Avenue Type: William Is A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll.

Right, street style has returned – with William the Denton rocker letting his leather jacket do the talking.

Surname: William Atwater
Age: 39
Found: Rubber gloves trial studios.
job: Musician.
How would you describe your style? “Unusual and different.”
What are you wearing there “Frye leather shoes, John Varvato’s belt, Levi’s jeans, a tan Taylor Stitch button-down shirt, and a tailored jacket made from recycled leather from old bags, purses, and clothes.”
Who / what inspires your fashion sense? “Mainly music. People like Freddie Mercury or Bowie. ”

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Inventive couture and a rock come collectively for a Sound & Model Trend Present | Weekender | Group

Dressed in a leopard-flecked top, alligator green sleeves, and coral trousers, Tolliver Shearn knows a thing or two when it comes to “makeover” on a fashion runway.

“You always think about your next step,” he says with a smile. “You also spend a lot of time looking at yourself in the bedroom and perfecting the perfect pose.”

That’s because Shearn is not a professional Zoolander. Instead, he’s a student at Western Iowa Tech Community College who attended the Sound & Style Fashion Show on Saturday at the Warrior Hotel, 525 Sixth St.

It’s a fundraiser for the Sioux City Conservatory of Music and begins with a matinee before the symphony from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. a DJ dance party from 9 p.m.

What does fashion have to do with music? According to Conservatory of Music co-founder Gia Emory, there has always been a connection between musicians and designers.

“When you think of David Bowie and Prince, how they look is as important as their sound,” she explains.

Emory was a West Coast stylist for fashionable women like Britney Spears and Priscilla Presley for many years.

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Grace Emory is just as stylish as her mother. In fact, North High School 11th grade is considering a career as a fashion designer.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good,” she says. “You can take old clothes, make a few changes and turn them into something really eye-catching.”

Grace Emory was an example of her “upcycle” style, wearing an old cardigan, vintage concert t-shirt, wrap skirt, and leggings.

East High School 10th grade Chloie Roupe sported a similar look with a cardigan, animal print leggings, and a flowing dress.

“My style is a little retro and at the same time a little futuristic,” explains Roupe, who names both singer Lady Gaga and designer Betsey Johnson as style icons.

Like Grace Emory, Roupe is an aspiring fashion designer who will be showing fashion during the Sound & Style Show.

“My grandmother taught me to sew,” says Roupe. “I’ve been experimenting with fabrics ever since.

In addition to Roupe and Grace Emory, clothing by Rachel Anne Rainwater from Los Angeles and Sean Bolte from Minneapolis will also be shown on the catwalk. So is Paul Chelstad, a Sioux City-based artist who will be exhibiting some of his graffiti-inspired fashions.

Surely Miguel “Nasty” Almaraz-Castaneda, the 21-year-old owner of the graphic design collective Nasty Collective, will take a lot of high fashion photos.

“I take photos, make videos, do graphic design and even do a little podcasts whenever I get the chance,” he says. “Have to do whatever you can to get through.”

Almaraz-Casteneda has been homeless for much of the past five years.

“My mother turned me away when I was 16,” he says. “Since then I’ve been alone.”

That didn’t stifle Almaraz-Castaneda’s ambitions and creativity.

He names Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur and Quentin Tarantino as unlikely muses.

“There’s style in both hip-hop and filmmaking,” he says. “I like it.”

So who is Rebecca Ericksen’s fashion hero? Probably not her father.

“I’ve seen Becca buy old goodwill men’s jeans, change a few things, and wear them to school,” says Tim Ericksen as his Sergeant Bluff-Luton Community High School daughter walks the Sound & Style runway. “I’ll tell her I have a lot of old jeans that she can ‘upcycle’. So far, Becca has not accepted my offer. “

Fashion is a creative outlet, says Rebecca Ericksen.

“I just like to take something used and make it new again,” says the first-time model.

While Rebecca Ericksen is still working out the kinks in her model poses, Zoe Belk already feels at home in front of an audience.

“I’ve never modeled before, but I’m also a singer,” says the Western Iowa Tech Community College student who modeled for one night. “A catwalk is just another type of stage.”

Which is a good attitude. After all, fashion creates trust.

