Overwatch buff for Sigma would give him Titanfall 2-style defend rework

Overwatch players always come up with new skills ideas for their favorite characters, but this Titanfall 2-style concept could make Sigma even more devastating.

The chaotic team-based brawls of Overwatch are absolutely brimming with all sorts of colorful characters. From lifesaving supportive heroes to seedy assassins, there is an archetype for every play style. While Overwatch 2 aims Change the look and adjusting the balance of his beloved squad, some players have been busy making their own changes.

One character who continues to receive an almost constant barrage of fan concepts is that of Sigma – the eccentric astrophysicist. Sigma effortlessly controls gravity with his abilities, manipulating objects around him and bending them to his will. As a tank, Sigma’s Experimental Barrier can effortlessly repel incoming damage and even freeze incoming projectiles.

However, tweaking it in the Titanfall 2 style could make the living weapon even more of a threat to the game Battlefields.

Titanfall 2 Sigma Skill Concept

SnowstormSigma would be even more powerful with this Titanfall 2 inspired buff.

Overwatch 2 certainly aims to mix the meta with his 5v5 brawls, but this sigma buff could change that even further. “Since tanks are being redesigned to be more aggressive, Sigma is on the table for a possible overhaul,” says spectrum. “He does a lot of damage technically, but he has two defensive abilities, and the way OW2 looks, that doesn’t fit.”

Spktras redesigned Sigma’s grip to combat this, making it look similar to Titanfall’s Vortex Shield. This ability not only allows the player to stop incoming projectiles, but also gives them the ability to send them back towards their target.

With tanks being reworked to be more aggressive, Sigma is on the table for a possible rework. He does a lot of damage technically, but he has two defensive abilities and from the look of OW2 that doesn’t fit. So here is a little suggestion for a revision of Grasp. The ability that Twitter hates the most. of Overwatch

The ability would also consume a counter that needs to be replenished before Sigma can use it again, forcing players to think carefully before spamming on each use.

While this may sound incredibly depressing, Spktra states that Sigma “cannot gain additional health and he would not have a tank to protect him if his shield failed.” The villainous character would also be “more powerful in a 1v1 like all new tanks, but will die if he focuses hard enough”.

It’s an interesting concept for sure, and one that would definitely make Sigma a formidable tank.