that don’t require your active participation, as would a 9-5 job. Monthly income from real estate can offset investors’ expenses and put money back in their pockets. Over time, the initial money earned on the investment will be paid back and a positive return will be achieved. The passive income that every investment generates enables successful investors to control their time and live the lifestyle and retirement they desire.

As Merrill, Fortune Builder

Review your company’s 401K plan

A person can effectively plan for retirement so that they don’t run out of money by starting their 401 (k) plan. Many companies offer their employees a 401 (k) plan that everyone needs. Some companies even offset your contribution. If your company offers this, make sure you deposit an amount that they can match with you. Setting aside money for your 401 (k) can provide an effective retirement as it is money that is deducted from your paycheck with no tax deducted. Hence, it is important not to touch any money in your 401 (k) so that it can be used properly and saved for retirement. In the end, a small investment in your 401 (k) will go a long way towards your retirement.

Jacob Dayan, Community tax

Work with a retirement advisor

A great way to plan your retirement so you don’t run out of money is to come up with a plan with the help of a professional pension advisor. They can help you come up with a thorough plan that incorporates inflation, your social security benefits, and other monthly income just enough so that you can put your money to work for you in retirement. The very thought of retirement can be scary for many people. So taking the time to work with a professional in the field can go a long way towards alleviating these fears.

Shaun Prize, MitoQ

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Social Safety is working out of cash | EDITORIAL

Before DC Democrats consider breaking trillions in new spending, they should focus on propping up the Social Security Trust Fund.

This month the budget office of the Congress published detailed figures on its long-term outlook for social security. It’s sobering – at least for those who are paying attention. The trust fund will expire in 2032. The disability insurance trust fund runs until 2035.

Social security financial problems are often dismissed as a distant future problem. It’s time to stop hesitating.

Social security is actually a cross-generational wealth transfer program. The recipients do not get their own money back, but the contributions of the current employees. The trust fund is a form of fiscal fiction. In theory, excess social security taxes end up in the proverbial “locker box” to pay future bills. In reality, the federal government is taking this money and replacing it with promissory notes.

Otherwise, if the federal government were in a strong budget position, it might not be so worrying. But in February the CBO projected that Washington will have a deficit of $ 2.3 trillion this year. The CBO also predicts that federal debt will exceed U.S. gross domestic product this year.

Without changes, social security will increase the amount of debt significantly over the next few decades.

“If the current laws were to stay in place, the actuarial deficit of the program would be 1.7 percent of GDP or 4.9 percent of taxable wages over the next 75 years,” says the CBO.

Raising the Social Security income tax ceiling is a proposal, but that would further undermine the individual contribution-benefit ratio and potentially affect political support for the program among wealthier Americans. Benefit cuts could also be an option, but this will not be popular with younger workers. Also, any step in this direction should protect current beneficiaries and those approaching retirement age so as not to disrupt their financial planning.

The CBO predicts that a 30 percent benefit cut to future benefit recipients would require a 36 percent benefit cut.

Waiting longer makes things worse. In 2032, a 33 percent discount would be required for all attendees, or 45 percent discount only for future attendees.

With eligibility spending making up a larger chunk of the federal budget, one might expect Washington politicians to be cautious about allowing trillions in new spending. But you would be wrong. Democrats appear determined to push through a $ 3.5 trillion spending package that could skyrocket inflation and debt.

As George W. Bush learned the hard way, the popularity of social security makes reform difficult. But these numbers show that change is necessary – and the sooner, the better.

Palm Seaside is operating out of mansions on the market

Villas along the coast of Palm Beach, Florida.

Getty Images

Prices in Florida’s ultra-affluent Palm Beach community hit an all-time high in the second quarter as brokers struggled with a record low number of villas for sale.

The average price for a single-family home in Palm Beach reached $ 11.7 million in the second quarter, a 38% year-over-year increase and marks a new high, according to Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel. Brokers say the influx of wealthy hedge funds, private equity bosses, and other financial executives migrating from New York and other financial capitals has skyrocketed in demand and prices for a market already for its oversized wealth is known.

“This is a complete reorganization of the market,” said Jonathan Miller, CEO of Miller Samuel, the valuation firm. “We’re seeing $ 50 million in transactions almost weekly now. That’s a big change. And it seems sustainable.”

Prices in Palm Beach are now close to Manhattan levels, with the price per square foot in Palm Beach topping $ 1,500 in the second quarter, according to Miller near Manhattan’s $ 1,545.

Even at record high prices, buyers pay. The number of single-family home sales rose 90% year over year in the second quarter – as did purchases in Palm Beach and Florida due to Covid migration.