“I started looking into fashion to express myself creatively,” says Grace Emory. “I show the world who I am when I dress the way I do.”

Chloie Roupe nods her head in agreement.

“Fashion should show your personality,” she says. “It’s a reflection of who you are.”

In fashionable destroyed jeans, cool kicks and a white shirt, photographer “Nasty” Almaraz-Castanada is just as trendy as everyone on the catwalk.

“Confidence in yourself is the key,” he says. “That’s true no matter what you do.”

Raffaella Carrà, Italian leisure icon, dies aged 78 | Pop and rock

Raffaella Carrà, the pop singer and actress who was an entertainment icon in her homeland Italy, died at the age of 78.

Her longtime partner Sergio Iapino announced her death and said: “Raffaella has left us. She has gone to a better world where her humanity, distinctive smile, and extraordinary talent will shine forever. ”He said she had struggled with a nameless disease for some time.

Carrà is best known in the UK for her single Do It, Do It Again, which peaked at number 9 in 1978 and spent 12 weeks in the charts. It was much more successful in Italy, where it was described in 1984 by L’Espresso magazine: “More applause than [president] Pertini, more expensive than [football player] Michel Platini, more wonderful than [modern saint] Padre Pio. “

Born in Bologna in 1943, Carrà studied dance and first became an actor in the “peplum” genre of the Italian historical epic. Inspired by her success, she moved to the United States and played alongside Frank Sinatra and others in Von Ryan’s Express (1965), but soon returned to Italy and became a presenter on the television variety show Canzonissima, which frequently performed songs and dance pieces were from her.

She was occasionally censored with her outfits and routines considered racy by the standards of the era, but her career lasted through the 1970s. She also became very popular in Spain with another variety show, La Hora de Raffaella, and in South America after moving to Buenos Aires in 1979.

She was a gay icon across Europe and was also seen as a feminist icon: In the original Italian version, Do It, Do It Again encourages women to take control of sex. “I think Raffaella Carrà did more to free women than many feminists,” said Francesco Vezzoli, Curator of an exhibition on Italian television from the 1970s for the Fondazione Prada in 2017.

Carrà returned in 1983 with Pronto, Raffaella? returned to Italian television and continued her TV career until 2019, including as a juror for the Italian edition of The Voice. A Spanish musical based on their songs, Explota Explota, was released in 2020.

During her career she released 25 studio albums, most recently in 2018 “Whenever it’s Christmas”.

New York Instances Model Journal praises North Little Rock Artwork Gallery

Some North Little Rock art galleries in good weather are among the 12 selected in a June 16 article in the New York Times Style Magazine.

Goodweather, directed by Haynes Riley and his sister Erin, has participated in galleries in San Francisco, New Orleans, Miami, Detroit, and the magazine’s “12 Galleries Not in New York or Los Angeles”. Is posted. Art edition 2021 (arkansasonline.com/627papertrails/).

Reporter John Chiaverina writes, “There are many interesting and important American art spaces across the city with a 1 percent seasonal playground.”

Well that’s right.

Riley, an artist and curator who taught in Minneapolis and Detroit, founded Good Weather in 2011 and turned the garage of her brother Zacks’ home in the Lakewood neighborhood of North Little Rock into a gallery.

Erin boarded in 2015 and Goodweather expanded to Chicago in 2019, where the Hunter Brothers live. The gallery shows works by the sculptor Pay Suan Wang and the Brooklyn-based artist Laque Ford. In September, Good Weather will take place on the List Art Fair Basel in Switzerland in the Chinese gallery A Thousand Plateaus Art Space.

“It’s kind of the best alternative show,” says Riley. “We entered the list in 2019. That was a sign of approval. “

And while they lay the groundwork for collectors around the world, they remain firmly anchored in North Little Rock.

“I come from a large family and my parents grew up in Lakewood. We lived in Lakewood, ”says Riley. “North Little Rock has shaped me. I am proud and happy to be here. Staying home in North Little Rock is one way to be with my family and relationship. It’s kind of respect. “

Goodweather’s current project is “Rayman”, Little Rock Hunter Foster’s first solo show.

