American Airways CEO Doug Parker to retire, president Robert Isom to take reins March 31

Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is stepping down and will be replaced by the airline’s president, Robert Isom, on March 31, the airline announced on Tuesday.

Parker is the second major airline CEO this year to announce his resignation, signing a changing of the guard among US airlines. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly will step down in February and hand the reins to another longtime manager, Bob Jordan, in February.

Parker will continue to serve as Chairman of the American Board.

Parker became CEO of America West for the first time shortly before the September 11, 2001 attacks and later led two mergers – with US Airways and American Airlines, the end of a wave of consolidation among US airlines.

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Actual Property Inheritor Robert Durst Convicted Of Execution-Fashion Homicide Of Good friend

Hudson Valley native Robert Durst, the nationally renowned New York real estate heir, was convicted of execution-style murder of a close confidante more than two decades ago.

The verdict relates to the 2000 murder of Susan Berman, who was found dead in her Beverly Hills home, Los Angeles.

She was a friend of Durst, who, prosecutors said, helped cover up the 1982 New York disappearance of his wife, Kathie, in the Northwest Chester hamlet of South Salem in the city of Lewisboro.

Prosecutors alleged Durst confided in Berman that he killed Kathie Durst and then worried that Berman would convict him, prompting him to kill her.

Durst, now 78 years old and in a wheelchair, said he never saw or heard his wife again after seeing her on the platform near their home on January 31, 1982, despite telling investigators he was she had called and spoken to her meanwhile; she was at the couple’s Manhattan apartment.

“That was a lie,” said Durst. “I wanted to convince him that Kathie had come back.”

Now convicted of first-degree murder, Durst faces life imprisonment.

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Robert Cessna: Model factors elude Texas A&M soccer crew, however not victory | Soccer

Calzada struggled mightily through three quarters. The game looked too fast for him as he threw behind, over and behind the receivers and was nearly intercepted a few times. Until the last two drives of the game, he didn’t get much help from his fellow human beings. Fortunately for the misfire, the defense got together just before half time and smothered Colorado in the second half.

“There will be games like this. You have to pull them out, ”said A&M coach Jimbo Fisher. “You have to be able to find a way and that’s one thing this team has done and one thing … the organization keeps learning how to do it.”

The win was A & M’s tenth consecutive win, the country’s second-longest winning streak after Alabama. But it also fits a theme the Aggies created that probably kept them out of last season’s college football playoffs when they finished fifth behind Notre Dame on the final poll. The Aggies ended the regular season with seven straight wins but were often unimpressive. The players have talked about being more dominant and earning “style points”, but they were reminded on Saturday that you have to win first, even if it’s ugly.

“I always say this, you know, all the great teams I’ve been on, no matter what, there are a game or two where you find a way to scratch, scratch and pull them out,” Fisher said. “Yes, you understand why it is difficult and you fix these problems and move on and get better.”

Robert Englund says Freddy Krueger’s position modified his life | Leisure Information

Robert Englund admits that playing Freddy Krueger has made him an international star.

The 71-year-old actor played an icon in A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984, and Robert confessed that it changed his life and career.

Robert, who also appeared in the TV miniseries “V” at the beginning of his career, explains: “I was lucky. I played my best friend and pal in the ’70s, but it ended up being everyone’s favorite redneck. I was already started in Holly Strange, who am I? I would know. When I was doing Freddie, it hit me with an international actor overnight.

“I’ve never had such a success. It was like grabbing a carousel ring. I understand, I was just waiting. “

Robert admitted that the new technology contributed to the success of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

And given the popularity of various spin-offs, including other films and TV series, Robert now believes he is his “third generation fan”.

He told the Inside of You podcast, “My career matured during the video revolution, so I shot the film in the theater and became a hit again when it was released on video for everyone else to see. I’ve been twice that … and the TV series doesn’t count.

“And I not only have eight times as much, but also DVDs and Blu-rays, cables and cable marathons again. So you’re getting a new generation – I’m my 3rd generation fan. “

Robert Englund Says Freddy Krueger’s Role Changed His Life On Entertainment News

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Robert De Niro ‘compelled’ to work | Leisure

Robert De Niro is “forced” to work because of his ex-wife’s lifestyle, his lawyer said.

