How Asbestos Revealed The place the Cash Went on a Dangerous Constructing Deal

101 Ash St. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

It’s pretty wild, which we would never have found out if it wasn’t for urban contractors destroying asbestos on 101 Ash Street.

The building, the former headquarters of Sempra, which the city hoped would permanently house hundreds of workers, has been a scandal for many years – mostly a scandal of incompetence. How could the city lease a lemon like that? Every building of that time has asbestos, why was the city so terrible when it was remodeled that it became uninhabitable? Why did they rent it to own rather than buy it outright?

It had clearly been a failure, an outrage for the former mayor’s claim to be a good public affairs manager, a legal swamp, a health hazard, an embarrassing waste. However, none of the revelations had confirmed that anyone was walking far richer than they had been.

Until now. On Monday we learned that Jason Hughes had actually deviated from the deal with more than $ 4.4 million.

Hughes has been a major figure in San Diego public affairs for nearly nine years. Previously, he had helped destroy a plan by former Mayor Jerry Sanders that he had worked out to get San Diego a new city hall. Sanders had hoped to save the city money on its many commercial leases and to redesign the C Street corridor.

But Hughes joined then councilor Carl DeMaio to argue that the city could simply use market knowledge and renegotiate its leases. Hughes would even do it for free, he said.

Sanders left, but the new Mayor Bob Filner didn’t and they got closer.

(It was around that time I also met Hughes. He became a major donor to the Voice of San Diego and my wife had a job graphic designer and marketing for his company. In 2016, he helped our employees get a new hire in downtown, right across from 101 Ash. His last donation was in 2019, although his company helped us extend our option in the current office.)

Filner and Hughes were a dynamic couple. They delivered new rental contracts and planned a complete redesign of the city center on the weekends. Over and over we heard how Hughes, who worked for free, brought so much value to the city.

“I see this not only as a civic duty, but also as a way to protect the rest of my customers in the city center …”, he told reporters when he and Filner started new business. When Filner dropped out, new mayor Kevin Faulconer picked up where they left off.

Hughes began wooing many politicians, including Senator Ben Hueso and MP Lorena Gonzalez, who helped him keep track of new bills, one of which was successful in forcing commercial agents to disclose when they were both the landlord and the renter represented in a lease negotiation.

That was his advantage, that was his declaration of separation: he would only represent the tenant and never the landlord. Too often other brokers represented landlords and tenants at the same time. He, on the other hand, was the champion of the small business seeking space. The new law helped him to emphasize the point: he would not have to fill out this information because he was only representing tenants.

Faulconer brought Hughes on to his task force to find a new stadium for the Chargers – another unpaid gig – and then, in 2014, Faulconer put Hughes in one of the toughest situations.

Hundreds of city workers worked on the Civic Center Plaza across from City Hall. It housed most of the city’s lawyers. But the owner of the building wanted out of town, and the purchase negotiations were a mess. Hughes had to work. He got a company, Cisterra, to buy the building and immediately negotiate a lease with the city. He told the city that this was a more complex deal and that he would like to be paid.

But as far as the public knew, he was still voluntary. There was no financial disclosure that he would get any money from this new landlord while he was representing the town for free. The deal was spot on for the city. It didn’t have to Borrow trouble with moneywhich is difficult sometimes. It would have a building in a prime location within a few decades.

We learned on Monday that Cisterra paid Hughes a $ 5 million commission for helping them make this deal a reality.

We never would have expected it if it hadn’t been for 101 Ash Street, a completely different building. Hughes, who was still working with the mayor and still the public assumed he was a volunteer, began helping with another problem. Hundreds of city workers, mostly from development services, needed offices quickly.

Sempra had also vacated its long-standing headquarters next to the town hall. While it wasn’t great for Sempra, it was a big improvement for the city’s staff. Hughes began speaking to its owners, Sandy Shapery and Doug Manchester. But Manchester is a very controversial figure and a major financial backer of Faulconer’s political campaigns and the Republican Party. Buying a huge piece of land from him would have been a big political problem. Whether it was that or the price, the city staff couldn’t make a deal.

