Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of AR-15 model rifle utilized in Kenosha shootings | Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois man acquitted last year for fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during racial justice protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020, is calling for the gun to be returned.

Rittenhouse killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, when he shot them with an assault rifle as he roamed the streets of Kenosha with other gunmen who appeared during protests against the shooting self-proclaimed militia functioned of a black man, Jacob Blake, from a white officer.

Rittenhouse’s highly controversial trial – and acquittal – was widely viewed as a test case for the US judiciary.

The trial revealed contrasting attitudes by law enforcement when confronted with white men or teenagers who claimed to be acting as informal vigilante-style security personnel armed with assault rifles and black members of the public or those working in support of the Black Lives Matter movement protested .

Rittenhouse is now 19 celebrated on the political right.

On Wednesday, his Kenosha County attorney, Mark Richards, filed court documents demanding the return of the AR-15 rifle Rittenhaus used on the evening of August 25, 2020, along with other items.

“Mr. Rittenhouse also wants to ensure that the firearm in question is properly destroyed,” Richards said wrote.

Although the rifle that Rittenhouse used belonged to a friend who helped the then 17-year-old buy it since he was too young to buy and own his own, Rittenhouse’s attorneys are now care for He is the gun’s legal owner “under the oral contract” made with friend Dominick Black.

“As established by Dominick Black’s and Mr. Rittenhouse’s trial testimonies, the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle … was purchased by Dominick Black but was to become the legal property of Kyle Rittenhouse on his 18th birthday,” Richards’ filing states said.

In conversation with the magazine times, David Hancock, the Rittenhouse family spokesman, said: “Kyle has asked for the firearm to be destroyed … there is nothing to celebrate about this gun. There is not any. Kyle has no interest or desire in getting that gun back and absolutely no interest in selling it or anything.”

Rittenhouse also attempts to recover ammo, a sling and magazines, his iPhone, a cloth mask and a $1 bill. He is also looking recall the clothes he was wearing the night of the shooting, including boots, a baseball cap, jeans, socks, a belt and a t-shirt.

The weapon may not be returned immediately. Under Wisconsin Firearms seized by the police as part of an investigation are kept as evidence under applicable law until the investigation is completed. Although Rittenhouse’s trial has ended, Dominick Black is still on trial.

“Although Mr. Rittenhouse’s case is closed, the firearm is still being held in evidence as Mr. Black’s property until his case is solved.” said Sgt. Leo Viola of the Kenosha Police Department.

European Skilled Membership Rugby | Stade Français search to mark return in type

Stade Français Paris is returning to Europe’s elite rugby competition for the first time since 2015/16, but was a regular quarter-finalist in the tournament’s early years – as we learn in this season’s latest analysis of the Heineken Champions Cup teams.

European Cup record

Stade Français have reached the finals twice but have been narrowly beaten each time. In 2001 they lost 34:30 to the Leicester Tigers at Parc des Princes in Paris, and four years later they put Stade Toulousain in extra time before losing 18:12 at BT Murrayfield.

Last season

The TOP 14 club never got past the pool phase of the EPCR Challenge Cup after losing their opening game 44:20 at home to Benetton Rugby.

Rugby director

Gonzalo Quesada is in charge of Stade Français in his second term, having been on the hot seat there for the first time between 2013 and 2017, when he led the Paris Club to the TOP 14 title (2015) and the EPCR Challenge Cup (2017). The former Argentine aviator had one season as sporting director at Biarritz Olympique before returning home to take on Los Jaguares, which he led to an inaugural Super Rugby final in 2019. He then returned to Stade in June 2020.

Key characters

The Stade Français squad is a multi-talented mix of French, Argentine, Australian, New Zealand, Tongan, Fijian, Samoan, Canadian and Georgian internationals, the most famous of whom are probably the French curls Yoann Maestri and Paul Gabrillagues, Argentina flies half Nicolas Sanchez and Striker Marcus Kremer in the back row.

Pool accessories

Stade Français begins its Pool B program with a trip to Connacht Rugby on December 12th and a week later it’s a home game against the Bristol Bears. Round 3 is the second leg against the English club at Ashton Gate on January 15th and Stade closes its pool games with a game against Connacht at Stade Jean Bouin on January 23rd.

UK medical doctors name for return of Covid restrictions; new mutation watched

Fireman Dan Joslin, wearing a face shield, helps leave a Covid-19 patient vulnerable while working with critical care workers in the intensive care unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, southern England.

ADRIAN DENNIS | AFP | Getty Images

LONDON – British medical professionals have urged the UK government to reintroduce some Covid restrictions due to the increased infection rate and hospital admissions in the country.

