Fall River resident elevating cash for Jimmy Fund to learn Dana-Farber

FALL RIVER – Not many people can say they had a dream that saved their life. But to Fall River residents Sandra BroomeHaving undergone dozens of operations for various types of cancer, anything seems possible.

Broome was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and was planning to have one double mastectomy Next year. But that summer she had a dream in which her late father, who himself died of cancer, urged her to get an operation as soon as possible. She woke up, pinched herself, and convinced her doctors to let her do the mastectomy three weeks later.

“They called me 14 days later and told me to sit down,” she said. The surgery revealed that she had three different types of cancer in her breasts, including one that could possibly have spread to other parts of her body.

In the years that followed, Broome, 45, had 53 surgeries, and the number is rising, and more are planned for this fall. Since her mastectomy, she has faced one hurdle after another. Tumors have appeared in other parts of her body, she had to undergo treatment to correct complications from radiation therapy to her hip, and her breast implants had to be replaced several times due to government recalls.

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“I look like a map,” she said about all of her scars, radiation burns and radiation tattoos.

But Broome has maintained an indomitable optimism throughout her countless surgeries and painful recovery. She said she developed a routine to make sure she walks into her treatments with a smile on her face and jokes with the anesthetist.

“I’m doing a dance, I’m joking around,” she said.

Now she’s helping to raise money for cancer treatment and research through various cancer walks and other fundraising drives. She currently heads a fundraising team, Sandra Stark, for next month Jimmy Fund Walk in aid of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The walk is virtual this year, so on October 3rd she will be walking around Boston’s Castle Island.

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And Broome said she wanted to let other people facing similar challenges know what they think is the best way to endure the grueling treatment process.

“Laughter heals,” she said of what she attributes to her treatment providers at Dana-Farber who they taught her. “So many people are stressed and I get it. But stress doesn’t help the body. “

It’s not about never feeling sad or discouraged, but it’s important to have a positive attitude, she said.

“Strong people cry too,” she says. But: “If I have to have 100 operations, I’m here. Cancer and tumors will not defeat this lady. “

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Fall River is methods to spend ARPA cash

FALL RIVER – Mayor Paul Coogan’s second public hearing on how the city could spend the nearly $ 70 million federal budget of the American Recovery Plan Act on the pandemic didn’t get the turnout or different ideas than a meeting he did last month, but said the administration is still on track with development projects and more aid may be in preparation for Fall River.

So far, the federal government has released half of the funds to the city, with $ 35 million in the bank.

Coogan said Paul Ferland, director of the Department of Community Utilities, has submitted projects valued at approximately $ 13 million and intends to allocate at least $ 10 million from the first round of ARPA funds to water and sanitation works.

“It’s a start and it depends on the president’s infrastructure bill, and there is talk of putting the second half of the ARPA money in the infrastructure bill,” Coogan said.

If this is the federal government’s plan, Coogan said with targeted infrastructure funding, the parameters for the nature of the projects could expand.

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So far, another $ 4.5 million from the first ARPA funding round is in the 2022 budget for lost revenue from the pandemic, which federal guidelines allow.

“If we put $ 4.5 million on lost revenue, we’ll use it again next year, that’s $ 9 million and $ 10 million on water and sewage, so that’s $ 19 million. With $ 15 million left, we have small business money to do for our city workers, and we’d like to find another way to get a real building for DCM, ”Coogan said.

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The mayor said he is working with arts and nonprofit groups to also develop programs that could be funded with ARPA money.

Fall River Police Department’s new program

At the request of the city council, Coogan has already released nearly $ 300,000 towards a new Fall River Police Department program called Operation Compass to help local law enforcement agencies identify and prevent gangs, including setting up more surveillance cameras around the city.

In addition, according to Mary Sahady, the city’s chief financial officer, up to $ 17 million in ARPA funds could flow into the city from the Bristol County Commission, which also received a round of funding.

Disbursement of Bristol County Commission funds

Sahady said the Bristol County Commission is developing an application process for communities like Fall River in Bristol County to apply for ARPA funding.

