Simple shifts takes darkish Mediterranean room to shiny transitional type

During the pandemic, Beth Walker often worked in the kitchen instead of the home office.

The more she stared at the dark floors, dark wooden cabinets, and the copper hood, the less she liked her.

“At first I thought let’s just get white cabinets everywhere,” said Walker, 43, a legal recruiter at Neuhaus Noblinsaid about her kitchen bathed in a Mediterranean color palette. “We wanted to work with what we had without having to redo the counter and the tiles.”

Your interior designer Yesely Love of Canaima designShe knew she could do a lot more by adding color and texture to a lighter and brighter kitchen in a transitional style.

Instead of doing a complete remodel for the Briarcroft house where the Walkers have lived for three years, they opted for a refresh that kept most of the closets but put in new doors, added new lighting, and painted the closets. Love said that replacing doors while storing cabinet boxes can save a homeowner about 65 percent since cabinets are an expensive part of kitchen remodeling.

It also saves time and means a family doesn’t necessarily have to move out of their home during the remodeling. The project started in mid to late November and the Walkers were able to host a family for Christmas.

The cabinets have got the biggest makeover, with glossy paint in Sherwin-Williams “White Sand” and new Shaker-style doors that replaced older ones with a lot more ornamentation.

The raised edge of the island was torn off so that the surface was entirely on one level. Then they painted it Sherwin-Williams “Stormy Sky”, a blue that is part of today’s kitchen trends.

The whole kitchen originally had granite countertops with a creamy background and beige and brown swirls. Rather than replacing them all, Love encouraged her client to install a 2-inch maple top on the island, a blonde wood tone that matched the colors of the granite and beige back wall, which they also kept.

A lower counter at which Walker, her husband, 47-year-old Raymond, was attorney Walker iron brown, and their two children, 11-year-old Lillian and 7-year-old Graham, can now eat together, prompted the purchase of four bistro-style bar stools by Serena & Lily.

They kept their appliances, sinks, and plumbing, but painted their copper hood the same blue paint and silver trim.

Another trend in kitchen cabinets is to provide upper and lower cabinets with different surfaces. Sometimes designers and their clients opt for different paints or a combination of wood stain and paint, but in this case Love recommended installing grass wallpaper – Windfield Thybonys “chain” Pattern in powder blue, a shimmering chain link pattern on natural fiber – on the front door panels of the wall units.

Door panels on one end in a butler’s pantry and the other on a bar and wine rack are fronted with glass.

Dark pendant lights with light bulbs have been replaced by new LED pendants with wood decor, plus a large pendant light with a woven fiber shade from Shadow of light was placed over the breakfast table.

“All I wanted was a lighter kitchen, all white. Yesely kept showing us ideas and pictures. She said there is so much more you can do and have a unique kitchen that is unique and different, ”said Walker. “I’m so glad she pushed us; I love what we have. “

Nonetheless refined zoo-style youngsters’s room

right away After Chauncey Boothby was hired to beautify a toddler’s room in Chappaqua, NY, the designer came across a lithograph by the writer and illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans. In the playful and at the same time urban style of an artist, his exciting heroine Madeline confronts a tiger in a tent cage.

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The resulting en-suite bedroom is one of the hilarious refreshments Boothby of Rowayton, Connecticut has been looking for in the past 16 months to shake off young and old. .. Above all, the home work area was “veiled with horror,” she said.

Boothby has made the leap from Bemelman’s palette to Ottolyn’s sporty striped fabric. It was used to decorate bed canopies and desks and seats by the window. “If you bring some of the dark greens with you, you won’t get completely childish,” she said. The most recent elements, such as modern tea sets, cute animals and wall-mounted, puffy cord stars, can easily be swapped out by Maddy as she gets older.

Here are Dead, Tween, and, frankly, Boothby’s other strategies for bridging adult tastes.