Health officials warned late Tuesday that the UK is at risk of “falling into a winter crisis” if the government does theirs “Plan B,” a promise it made last month in which it said it would reintroduce Covid measures if data suggests the National Health Service “is likely to come under unsustainable pressure”.

Officials from the NHS Confederation, representing organizations across the UK health sector, called on the government to “Immediately introduce measures such as mandatory face-covering in crowded and enclosed spaces to preserve people’s health and prevent the NHS from overwhelming this winter.” . “

They warned the National Health Service “is seeing worrying increases in coronavirus cases in its hospitals and community at a time when it is preparing for a busy winter time, its employees are on the verge of burnout, and many of him are about to recover.” Services disrupted by the pandemic. “

The UK is currently seeing between 40,000 and 50,000 new Covid cases every day, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths is steadily increasing, albeit at a much slower pace than earlier in the pandemic thanks to Covid vaccines, which greatly reduce the risk of serious infection. Hospitalization and death.

On Tuesday, the UK reported 43,738 new Covid cases, down from Monday when 49,156 new cases were recorded, the highest daily number in three months.

Situation “only gets worse”

Covid restrictions in England were lifted on July 19 when pubs, restaurants and nightclubs reopened. Even outside of public transport, wearing masks has largely become a personal decision.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government previously insisted that Covid restrictions and possible lockdowns would only return as a last resort and that the country “needs to learn to live with the virus”.

On Wednesday, UK Economy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng reiterated this position, saying, “I absolutely think it would be completely wrong for us to go into lockdown again,” he told Times Radio.

He noted that hospital admissions and death rates were much lower than in previous pandemic climaxes, adding that “we are learning, I believe, to live with the virus”.

The NHS Confederation said Tuesday on the additional measures the UK might now adopt, “clear notifications to the public that the risk has increased, the introduction of certificates for people’s Covid vaccine status and the legal obligation to do so in certain environments To wear face covering. in addition to considering asking people to work from home when they can. “

Many of these measures, particularly with regard to the wearing of masks and Covid certification, “are already common in parts of Europe where the prevalence of the disease is lower,” the NHS association noted.

In his speech on Wednesday morning, Confederation chairman Matthew Taylor warned that the NHS, a popular institution in the UK and even more so during the pandemic, was “on the verge” of increasing the number of Covid patients being watched in hospitals.

“I speak to health officials every day, and I have literally not spoken to a leader who does not say that their ministry is now under a lot of pressure. This is the middle of October. Things are only getting worse, ”he told BBC radio.

“Health care is on the fringes … if you go much further, we won’t be able to provide the service that people need to be.”

New mutation

A new mutation of the Delta variant, which British experts are closely monitoring, may make things more difficult.

Last Friday, the UK Health Security Agency released a report stating that “a delta subline newly designated AY.4.2 is expanding in England” and that it is monitoring the subtype.

The highly contagious Delta variant is the world’s dominant version of the coronavirus, having usurped the previous “alpha” variant of the virus, which was first discovered in the UK

This new descendant of the Delta Covid variant, AY.4.2, has been identified in a growing number of UK Covid cases, with some suggesting that this could be another possible factor in rising case numbers, although it is too early to be to say for sure.

“This subline is currently increasing in frequency. It includes the spike mutations A222V and Y145H. In the week beginning September 27, 2021 (the last week with full sequencing data), this subline accounted for approximately 6% of all generated sequences on an increasing trajectory That estimate may be inaccurate … Another assessment is ongoing, “noted the UK Health Authority.

Official spokesman for the Prime Minister told Sky News on Tuesday the “[AY.4.2] we are watching very closely “and there is currently no evidence that this variant is more easily spread. I do not hesitate to take action if necessary,” he said.

Former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Scott Gottlieb also tweeted about the subtype over the weekend.

“The UK reported its largest one-day increase in Covid cases in 3 months, just as the new Delta variant AY.4 with the S: Y145H mutation in the spike reached 8% of the sequenced cases in the UK,” said Gottlieb. “We need urgent research to find out if this delta plus is more transmissible, has partial immune evasion?”

Imperial College London professor of immunology Danny Altmann told CNBC on Monday that the subtype “needs to be monitored and carefully controlled as much as possible.”

“Since Delta has been the dominant mutant in several regions for about six months and has not been displaced by other variants, there was hope that Delta might be represented [the] Maximum performance of the mutation that the virus can achieve. AY.4 could cast doubt on this claim, “he warned.

Why is the UK in this mess?

Experts say there are a myriad of reasons behind the UK’s high Covid numbers – from half-hearted mask adoption (even when masks are required, like on public transport, the rule is rarely enforced) to large indoor gatherings that spread the virus.