“With the same eligible categories,” said Sahady.

And on Tuesday, the administration is sending the city council to accept a group of independent grants that the city recently awarded.

The grant funding will total more than $ 1.42 million in health, water and wastewater infrastructure, and public safety.

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A Health Department grant called MassCALL3 is funding the city’s Department of Health with $ 250,000 to build on the city’s drug abuse programs; and another US $ 50,000 Mass in Motion grant to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Ferland’s water and sanitation department also received two grants; US Department of Commerce and Commerce for $ 1.056 million for Mothers Brook Canal Expansion Planning and Approval; and a US $ 42,950 Mass Trails grant to help the city improve and maintain trails.

Police received a $ 30,000 grant from the Sex Offender Register to help identify sex offenders who violated registration rules.

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Feds will ration water from Colorado River amid historic drought

The US government on Monday declared the first water shortage in Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country by volume, after the water level fell to a record low amid a decades-long drought.

The water cuts will go into effect for Arizona, Nevada and Mexico in January, the Bureau of Reclamation said on Monday. Arizona will be hardest hit, with roughly 18% of the state’s annual allotment cut.

The Colorado River provides water and electricity to more than 40 million people in the west, while also providing approximately 2.5 million acres of farmland. Among the cities it serves is Phoenix, which according to the US newspaper has been the fastest growing city in the US for the past decade Arizona Republic, and is now the fifth largest city in the country.

Earlier this summer, reservoirs in the Colorado River Basin fell to their lowest level on record after 22 consecutive years of drought. In just five years, Lake Mead and Lake Powell have lost 50% of their capacity.

Officials believe Lake Mead’s water level is just below 1,066 feet on Jan. 1, which is about nine feet below the trigger level of 1,075 feet.

At a press conference following the announcement, officials said “additional action is likely to be required in the near future” as the situation worsens. More than 98% of the western US is currently in drought, 64% in extreme drought conditions.

“We are seeing the effects of climate change in the Colorado River Basin through prolonged drought, temperature extremes, widespread forest fires, and in some places floods and landslides, and now it is time to take action to respond,” said Tanya Trujillo. Deputy Secretary for Water and Science in the Ministry of the Interior.

Lake Mead was created through the construction of the Hoover Dam and extends over more than 750 miles of coastline.

Joyful New River Oaks Retailer to Deliver Kate Spade’s Spirit and Type — Your Sneak Peek at Texas’ First Frances Valentine Boutique

S.The climax of a designer’s death by suicide is a strange, if perhaps even morbid, way of starting a piece of fashion. But when talking about the Frances Valentine brand, Kate Spade, who died in 2018, not only co-founded the line, but continues to be her design inspiration.

Her signature vibrant and playful aesthetic, once only available online, comes to Houston style in the River Oaks District.

“The goal is not just to keep Spade’s legacy alive, but to capture the woman spade could be today, ”remarked FastCompany in a profile at Frances Valentin Co-founder and best friend of Spade Elyce Arons.

When the doors of the new Frances Valentine boutique in the River Oaks District open in the first week of September, it will be Frances Valentine’s first store in Texas. The opening will be followed by other stores in Palm Beach, Sag Harbor and on Madison Avenue in New York City. When it became clear to the company that many fans of the brand still appreciate the personal touch of a shop window, they started out in brick-and-mortar retail. Houston becomes Frances Valentine’s sixth location.

“We visited Houston for a trunk show last February and immediately fell in love with the charming River Oaks District,” Arons said in a statement.

Frances Valentine brings the brand’s Ionic style to Houston with a store in the River Oaks District.

You don’t know the brand? Frances Valentine stands for brightly colored patterns, bold palettes, brightly colored caftans and a range of pullovers and tunics. The line includes charming handbags, indispensable leisure jewelry, hats and shoes in all variations. The aesthetic is airy, fresh and fun in every way. The selection of home accessories is just as spirited.

