Max Verstappen reveals how he’s adapting his driving model to go well with the 2022 vehicles

Max Verstappen has revealed how he wants to adapt his driving style for the cars of 2022. After trying out the first prototypes in Red Bull’s simulator, Verstappen is of the opinion that the new cars differ significantly from the outgoing generation of vehicles.

In an interview with team sponsor CarNext, the Dutchman said:

“The tires will look completely different with 18-inch (rims); The tires also react differently, so I have to adapt my driving behavior to this. ”“ It feels a bit sharper, the reaction of the tires and just the general traction that you get out of the corners feels a little different. So I’m curious to see how it feels in real life. ”“ Everyone always says, ‘How is your driving style?’ Well I don’t think I really have one, it’s just that you adapt to the situation. This is your driving style, because when the car is understeer you have to adjust to the understeer. If the car oversteers, you have to be prepared for it. So you can’t say, ‘That’s my driving style and that’s how I’ll drive.’ ”“ That’s impossible because sometimes it just doesn’t work with the material you have. I think adjusting at the end of the day is key. ”How it started ↔️ how it goes

It took a few days for what happened last Sunday to take effect. Many thanks to everyone for the support and the lovely news 🙏

How it started ↔️ how it works It took a few days to take in what happened last Sunday. Many thanks to everyone for the support and the lovely news 🙏

Max Verstappen will return to Formula 1 in 2022 sporty number 1 on his Red Bull to try to defend his F1 title. However, the young Dutchman could face tougher competition from rival Lewis Hamilton who is aiming for a record-breaking eighth World Cup.

Meanwhile a possible resurgence of midfield teams McLaren, Ferrari and even Aston Martin could jeopardize the title hopes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen hopes 2022 cars will be able to follow more easily, as promised

For years, F1 has been criticized for going in the wrong direction and creating “qualifying cars” that could not follow one another in “dirty air”. To tackle the problem the 2022 season will show brand new cars that are the result of extensive technical regulations aimed at Improve wheel-to-wheel racing.

The reigning world champion Max Verstappen hopes that the work of the F1 specialist department in developing the new regulations will pay off.

Despite his preference for the “downforce giants” of the current generation, Max Verstappen wants the new cars to be able to follow one another closely. In an interview with team sponsor CarNext, the Red Bull driver said:

“I like the current cars in terms of speed because it’s really impressive how much grip you have. So the new cars will definitely be a few seconds slower. ”“ But that with the idea of ​​having better races that you can follow a little more closely, that’s what they want. Because at the moment, when you are close, you will be greatly disturbed by the vehicle in front. “” I hope that happens. “

After yesterday’s tweet about the 2022 rule.
This is what the underside of the car looks like
A small diffuser and a flat bottom are replaced by larger venturi tunnels. This is (incorrectly) called the floor effect like it was in the 80s (+ no skirts)
Bargeboards & the Y250 front wing replaced

According to yesterday’s tweet on Rule 2022. This is what the underside of the car will look likeA small diffuser and flat floor will be replaced with larger Venturi tunnels. This is (incorrectly) called floor effect as it was in the 80s (+ no aprons) replacing bargeboards & the Y250 front wing

While the new regulations aim to improve the “racing spectacle” over time, many have raised concerns that the new regulations could damage racing in the short term.

The narrow performance gaps between teams across the grid meant that the 2021 season was one of the most competitive championships in F1 history, but the new regulations could potentially split the field even further.

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The 2022 Kountry Star Wraps You up in Cozy Cottage Fashion, Reveals Premium Facilities

NewmarFor the first time ever, the 2022 product line is packed with driver assistance technology for the safest, most comfortable travel. These include an industry-first Comfort Drive steering system to help you navigate narrow roads and OnGuard collision mitigation technology for adaptive cruise control and stability control.

There is something for everyone in this novelty palette, from the top luxury models that cost over $ 1 million to more affordable options that still have many perks. The country star is somewhere in the middle. Powered by a 360 PS With the new driver assistance technology from Cummins, this motorhome is ready for long, comfortable journeys. Like all Newmar models, it is available in a full lacquer master finish with three graphic options.

