Cash rolling in

The numbers are staggering, but most Americans have been rocking them for years. When the numbers ran into the billions some time ago, they were long past the average person’s ability to imagine the enormity.

And now, when the government tosses around with numbers like $ 1 trillion and $ 3.5 trillion – that is, when it comes to the budget and spending bills – the numbers go beyond our shy vocabulary.

Here are some of the more interesting numbers we found on the newspaper’s monthly deficit summary:

• For the current fiscal year, from last October to July of this year, “the government posted record sales of $ 3.32 trillion for that period.”

• That was 17.5 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

• Corporate taxes have risen by 76.2 percent so far this year. (So ​​much for Trump’s tax cuts that are the cause of all the bad things in the budget.) The government collected $ 282.1 billion in corporate taxes between October and July.

• Income tax collection for individuals is also ongoing.

Money flows into the federal government’s bank account. The year-to-year increase may be skewed because the virus boiled over at that time last year. But the amount flowing into Washington, DC is still breaking historic records.

The problem, of course, is the expense.

In the first 10 months of the fiscal year, spending rose 4.4 percent – a record $ 5.86 trillion. The government is spending 4.4 percent more this year than when it stimulated the economy with Covid packages in spring and summer 2020. The year-on-year comparison goes in both directions.

This year, experts predict that spending will either hit a record or be the second highest in American history. The Associated Press article that aired Thursday also included this confirmation: The estimates “do not take into account the impact of two huge spending bills now advancing in Congress: about $ 1 trillion in support of traditional infrastructure programs like building Highways and $ 3.5 “. Trillions of measures only Democrats backed to tackle problems like poverty and climate change. “

Anyone with a credit card could tell you that when you run into a deficit every year, it’s hard to go into debt. In fact, if our math is almost correct this time around, it’s impossible. Some of us are old enough to remember a president named George W. Bush. When he stepped down in 2008, the national debt was just over $ 10 trillion. Now it’s $ 30 trillion.

And that’s not because the receipts are tight. That’s because the government – that’s you and we, by the way, and our leaders in both big parties – can’t control spending.

We’ve said it before, but it deserves to be repeated until someone hears it: if a nation can continue to spend like this without consequences, it will be the first time in world history.

YouTube Begins Rolling Out TikTok-Model ‘Shorts’ Characteristic Globally

Finally, the TikTok plague hits the YouTube app. According to a new report by Android policeYouTube has started offering the TikTok-style shorts feature to YouTube users around the world.

While YouTube Shorts has already been tested in several countries like India. With its global launch, YouTube has now optimized it to make it more attractive and similar to TikTok videos.

Instead of the previous 15-second video, you can now create 60-second footage on YouTube Shorts. Additionally, YouTube added some filters to change the color and mood.

Also, automatically generated subtitles are now displayed in YouTube Shorts videos. Users can also set it to manual if they want. These changes only suggest that YouTube Shorts is a direct competitor to TikTok.

Just like TikTok, YouTube Shorts lets you create a 60-second horizontal video. It continues to loop by default. For users like me who hate TikTok, YouTube changed the surface of the app’s home screen to give shorts their own space.

The good old Browse tab is now demoted and moved to the top of the home page. And instead of Explore, YouTube has positioned the “Shorts” tab.

The new YouTube user interface was discovered by users in India and the United States

With the feature now rolling out globally, the new YouTube user interface has been discovered by multiple users in India and the United States. Personally, I don’t like this repositioning and change in the YouTube app UI. But that’s the way it is now.

Creators can add filters to their short videos and share them with their subscribers. Given the popularity of this short video format feature during the test run, we believe that from now on you will likely see a lot of short videos bombarding your app.

It would have been nice if Google had given users like me an option to turn off this Shorts button. But on board the short video trend, Google Clearly hopes to attract a large audience to its shorts platform.

As noted by Android Police, the monetization part of shorts will be interesting to see. YouTube already failed with the Stories format, which offered no value to creators or viewers.

If you haven’t received the new change in your YouTube app’s user interface, you should probably check for an update on the Play Store to be sure. Or wait for Google to release the server-side update.

Stokes steadfast on rolling out new Airbnb-style letting guidelines in July

The state government will not consider further delays in the new Airbnb-style rental rules across NSW after online rental company Stayz postponed rollout for at least six months.

The Minister of Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, said he was confused Stayz ‘pleaseThe government had “spent a lot of time” developing the nationwide planning rules and postponed their entry into force until July 30 to ensure people had enough time to grasp them.

Rob Stokes, Secretary of State for Planning and Public Spaces in New South Wales.Recognition:Kate Geraghty

A 180-day limit on the use of vacant lots for Airbnb-style rentals will be extended beyond the Sydney metropolitan area to a number of coastal areas and regional centers in NSW. The new rules have been criticized by the councils and the rental company Stayz.

“It’s not like nobody knows this is coming. We talked about it for a long time, ”said Stokes.


“Now is the time to establish certain rules for everyone. That doesn’t mean things are set in stone, but I think starting with clear, simple rules that anyone can understand is the best way to move forward. “

Stayz, controlled by online travel booking giant Expedia, has called the introduction of short term rental rules a “slow wreck”. She has asked the government to postpone it for at least six months to allow further consultation and testing of the rules.

The councils also argue that the rules will undermine their planning powers and will fly in the face of government assurances that regional councils will retain control over the number of days empty residential properties can be rented for short periods of time each year.

Under plans announced in 2018Councils outside the Greater Sydney area should have the power to set their own caps for no less than 180 days per year.

Moffat County women basketball begins season in fashion, rolling to 65-17 win over Steamboat Springs

MCHS Junior Jacie Evenson whipped a pass past Kenna Harrison on Saturday and won 65:17 against the Steamboat Springs Sailors. (Max O’Neill / Craig Press)

A 29-2 breakout in the third quarter saw the girls’ basketball team hosting the Moffat County Bulldogs score a convincing 65-17 win on Saturday morning against visiting Steamboat Springs Sailors.

When they won, the Bulldogs were led by Emaleigh Papierskis 18 points.

This was only the fifth sporting event played at MCHS in Season B after fans were admitted. This excited the parents present, including Keri Hamilton, the mother of Junior Halle and the wife of head coach Eric.

“Oh, that’s always fun. We have basketball in our house all day every day, ”said Hamilton. “Now that they can finally get to a game it’s excellent and eagerly awaited.”

One of the players who made the jump from junior college to college on Saturday was freshman Brooke Wheeler. Wheeler contributed a boost of energy from the bench for the Bulldogs. The newcomer’s father was in the stands, watching her mother score on the sidelines. Both looked forward to seeing their daughter in action.

“It feels really good. I wish they would open it all up again, ”said Jason Wheeler.

According to head coach Eric Hamilton, the team came into this game with a defensive goal to keep the Sailors under 20 points. The Bulldogs checked that box on Saturday and allowed only 17 points.

The Bulldogs took a lot of turns, scoring 10 points from the charity strip on 18 occasions, a conversion rate of 55%. That was something that Hamilton encouraged.

“Well we want them to be aggressive and I don’t know what we shot off the free throw line. We didn’t take a lot of free throws, but I think our postal players knew well when to go to the hole and when to throw it out, ”said Hamilton. “So today I was very happy with our free throws.”

This is the fifth season opener in a row that players are thrilled with.

“It felt really good to start the season with such an impressive win, especially since I felt really good and thought our team worked really well together,” said Halle Hamilton.

Moffat County will head out for a matchup with the Cedaredge Bruins at 5:30 pm on Thursday, February 4th