“We are very pleased that Frances chose Valentine River Oaks District as the home of their first boutique in Texas, ”says Rosalind Schurgin, CEO of Festival Companies. “Each addition to our dynamic portfolio of global luxury and contemporary designers is carefully crafted to enhance and complement a range of unique offerings while appealing to our diverse, international clientele.

“The feminine, airy charisma of Frances Valentine’s designs goes well with the stylish Houstonians and will resonate with a large global audience drawn to the city’s sophisticated and rich retail offerings.”

Journey to the Kentucky River in model with the Bluegrass Railroad Museum

The Versailles Bluegrass Railroad Museum has offered year-round train travel since 1986. The summer cruise is currently underway, taking passengers on a cruise to the Kentucky River and back.

This activity is family friendly and fun for people of all ages. The river cruise is now possible every Saturday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. until the end of September

“It was great! We saw the horses and all the beautiful farms, it was just beautiful,” says Morgan Clark, a rail passenger.

For more information on getting started this summer or another seasonal ride, please visit www.bluegrassrailroad.com.

Roosevelt Excessive mariachi band brings Cinco de Mayo leisure to River Park Buying Middle

FRESNO, California. (KSEE / KGPE) – Mariachi music entertained diners and shoppers al fresco at the Fresno River Park Mall on Cinco de Mayo.

The Roosevelt High School mariachi band provided live music in the open field near the Teazer World Tea Market and the Barrelhouse Brewing Company.

For the students, it was the first public performance since the pandemic began.

Throughout the lockdown, students were forced to practice separately and they said it felt great to finally be able to perform together.

“It’s a relief. It’s a good feeling to know that we’re almost out of them. Little by little we’re starting to do more normal things than we used to do. Hopefully we can do that to everyone, masks.” every now and then, ”said Isaac Torres of the Roosevelt Mariachi Band.

Dockside Restaurant Raises Cash For Grass River Pure Space

Dockside Restaurant in Torch Lake celebrated its spring fundraiser Monday, raising money for the Grass River Wildlife Area.

Half of all food and drink income went into GRNA programs, which include summer camps, paddling and wildlife activities.

Grass River says they have been hosting this event for more than 20 years, and even with limited capacity and additional take-out orders, they are still impressed with the response from the community.

“We’re just so grateful for all of the people that come out and support us through programs, through events like this, the Dockside, the people who come out and just put money in the jar,” said Jenn Wright, Executive Director of Grass River Natural area. “All of these resources are very, very valued and used very well.”

The GRNA says they typically raise around $ 2,500 through their Spring Fling event.

Eagan firm accuses Pine River girl to swindling cash

A 47-year-old Pine River woman is accused of defrauding more than $ 13,000 from an Eagan business.

Tracy Lynn Degrote was charged with fraud by fraud in the Dakota District Court in Hastings on March 4th.

According to court records, Degrote was employed by New Challenges, a company in Eagan that provided services to adults with disabilities in residential areas from 2013 to 2019. Degrote was previously tasked with looking after someone identified as Customer 1 in the complaint. Degrote stopped working with customer 1 in 2014. Since then, she has submitted timesheets to New Challenges for four hours in each pay period, earning $ 60.80 in miles. The complaint states that it concerns services for customer 1.

A New Challenges representative contacted Degrote on April 17, 2019 regarding these posts. Degrote stated that they provided services to customer 1 but could not give a specific date. She then stated that she had been told by someone that she could provide the company with hours for overnight services that she had performed in the past, along with the mileage. The Pine River woman additionally provided the lessons she submitted, including training, even though she was unable to provide evidence of new challenges.

Overall, from October 10, 2014 to April 19, 2019, the Pine River woman was found fraudulently filing a request for payment of US $ 8,238.40 in miles and US $ 5,670.92 in wages for work she had not completed , at New Challenges.

Degrote has been released without bail as long as she makes all future court appearances, abides by the law, and cannot leave the state without written permission from the court.

The Pine River woman’s next trial is scheduled for June 23rd.