You will soon notice the frameless double-pane windows with tinted safety glass, which also include pull-out awning covers. With the awnings from Carefree Travel’r you not only have the perfect view, but you can also relax wherever you want to camp. whoever moves The Kountry Star will feel like a real ship captain thanks to the deluxe chair with six-way adjustable power. The cockpit also has side cameras, a navigation system as well as excellent connectivity and a sound system.

The interior of the Kountry Star can be individually adapted to underline the modern country house style even more. Premium furniture compliments the luxurious vinyl tile floor with an LED TV and high quality soundbar that keep guests entertained at all times.

You will not miss your home, because this country kitchen offers everything you need for a hearty meal, as well as the charming country house design. Plus, the bedroom is both cozy and glamorous, with a king or queen mattress, plenty of storage space, and even an optional two-piece stacked washer and dryer in one closet. Of course, an LED TV should not be missing either.

Setting up the camp is made easier with the help of the hydraulic leveling supports and there is plenty of space for luggage in the illuminated storage compartments with doors hinged on the sides for easy access.

Available in eight floor plans, the 2022 Kountry Star is a contemporary travel home that can be personalized to your liking, with prices starting at just under $ 320,000.

Chinese language electrical automobile start-up Nio reveals a brand new sedan AR VR glasses

The delivery of the et5 electric sedan from Nio is scheduled to begin in September 2022.


BEIJING – Chinese electric car manufacturer Nio unveiled a new sedan and custom augmented reality (AR) glasses that reduce the need for in-car screens on Saturday.

Augmented Reality is a technology for imposing digital images on the real, physical world. In cars, technology can allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road without looking at a dashboard.

Nio said it was partnered with Chinese augmented reality start-up Nreal for the AR glasses of his new sedan ET5.

The electric car is expected to ship in September 2022, with pre-financing prices starting at 328,000 yuan ($ 51,250) for battery-powered models. The AR glasses are not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately according to the company.

On December 18, 2021, Nio CEO William Li will announce customized AR glasses that will be manufactured with the Chinese start-up Nreal.

Evelyn Cheng | CNBC

The ET5 is the second sedan from Nio to hit the market. The company’s first sedan, the ET7, was unveiled in January at a higher starting price before the subsidy of 448,000 yuan, but has not yet started delivery.

Shipment of the ET7 is slated to begin on March 28, 2022, said William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Nio, at the company’s annual “Nio Day” event on Saturday.

Tesla, WORLD, Xpeng and other electric car makers in China are already selling sedans that have proven popular with local residents.

Nio said its deliveries rebounded in November from a low of 3,667 cars in October, bringing the total to 80,940 vehicles for the first 11 months of the year. The ES6 and EC6 SUVs were among the top 10 New Energy SUVs sold in China this year through November according to the China Passenger Car Association.

Nio wants to enter Germany

In the next year, the electric car maker plans to bring its products and services to Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, Li said. By 2025, the company aims to reach users in more than 25 countries and regions, he said.

Nio opened a flagship store in Oslo, Norway this year and started delivering vehicles to the electric-car-friendly country that rivals China Xpeng and BYD have also shipped cars.

At the beginning of November, Li announced in a conference call that the company plans to enter Norway in five other countries in Europe next year.

Nios ET5 electric sedan has six options for the interior colors, including the seat belt.

Evelyn Cheng | CNBC

Li told reporters on Sunday that he did not expect Nio to start delivering cars and selling other services in Germany until the end of next year. He did not give a specific date.

Li also declined to provide details on whether Nio, a US-listed company, would offer shares on any other exchange in the short term.

AR / VR investments

Nio’s investment arm Nio Capital is an investor in Nreal. According to a press release, the tailor-made glasses for the ET5 sedan can project an effective screen size of 201 inches by 6 meters.

Nio also announced on Saturday that it had developed virtual reality glasses together with Nolo, another Chinese start-up supported by Nio Capital. Pricing and other details of availability were not disclosed.