Read McKendry / JBSA

The end of the rainbow

Bemelmann’s lithograph, which ignited the striped pattern in the room, hangs on Japanese paper woven in muted shades of gray. The customer wanted the room not to be too girly. In addition, the wall coverings inherited from the life of the suite as guest quarters served as a neutral background. The colors of the artwork and striped textiles include the pale pink found in accessories. Pear green (desk); and orange (metal lampshade). Limited decorations like scalloped lampshades and grooved cups help maintain a serious saccharin balance. Boothby gave many animals in the room, such as zebra lamps and tiny felt lions, a little moment as if they were “on display at the zoo”.

Tassel lock

In the bathroom, Boothby has a contrasting blush finish with a green closet in the woods and an emerald green fringed towel embroidered with an orange tiger that blends in with the bedroom palette. “It doesn’t have to be a stereotypical little cute pink moment, or as you know, a little boy doesn’t just have to be a little boy’s blue,” Boothby said of the design for kids. I did. Shower candy-striped tiles continue a light mix of pink and dark green. The shades of the wall sconces reflect the scallops of the desk lamp, and the fancy tassel drawer handle that comes with the Oomph vanity is one of the concessions to the gender of the suite’s residents. “A green vanity with boring hardware might not be enough to read as a little girl’s bathroom,” says Boothby. “The tassel was perfect.”


Read McKendry / JBSA

Animal charm

Inspired by the “old-fashioned zoo tent” printed by Ludwig Bemelmann that hangs on his desk, a fabric canopy is inspired by Mr. Boothby’s furniture maker for a 4-year-old tenant in bed. Boothby was responsible for creating a space that could evolve with younger residents and create a haven where “tweens and teenagers can definitely be seen relaxing”. All other age factors include a mid-century style tulip side table and clear brass lighting in simple, sleek hues, as well as the Richard Lightman walnut chair that the customer already owns. “It doesn’t scream for kids,” Boothby said, but its olive leather and safari style are tied to both color schemes and animal themes.

Design and decoration details

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House tourism market has ‘room for 20’ firms

Sir Richard Branson may be trying to be the first in the billionaires race, but he believes the market has plenty of opportunities for businesses like. offers Virgo galactic, Jeff Bezos’ Blue origin, or Elon Musks SpaceX.

“There’s room for 20 space companies to get people there,” Branson said in an interview this week. “The more spaceships we can build, the more we can bring the price down and the more we can meet demand, and that will happen in the years to come.”

Virgin Galactic is in charge of predicted that “around 2 million people can experience” Space flights priced between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000.

The companies are Branson, Bezos and Musk every flying spaceship that can carry passengers, but in different ways. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are competing to take passengers to the edge of space on short flights – a sector known as suborbital tourism – while SpaceX drops private passengers on additional, multi-day flights – what is known as orbital tourism.

A SpaceX orbital flight costs tens of millions of dollars compared to the cost of Virgin Galactic of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket launches vertically from the ground, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo system is deployed in the air and returns to Earth like an airplane for a runway landing.

SpaceX launches its Crew Dragon spacecraft to orbit on its reusable Falcon 9 rocket has so far sent 10 astronauts on three missions to the International Space Station. In addition to government flights, Musk’s company plans to launch several private astronaut missions in the coming year – starting with the purely civil Inspiration4 mission that’s planned for September. SpaceX is also launching at least four private missions for Axiom Space, from the beginning of next year.

“There’s never been a time as exciting as now in space … it’s a moment when I pinch myself,” said Branson.

The growing space business

Astra VP of Manufacturing Bryson Gentile (left) and CEO Chris Kemp remove a protective cover from a missile fairing half.

Michael Sheetz | CNBC

Virgin Galactic was the first youngest generation space company to go public in 2019 through a SPAC or special acquisition company. This has developed into a trend over the past year, with a number of companies announcing upcoming deals and closing them public.

Rocket builder Astra and satellite broadband focused AST & Science each started trading with companies Missile laboratory, Spire Global, Black sky, and Momentum expected to follow in the coming months.

