Ronnie Wooden saved optimistic all through most cancers battle | Leisure

Ronnie Wood refused to “look into any negatives” while battling cancer for the second time.

The Rolling Stones legend revealed last month that he had been secretly battling small cell cancer last year, and his wife, Sally, shared how the couple did their best to be as positive as possible while treating the 73-year-old star stay.

Sally – who has four year old twins Alice and Gracie with Ronnie – told the British HELLO! Magazine: “We tried to stay as positive as possible and put our trust in the doctors and follow their instructions and advice.

“We cannot thank the doctors enough for all they have done and for all the support they have given us.”

The 43-year-old producer shared how Ronnie turned to his favorite mantra, “If I take care of myself, I can achieve anything” to get him through his ordeal.

She added, “It got us both through one hundred percent.

“You have to be as positive as possible and believe that everything will be fine. Ronnie is an amazing person with incredible strength and determination. He has read his meditation books and we have focused on his treatment, his sobriety and calmness as much as possible focused. You I just have to keep going and not deal with negatives for too long. “

Ronnie battled lung cancer back in 2017 and underwent successful keyhole surgery before the all-clear.

The ‘Start Me Up’ hitmaker, who quit smoking before his twins were born, let go of his lung cancer fear because he’d always counted on how much he’d smoked before.

He said, “I let go right away. I knew it would be there because I had smoked for England for 54 years. It was, ‘God, of course I have lung cancer. But I don’t have it anywhere else.’ I knew that I was strong enough not to have it anywhere else in my body. “

Ronnie Wooden receives Freedom of the Metropolis of London | Leisure

Ronnie Wood was awarded the City of London Freedom.

The Rolling Stones rocker has been “humbled” to receive the award given to key individuals of all nationalities and backgrounds who have done the capital city an exceptional service.

In a letter he posted on his Instagram account, Ronnie wrote: “My Lord Mayor, Lord Chamberlain, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am humble and honored to preserve the freedom of the City of London. As a child, I saw the city of Aus the channels and over the years I’ve seen it from many different perspectives, and despite my career in music and art that has taken me around the world, I’m never happier than when I come home to this great city where i was born.

“It is a nice surprise to receive this award and it made me, Sally and my twin girls Alice and Gracie very proud. I very much hope to meet you in person at the Guildhall, when circumstances permit. R x ( sic) “

Last year, the 73-year-old singer donated his artwork to St. George’s Hospital in Tooting in south London’s hospital amid the current coronavirus pandemic to commend all NHS staff for their lifesaving work for the country.

At the time, he said, “The NHS are incredibly dedicated and their commitment to giving support and saving lives is incredible. They deserve all the credit that people can give them. All of this has stood the test of time since we had ours every Thursday Showing thanks by clapping. ” and our little twins love to see and paint rainbows. There is just so much appreciation from us … gratitude, gratitude, gratitude is the best prayer and message for all of them. THANK YOU … I didn’t have all of the colors of The Rainbow in my studio to paint all of this in the same medium so had to experiment with colors and pastels to get the right colors. I tried to show some examples of texture and blending technique, as well as different surfaces through texturing. “