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Lego Reveals Its Big UCS Type AT-AT Star Wars Mannequin

The Lego Group has now unveiled one of the company’s biggest Star Wars sets, due out later this month. On Black Friday weekend, you can try to get your hands on a new AT-AT model.

This AT-AT is huge because it comes from the UCS model range. It comes with 6,785 pieces and retails for $ 799.99 in the US. It will be available on November 26th, 2021.

The AT-AT is a full scale minifigure that also includes an entire interior. The 9 minifigures are five Snowtroopers, two AT-AT drivers, General Veers and even Luke Skywalker.

The interior offered space for 40 minifigures and includes the cockpit and some moving parts. You can read over the full features of the toy below

  • Build and deploy the very first LEGO® Star Wars ™ Ultimate Collector Series version of an AT-AT (75313) from the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Includes 9 LEGO® Star Wars ™ minifigures – General Veers, Luke Skywalker, Snowtrooper Commander, 4 Snowtroopers and 2 AT-AT Drivers – plus an information board to complete a stunning centerpiece.
  • This epic, buildable model features posable legs and head, opening hatches, cannons with realistic recoil, rotating cannons, a bomb drop hatch and a hook to attach to Luke Skywalker’s leash.
  • The AT-AT has panels that rise to reveal the interior. The main body offers space for up to 40 LEGO® minifigures, 4 speeder bikes (2 included) and the supplied heavy-duty e-web repeater blaster.
  • This 6,785-piece set is complex and rewarding to build, and makes the best birthday or Christmas present for yourself, any Star Wars ™ connoisseur, and advanced LEGO® builder.
  • With a height of over 62 cm, a length of 69 cm and a width of 24 cm, this brick-built LEGO® Star Wars ™ UCS model is an impressive exhibit in any room.
  • Are you a Star Wars ™ fan new to LEGO® sets? Do not worry. It comes with clear instructions so that you can take your time and tackle this complex build step by step.
  • LEGO® Star Wars ™ adult collectibles are designed for the discerning hobbyist who enjoys fun DIY projects to relax in a mindful and creative way.
  • LEGO® components meet strict industry standards to ensure compatibility and a simple, strong connection for robust builds.
  • LEGO® bricks and parts are tested in almost every possible way to ensure they meet strict global safety standards.

When you order from Lego Stores and the website, you will also receive Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber mini-build as a free bonus gift.

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Investigation reveals how soccer can be utilized to launder cash | Soccer Information

English football clubs can be bought by criminals to launder the proceeds of their crimes, an undercover Al Jazeera investigation found.

The investigation examines the grim world of club ownership in English football and reveals how rules are abused.

The men who sell football from The Al Jazeera investigative unit (I-Unit), shows middlemen telling undercover reporters how to hide a criminal’s money and identity behind offshore trusts and filing fraudulent due diligence reports with England football authorities.

It also shows how the same middlemen can use “dirty tricks” and obtain new passports – with new names – for the criminals in order to deceive the football authorities.

Do you have information about corruption or would you like to give another tip? Contact the Al Jazeera investigative unit on +974 5080 0207 (WhatsApp / Signal) or find other ways to contact ours Tips page.

“Football fans should be mad because the investigation shows the … vulnerability of the English football system to money of dubious origin and unsuitable owners for their clubs,” said Ben Cowdock of Transparency International, who investigates money laundering.

“Al Jazeera’s investigation into football club ownership will be of great interest to both the police and the English football authorities.”

The Wizard

As agents of a fictional wealthy Chinese criminal, I-Unit’s undercover reporters come into contact with a middleman, Christopher Samuelson, who helped them buy Derby County, one of England’s oldest football clubs and two-time English champions in the 1970s.

Samuelson is a trust fund manager and soccer dealmaker known as “The Magician”.

According to offshore financial analyst Adrian Gatton, Samuelson was said to have “made an elephant disappear,” an indication of his ability to hide funds using escrow accounts.

This “ultimate man in the shadows” has been the subject of money laundering investigations in several European countries but has never been charged.

Christopher Samuelson is considered “the ultimate man in the shadows” [Al Jazeera]

Reporters told Samuelson that her client, “Mr. X”, had been sentenced to seven years in absentia for bribery and money laundering and smuggled money out of China through Macau casinos.