When asked if he thought the space market was growing too fast, Branson rejected the idea.

“I don’t think there’s overheating,” said Branson. “I think the space world is just beginning.”

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Designer Stephanie Sarro’s nice room displays her cheerful type | House | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest Inlander


Tephanie Sarro’s Liberty Lake house is flooded with light and underlined by colors, a cheerful yet quiet place that precisely captures the personality of the versatile designer.

Light streams into the large room – her favorite room – from all directions: the glass entrance area, the slide control onto the closed inner courtyard and through a row of rectangular windows that line the upper floor where Sarro has her studio.

click to enlarge

Next color! Dania chairs and a dining table with a live edge sit on an abstract turquoise carpet, a color that is repeated in art prints on the entrance wall, but also the muted blue-green tone of a leather chaise longue. Variations of orange and red appear in cushions, the glow of glued wood ceiling beams, the fox motif carpet in the grandchildren’s playroom next to the main entrance and numerous works of art, including Sarro’s large watercolor leaf hanging over the fireplace.

Her favorite piece – right next to the great room – is a glowing, rainbow-striped quilt that is visible every time she walks through the door, like a beacon.

“It’s called ‘The Hope'” from the story of Noah, explains Sarro.

Sarro’s interest in art and design began as a teenager growing up in the Washington DC area. She remembers designing and sewing intricate outfits for her dolls. Her grandfather worked in a furniture factory that he eventually took over, and Sarro knows that both his ambition and the way he handled furniture influenced her. Her uncle was also an artist, and Sarro’s mother signed up her and her sister for all kinds of courses from a young age: swimming, skiing, cooking, acting, knitting.

click to enlarge


Sarro was drawn to architecture and attended the School of Architecture / College of Design at North Carolina State University. Her mother’s best friend – a woman – was an architect, which opened Sarro’s eyes. “I thought, ‘I can be an architect and a mother, both,'” says Sarro, who raised four children and taught them at home, all of which are grown up.

The interior design seemed to fit better, however, and perfectly blends Sarro’s interest in art, design and helping others.

She has kept her artistic skills – still hand-rendering all of her clients’ interior designs – and is particularly fond of watercolor. As a young mother she taught art to local children, and later Elizabeth Kincaid’s book Paint Watercolors that Dance with Light fueled her passion for painting. Although she has sold many of her works and continues to exhibit, she did not want to try to make a living from painting. And she’s still sewing and creating bespoke curtains for clients.

“I don’t have a favorite style,” says Sarro, whose own home is mostly mid-century modern, while her current projects include a Tudor-style remodel, a farmhouse-chic project, and a craftsman.

It is important to her, says Sarro, that she accommodates customers with her style.


Extra room: Extra leisure | Native Information

The theater has signed a lease with Staples Mill – 450 Building, the two-story corrugated steel-clad building north of Staples Mill Antiques.

“This room is really within walking distance of the Zephyr’s main theater,” said Calyssa Hall, executive director of the Zephyr. It’s big enough to rehearse a full stage production and we can keep lights, sets and props on site instead of moving them every night to record other concerts or performances. “

The 3,000 square meter open space on the second floor (handicapped accessible) has high ceilings and skylights. A clear bonus for actors and other performers alike is the room’s excellent acoustics. Of course, easy access to a kitchenette and toilets is also an advantage.

Renting this space will result in more entertainment at The Zephyr, according to Hall.

“With this space we can create constant evening entertainment at the Zephyr Theater,” she said.

The additional space eliminates the competition – and planning complications – between current performances and rehearsals for upcoming performances.

And Hall believes the new space will be a busy place.

“The rental space will be used for rehearsals for main stage productions, off-site productions and troops, as well as for those attending the Zephyr Young Actors Theater,” said Hall. “We expect the room to be used for all kinds of rehearsals 365 days a year.”

A small audience will also sit there when the class is presenting showcases and when the theater improvisation troops perform.