Hughes called Cisterra again. They worked out a similar deal. The city would avoid having to shop at Manchester and Shapery. It would avoid borrowing money. Cisterra would buy the building and the city would immediately lease it from Cisterra.

But soon after, Hughes had an argument with Faulconer. The city’s real estate agency has published a tender for construction management services. Hughes’ company was seen as a successful bidder.

However, city officials were concerned about conflicts of interest and asked the city attorney if Hughes could get the contract given his volunteer service. In January 2017, the city made a deal to acquire 101 Ash – and in May 2017, the city appeared ready to continue that deal with Hughes Marino – except that it did not include any work on 101 Ash.

Hughes was furious when he learned that 101 Ash was not part of the contract. He was so angry that he never signed the contract to possibly manage projects in other city facilities.

Other workers got the 101 Ash job and they somehow destroyed asbestos in the building. The city could not draw workers in. Eventually, Jeff McDonald of the Union-Tribune began calculating how much this was costing the city, and his story sparked discussions about the building and the trash. Eventually, the city called in workers to evacuate them immediately after the county air pollution control authorities said it was unsafe.

The scandal broke out. It became a big part of the mayor’s race when one candidate angered the other for signing the deal and then the other candidate slammed the first for signing the renovation. But the question arose again and again: why had the city signed the lease? And where was the money?

Our Lisa Halverstadt has started to put together the offers. She discovered that Hughes had notified the city that he wanted to be paid for the deal with the Civic Center Plaza. But the city stood firm that he had never given up on being paid. When Halverstadt started to summarize his role as architect on both deals, she asked him directly if he had been paid.

“I have too much respect for the principals of the 101 Ash Street transaction to discuss their dealings in the press, especially if those principals are involved in legal disputes, but you can be absolutely certain that I would not be in any transaction without a information required to do so. Any claim to the contrary would be defamatory. “

That’s not a no.

The city called in Hughes and others seeking an answer to the same question Halverstadt had asked. And just when we wanted to hear the results of it, Cisterra and Hughes decided to get the facts out. Yes, they said Hughes got paid, nearly $ 10 million total for both deals.

Why would they be so ready to admit it? Why should they in one day level the facade that had lasted eight years on which Hughes was doing volunteer civic service? It’s because the city try to unravel now both deals stem from the allegation that Hughes had a serious conflict of interest that void both agreements. It’s because they decided on their best defense. The only way to save the deal and maybe $ 24 million in clawbacks is to argue that the city knew Hughes was getting paid all along. Faulconer knew and signed it is their claim.

If that’s true, then Faulconer has been lying for years that his close associate, donor, and volunteer real estate advisor actually received nearly $ 10 million over many years without disclosing it in any way. Faulconer’s team deny they knew this.

Here’s a disturbing reality: we wouldn’t know about it if Hughes had managed to get the construction contract and not done the efforts to keep asbestos out of the air as badly as the city or its contractors.

He would have remained known as a volunteer for the city that few knew made nearly $ 10 million in his service. What we need to know now is whether the former mayor was one of them.

Revealed the secrets and techniques behind Insurgent Wilson’s unbelievable weight reduction | Leisure

Rebel Wilson’s doctor revealed how the Hollywood star lost five stones and turned her life in a healthier direction.

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress, who rose to fame with her role as Fat Amy on the 2012 rom-com, shared her weight loss results on her Instagram this week.

The selfie shows the Australian star on the set of her upcoming film ‘Senior Year’ in a pink satin dress that shows off her incredibly slimmer figure.

The star previously weighed about 16 and a half stones while it was 5 feet 2 inches tall.

By the end of last year, however, she had lost more than four and a half pounds and reached her target weight of eleven and a half pounds.

The secret behind the transformation of the 41-year-old actress is the strict regime of a wellness center in Austria, which prohibits alcohol, coffee and sugar and “cancels” dinner.