Now he wanted to wash it up by buying a football club, Samuelson was told.

The English Football League (EFL) Owner and director test bans anyone who has an unenforced criminal conviction from owning a club with a prison sentence of more than 12 months.

Undeterred by the client’s crimes, Samuelson provided step-by-step instructions on how to use offshore trusts to hide the investor’s money and identity.

To hide the conviction of Mr. X, Samuelson proposed that two so-called minority investors be used to “front” the purchase of Derby County as co-shareholders in an offshore company.

They would sign a “declaration of trust” that they hold shares in Mr. X’s. This agreement would obscure Mr X’s identity.

“We’ll just make it”

Samuelson told undercover reporters that he would make sure the criminal investor is approved by the EFL.

“I’ll have an idea how we can structure it so that we can beat the EFL. I can put pressure on the football league, ”he told Al Jazeera undercover reporters. “We will make it. We’ll just make it. “

Samuelson took the reporters to Derby, where they met Mel Morris, the owner of the club, to discuss a £ 99 million ($ 137 million) deal to buy Derby County. Morris proposed to become a minority shareholder.

Samuelson introduced Al Jazeera reporters to Derby County FC owner Mel Morris [Al Jazeera]

Edge of ruin, “dirty tricks”

Samuelson has long been a player in international business. In the 1990s he helped build Valmet, one of the world’s largest offshore trust companies.

His companies withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars from Russia for oligarchs, including Boris Berezovsky and “Badri” Patarkatsishvili.

In 2004, he arranged a deal with opaque offshore trusts for a mysterious Russian tycoon to buy the Premier League club Everton.

The deal fell through after the tycoon’s name, Boris Zingarevich, leaked to the media.

In 2012 and 2016 he closed deals to buy two English clubs – Reading and Aston Villa. Both have been brought to the brink of financial ruin under mysterious new owners.

Samuelson told Al Jazeera undercover reporters how he and a staff member, private investigator and former Scotland Yard detective, Keith Hunter, use “dirty tricks” to seal deals.

During a meeting with undercover reporters from Al Jazeera, Hunter confirmed that he had obtained a British journalist’s private phone record to find the “mole” that leaked Zingarevich’s name.

In the case of Aston Villa, “we monitored what the football league was saying behind the scenes,” said Samuelson. “Of course they didn’t know,” he added.

An internal Scotland Yard report received from the I-Unit shows that Hunter was investigated but not charged by the anti-corruption team and was suspected of being “an aggressive corrupt of Metropolitan Police Service personnel”.

Private detective Keith Hunter told reporters he could get private phone records [Al Jazeera]

Cypriot passport

Samuelson and Hunter said they could help the undercover reporters get a new passport for their client and give them a new name in order to completely fool the football authorities.

“We have done this many, many times for others who I can assure you are in a worse position than your boss,” said Hunter.

Hunter then introduced the undercover agents from Al Jazeera Contacts in Cyprus.

In a series of meetings, a network of enablers, including a MP and the de facto Vice-President, expressed a willingness to help the non-existent criminal investor obtain an EU passport with a new name, even if a criminal conviction does one Applicants should disqualify through the pass-for-investment program in the country.

This examination of the Cypriot passports was published in October 2020 and led to High-level resignations, ME and investigations by the Cypriot government that scrapping of the passport program and weeks from Anti-corruption demonstrations in Cyprus.

Answers from those involved

In response to the I-Unit’s findings, Samuelson’s lawyers said he was never told that Mr. X had been convicted of money laundering and bribery and that if he knew of a crime, he would have stopped talking.

Hunter refused to go into the details of our findings, but said he strongly denied most of them.

Hunter said he left the police station with an exemplary file.

Morris told Al Jazeera that the club was only being sold to “suitable administrators” and that they had not had a “formal relationship” with Samuelson for some time.

Watch “The Men Who Sell Football” on Al Jazeera

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Drake Bell reveals he is married and has a son | Leisure

Drake Bell has announced that he has been married “nearly” three years and has a son.