Foster’s work (a thin canvas wrapped around a painted core) is on view from Saturday noon until 3:00 p.m. through July 10 at Funland Drive in Burns Park, North Little Rock, which was once part of a prison. It is on display near Pavilion 8. Artforum.com calls this show a “must-see”.

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographs The two former photographers on the Democrats’ Official Newsletter are part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team that publishes the latest news earlier this month.

Alex Brandon and Mike Stewart were one of 10 Associated Press photographers in the United States to capture the emotion and drama of George Floyd’s May 2020 autopsy protest.

Stewart, who works in Atlanta, joined the Arkansas Democrat in 1989 and joined the Columbia Daily Tribune in Columbia, Missouri in 1993. Brandon, son of longtime celebrity editor Philis Brandon, lives in Washington, DC. He worked for the Democratic Party in August 1983 and worked on paper until he moved to San Diego in 1989.

E-mail: [email protected]

Rock Leisure and Kiswe Companion to Localize Esports

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ, June 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Kiswe, the global interactive video company, and Rock Entertainment Holdings announced a collaboration to make the world’s largest esports tournaments easy and affordable for broadcast in the APAC region locate. The partnership will enable Rock Entertainment to deliver eSports content from around the world and make it APAC specific to create fully immersive, bespoke gaming experiences for players and fans in their native language.

As part of the collaboration, Kiswe Studio localized the popular e-sports tournament 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 1 and 2 – Challengers Hong Kong / Taiwan for Rock Entertainment and then streamed it on their linear channel “Blue Ant Extreme” in March and April 2021. Look out for the VALORANT Champions Tour Phase 3 – Challengers Hong Kong / Taiwan LIVE 2021 Finals in July 2021, as well as other upcoming esports matches.

The esports industry is forecast to reach $ 1.5 billion by 2023. Although they are virtual tournaments, many tournaments are currently being produced with commentary, graphics and videos aimed only at local markets and are missing a great opportunity to expand their reach and monetize a much wider audience. Kiswe Studio enables event organizers to create and scale personalized content anywhere, in any language.

The partnership will enable eSports producers and casters to work remotely, eliminate travel and equipment costs and risks associated with on-site production, and create new ways to offer premium content and competitions and grow a diverse audience . Networks will also be able to cost-effectively localize games, open up new markets for innovative content, and open up new monetization opportunities. Gamers can look forward to viewing and interacting with bespoke, world-class, competitive gaming content from around the world in their own native language.

“We are excited to partner with Kiswe to bring Valorant and other live and localized esports broadcasts to our viewers across Asia,” said Beatrice Lee, Asia Pacific CEO, Rock Entertainment Holdings. “This partnership is about delivering the content our esports fans love in a personalized and inclusive way.”

“The globalization of exports also requires localization, and a simple translation is not enough,” said Mike Schabel, CEO of Kiswe. “Kiswe Studio can customize esports games from anywhere, capturing even the most subtle cultural nuances for each region and delivering the most enjoyable gaming experiences.”

About Kiswe
Kiswe is an interactive video company that creates real-time live streams to target digital audiences and unique communities around the world. Kiswe’s award-winning technology also enables people to stay connected through live events through a content creation and mobile platform that connects media companies with consumers. Kiswe is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and has offices in New York, Seoul, Belgium and Singapore. Find out more at www.kiswe.com.

About rock entertainment:
Rock Entertainment distributes branded and unbranded content around the world. Offerings include natural history, fact, entertainment, digital shorts, and preschooler programming that appeal to audiences worldwide across multiple platforms including television, digital, OTT, and live events. Rock Entertainment’s channel business offers a portfolio of media brands such as Love Nature 4K, ZooMoo Networks (International), Smithsonian Channel (Asia, Middle East & Africa + Turkey), Blue Ant Entertainment (Asia), Blue Ant Extreme (Asia), and Makeful ( Asia), with a catalog of over 2,000 hours of content, including the largest 4K natural history offering on the market.

About Blue Ant Extreme:
Blue Ant Extreme is a channel that is exclusively dedicated to extreme content. Audiences can expect adrenaline-pumping, exclusive content in a variety of genres, including extreme sports, reality, paranormal, gaming, and adventure. Spine’s exciting series include Paranormal Survivor and My Worst Nightmare; extreme adventure content with Spy Games, Ninja Warrior UK and Conquering Northern China; and exciting gaming action from acclaimed digital brands, Arcade Cloud and Wisecrack.