The UK’s reluctance to vaccinate younger adolescents, which other countries in Europe and the US did much earlier, and the return to schools in September were also cited as reasons for the surge in cases. Although the infection boom among 0-18 year olds is now ebbing as infections increase in their parents’ generation, the data shows.

Ironically, the early introduction of vaccination in the UK – which began in December 2020 and was one of the first in the world – is also now seen as a contributor to its high case rate, as we know – due to a increasing amount of data – that immunity in vaccinated people decreases after about six months. To date, 78.9% of the UK population over 12 is fully vaccinated, show official data.

Macy’s says public can return to look at Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC

The Charlie Brown balloon floats on 6th Avenue during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Stephanie Keith | Getty Images

Macys said Wednesday that the public will again be able to line the streets of New York City to see their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade live.

This year’s event will mark the 95th edition of Macy’s iconic balloon parade. Live musical performances will also resume, including the marching bands originally expected for last year’s parade.

The event was drastically reduced in the past year due to the Covid pandemic. It did not use the usual 2.5 mile parade route and just switched to a TV show instead.

“We are very excited to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in its full form again,” said the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “We applaud Macy’s work in creatively continuing this beloved tradition over the past year.”

Macy’s said it adopted best practices from its recent July 4th fireworks show, which this year attracted a public audience after being reduced in 2020.

For its Thanksgiving Day Parade, Macy’s said that all volunteer participants and staff must be vaccinated against Covid-19. To implement social distancing along the parade route, Macy’s will reduce attendance by up to 20%, or around 800 to 1,600 attendees.

The department store chain also said it is still considering how to deal with the balloon inflation public viewing that takes place the night before the parade.

Macy’s added that it continues to monitor evolving health trends and stands ready to implement contingency plans if necessary.

Find the full Macy’s press release here here.

Disclosure: Comcasts NBCUniversal is the parent company of CNBC and NBC has televised the event since 1953.

Bochum have a good time their Bundesliga return by beating Mainz in model | Bundesliga

TThey streamed through the streets in blue and white, all the way to Castroper Strasse, where the trams leave directly in front of the Ruhrstadion and the smell of grilled sausages comes towards you as soon as the double doors open. “The euphoria was palpable throughout the city,” says Thomas Reis. This was what they had been waiting for and how they deserved it.

Bochum is a city with 365,000 inhabitants that is hidden in the football landscape, in the most vibrant region of German football. In a broader sense, VfL Bochum are destined to be the forgotten North Rhine-Westphalia, squeezed into the space between the larger and bold Borussia Dortmund in the east and Schalke in the west. Not on Saturday, however. This was their day, a day they had not only waited for since their promotion and title win at the end of a season in which they were once again seen by many as an addendum to Hamburg’s recent failure to return to the big time.

This was what they had waited for over 11 years since their last appearance in the top division, and they wanted to celebrate and make the most of it. Reis understood that, the coach has played 197 times for the club here in eight years. He wants his team to be brave and proud. “We don’t have to make ourselves smaller than we are,” he said to journalists after the game in the club’s modest press room. “We have heart and courage. If we play like we did against Mainz, we’ll get the points we need. “

For the Mainz, who have improved dramatically under Bo Svensson and have played with enough soul to defeat the yearning Leipzig in the past week, it was their turn as the opening act. Bochum took advantage of his moment and took a spectacular lead when Gerrit Holtmann dribbled in from the left, jumped over a crowd of defenders and finally, unlikely, the ball under Robin Zentner stabbed to a Lionel-Messi-esque goal. It is worth waiting for each of these 11 years. The Tannoy spokesman feverishly proclaimed it “Goal of the Year” – although Holtmann himself admitted that it was the result of his not having the confidence to shoot from further out.

Representing this team is the highly talented Holtmann, who was thrown into the Werder Bremen Academy as a youth due to lack of strength in training and could not quite keep up in Mainz. As a German U20 national player who now plays for the Philippines after qualifying by his mother, he definitely wants to use his chance. Just like Sebastian Polter, who came second – on his debut – to win. Polter was once QPR and goalscorer of the first Berlin derby winner of the first division for Union in 2019, before he later left the club in exasperation Bundesliga.

The Ruhrstadion is full of surprises, from the pillars that club legends like Stefan Kuntz and Hermann Gerland celebrate to colorful fans like the filmmaker Gerrit Starczewski and the unmistakable VfL Jesus. Reis hopes that his powerful team can take the Bundesliga by surprise for a few more months.

conversation topics

  • Bayern Munich paid emotional tribute to the great Gerd Müller before the first home game of the season against Cologne, led by CEO Herbert Hainer and his predecessor (and Müller’s former teammate) Uli Hoeneß. Visibly moved, Hoeneß praised the former striker’s contribution to the rise of Bayern and his widow Uschi, who had cared for him in the last years of his life. “We will miss you very much,” said Hoeneß, “and we will never forget you.”