The 35-year-old actor took to Twitter to clear up “false reports” about his personal life after pleading guilty to child endangerment last month.

Speculation that Drake is a father was sparked when he was spotted with Janet Von Schmeling with a stroller in Los Angeles.

In Spanish he affirmed: “In response to various false rumors, I have been married for almost three years and we are blessed to be the parents of a wonderful son.

“Thank you to all my fans around the world for your good wishes.”

The former Drake & Josh star was arrested last month in Ohio and charged with attempted child endangerment and distribution of adult content.

And although he initially pleaded not guilty, People magazine reported that he had consented to a plea during a virtual court appearance.

The judge in Drake’s case said at the hearing: “To my understanding, a settlement was reached in which the defendant pleaded guilty to counting an attempt to endanger children, a fourth degree crime [and] plead guilty, to count two: the distribution of content harmful to minors, a first-degree offense. “

Drake was then told that his attempted child endangerment charge would result in a six to 18 month jail sentence and / or a fine of up to $ 5,000 per month, while disseminating adult content could result in up to six months in jail and / or a fine of up to $ 5,000 / or a fine of up to $ 1,000.

He continued, “However, if you go to prison after you are released, you may be subject to control for three years after your release. Post-publication controls can limit your activities. Should you breach these restrictions, you can be sent back to prison, [for] up to a maximum of half of your original sentence. “

When asked if Drake understood the possible punishments, the 34-year-old actor said, “I do, Your Honor. Yes.”

Drake will now have to attend a conviction hearing on July 12th, during which he will also explain why he chose a plea deal.

His attorney, Ian Friedman, said in a statement: “All questions about this case will be answered in the sentencing, including the reasons why Mr Bell chose to make his plea.”

The actor was released from police custody after putting on $ 2,500 bail and agreed not to have any contact with his alleged victim after his release and was required to submit a DNA sample.

The alleged incident reportedly took place on December 1, 2017, when it was supposed to be performing at a club in Cleveland, Ohio.

Loki’s Sylvie reveals what formed the character’s badass combating type

Sophia Di Martino wanted Sylvie to be different from Loki, right down to her fighting style.

Marvel Studios

Episode 3 of Loki featured the title Marvel Cinematic Universe The villain forges a dangerous alliance with his alternate timeline counterpart Sylvie, and the sparks flew when the two tricksters tried Escape a lost moon. It was our first proper look at Sylvie – who is determined to defeat the omniscient timekeeper – and she wowed fans for the fourth episode. who arrived at Disney Plus on Wednesday.

The character is played by the actor with mischievous energy Sophia Di Martinowho previously performed at Danny Boyle’s 2019 Beatles Celebration Yesterday, post-apocalyptic martial arts show To the badlands and a number of British drama series.

Keep your brain entertained with the coolest news from streaming to superheroes, memes to video games.

Loki is Di Martino’s first MCU role, so I was excited to talk to her about Zoom about her whirlwind audition, how she made Sylvie different from Tom Hiddleston’s iconic Loki and Episode 3 Moment of LGBTQI representation.

Here is a transcript of our conversation, which has been edited slightly for clarity.

Q: I love the way you play Sylvie so far, she is such a fascinating character. Can you tell me how you got to Loki?
Di Martino: Thank you. I had already worked with [director] Kate Herron and had a script to do an audition tape. It was a really short scene; I think the characters were called Bob and Sarah. And that was it – the shortest auditing process I think I have ever been through. I couldn’t do screening tests or callbacks or anything because I was heavily pregnant at the time.

I couldn’t travel either and Tom was in New York so we couldn’t meet in person and I found myself with Tom on FaceTime. Then I was cast shortly afterwards. I still have trouble wrapping my head around it. It’s crazy.

I remember interviews with Marvel actors who said they were sent large stacks of comics to read as they prepared for the roles. Did this happen to you?
To be honest, I didn’t have the time. Everything happened so fast. It wasn’t time to read a huge pile of comics. Kate sent me a few, but I can’t remember which ones without going home and checking.