The “Irish” star is divorcing Grace Hightower, with legal representatives claiming he has been forced to work at an “amazing pace” because of his ex’s “thirst for Stella McCartney”.

His attorney Caroline Krauss said during a virtual divorce hearing on Friday (04/16/21): “Mr De Niro is 77 years old and although he loves his trade, he shouldn’t be forced to work at this amazing pace because he has to quit When does this stop? When does he get the opportunity not to take on every upcoming project and not work six days a week, twelve hours a day so he can keep up with Ms. Hightower’s thirst for Stella McCartney? Get sick tomorrow and die Party’s over. “

It comes after De Niro claims he suffered a financial blow because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hollywood star went to court to investigate his finances after his estranged wife, Grace Hightower, requested an emergency injunction to increase her monthly credit limit from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000.

He appeared in court over a Skype call and his lawyers said he cut their credit card limit in half after restaurant chains, Nobu and Greenwich Hotel, in which he is involved, closed or partially closed for months during the health crisis. His attorney, Caroline Krauss, told the judge that the restaurant chain lost $ 3 million in April and another $ 1.87 million the next month.

She added that De Niro’s 2004 marriage contract with Hightower only charges $ 1 million a year if he makes $ 15 million or more, and his payments would decrease in proportion to his income.

She said, “His accounting and business manager … says the best case for Mr. De Niro is if this year turns things around … he’ll be lucky if he makes $ 7.5 million this year.”

She added the 76-year-old star cut spending “dramatically” and pointed to a postponed film project that was due to be shot this summer before the pandemic.

Robert Lamoureux | A cupboard self-install will help lower your expenses

Question # 1


We are remodeling our kitchen and want to install new cabinets. However, we need to save money where we can by working ourselves. This gives us more options to choose the products we prefer.

I think I can do this myself for cabinet installation, but what are some of the basic “tricks” required to be successful at this? Is there any chance you can share inside information with me?

I’m pretty skilled, just need a few pointers.

Thanks in advance.

– – Josh R.

Answer No. 1


If you’re handy in any way then you can certainly save some money by installing the cabinets yourself. Base cabinets are simpler than wall cabinets, but with the help of a friend, you can tackle the wall cabinets too.

You will need a few different sized tiers, washers and ladders, and the necessary screws to secure and secure it.

For the top cabinets, you need to measure from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet and adjust to the standard height. In the process, make sure you have noted your bolt placement so you can hit them without damaging your new cabinets.

Always check for the plum and level and keep doing this along the way as most of the walls are not perfect. You may have to lie down behind the cabinets to do this properly. Don’t skip this step or you will look uneven when you’re done.

If you are installing lighting under the cabinet, you must install electric lighting in front of the cabinets to make your life easier.

Check the lower cabinets to see if they require power outlets and plumbing and cut the required holes in the back of the cabinets to accommodate them. Sockets can lead to space problems between the cabinet and the box in the wall. You can therefore use what is known as an arc protection. This bridges the gap between the two per code. Washer for plums and level and secure cabinets on walls and against each other.

Pre-drilling your cabinets for these holes is a good idea to avoid splitting. This brings you to the point where countertop measurements can be taken and you should be ready to go.

– Robert

Robert Lamoureux has more than 40 years of experience as a general contractor with separate licenses for electrical and plumbing companies. He owns IMS Construction Inc. in Valencia. His opinions are his own, not necessarily The Signal’s. The opinions expressed in this column are not intended to replace the recommendations of a qualified contractor after a thorough visual inspection. Email questions to Robert below [email protected].

Gone to the canines: Robert Irwin voices a personality on ‘Bluey’ | Leisure

NEW YORK (AP) – Robert Irwin has long been a voice for animals. Now he is actually uttering an animal.

The 17-year-old son of the late conservationist Steve Irwin gives his voice to a character on the popular children’s animated television show “Bluish.”