The result is what realtors call a villa shortage as demand exceeds supply. There is now a record low of homes for sale in Palm Beach, according to Miller Samuel. At the end of the second quarter, there were only 25 houses for sale – and the actual number could be lower due to houses already contracted or about to be contracted.

Realtors say they are now going door to door in hopes of finding buyers ready to sell.

Christopher Leavitt, a top Palm Beach realtor with Douglas Elliman, said he had to get creative in persuading property owners to sell, helping those owners find a smaller home to buy, and then the smaller homeowner in move to another house.

“It’s about repositioning people,” he said. “It’s no longer just about MLS deals and selling a home.”

The financial business – and its relocation from New York – is the main driver of the Palm Beach boom, Leavitt said. While many hedge fund billionaires and private equity chiefs moved to Palm Beach during the pandemic, Development of large office towers and amenities in nearby West Palm Beach means many of the establishments will stay nearby and move.

“That’s the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

Scott Shleifer, a partner in Tiger Global Management, bought a $ 122.7 million mansion in Palm Beach in February, marking the highest price ever paid for a property in Palm Beach. Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper buys Pepper a Palm Beach spec villa in the same month for $ 68 million. Hedge funder Igor Tulchinsky has bought a $ 39.5 million property in North Palm Beach.

A Private island on Palm Beach just sold to a specification developer for $ 85 million. The developer, Todd Michael Glaser, said he and his development partners plan to renovate the property and quickly bring it back for a higher price, calling it a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

NFL agent Andy Simms strikes on from Younger Cash, will get again to working his personal company

Andy Simms has spent most of his career as an NFL agent running his own agency.

The Hawken High School graduate and resident of Solon is doing just that again after he and four of his colleagues parted ways with Young Money and formed APAA Sports 1 of 1 agency.

Young Money, owned by renowned rapper Lil Wayne, acquired a majority stake in PlayersRep Sports Management in 2017. PlayersRep, which Simms co-founded with Wesley Spencer, had been in the business since 1999. Then Simms’ first client, former NFL defender Chike Okeafor, became about to graduate from Fall Western Reserve University’s law school.

In early 2018, after Simms and five other PlayersRep agents partnered with Young Money, Simms told Crain’s that “the ability to build our clients’ brands” was a primary reason for the move. However, the past few years have encouraged Simms that his group had to be in charge.

“There were things that were great, but there were things that we realized we could do better,” said Simms of his time at Young Money. “Ultimately, I knew that in order to build a company for the next 10 years we were looking ahead, building it our way, doing things the way we needed to, and being in control of all these aspects of our business, really is what we need back to. “

Six agents switched from PlayersRep to Young Money. Five – Simms, Spencer, Ken Sarnoff, Cody Recchion and Dave Lee – will continue to represent the 50 NFL players who move from Young Money to 1 of 1. Nicole Lynn, who was also part of the PlayersRep and Young Money teams, left Wayne’s company shortly before the NFL draft to join Klutch Sports as the agency’s new president of the agency’s football operations.

Marketing and branding the athletes they represent – crucial elements that led to the young money deal – are still important areas that need improvement, Simms said.

“At 1 in 1, we were able to assemble a team with more in-house marketing options, more digital graphics, and more off-field opportunities to help players in so many different ways that we weren’t equipped to do.” do either as PlayersRep or as Young Money, “said Simms.

The great thing about the new agency is that all the athletes have moved with the five agents.

The group includes Jalen Hurts, a sophomore quarterback who could be the Philadelphia Eagles’ future in that position; Lane Johnson, three-time Pro Bowl tackle for the Eagles; the McCourty twins Devin and Jason; Pro Bowl tight end Darren Waller; outstanding wide receiver Tyler Boyd; Kansas City Chiefs Speedster Mecole Hardman; and Chiefs Defensive Lineman Jarran Reed.

“Business was good before Young Money, it was good when we were with Young Money, and now that we’ve moved on from Young Money, it’s getting even better,” said Simms. “The business of what we do as agents – how we look after the players, how we deal with the contracts, how we meet all of the needs of the players off the field – that’s just something we have to keep improving at, we’re coming Ahead.”









































































































‘Operating Nuts Path Run’ raises cash for most cancers analysis

DUNN COUNTY, Wisconsin (WEAU) – The rain didn’t stop people from running to help out with testicular cancer research this Father’s Day.

WoodWind Park, near Wheeler, hosted the first Running Nuts Trail Run to raise funds for the men’s health organization Movember with the idea of ​​using funds to fight testicular cancer.