Have you seen any non-Marvel films in preparation?
One of the films we watched as stunt references was Atomic blonde – the fight scenes in it are great. Charlize Theron is super powerful and fights like a man. We wanted Sylvie to be a bully; We didn’t want her to fight too elegantly because that’s Loki’s business. He moves so balletically, but Sylvie is more of a street fighter.

New movies are coming in 2021: Netflix, Marvel, and more

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What has been your experience with Marvel movies and Loki in particular?
I’ve watched a few films and I really enjoyed them. But to be honest, I didn’t know much. Tom taught me a lot through his Loki Lecture [which the actor uses to help new actors catch up] and, and just being around him – he knows so much. If I have a question about anything I can just ask Tom and most of the time he’ll know the answer.

Given the obvious relationship between your character and Tom, did his performance as Loki inspire you?
I think it was important to me to make Sylvie her own character. So I didn’t want to make an impression of Tom or try to copy his Loki – I’m terrible at impressions. I met Loki and did research, but I really started from scratch.

There are similarities, but a lot of it comes from the script and their energy. She’s also mischievous and anarchic in her own way – that kind of chaotic energy prevails. But I also wanted her to be her own person.

Loki and Sylvie with knife

Sylvie is not impressed with Loki’s cleverness.

Marvel Studios

That makes sense. Based on episode 3, it seemed like these were two people who had very different life experiences.
Sure they have. Loki grew up as a prince and Sylvie didn’t.

“Must it have been any would-be princesses, or maybe some other prince?” This line from episode 3 got a lot of feedback. And I know Kate Herron said that making Loki bisexual was one of the goals of the show. Did that put more weight on the line? It’s difficult to say.
I knew it was a really important portrayal for the show and that the comics talked about it for a long time with the mythology of Loki, so it was super important. But I only played line for line; I didn’t think we’d get so much attention while filming. What is good; I would have screwed it up.

Look at that:

What’s new in the stream for June 2021


Putin reveals he had the Sputnik V shot as Russia struggles with Covid

Watching a live broadcast of the annual phone call of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the newsroom of the TASS news agency.

Gavriil Grigorov | TASS | Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he received the Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine as the Kremlin struggles to convince a skeptical public of the benefits of vaccination.

“I thought I needed protection for as long as possible. So I decided to vaccinate with Sputnik V. The military are vaccinated with Sputnik V, and after all, I am the commander in chief,” Putin said during his annual conference call at the public asks questions to the President.

“After the first shot, I didn’t feel anything. About four hours later there was some tenderness where I had the shot. I took the second.” [shot] at noon. I took my temperature at midnight. It was 37.2 [Celsius]. I went to sleep, woke up and my temperature was 36.6. That was it, “Putin said in a Reuters-translated commentary.

Putin had previously refused to say which Covid vaccine he received in March and the Kremlin said it would keep the information “secret”. Putin was not filmed or photographed when he received the shot, leading to speculation among the Russian public and the international press that he had not received any Russian vaccine at all.

Doubts about Putin’s vaccination status have not helped alleviate Russians’ apparent reluctance to get a Covid vaccination. despite incentives for older people to have the injection.

Russia has now approved four home-grown vaccines for use and became the first country in the world to approve a coronavirus vaccination, Sputnik V (its most famous vaccine), last August.

The fact that the vaccine was approved prior to the completion of clinical trials caused a stir in the global scientific community and is believed to have contributed to public skepticism about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

Nonetheless, interim analysis of the Phase 3 clinical trials of the shot, with 20,000 participants and published in the medical journal The Lancet in Found in early February that it was 91.6% effective against symptomatic Covid-19 infection. Russia has tried to sell its vaccine to several countries around the world, especially its allies.

Still, vaccination rates at home remain very sluggish, much to the chagrin of Putin, who has extolled the benefits of Russian Covid vaccines and encouraged the public to take up vaccination. The vaccination rate is lagging behind many countries, including India, Mexico and Brazil.

Our World in Data figures suggest that 12% of the Russian population have received two doses of a vaccine, while 3% are only partially vaccinated.

