Mississippi well being officers plead with aged to keep away from mass indoor gatherings as delta Covid variant rips via state

Medical staff from the Delta Health Center will be waiting on Jan.

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Mississippi state health officials issued new guidelines Friday urging state residents over 65 and immunocompromised residents, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to avoid indoor mass gatherings for the next two weeks “significant transfer” of the Delta variant in the coming weeks.

The new policy is valid until July 26th and is not mandatory. Instead, the guidelines should be viewed as a recommendation.

“We do not recommend mandates. What we do is provide personal recommendations to people who are at high risk of serious consequences, ”said Dr. Mississippi State Health Commissioner Thomas Dobbs during a news conference Friday. “We don’t want anyone to die unnecessarily.”

Dobbs said he currently “doesn’t expect” the guidelines to be extended to other age groups in the future.

Officials said they are starting to see significant transmission of the Delta variant, very reminiscent of what was seen in the early days of the pandemic. Mississippi state health epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers, highlighted church groups, school and summer programs, funeral meetings and workplaces, and long-term care facilities as areas where officials are already seeing spikes in infection.

“We saw right away that they were the result of the Delta variant, and the broadcast … was pretty significant,” Byers said at the news conference on Friday.

The state is second to last of all states after Alabama when it comes to the percentage of the population who are fully vaccinated with two doses. About 25% of Mississippi population aged 65 and over are still unvaccinated and make up the majority of Covid deaths in the state. State health officials also said they are also seeing deaths in vaccinated residents “because we keep exposing them,” Dobbs said, although the percentage is tiny.

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The graph shows cases, hospital admissions, and deaths of vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Mississippi from June 3 to July 1, 2021.

Mississippi State Department of Health

Mississippi ranks last in the country for the percentage of adults with at least one Covid vaccination, and the state also ranks last in the country for the percentage of residents 12 years and older with at least one vaccination.

“I don’t think we’re going to have a miraculous spike in our vaccination rate in the next few weeks, so people are going to die unnecessarily,” warned Dobbs.

State health officials asked vaccinated residents to speak to others about their experiences with the vaccine in order to raise awareness of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccinations.

“Let people know, let your family know, let your neighbors know, let your friends know,” Dobbs said. “There is no stronger message than trust and trust to let people know how widespread the vaccine is and understand that people are safe and happy to be protected.”

Cramer rips AT&T over WarnerMedia deal and the deliberate dividend minimize

CNBCs Jim Cramer on Tuesday heightened criticism of the past and present AT & T. Leading company for dealing with WarnerMedia, the movie and television content and streaming unit that the telecommunications giant is now looking to break off and combine with discovery.

In particular, Cramer questioned AT & T’s plans to cut its dividend after the merger is complete, which essentially reverses the telecommunications giant’s $ 85 billion acquisition of Time Warner in 2018.

AT&T shareholders have a right to excitement, Cramer said, as the stock fell more than 6% on Tuesday, extending its 2.7% drop from Monday’s meeting.

“The way they did it was completely sub-optimal and the people who sell it are the long-term owners who feel very cheated,” said Cramer, while speaking to AT&T board member Geoffrey Yang, that appeared on, blew up “Squawk Box” early Tuesday, defending planned dividend cut.

“I’m not a dealer,” said Yang. “Just looking at what is in the best interests of long-term shareholders for both Discovery and AT&T, I think this deal makes a lot of strategic and financial sense. It was clearly a tough bond yesterday, but as I said, I’m not a trader and I’m only looking at one kind of long term. “

“I think resizing the dividend makes a lot of sense and still leaves it in the top 95th percentile of any dividend company. It gives us more flexibility in allocating capital to grow the business in its core strengths of broadband, business and wireless,” added Yang added.

Cramer was sparked by Yang’s “not a dealer” comment. “This is owned by grandmothers. What an insult to their shareholders,” said the “Bad money” said. “It’s just an insult. I’m sure they’ll say, ‘Oh Cramer, what a joke.’ But I mean, they’re the joke. “He added,” I know you have to say something, it’s Corporate America. I expected better. “

“What a ill-advised strategy to come into our network and say that after not all that long ago having a CEO, we stand by the dividend,” said Cramer, referring to comments from John Stankey, CEO of AT&T, late last month and back in March.

When Stankey was asked about AT&T dividend priority on April 22nd said CNBC: “My first priority is to raise the share price so the dividend yield isn’t 6.9%. That’s what I want to fix the problem. That’s what this management team is focusing on. And if we continue to work consistently in fashion, that is what we are now, this problem takes care of math by itself. “In addition to these comments, Stankey also defended AT & T’s dividend strategy in a CNBC interview on March 12.

In fact, Cramer said AT&T should use a more forgiving tone throughout the WarnerMedia ordeal. On Monday evening, he called AT & T’s purchase of Time Warner – which lasted a drawn out battle with the Ministry of Justice under the then President Donald Trump“One of the stupidest mergers in recent history.” AT&T shares have fallen more than 20% over the past five years.

“I mean, why not just say, ‘We screwed it up.’ Why not just say, “We paid too much.” Why not just say, “We said the dividend was safe and we were wrong,” said Cramer on Tuesday morning.

AT&T could also say, “We have to do it for the company to be competitive and the way to do that is to outsource something that doesn’t really fit, even though we said it fits and … the Randall logic wasn’t logic. ” ever, “added Cramer, referring to former CEO Randall Stephenson, who was responsible for AT&T in 2016, as the The Time Warner deal was first announced.

Neither AT&T nor Yang were immediately available to respond to CNBC’s request for comments on Cramer’s remarks.

In an interview on Monday on CNBC, Stankey defended AT & T’s dividend approach.

“It is not unexpected that we have subsequently adjusted the dividend as we shift as much cash flow as we did with the media company transaction and the DirecTV transaction.” Stankey said.

“But more importantly, if we can use that cash flow to do something that we know we can get really attractive returns, well above the 5% return that the dividend yield may represent, this is it.” the shareholders, “he said.