Bayern Munich said goodbye to Gerd Müller as the team under Julian Nagelsmann celebrated their first victory. Photo: Andreas Gebert / Reuters

  • After their Supercup win against Borussia Dortmund during the week against Borussia Dortmund, Bayern followed up with a first Bundesliga win under Julian Nagelsmann on the pitch, but fought against a promising Cologne player who made a game of it by scoring twice in three minutes in the second half scored to come back 2-0 down. Serge Gnabry’s thunderous winner sealed the win, but eyes were on the broad players, with Leroy Sané being whistled by many of the 20,000 in attendance to Nagelsmann’s displeasure (“it is of little use”) and his troubles with the enormous impact of Jamal. Musiala was underlined, hardly an exchange, but it immediately shone and set the stage for Robert Lewandowski. There was more good news on Monday morning with the announcement that Joshua Kimmich had, as expected, extended his contract until 2025.

  • Bayern’s win resulted in a first division slip (and a second straight setback) for Dortmund, overshadowed by Vincenzo Grifo’s brilliant early free kick in Freiburg and sloppy and listless afterwards, with Erling Haaland and Marco Reus both not doing much crashed when Jude Bellingham plowed a lonely furrow in midfield. “We still need a little time and patience,” said Sebastian Kehl, while Mats Hummels, Emre Can and Raphaël Guerreiro return as substitutes faster than ideal. Marco Rose, on the other hand, was irritated after the game and reprimanded a journalist with a “simple” question as to whether the switch to 4-4-2 had thrown his team off balance.

  • Leipzig and Jesse Marsch took off after their weak start in Mainz, thanks mainly to a stunning (and long-awaited) full debut from Dominik Szoboszlai, who scored twice from a distance in the overwhelming 4-0 win against Stuttgart. André Silva also hit the mark with a late penalty after he had already inserted one for Emil Forsberg. “His talent is extraordinary,” says Marsch of Szoboszlai, with whom he worked in Salzburg. “It’s not quite 100 percent yet, so there’s still a lot of room for improvement.” That’s a terrifying thought for Leipzig’s rivals.

  • For Stuttgart there was all that could go wrong and a shoulder injury from Sasa Kalajdzić rounded it off. The Austrian had to undergo an operation and, according to the club, will likely not be back long before the end of the year.

  • Borussia Mönchengladbach knew from the third minute that it was not their day in Leverkusen when Mitchell Bakker’s long-range shot hit the post and goalkeeper Yann Sommer took the lead. Sommer, after a great European Championship, crowned an unforgettable game by mistaking Nadiem Amiri’s fourth place, while Moussa Diaby shone for the Werkself in between. “I felt a lot of energy,” said the new coach Gerardo Seaone, who was already making an impact.

  • Wolfsburg’s week started badly when their exclusion from the cup was confirmed after substitute Farrago at Preußen Münster (see last week’s column) but they recovered well to win at Hertha on Saturday despite losing an undeserved goal from Dodi Lukebakio. Manchester City signing Lukas Nmecha scored a late winner and the confirmation of Benfica striker Luca Waldschmidt’s € 12m start on Sunday gave Mark van Bommel another timely boost.

  • Hertha has meanwhile started the season with defeats in a row and although the latest financing tranche from major investor Lars Windhorst arrived on time a few days ago, the squad needs work – and there is more speculation about the future of Matheus Cunha group against Wolfsburg. “If he’s ready to go back to work for the team,” said coach Pal Dardai, “then he can play again.”

Simone Biles return helped Olympics viewership, common 16.eight million

Simone Biles from the USA in action on the balance beam, finals, Ariake Gymnastics Center, Tokyo, Japan, August 3, 2021.

Lindsey Wasson | Reuters

The Tokyo Olympics had an average of 17.4 million viewers for Tuesday’s coverage, and NBCUniversal’s overall prime-time average stayed at 16.8 million viewers on its platforms, the media company said on Wednesday.

Gym star Simone Biles returned to the competition Tuesday morning and helped attract the crowd. Galle pulled back from the events last week because of psychological concerns but returned to catch a bronze medal in the women’s balance beam on Tuesday. The 24-year-old Biles now has seven Olympic medals, which is what Shannon Miller has most in common among Olympic gymnasts in the USA.

