PHOTOS: Rihanna effortlessly combines type and luxury as she seems ravishing in crimson for a dinner evening out

On April 5 and 6, Rihanna was out and about in New York when the singer dropped out two dinners in a row. Check out the photos below.

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PHOTOS: Rihanna effortlessly combines style and comfort while looking gorgeous red for a dinner night.

If there’s one Hollywood celebrity who knows how to get street style and high fashion right, it’s none other than pop icon singer Rihanna. The ‘Umbrella’ singer recently killed two high fashion looks, but not without a supreme comfort quotient, and on April 6th, Rihanna was out in New York when the singer stepped out for dinner. While the first was for a birthday party, the second was for a casual dinner at her favorite Nobu restaurant in New York.

For the night of April 5, Rihanna was caught in the Meatpacking District in New York City. The singer stepped out in a brown lederhosen suit, iconic braids and inevitable studded gloves. Rihanna was carrying a unicorn-colored paper bag that said “Happy Birthday”. While her pant suit was all stylish, Rihanna’s pants attracted maximum attention. The sheer brown pants were the show stopper.

At dinner on April 6, Rihanna effortlessly combined style and comfort. Rihanna put on a bright red leather jacket and paired it with used-look jeans. Her red nails, gold watch, and diamond accessories were the perfect addition to her entire outfit. The singer didn’t hesitate to smile for the paparazzi both times.

Check out the latest photos of Rihanna below:

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