Putin’s comments come as Russia struggles to contain Covid and the Delta variant in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Last Friday, the Russian coronavirus task force reported 20,393 new Covid cases, most of the cases confirmed in a single day since January 24, according to Reuters. 7,916 new infections were in Moscow. Russia has recorded nearly 5.5 million cases since the pandemic began.

During the question-and-answer session in front of various members of the public from across Russia, Putin raised a variety of issues including rising food prices, energy infrastructure, relations with Ukraine and housing issues. Over 1 million questions were put to Putin, the TASS news agency reported.

With regard to the compulsory vaccination of the population in view of the low vaccination rate, Putin repeated on Wednesday that he still disagreed There were steps, however, to get the Russians to accept the shot, with the prospect of restrictions and possible job losses for those who do not accept it.

In Moscow, for example, officials said that 60% of workers in the service sector must receive an initial dose of a Covid vaccine before July 15th.

Duchess of Sussex reveals Archie loves The Bench | Leisure

The Duchess of Sussex admits that her two-year-old son Archie already has a “greedy appetite for books”.

Royal, 39, announced that her son is a huge fan of her new picture book, The Bench, which is inspired by her husband Prince Harry’s relationship with their little boy.

She said, “I knew our son would notice all of these elements, and he loves the book, which is great because he has an insatiable appetite for books, and every time we read a book to him, he says, ‘again, again’. But now the fact that he loves ‘The Bench’ and we can say, ‘Mommy wrote this for you’ is incredible. “

The Duchess, who lives in California with her young family, also revealed that the book has some personal details.

She told NPR, “I think you can find cute little moments that we hid there – from my favorite flower, even my mother’s favorite flower, forget-me-not. We wanted to make sure they were there.

“Many, many special details and love went into this book.”

The former ‘Suits’ actress, who has two-week-old daughter Lilibet with Harry, previously bought her husband a bank for Father’s Day and admitted being inspired to write poetry after watching the 36- years of royal time with. spent her son.

She said, “Like most of us you go, what should I give you? And I thought I just wanted something sentimental and a place for him as a kind of home base with our son.

“I find it a lot, and especially in the last year I think so many of us have noticed how much is happening in silence. It was definitely moments like this, watching and watching her from the window [Harry] just you know rock him [Archie] to sleep or to wear it or, you know … those lived experiences are from what I observed the things I put into this poem. “

Dave Grohl reveals Nirvana’s humble objectives for Nevermind success | Leisure

Dave Grohl has admitted that Nirvana’s goals for Nevermind were to emulate Sonic Youth and then buy their own apartments.

The ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ rocker opened on the group’s iconic 1991 album and was blown away when they showed up to record in Sound City.

He told Uncut magazine, “When we got to Sound City, it was the most legitimate recording studio I had ever been to at the time.

“When we knew the history of this place, we thought, ‘Well, that’s the real deal.’ Other than that, no one thought it was going to be what it was going to be.

“We thought, ‘Hopefully we will achieve the success of a band like Sonic Youth and everyone will have their own apartment!’ That was the extent of our ambitions. “

‘Nevermind’ was the first album Dave has played on since joining the group – completed by Krist Noveselic and Kurt Cobain – and he still can’t grapple with the band’s rise after release.

He said, “Well, I still haven’t figured out the whole damn thing. What I do know is that when we signed with the David Geffen Company and made a video, it felt a bit more professional.

“Now we did in-stores and signed posters. We had a rock video that was on MTV.

“It was starting to feel a bit more legitimate, but it wasn’t until the tour started that I realized, ‘Oh, there’s something going on.’ “

The Foo Fighters frontman admitted that while he doesn’t feel the need to turn off Nirvana’s songs when they come on the radio, he’s not planning anything special to celebrate Nevermind’s 30th anniversary in September.

He explained, “We could plan to meet or jam, but we have nothing specific. I’m sure something will come up.

“Personally? Well, I’m not building an altar for ‘Nevermind!’

“If I’m in traffic in LA listening to the radio, there’s a good chance one of those songs will be on – and I won’t turn it off. I used to do it, but I don’t” no longer. “