The star visited this extreme health camp, the Vivamayr Altaussee Center at Altaussee, Austria, twice, most recently in November last year.

Maximilian Schubert, one of the doctors on the health center’s team, told the Sunday Mirror: “Rebel has done amazingly well. Her willpower, discipline and focus on her health journey were her success.”

Dr. Schubert not only praised Rebel’s commitment to being “disciplined” but also revealed the details of the diet plan followed at the center.

Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and raw vegetables are not allowed as part of the detoxification process.

Guests are encouraged to chew each bite 40 times to aid the digestive process.

The nutrition plan, based on the Mayr cure, aims to reduce gluten and milk intake, avoid snacking and focus on vegetables and fish, which are highly alkaline foods.

The center was visited by other celebrities, including Liz Hurley and The Rolling Stones.

Since her last visit to the Austrian wellness center, Rebel has taken on what she calls “moderate walking”, hired a PT trainer and started listening to motivational podcasts.

In December 2020, the ‘bridesmaids’ actress announced on Instagram: “I will start in a great place in 2021, with a healthy body and mind and a strengthened immune system.”

Earlier this year, the Hollywood star spoke of her reasons for a healthy life: “I’ve never looked at wellness from all angles. But I turned 40 and thought about freezing my eggs, and the experts told me the healthier I was, the healthier I was. the better the process can run. “

“The goal was never to be thin. It was never a particular dress size to fit. I gained weight because I needed something tangible. What I’m proud of [for] does that and now I have a lot more balance in my life, “said the actress,” Shape “magazine.

Katherine Ryan’s Child Son Title Revealed | Leisure Information

Katherine Ryan named her new little son Frederick.

The 37-year-old comedian revealed on Monday (6/14/21) that she had given birth to her second child and that her partner Bobby Kootstra is new, including that she is a “Duke” star. Sharing details about arrival The work only took 3 hours.

He shared a series of photos on Instagram and wrote: “My son Frederick Ryan Kootstra, born June 13th 🙂

“Mom had a finely tuned reproductive organ of a sports car and was able to quickly contest this baby on the line just in time for the #nedvsukr whistle.

“She is a perfect heroine [heart emoji] 3 hours from start to finish [flag and baby emoji] #bestday (sic) “

Bobby also posted a video from the hospital room. As a result, he zoomed in on the baby. The baby had an “It’s a Boy” label on its tummy.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s exciting news is that her eldest daughter, 11-year-old daughter Violet (she had from a previous relationship), shared and date-stamped a photo with her outside of the hospital. It is said to have been recorded on Saturday (06/12/21), which is guaranteed to be unforgettable inside.

She wrote: “Always my first day.”

Catherine announced the birth of her baby on Instagram by stating that the “Telling Everybody Everything” podcast was delayed due to a life event.

She shared on Instagram Story with a photo of her lying next to her baby: “There’s really a reason yesterday’s podcast was delayed.”

The 37-year-old comic’s announcement came the day after she shared a photo of her huge bump on Instagram and just two weeks after she confirmed her pregnancy on a live show.

Catherine surprised the audience with the recording of the podcast “Telling Everybody Everything” in London. She went on stage in a dress that hugs a huge baby bump.

Fans shared a picture of Catherine sitting in a chair in a yellow dress on Instagram, speculating that she expected it, thinking her followers had a look at the bump, but she confirmed. This is the first time for direct messaging.

Katherine Ryan’s baby son name revealed | Entertainment news

Source link Katherine Ryan’s baby son name revealed | Entertainment news

‘American Idol’ Prime three Are Revealed Heading Into the Finale (RECAP) | Leisure

The top 4 on american idol had one last chance to impress the audience and be voted into the final. Caleb Kennedy left the competition after an old video of him with someone who appeared to be wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood emerged.

