Leisure Information Roundup: Harry Potter, ‘Associates’ might fall sufferer to Hungary’s anti-LGBT legislation: broadcaster; Diana Ross says ‘Thank You’ in new music after 15 years and extra

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Harry Potter, “Friends” could fall victim to Hungarian anti-LGBT law: broadcaster

The biggest channels in Hungary criticized a new law banning “displaying and promoting homosexuality” among 18-year-olds as a threat to freedom of expression, and one said it could affect some screenings. impact Harry Potter Movies and classic TV shows. The nationalist government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban passed the law on Tuesday despite criticism from human rights groups and the European Unionwho said this could lead to a loss of development funds for Hungary.

Diana Horse says ‘thank you’ in new music after 15 years

American singer Diana Horse expresses her gratitude in a new single “Thanks” released the title track of their first studio album in 15 years on Thursday. Horse, the former singer of the hugely successful group The Supremes from Motown Records, recorded the songs in her home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. The album is described as “a powerful, comprehensive musical message of love and togetherness”.

Spotify closes exclusive deal with podcast “Call Her Daddy”

Spotify Technology SA on Tuesday announced a multi-year contract to stream the popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast, hosted by Alex Cooper on its audio streaming platform, in its latest exclusive connection to keep listeners hooked. The Swedish The company will exclusively stream ‘Call Her Daddy’ starting July 21, including all full-length back catalog episodes, future episodes and additional exclusive new projects in development, Spotify said in a statement, without revealing any financial details of the deal.

Miley Cyrus is allowed to use the name as a trademark in. use Europe after a long row

US pop star Miley Cyrus has won the right to use its name as a trademark on a wide variety of products in the United States European Unionafter Europe’s highest court on Wednesday annulled a decision by the EU patent office restricting the scope of their trademark. The case dates back to 2014 when the 28-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singing company Smiley Miley Inc. tried to capture MILEY CYRUS at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for audio and video discs, mobile phone cases and e-books , electronic board games, calendars and other goods.

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Rick Ross loves slicing his garden | Leisure

Rick Ross loves to cut his own grass.

The 45-year-old rapper wanted to cut the cost of running his 235-acre Georgia estate, so he got on a tractor to keep the grass clean and insists on man the vehicle himself.

He told Forbes magazine, “When I was buying the Fayetteville property, locals saw me walk out of a restaurant and scream, ‘You know Holyfield spent $ 1 million a year cutting the grass.’ So I decided to mow my grass myself and I did.

“I went to John Deere and asked about the largest tractor, the most efficient tractor. I told them I had more than 200 acres that I wanted to prune and they pointed out the right tractor.

“I bought it right away. I bought the extended attachment on the back, which would cut even wider. When I got it at home, I filled it with gasoline.

“I sat in the same spot for maybe two hours before it all worked, but once I got it going I didn’t stop. I mowed grass for about five hours.”

The hitmaker from ‘Aston Martin Music’ tinted the windows of the tractor, he even has air conditioning and a radio, and he loves the joy and “calm” that mowing the lawn gives him.

He added, “People still know it’s me, but when I get in the tractor it’s a whole different level of peace, a whole different level of connection with the property and the animals and the birds and the Wildlife.

“I sit and roll up my cannabis and, man, I look at the property and I can appreciate my struggles and my triumphs, those tough days. It’s the smallest, but it keeps a smile on my face.

“So, you know, for anyone who doesn’t mow their own grass, I’d say take time out to mow your grass every two or three months because it’s such a great and peaceful feeling.”

Despite his wealth, Rick insisted that his “wasn’t about throwing money away” but rather enjoying his wealth the right way.

He said, “I’m looking out the window at Southwest Ranches, I can see my red-on-red 458 Ferrari, and it’s inspiring.

“The work is inspiring, but it can be draining. So I want people to understand that anything is possible, but you have to break up and find a balance. “

And the “Hustlin” singer loves to get bargains.

He said, “I don’t have a big jet. I try my best to fly around Delta. I love file exchanges and antique shops. I love finding nice things that cost $ 8 or $ 20.”

Ross Tucker Questions If Brandon Scherff’s Worth Is Value a Massive-Cash Contract – NBC4 Washington

Ross Tucker asks if Scherff’s worth is worth a big deal originally published on NBC Sports Washington

When Brandon Scherff joins the freelance agency this off-season, it seems like a breeze for the Washington Football team to be working to bring him back.

The veteran security guard has had a first-team all-pro season in which he was instrumental in helping Washington return to the playoffs. In addition, Scherff has stated that he wants to stay in Burgundy and gold and see the transformation of the franchise through. While his next contract is going to be expensive, it’s worth locking him up and securing the offensive line, isn’t it?

Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker isn’t so sure if that’s the case. Keep talking 106.7 “BMitch & Finlay” by the fan He stated that the award may not be worth the reward.

“When I see guards being projected like $ 16 million a year, I think he’s a really good player. I sometimes wonder if a security guard … if a security guard really offers that much value, “Tucker said.” Especially someone who was just as much in the line-up as Brandon. “

His point of view of what a guard means to an NFL team doesn’t come from the outside, as Tucker played in that position for most of his five-year career. He understands it’s important for an offensive line, but in terms of financial compensation, he doesn’t see Scherff’s planned salary as equivalent to what he appreciates the position.

As Tucker explained, this has in part to do with Scherff’s injury history. Despite his success over the years, the security guard hasn’t played a full season for Washington since 2016. The wear and tear on Scherff and his inability to temporarily stay in the field have made Tucker fear that a big treaty could come back to bite Washington.

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Tucker’s opinion also comes from what he’s seen in the league when it comes to dealing with guards. He noted that New York Giants security guard Kevin Zeitler, who signed a three-year contract in 2019 with an average salary of around $ 10.6 million, and Andrew Norwell’s average cost of $ 13.3 million a year lately emerged as potential cap shedding measures.

These teams once thought these somewhat expensive contracts were worth it, but just a few years later it’s a commitment that organizations aren’t sure they can move on.

Seeing this, Tucker doesn’t want Washington to get into a similar situation. He has no problem with Scherff making the money the current market allows. He’s just not sure if it’s an investment that will pay off later.

“We all know that O-Line is really important, D-Line is really important. You’re good at D-Line, you don’t want to let people like Brandon Scherff go. But I feel like most of the teams that pay the top of the market for these guards say a year or two later, “Are we really getting our money’s worth there?” Tucker said.