Arrest warrant issued for Walnut Creek Nordstrom flash mob-style theft suspect who posted bail

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KGO) – An arrest warrant has been issued for a Walnut Creek Nordstrom theft suspect who has already been arrested and released.

Dana Dawson left court two weeks ago and has not returned since.

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Dawson is one of three suspects arrested by Walnut Creek Police in connection with the recent flash mob-style theft of Nordstrom. Walnut Creek police say they used a Glock 29 9mm pistol, a violation of their parole, only Walnut Creek police officers were unaware that Dawson was on parole when they arrested her.

“I don’t know if it was just a system error or just a delay in the transmission of information. We’re still looking into that, ”said Jamie Knox, police chief of Walnut Creek on December 1st.

Dawson was then entitled to bail.

ME-TEAM: Sheriff’s Office admits Walnut Creek Nordstrom theft suspect was mistakenly released

During their November 30 indictment, the Contra Costa County’s assistant district attorney said that Dawson’s parole officer attempted to get a parole warrant signed by a judge who would have taken Dawson back into custody, but the parole agent missed it by about 15 minutes according to Assistant District Attorney Jordan Sanders.

“It’s frustrating,” Sanders said on November 30th.

Without that parole warrant, it was Dawson’s turn to return to court, which the assistant prosecutor tells I-TEAM that they didn’t do on Friday or Monday.

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Parole has been actively trying to track her down and now has an arrest warrant.

The other two suspects arrested, Joshua Underwood and Rodney Robinson, appeared in court on Monday. Underwood had previously been mistakenly released by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, but was detained again when he appeared in court on November 30th.

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Arrest Made After Armed Theft at Grownup Leisure Retailer in Evansville

A Princeton, Indiana man faces multiple charges following a weekend robbery in Evansville.

The robbery occurred on Sunday at Lovers Playground, an adult entertainment store on Main Street.

Dispatch received a call from an employee at Lovers Playground at around 4:00 p.m. Sunday saying the store had just been robbed at gunpoint.

The company said it had withdrawn $ 244.50 from the cash register in addition to other items from the store.

After receiving a description of the suspect and a possible getaway vehicle, an officer saw a suitable vehicle drive down East Virginia Street. Police say the driver of this vehicle was stopped and told the officer that Princeton-born Jessy Shane Barnett, 29, used her vehicle earlier in the day.

According to the EPD, the officers then went to the driver’s address, where Barnett left the back door of the house.

According to police, Barnett was seen throwing a bag in the grass when officers arrived at the house. In the bag were the items from the Lovers Playground and a black pistol, EPD said.

According to the EPD, Barnett admitted to having committed the robbery after being questioned.

Barnett was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail without bail. He is charged with robbery with a lethal weapon in connection with the incident on Sunday.

West Milford West Virginia man pleads responsible to financial institution theft, cash laundering | WV Information

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) – A 43-year-old man from West Milford pleaded guilty on Monday to the November 17 gun-wielding robbery of Salem’s Summit Community Bank.

Clinton Monroe Utter, also known as Clint Utter, also admitted money laundering conspiracy charges related to the $ 15,000 he stole of the $ 69,100 he stole.

The US judge Michael John Aloi accepted the plea. It is up to US District Judge Thomas S. Kleeh whether he accepts it. But since Utter pleaded on the prosecution without a plea deal, there is no reason to believe that Article III judge would reject Alois’ report and recommendations.

Utter faces up to 20 years imprisonment for each charge. It is unclear whether they would run the sentences consecutively or at the same time.

The US Attorney General Sarah Wagner for the Acting US Attorney Randolph Bernard made a detailed offer that lasted several minutes.

One of the bizarre government pieces of evidence presented by Harrison Sheriffs Lt. Adam Titchenal and the FBI (also mentioned in court records): Utter wanted the money to rent muscles to scare a family judge and his ex-wife. Utter apparently believed he could end his divorce, which was costing him $ 2,500 a month in alimony.

In addition, Wagner’s offer indicated that Utter, who was unemployed at the time of the crimes, was over-indebted. He owed loans, including a car loan, and, according to the offer, had credit card debt in addition to alimony payments and other routine bills.

Utter entered the bank through the staff door and tied three of the staff with cable ties. He used his gun, an old-style revolver, to force a fourth clerk to collect the money from him; At some point, however, she slipped into bait tickets that would help point a finger at him.

A fifth employee showed up in the middle of the robbery and was also held back with cable ties.

Part of a latex glove ripped and stuck to one of the zip ties, which Wagner said provided DNA evidence accusing Utter. The government gathered more DNA evidence elsewhere.

Utter also stole the bank manager’s vehicle and drove to a place where an accomplice picked him up in Utter’s vehicle.

According to Wagner, law enforcement agencies were able to use surveillance video from watercrafts as well as a license plate reader to identify Utter as a suspect.

The money laundering conspiracy, according to Wagner, involved bank robbery cash given to two Fairmont women to buy drugs and pay bills.

Federal defender Brian Kornbrath said he had no viable defense for Utter. The longtime defense attorney told Aloi that “certain elements of the crime are being tried.”

That comes after co-defendants David Alan Gill, 61, of Gypsy, and Blaine Allen Ash, 37, of Bristol pleaded guilty in federal court. Everyone admitted to completing the bank robbery in hindsight. Ash and Gill face up to 10 years in prison.

Deputy US Attorney Jennifer Conklin also represents the government.

Cash, weapons, ammo recovered after Pittsfield Township financial institution theft, police chase

On Ypsilanti Mann led police on a car chase that ended in a crash Tuesday after robbing one Pittsfield Township Bank.

Police said they were called to Chase Bank at 4101 E. Ellsworth Road at 1:22 pm to commit a robbery.

Witnesses gave the police a description of the robber, his vehicle and the route he had taken. Police were able to track down the vehicle the 48-year-old man was driving, but he fled and a car chase ensued until he crashed on US-23 and Washtenaw Avenues.

Stolen money, several firearms and ammunition were recovered at the scene of the accident and in the suspect’s vehicle, the police said. The man also wore body armor.

The man was injured in the crash and was taken to a hospital, where he is listed in severe but stable condition, police said. He will continue to be tested and treated.

The robbery is being investigated further. Anyone with information is asked to call the confidential TIP line at the Pittsfield Township Police Department at 734-822-4958.