NBCUniversal, the parent company of CNBC, found that only television attracted 16.8 million viewers as of Tuesday. The start of track and field competitions helped too, and US women’s football and US men’s basketball were two of the top attractions for the Tokyo Olympics earlier this week. The US women’s team fell 1-0 against Canada and was eliminated from the hunt for gold. This competition ended early Monday morning. The men’s knockout round victory over Spain (quarter-finals) was shown on NBC’s streaming service Peacock and ended at around 2 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday.

The Tokyo Games rebounded from the low ratings during the opening ceremony, which drew around 17 million viewers. The opening weekend included 19.8 million viewers for the July 25 coveragein which the US men’s basketball team lost to France.

After that, however, the numbers began to decline, as viewership averaged 15.5 million viewers on TV and streaming last Friday. However, viewers streamed around 3 billion minutes of Tokyo Olympics content through its platforms, including Peacock, and NBCUniversal estimates the total will surpass the 2016 Rio Olympics, which streamed 3.3 billion minutes.

If advertisers don’t get negotiated impressions, they’ll get finished goods inventory on other NBC programs. Historically, the Summer Olympics have been a huge draw for spectators. In 2016, the two-week event drew an average of 27.5 million viewers across all NBC platforms. The 2012 London Games attracted around 31 million viewers, while the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing attracted an average of 27 million viewers.

Sydney McLaughlin from the United States poses with her gold medal for the women’s 400m hurdles, Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan, August 4, 2021.

Lindsey Wasson | Reuters

Olympic profiles raised and new names discovered

Unless sponsors get the impressions from the US viewer site, athletes cannot maximize their advertising deals, said Edward shudder, a sports attorney with the Phillips Nizer law firm.

Schauder has negotiated advertising deals with top athletes, including Tiger Woods and the US Olympic ice hockey team from 1980.

However, performance can trump ratings, and winning multiple gold medals would help overcome the low impressions as companies make long-term use of iconic Olympic names.

“Anyone who wins gold medals like Mark Spitz will always be known,” said Schauder. “You win 28 medals like Michael Phelps, you will always be known.”

This year, Swimmer Caeleb Dressel, who won five gold medals in Tokyo, shone. He joined Spitz and Phelps to win at least five medals in one summer. And with $ 37,500 per gold medal, Dressel earned a six-figure payday. Dressel is already affiliated with top sponsors, including Toyota and coke, and made national media rounds on Tuesday after returning to the US

US swimmer Katie Ledecky also stood out, especially in the fight with Australian Ariarne Titmus in the women’s 400m freestyle. Ledecky won four medals at the Tokyo Games and now has 10 medals in her Olympic career.

US athlete Sydney McLaughlin (gold) set a new world record in the women’s 400-meter hurdles on Tuesday. McLaughlin, the former Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year, defeated his US runner Dalilah Muhammad and finished in 51:47 seconds.

McLaughlin, 21, works with watch manufacturer TAG Heuer and has a contract with clothing company New Balance.

“There will also be one or two athletes that everyone is talking about,” said Schauder. Marketing and film producers could “identify cool stories people will hear after the Olympics”.

Gymnast Suni Lee and golfers Xander Schauffele than two of the more exciting storylines that emerged from the Ames.

After Biles retired from the competition, Lee, 18, stepped in and won the women’s all-round tournament, extending the United States’ 17-year streak of victories at the event. Schauffele was involved in a final kick with the Slovak Rory Sabbatini. Also women wrestlers Tamyra Mensah stick was second on the Facebook list after becoming the first black woman to win gold in the competition, which first took place in 2004.

The 13-year-old bitches Momiji Nishiya (Japan) and Rayssa Leal (Brazil) were also on the international front. popular with the Tokyo games. Nishiya graduated with gold and Leal took silver in the Women’s street skateboard competition, one of the new sports added to the Olympics. And 13-year-old Sky Brown became Britain’s youngest Olympic champion when she finished bronze in the women’s park skateboarding final.

College athletes should also benefit from the name, image, and likeness when they return to universities.

“You will be able to add Olympic medalists to your profile and be a member of an Olympic team,” said Schauder. “It’s like when Christian Laettner benefited from being the college kid who played on the Dream Team.”

On Wednesday, the US remains in first place with a total of 79 medals (25 gold). China has 70 medals (32 gold) and the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) is third with 53 total medals.

Disclosure: CNBC parent NBCUniversal owns NBC Sports and NBC Olympics. NBC Olympics owns the U.S. broadcast rights to all Summer and Winter Games through 2032.

American Ballet Theatre government director on fall return after Covid halt

The American Ballet Theater – the country’s national ballet company – has announced that it will return to the stage in New York City this October, a year after indoor performances were suspended due to Covid.