Cassady Nordeen
Purpose worldwide
(718) 644-0273

Chris Rock turned down the Sopranos many instances | Leisure Information

Chris Rock declined several invitations to The Sopranos.

The 56-year-old comedian and actor just started the Chris Rock Show and turned down many offers to appear in the acclaimed HBO mafia drama as a huge fan of Tony Soprano’s television. The criminal family “didn’t want to spoil it” because of poor performance and wrong appointments.

A 56-year-old stand-up comedian told The Hollywood Reporter, “When I was doing my show on HBO a few years ago, it was in the middle of” The Sopranos, “so I got some offers on” The Sopranos. ” “. I don’t want to spoil it. “” “”

Chris also explained why he was willing to accept the invitation to the latest series from “Fargo” author Noah Hawley, despite having turned down shows like “The Sopranos” in the past. Put yourself in the position of a black character as evidence of how he wrote for Bokeem Woodbine’s character, Mike Milligan.

He said, “I thought [Noah] I was going to do a charity event for his wife or something. [‘Fargo’] It’s a big job … I was such a fan [of ‘Fargo’]’Anyway, I attended the meeting and he presented me with this offer and I said “whatever you want, I’m downstairs”. Because I saw the way he treated Bokeem Woodbine.

“Sometimes people do a great job, and when they’re dealing with black people, it’s scary, but. [Hawley], I saw how he treated Bokim and I was, when you see it, you say, ‘OK this guy [Hawley] There is nothing wrong with putting yourself in this character’s shoes. “

“I’m writing, right? So when you turn the script over to the studio, you often find that everyone is jotting down the character they best identify … Now some people are the problem. That means people find it hard to imagine imagining them. “Because it is black, there is no indication on the leash if it is black. Or, if the reed girl is black, there are no notes from white women. Because they couldn’t enter it. Noah had no problem being a Bokeem, however. Why is it written so well? “

Chris Rock has turned down the Sopranos many times | Entertainment news

Source link Chris Rock has turned down the Sopranos many times | Entertainment news

Leisure lineup able to rock the summer season at Pearisburg Pageant – WFXRtv

Community Immunization Clinic scheduled for Friday in Rockbridge County

News / 1 hour ago

J&J COVID vaccine expiration dates extended by 6 weeks

News / 1 hour ago

Former Roanoke County School Board member to temporarily fill the vacant seat in Catawba District

News / 1 hour ago

Feeding Southwest Virginia, Blacksburg Police Department to hold a food distribution event Friday

News / 1 hour ago

Entertainment lineup ready to rock the summer at the Pearisburg Festival

News / 1 hour ago

Lynchburg City Employees Receive 5% Rise in Budget 2022

News / 2 hours ago

Man sentenced to 20 years in prison by Pulaski District Court for crimes against two children

News / 2 hours ago

Dog Fight Warning: Grayson County rabid raccoons killing

News / 3 hours ago

One person is charged with shooting in Pittsylvania County

News / 3 hours ago

Man detained after the Family Dollar and Dollar General robberies in Danville

News / 3 hours ago

The grand jury was charged with manslaughter and reckless driving on a man accused of causing an accident that killed the Pulaski County MP

News / 3 hours ago

Former Jefferson Forest star pitcher Zach Peek returns to pitch at home

News / 9 hours ago

Golf and Rock increase cash for Clay’s Golf and Guitars

This year’s Clay’s Golf and Guitar charity event raised $ 170,000 which will benefit Haven Homes this year. The event, which was held at the Northridge Country Club, had signs marking the entrance to the property and providing information about Haven Homes and their activities. Photo of
Junius Stone
/ Texarkana Gazette.

TEXARKANA, Texas When Gail and Ed Eichler lost their son Clay, they started a charity seven years ago to raise money for local charities on his behalf. This event is called “Clay’s Golf and Guitars” and usually includes golf as the name suggests. Saturday night attractions this year included a banned Journey cover called “Escape”, which was named after one of the original band’s albums. You are from Los Angeles, California.