The Zephyr will continue to rent space on Brick Alley on South Main Street, where the theater’s Studio A offers singing, acting and dance classes.

Trail treats

Starting May 1, the renovated trolley, which sits on tracks between Brown’s Creek Trail and the Zephyr Theater, will sell refreshments Thursday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The convenient rest stop, called Traintrax Snacks, offers treats like hot coffee, cold bottled water, and juice, as well as portable snacks including beef dried meat and trails.

Tom Holland to star within the anthology sequence The Crowded Room | Leisure Information

Tom Holland will appear in the Apple anthology series “The Crowded Room”.

The 24-year-old English actor was tapped by the streamer to play Billy Milligan, who became the first person to be acquitted of a crime for having a multiple personality disorder (now known as dissociative identity disorder) in the first 10 episode series.

Akiva Goldsman wrote the series that will “explore the true and inspiring stories of those who have struggled and learned to live successfully with mental illness”. The story is based on Daniel Keyes’ 1981 biography ‘The Minds Of Billy Milligan’.

‘The Crowded Room’ is a co-production between Apple’s in-house studio and New Regency. Akiva will be executive producing through its banner Weed Road Productions.

Tom will produce with Alexandra Milchan for EMJAG Productions and Arnon Milchan and Michael Schaefer from New Regency.

Holland was recently featured in Anthony and Joe Russo’s AppleTV + movie “Cherry” as a soldier suffering from PTSD. However, he admits that he was “massively afraid” to take on the role because he feared he couldn’t do justice.

Explained, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” star said, “I was on the Disney property doing my last day at work on Avengers: Endgame when Joe and Anthony mentioned a movie they were going to make.

“I was ready for it right away. I said, ‘I’m ready for whatever you do. If it’s just two pages of dialogue or a whole movie, I’m there.’

“And then they sent me the book the story is based on and I was overwhelmed. That’s different for me. I was also very scared.

“I wanted to please everyone and live up to history and the thousands of stories around the world about recovery, addiction, or PTSD. I felt a real sense of responsibility to get it right.”

NCAA weight room discrepancy displays continual gender inequality

The NCAA has a chronic problem with undervalued women, writer and presenter Jemele Hill said Friday – and the recent controversy over weight room discrepancies highlights that inequality.

“This has long been a consistent issue when it comes to the lack of equity between men’s and women’s sports,” Hill said. “This should let everyone know who is seeing and hearing this story that it was about the fact that they didn’t think they were worth it to begin with.”

A Stanford University athletic performance coach posted photos on Twitter Thursday exposing inequalities between the weight rooms of women and men.

Photos of Ali Kershner, a coach for the Stanford women’s basketball and golf teams, showed the women’s weight room in the NCAA bubble in San Antonio – a dumbbell rack and some yoga mats. The men’s weight room in their NCAA bubble in Indianapolis. was decked out with equipment worth a gym.

On a Friday morning call to Zoom, NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt promised to do better.

“I apologize to the students, coaches and the women’s committee for dropping the ball on the San Antonio weight room issue. We’ll fix it as soon as possible,” said Gavitt.

NCAA vice president for women’s basketball Lynn Holzman said later Friday the organization is looking at ways to adjust square footage and provide more exercise opportunities.

Hill told CNBCs “The News with Shepard Smith” the rapid response on Friday was significant.

“When they were caught and this video went viral, they suddenly had a change of heart within 24 hours,” said Hill, who hosts the Spotify podcast. “Jemele Hill is undisturbed.” “The money was always there. The money isn’t the problem. The problem is they don’t believe these women are worth it.”

ESPN signed a 14-year $ 500 million contract with the NCAA in the 2023/24 academic year to expand rights to 24 college championships, including continued coverage of the Women’s Division I basketball tournament.

Hill told host Shepard Smith that going forward, the NCAA “must do everything it can to show that they take women’s sport seriously because it looks worse as the background to this is that it is the month of women’s history.”

NCAA officials were not immediately available Friday to respond to Hill’s comments.