The quartet opened the festivities by choosing a song inspired by their personal idol. This week the hopefuls were looked after by FINNEAS and later put together in pairs to perform two of his own creations. The Grammy-winning songwriter, producer, and artist also took the stage with Ashe on “Till Forever Falls Apart.” Idol 2019 winner Laine Hardy and Michael J. Woodard, 2018 alum, were in to follow the finalists’ current harvest.


In one (n idol First, the hopefuls went to the studio with top producers Tricky Stewart, Ross Copperman and Ian Fitchuk to record original singles, which they sang live on the show. Judge Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel RichiWe gave the up-and-coming talent good grades. Luke also showed how to do it with his latest hit “Waves”.

At the end of the night, Ryan Seacrest announced that Chayce Beckham, Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence would advance to the finals next week. Casey Bishop, a favorite, reached the end of her journey on the show.

Did America make the right decision? Let’s look at the highlights.

Casey Bishop

Casey tells FINNEAS how much his sister Billie Eilishs Music means to them. That’s why she chose Billie’s “I wish you were gay”, which FINNEAS wrote down, for the idol round. He was impressed with the 16 year old’s talent, especially at a young age. Luke felt her squash it and called it her best performance. Lionel said she now owns her person and killed her. Katy said she found her stardust and instant identity. Casey next sang her original “Love Me, Leave Me” and revisited her bedroom audition “Live Wire” by Mötley Crüe. Lionel was overwhelmed by their reach. Katy agreed and felt herself checking all the boxes. Luke rocked out.

Chayce Beckham

FINNEAS sensed Chayce’s tone and described him as serious. His advice to Chayce was to focus on the lyrics and the camera without letting the band overtake you. The 24-year-old played “Colder Weather” from Zac Brown Band for his personal idol song. Katy said the guitar suits him well and he was born on idol Stage. Luke values ​​his reality. Lionel wanted Chayce to know that people really like him. In the next round, Chris Stapleton played his original single “23” (number one in the country charts) and “You Should Maybe Leave”. Luke especially liked the production on the original. Lionel said he went through a complete transformation. Katy called him a rock star.

Grace Kinstler

FINNEAS liked to hear Grace’s voice. She picked the original idol winner Kelly Clarkson “A Moment Like This” as her personal idol song. The 20-year-old named Kelly an inspiration that didn’t fit into a certain shape. Lionel said there are many young women who just need them to tell them it’s okay to be themselves. Kelly thought it was a cool song choice and that it was very similar to Kelly Clarkson. Luke called her voice Vocal Pyro. Grace played her original single “Love Someone”, followed by Demi Lovato’s “Father”, which was dedicated to her late father. Luke felt that the demi song was made for her to sing, and the melody on the original. Lionel sees craftsmanship, star power and a bright future. Katy liked the original song and was touched by it.

Willie Spence

FINNEAS told Willie that he has one of the best voices he has ever heard. Willie’s personal idol song is “Glory” by John Legend. There was one LOL moment when FINNEAS said, “You know [John Legend] is on The voice“Willie replied,” I know, but I like this show more. “In the judge’s eyes, it turned out to be a good song choice. Katy felt like she was brought to church. Luke told Willie that he was literally using his voice to save people’s lives and get them out of dark places Lionel said he was so uplifting it gave him the chills and premiered his original “Never Be Alone” along with a cover of “I Was Here” from Beyoncé. Lionel said he was a giant with voice and presence. Katy said she has this connection and is stepping into his power. Luke said he was a teddy bear who would go into beast mode when the cameras are on so he can perform.

Idol duets

FINNEAS told Grace and Willie how he wrote the 2020 single “What They’ll Say About Us” as a tribute to the late Nick Cordero. The two powerhouses recognized the important importance. Casey and Chayce later took over “Break My Heart Again” from FINNEAS ‘2019 debut EP Blood harmony. FINNEAS mentioned that he heard a lot from Frank Sinatra during this time. Casey and Chayce undoubtedly finished the jam-packed show on a high note.

american idol Season finale, May 23, 8 / 7c, ABC