“You should see them,” said Gail Eichler. “Your lead singer is almost a dead alarm for Steve Perry. They are really nice people too.”

Almost 140 golfers hit the links that day at Northridge Country Club and finished the games around 3pm. Between golfing and the concert, they managed to earn US $ 170,000 for Haven Homes through a raffle around the event.

“This was our seventh Clay’s Golf and Guitars,” said Gail Eichler. “We love golf and we love music and that was the general theme of this event. This is our seventh of these and we plan to do it again next year at Northridge Country Club. to raise a little more than $ 1 million. A million thanks, a million blessings. “

(Information about the charity is available online at claysgolfandguitars.com.)

Tawny Kitaen, star of ’80s rock music movies, dies at 59 | Leisure

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) – Tawny Kitaen, the sultry red-haired actress who appeared in rock music videos during MTV’s heyday and starred in 1984 comedy “Bachelor Party” alongside Tom Hanks, has died. She was 59 years old.

The Orange County coroner office said she died at her Newport Beach home on Friday. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

Her daughters Wynter and Raine confirmed their mother’s death on Kitaen’s Instagram account.

“We just want to thank you all, your fans and your friends for always showing you such support and love. You gave her life every day, “she said in her statement.

Kitaen became the “video vixen” of the rock world after appearing on the cover of two albums for heavy metal band Ratt and starring in several music videos for Whitesnake, including the 1987 smash song “Here I Go Again”. In the video, which was played repeatedly on the burgeoning music television network, Kitaen was playing cartwheels on the hood of a jaguar.

She also starred as the fiancé of Tom Hanks’ character in the comedy “Bachelor Party” and as Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend in a 1991 episode of “Seinfeld” on the reality shows “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, ”she revealed her fight against substance abuse.

Kitaen has had a tumultuous personal life that included a brief marriage to Whitesnake’s singer David Coverdale and a rocky marriage to baseball pitcher Chuck Finley, with whom she had two daughters.

“My condolences to their children, family, friends and fans,” tweeted Coverdale on Saturday.

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815 Leisure to buy Giovanni’s for non permanent Exhausting Rock On line casino web site

ROCKFORD (WREX) – 815 Entertainment, the group bringing a Hard Rock Casino to Rockford, will acquire the restaurant and convention center from Giovanni to renovate the space for a temporary casino location once approved.

Last week, the Illinois Gaming Board turned down an application to license a casino operator after Giovanni tried to withdraw his application a few days earlier. Under the Illinois Gaming Law, applicants cannot withdraw without the consent of the ITUC.

Illinois Gaming Board administrator Marcus Fruchter said employees recommended denying the supplier’s license “based on behaviors and associations that compromise the integrity of gambling and discredit or tend to discredit the state and gambling in Illinois, discredit it. ” However, Administrator Fructher did not elaborate on this at Wednesday’s meeting.

The rejection sparked a clause in the rental and ownership agreements that would allow 815 Entertainment to acquire Castrogiovannis’s ownership and interest in the company, Terence Dunleavy, attorney for the company, told 13 WREX media partners at the Rockford Register Star. 13 WREX asked Dunleavy for comment, but we haven’t heard from it. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Dunleavy informs the Register Star that this will not affect the timeline of the casino process.

“We are aware that the current owners of the temporary casino website will sell the site to existing investors. We don’t think this change of ownership will slow down the casino process, “Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said in a statement to 13 WREX.

In February, the Illinois Gaming Board unanimously approved a preliminary suitability study for the Hard Rock Casino, an important step in the process.

If approved by the gaming board, there are plans to open a temporary casino at Giovanni’s with 736 slot machines, a snack bar, a casino bar, and a legacy restaurant that already exists. Plans released by Hard Rock indicate that it will be open for 18 to 24 months while construction of the Hard Rock Casino is underway.

The owner, Joe Castrogiovanni, says he will work with Hard Rock on the project after deciding to remove himself and his wife from the casino licensing process.

“I have decided to remove myself and my wife from the IGB licensing process and work with the Hard Rock staff to make the project easier. I know they will offer a wonderful product for future employees and customers. The Rockford City deserves nothing But the best, and we will continue to be proud to support this project and everything it brings to our region. “- Joe Castrogiovanni, Owner / Giovanni