The park’s owner, Meagan Frank, decided to host the event after her friend Audric Buhr battled the disease earlier this year.

“I approached him and wanted to do something to support his family, but his idea was to make it bigger and promote it to all men who have the potential to deal with testicular cancer,” said Frank.

Buhr, now cancer-free, is a high school teacher in Menomonie. He said Frank offered to help his family but, as a teacher, his calling was to help others.

“They were concerned about the bills, etc. that would come my way,” he said. “And I’m very fortunate that I am at work and have a good health plan, so I said, ‘Let’s not be about me. Let’s do this about men in general and do this to make a difference for many people. ‘”

It was then that Frank had the idea for the run, which consisted of two events, a 5 km run at self-pace and a family run over a mile.

“I think it’s always very rewarding to be able to do something for a cause that is bigger than you are,” she said. “And even though it rains, stories we hear from people who are encouraged to come out and play it for someone else, for something else, for something bigger, it’s just really exciting and makes us very encouraged.”

“It means a lot that such friends want to help other people who are looking for ways to support men’s health,” said Buhr.

Frank said she hoped to devote the entire Father’s Day weekend next year to events in support of men’s health.

To donate to Movember, click Here.

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‘Within the Heights’ makes use of bold sequences, however operating time turns into bloated | Leisure

In his first film since the smash hit “Crazy Rich Asians”, director Jon M. Chu brings his Broadway hit “In the Heights” to the screen with Tony award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda.

If you like your musicals flashy, long and chaotic, “In the Heights” will surely satisfy the missing item at the box office. A film about dreams, culture and family, Miranda and Chu incorporate some of the actors from the Broadway production and new faces to create an eclectic cinematic experience.

Anthony Ramos from “A Star is Born” and “Hamilton” take the lead here. He channeled some of John Leguizamo into singing and charisma. Olga Merediz repeats her Tony nominated performance and almost steals the film with limited screen time. Some of the actors work better than others, but the movie’s biggest downside is the running time, which drags on after the 90 minute mark.

“The best days of my life,” Usnavi (Ramos) says every morning, staring at the photos of him and his father in the Dominican Republic. Usnavi dreams of returning to his Caribbean island and rebuilding his father’s bar, which has now been in ruins.

This decision is not easy, he has built a life in the heights, his Abuela, Claudia (Merediz) was like a mother and half a block for him. The girl of his dreams visits the family’s own bodega every day, where he gives Vanessa (Melissa Barrera) a free coffee, but he does not confess his love. With his finances finally to get one step closer to his dream, it would also mean giving up on someone else.

If you know what Sing-Talking is, In the Heights will start right away. Most dialogues are sung and not spoken in addition to the musical numbers. Some of the numbers occur in simple settings as you might expect: a salon or the bodega. Others, however, are more like cinematic flash dance sequences; like in a public swimming pool or in the middle of the street.

No spectacle here will convert someone who doesn’t like musicals, this is not a game changer like “Moulin Rouge” or “Chicago”. Which is a nice way to say that there is no real award potential here.

“In the Heights” strives for great moments, but is always a bit shy of blowing you off the theater seat, and a theater is certainly the place where you should see such spectacles.

Some of the scenes lean further towards the imagination than seems necessary in view of the subject matter. As in most musicals, there are elements of love and relationship scattered among different characters, but the film is strongest when it advocates culture, diversity, and heritage. Chu’s “Crazy Rich Asian’s” was also an ensemble with romantic elements, colorful interludes and a long running time, “In the Heights” is both more ambitious and bloated.

“In the Heights” will hit theaters on June 11th.

Final thought: While “In the Heights” is ambitious with memorable musical sequences, its running time might leave some a bit exhausted.

Dustin Chase is a film critic and associate editor for Texas Art & Film, based in Galveston. visit texasartfilm.com.

Bronzeville trainer working marathon, elevating cash for STEM heart

Posted: May 15, 2021 / 5:55 pm CDT
Updated: May 15, 2021 / 5:55 p.m. CDT

CHICAGO – Even when it rains, lessons on perseverance are not overlooked for Mike Mancini.

The Wendell Phillips Academy teacher and trainer in Bronzeville is on a mission.

He’s running a marathon and raising money online for a new science, technology, engineering and math department, or STEM, at the school.

“Access to this type of education is critical to the economy of the 21st century for our children in this underserved community,” he said.

Until last fall, Mancini didn’t even own a pair of running shoes. But it didn’t stop him from going the distance to help his student get a leg up in the world.

So far the He set up GoFundMeWith a goal of $ 250,000, just under $ 60,000 was raised. Like so many other things, raising this type of money is a marathon, not a sprint.

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