“We can’t wait to see ABT in the Lincoln Center theaters that are our home,” Kara Medoff Barnett, ABT’s executive director, told CNBC “Worldwide exchange” on Friday. “We know our New York fans are excited to see ABT performers back on stage.”

ABT has just completed a cross-country tour that took 20 of its 84 dancers along with 28 support crews to eight different states. The company has performed at socially distant outdoor venues, and Barnett said it will learn from the protocols it developed this summer to ensure a safe indoor season this fall.

“We want to continue our commitment to the safety of our artists, staff and viewers,” said Barnett. “That was certainly the most important thing when we planned our outdoor tour to keep the audience out while we have the summer sun.”

American Ballet Theater dancers perform the company premiere of “La Follia Variations,” choreographed by Lauren Lovette and costumes by Victor Glemaud, during a dress rehearsal for the American Ballet Theater’s production of “Uniting in Movement” at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Costa Mesa on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Leonard Ortiz | MediaNews Group | Orange County Register via Getty Images

Since its last fall season in 2019, ABT has had to cancel its personal appearances and switch to digital programs, like many ballet companies across the country and worldwide.

Barnett said the pandemic was a time of adaptation and learning for the entire company. “We always think, especially in the last year and a half, what is Plan B, Plan C,” she added. “We are agile in more ways than one.”

During Lincoln Center season, which occurs the last two weeks of October, performances may require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test, depending on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The tickets will be refunded by 12 noon on the day of the performance if there are last-minute changes for spectators.

“We work very closely with our Lincoln Center venues. We work very closely with our medical advisor. And we are determined to find ways that we can continue the mission of this company, which has been bringing extraordinary art to audiences for 81 years.” can track. ” “Barnett told CNBC.

Performances this season include the classical ballet “Giselle” as well as three of the 22 works developed over the past year while the dancers have been divided into 11 creative bubbles.

“We’re bringing three of the works that were created in these residential bubbles to the New York audience to have their live premieres on stage,” said Barnett. “They had digital premieres, they had outdoor premieres all over the country – but now we’re bringing them to Lincoln Center.”

The “ABT Across America” ​​performances, which ended on Wednesday in New York City, were mostly free. But for a company that generated 36% of its revenue from ticket sales in 2018, the return of a full program is essential to future success and longevity.

Barnett isn’t worried about the recovery period and says she is very optimistic about the demand for live performances. “I think there is so much pent-up demand for the performing arts, so much pent-up demand for joint activities and experiences and the joy of celebrating together. In fact, I think we can assume we have the biggest audience we’ve had “seen in years.”

“We had 6,000 people, 8,000 people in these parks watching ballet under the stars,” added Barnett, referring to the cross-country tour. “I think the audience is ready, they missed us and they really want to come back.”

MILLENNIAL MONEY: How factors and miles bank cards can ease return to journey | Enterprise

With COVID-19 vaccination season making travel safer, many people who stayed at home during the pandemic shutdowns are back on vacation. According to the Transportation Security Administration, the number of checkpoints at airports increased by around 20% from January to mid-June 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Rewards such as points and miles that you earn with a travel credit card can help you achieve a long-awaited dream destination, especially as a new cardholder. There is currently no shortage of generous sign-up offers for those with good credit (a FICO score of 690 or higher), but before you accept one, consider whether a travel credit card will match your spending.

Even for globetrotters, a travel credit card may not be compatible with habits or financial circumstances. Weigh these factors to determine what is right for you.


Travel credit card options are plentiful. There are general travel credit cards that allow flexible redemption and co-branded travel credit cards allow travel redemption with specific hotel brands, airlines or third party travel websites.

These types of credit cards can be useful if you travel regularly, have no debt, and pay the bill in full each month to avoid interest charges. Otherwise, the value of the rewards will be skimmed off by the high interest rate on these cards. Checking these boxes will allow you to consider a travel credit card.

Combining a travel card with a travel savings fund can also prevent unwanted budget surprises such as expenses that are not covered by credit card rewards. If you want to go somewhere in six to twelve months, put money aside from every paycheck to avoid debt, says Kelly Luethje, certified financial planner and founder of the Willow Planning Group in New Hampshire.

“You may not have accumulated the points you need for an entire trip, so I like a travel fund to supplement what you didn’t accumulate on the credit card,” she says.


A travel credit card should make traveling easier and cheaper. Depending on where and how often you travel, the desirable features may vary.

For Christine Lozada, a California-based creator of Where In The World is CL, a YouTube channel, a travel credit card and its benefits were essential to her jet setting lifestyle.

She says the access her travel credit card gives in airport lounges is “huge for me”.