“I’ve had so many fun, and great, and scary, and fun, and exciting adventures with animals. But I’ve never become an animal or the voice of an animal, ”he tells The Associated Press from his native Australia.

“Bluey”, produced in Brisbane, which focuses on a 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy of the same name, her sister Bingo and her parents Chilli and Bandit, has developed into a worldwide phenomenon in just a few years.

The show was recognized for its ability to speak honestly about parenting and childhood, with realistic dialogue and creative play. It won an international Emmy Kids Award for best preschool program. It’s available on Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and DisneyNOW.

In the upcoming season two episode titled “The Quiet Game,” Irwin approaches an employee named Alfie on his first day at a toy store when Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit are looking for a birthday present for a friend of the kids.

The problem is that dad used to persuade his children to play quietly and that their heavy engagement has now backfired, forcing him to use charades to figure out which toys to buy. Then Alfie comes along and expertly translates the children’s notes. “Alfie, you rock star!” says dad after choosing the right toy.

Irwin who works at Australia Zoo, A 700 hectare facility on the continent’s Sunshine Coast, set up by his father, the “Crocodile Hunter”, used his knowledge of dingoes in the zoo and his own pug to empathize with the character.

“I feel like I have a lot to draw,” he said. “I definitely know a dog’s mind pretty well. And it was fun to slip into these shoes. “

According to Irwin, Blue Heelers – also known as Australian Cattle Dogs – are a cult breed from the outback who are wise and natural shepherds.

“They really are these amazing, intelligent, loyal working dogs,” he said. “If you’re looking to adopt a Blue Heeler, you definitely want to be ready for a very energetic dog.”

Irwin, who was only two years old when his father died in 2006, has continued Steve Irwin’s wildlife conservation and environmental education work with his mother Terri and sister Bindi. He usually makes documentaries, but took the chance to reach a different audience with “Bluey” and expand his family’s voice.

“For me it is in a way an immense honor and responsibility, but in no way a burden. It is a privilege to be able to carry on this legacy, ”he said.

“It is the most amazing honor every day to see that the incredible work my mother and father started continues, especially after we lost father. I know our number one priority was making sure that everything he lived and died for continues. “


Mark Kennedy is with

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.

Nicki Minaj’s father Robert Maraj dies aged 64 | Leisure

Nicki Minaj’s father died in a hit at the age of 64.

The “Superbass” hitmaker’s father, Robert Maraj, died when he was hit by a car between Roslyn Road and Raff Avenue in Nassau County, New York.

It has been reported by TMZ that the vehicle – which was heading north at the time – and its driver have fled the scene.

The accident happened on Friday evening (02/12/21). He was taken to a local hospital and died of his injuries over the weekend. A representative for Nicki confirmed her father’s death.

Nicki recently became a parent herself and welcomed a boy into the world.

Hitmaker ‘Anaconda’ and husband Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty welcomed their first child in October last year.

She wrote on Instagram to thank everyone who had sent her good wishes after the birth: “Many thanks to Queen B, Kim & Ye, Riccardo Tisci, Winnie, Karol and everyone who sent good wishes during this time .

“It meant the world to me. I am so grateful and in love with my son. Madly in love. My favorite liddo boy in the whole wide world. (Sic)”

Nicki revealed her pregnancy back in July with a series of Instagram posts showing her baby bump, one of which was titled “#preggers”.

Rapper ‘Chun Li’ first sparked speculation about her pregnancy in May after talking about craving for food and feeling “nauseated”.

Nicki listed the bizarre food combinations she had cooked and said that she felt sick and used the bathroom more often than usual.

When a fan asked her if she’d cooked anything in the past few weeks, she said, “Absolutely. Steak. Shrimp. Plus my famous cheeseburgers. So good. I just craved red meat, then cravings for salad with extra jalapeños. I ordered chkn nachos that didn’t come with jalapeños. Who does that? Wow. (Sic) “

Another fan picked up on her comments and asked, “Are you going to vomit in the morning and have to go to the bathroom a lot?”

To which she replied, “Lmao. No vomiting. But nausea and peeing non-stop. Oh, what do you think that means guys ???? Lmaooooooooooo. (Sic)”