Your priorities may vary, but here are a few factors to consider:

– annual fees. Only consider high annual fee travel credit cards if the benefits of the card can offset costs. Less frequent travelers can get more value from a credit card with no annual fee.

– Introductory offers. A sign up bonus can cover the cost of a vacation, but spending too much money to qualify to earn one will miss the point. Instead, plan to apply for a travel credit card in a month or a high-spending season to meet bonus requirements on purchases within budget.

– reward. Look for a premium rate of 1.5% or 2% of your expenses. Depending on the terms and conditions of a card, the value of the rewards can go up or down with different redemption options. Travel redemptions usually get the best value. In some cases, you can maximize your rewards by transferring points to loyalty programs. Lozada transferred points from her credit card to her hotel loyalty program to get even more value for her points. She used them for a stay in Carlsbad, California.

– A broad network of dealers. With a travel credit card, which is one of the globally accepted Visa or Mastercard networks, you are likely to have fewer problems abroad.

– No foreign transaction fees. For international travelers, a travel credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees saves money. These fees are usually calculated as a percentage of the amount of any purchase made abroad.

– Money-saving perks. Valuable discounts are usually offered on travel cards with annual fees. Airline credit cards may include free checked baggage or priority boarding. Hotel brand credit cards could include a free night and automatic elite status. Some general travel credit cards provide credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fees, travel or restaurant credit, or access to airport lounges. The card with the benefits you are most likely to use gives you the best value.

– Travel services or protection. Travel credit cards can provide trip cancellation or interruption insurance, lost baggage reimbursement, rental car insurance, and more. Protection is often secondary to existing insurance.

Read the terms carefully to get the most out of your benefits.

After COVID compelled them on-line, musicians return to the limelight | Leisure

In a normal year, the members of the band Scythian would play around 90 shows, which means they were out and about between 160 and 200 days.

That stopped when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in March 2020.

All of the band’s shows were canceled on March 14th, but Dan Fedoryka, who founded Scythian with his brother Alexander, had an idea: they should stream live on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I ordered the equipment and luckily I got some before it was all sold out,” said Fedoryka.

At the same time, the band was also crowdfunding their album and had to raise $ 7,000 in three days to achieve their goal. The results have been encouraging. The band’s stream garnered more than 50,000 views and their fans provided a total of $ 14,000.

Scythian decided to run “Quaranstreams” every two weeks to connect directly with their fans and offer some comfort to people during the outbreak. They also asked festivals and music events across the country to post their shows on their social media platforms.

The members of Scythian are among a wide variety of musicians in the United States who turned to alternative channels to connect with audiences and survive the pandemic.

The band will play a show at Down Home on Saturday July 10th as part of the release of their new CD Roots & Stones. The show has limited capacity and if it sells out a second show will be added.

Scythian has performed frequently at Bristol’s Rhythm & Roots and has played twice at the Blue Plum Festival.

In the first three months of their Quaranstreams, the band averaged about 40,000 views per stream, and in more than 30 streams, Scythian garnered more than 600,000 views. During this time it survived from Venmo tips and merchandise orders.

“We would take apart my living room, clear everything out of my living room and do a seven-camera shoot with lights, fog, smoke machine and full sound,” said Fedoryka.

The band also made their own satirical commercials and turned the streams into a variety show.

“We basically produced a show every two weeks,” he said.

Like many other industries, COVID-19 has devastated the music world. Venues were permanently closed and bands hung up their instruments.

Tyrique Shahmir, a hip-hop artist from Johnson City, was preparing for a tour ahead of the pandemic and said he was about to sign with a record label.

“Due to COVID and the lack of tours and travel, I deviated from it and decided to continue on the independent path,” said Shahmir.

Shahmir said he does an average of 25 to 30 shows a year, but COVID-19 has slowed that down.

Shahmir also turned to livestreams during the pandemic.

He ran three streams to keep in touch with his fan base and used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram.

“It definitely opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many different ways and opportunities to introduce your music to people,” he said.

During the pandemic, Shahmir also worked on an album called “Eastside Misfit,” which will be released on August 20th. On July 20th he will release an EP “In Between a Gray Area”.

Fedoryka added that it is not yet known whether many music events will survive the pandemic. After so many months of isolation and quarantine, he hopes people will want to find an outlet.

“The margin of error is not very high with these independent music venues and independent musicians,” he said.

The Down Home, he said, is taking lingering fears of COVID-19 seriously and is hosting Scythian’s show at half capacity.

The community that emerged from the band’s quaran streams, Fedoryka said, has endured. Now when the band does CD release shows, people already know the words to the songs. The participants know each other from the live streams and see each other personally for the first time.

“It’s really something that has never been there,” said Fedoryka.

The Phelps issue: Kalisz claims return journey to Olympics | Leisure

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – Despite retiring from swimming five years ago, the influence of Michael Phelps was felt on the opening night of the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Chase Kalisz, who says Phelps is like a big brother, got himself another trip to the Olympics by winning the 400m individual medley on Sunday.

A hooded Phelps then cheered him on from the socially distant stands sauntered onto the deck to hug his former training partner at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

“Michael supports me a lot,” said Kalisz. “He’ll give me a kick in the butt when I need it, and sometimes I need it. Michael was an older brother to me in my life. I remember interacting with Michael when I was 6 years old – and here we are 21 years later. “

Phelps was impressed with Kalisz’s performance.

“His back half was great,” Phelps told the Associated Press. “I thought he might go a little faster. But he’ll be there soon. He took care of what he had to do. “

On the women’s side, the Americans had offspring: 19-year-old Emma Weyant prevailed against three Olympic veterans in her first tests and won an exciting 400 IM.

Another Olympic rookie, Kieran Smith, cut his previous personal best by almost 3 seconds to win the 400 freestyle and take his place for Tokyo.

Kalisz was halfway behind the top qualifier Carson Foster after the butterfly and backstroke course.

But Kalisz took the lead in the breaststroke and held it through the freestyles to the end, winning in 4 minutes, 9.09 seconds.

“I know where to be to get away from the breaststroke,” said the 27-year-old.

Phelps, who retired in 2016 after winning a record 23 gold medals in the Olympics, said everyone at the trials should get a boost from racing in front of fans.

USA Swimming allowed around 50% capacity in the 14,000-seat arena, with many of the empty seats filled with cardboard cutouts.

After more than a year without fans in the stands, the atmosphere for the swimmers was still a welcome change.

“You get that power from the fans,” said Phelps. “I got goosebumps when I entered the arena tonight.”

Another 2016 Olympian, Jay Litherland, followed Foster over the last 25 meters and took the expected second place on the Olympic team in 4: 10.33.

Foster finished third in 4: 10.86 – outside of the Olympic Games.

This ensured that some veterans would be the first swimmers to grab spots on the squad that will travel with high expectations to the Tokyo games delayed by the pandemic.

Kalisz took silver in the 400 IM at the Rio Olympics while Litherland finished fifth in that event.

Kalisz swam over to hug Litherland after seeing them finish 1-2. Both attended the University of Georgia and are still training together.

“It means the world to have my training partner with me,” said Kalisz.

The pandemic-related Olympics turned out to be a blessing for Kalisz, who hadn’t even qualified for the final of the 400 IM at the 2019 World Championships. He was struggling with a shoulder injury and was clearly not in full force.

An additional year of training was just what he needed before he could take on the grueling 400 IM on exams.

“I would definitely say that,” said Kalisz. “I don’t want to say that last year I wasn’t prepared because I was. But I’m 27. My body needs a lot more rest than ever before. “

Practically in sync with the top 4 In the final round of the 400 women’s IMs, Weyant touched first in 4: 33.81.

Hali Flickinger secured the probable second place for Tokyo with 4: 33.96, while Melanie Margalis (4: 34.08) and Leah Smith (4: 34.55) just missed out.

They set the four fastest times in the world that year, a testament to America’s strength and depth among women.

Weyant said her strategy is, “Stick to my race schedule and don’t worry about everyone around me. Stick to my strengths and always take them home with you when doing freestyle. “

Flickinger, Margalis, and Smith were on the U.S. Olympic team in 2016, but Weyant defeated them all.

“I’m not going to lie,” said the teenager. “I was really nervous so I tried to get that out of my system (in the morning preliminary round). Tonight’s plan was just to race. “

Kieran Smith’s Olympic debut will also be his first time with the national team.

He won in 3: 44.86 but knows that he has to be even faster to get a medal – especially against a strong Australian squad.

Reigning Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton drove a faster time than Smith in his country’s trials, and it wasn’t even good enough to make it onto the Australian team.

“I’m really excited about this swim,” said Smith, who had a best time to date of 3: 47.71. “I’m looking forward to hopefully improving this swim and being competitive with the rest of the world.”

No one else in the eight-man final was fast enough to meet the qualifying time for Tokyo.

Sunday too Michael Andrew has set two American records in the 100th breaststroke, 58.19 in the preliminary rounds in the morning and even faster – 58.14 – in the evening semi-finals.

He will be the clear favorite in the final on Monday.

“There’s a lot left in the tank,” said Andrew. “Maybe I tried too hard with the lights and cameras to go home. Hopefully I can fix that tomorrow. “

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