Retro Type NFTs That Will Take You Again In Time…

PHOENIX, AZ, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via blockchain wire) RetroKydz brings you an interesting opportunity to relive your childhood. It offers you the opportunity to recreate the peaceful experience of your childhood, marked by freedom from all sorts of worries, resentments and competition. It is launching 2000 exclusive, retro-style, minable 3D pixel NFTs that will allow holders to become part of a mental health community on blockchain technology.

These beautifully designed NFTs seem to hold great promise as the fast paced, competitive and busy lifestyle of the modern era has robbed many of peace of mind and genuine friendships. In fact, results from the 2014 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey show that 1 in 6 adults experiences a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression, every week and 1 in 5 adults has considered suicide. The irony is that many such cases go undiagnosed and many of the identified cases are reluctant to seek professional help due to the stigma attached.

In such circumstances, the RetroKydz NFTs will serve as badges to be worn with pride, as they do not mean that the holders have a problem, but serve as a representation of the fact that the NFT holders stand for equality, peace, love and Harmony stand , mental health and most importantly humanity. These NFTs will help build virtual friendships and provide members with a platform to express their emotions. In simple words, they will serve as a token of membership in a community of 2000 where people have the opportunity to speak out about their specific mental health issues and also about their daily life struggles that depress or upset them. By sharing their problems, members can turn to each other for advice and help. Although connectivity seems to be a big challenge, RetroKydz cleared that up too. The plan is to keep members connected via regular Zoom calls so that healthy relationships and bonds can be formed without geographic barriers or mobility issues.

The benefits of these NFTs are numerous as holders can gain early access to upcoming projects and special offers. Best of all, members also have access to expert advice from mental health professionals. These professionals will be making group calls on Discord from time to time to talk about important matters and offer advice on important events when needed. Apart from all that, the community members have access to a special channel where motivational quotes and words of encouragement are shared to boost morale.

Given their usefulness, it’s very likely that these NFTs will sell out soon, so hurry and buy before it’s too late. Each NFT costs 50 ADA and can be purchased on the Cardano blockchain. The process for this is pretty simple: the embossing has already started; You just have to send ADA according to the number of NFTs you want to buy to the address provided on Retrokydz’s website. To give everyone a fair chance, RetroKydz has maintained a maximum purchase limit of 20 NFTs per transaction.

One thing to keep in mind when making the transaction is that the ADA should be sent via a wallet that supports Cardano NFTs, otherwise you will not receive your NFT token. If the NFTs are sold out at the time payment is received, or you accidentally pay more or less than the exact amount, your ADA will be returned to you so you can complete the transaction without worrying about losses or mishaps.

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Intellivision Leisure needs to personal retro sofa gaming

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Intellivision entertainment CEO Tommy Tallarico pitched in front of the players for owning the couch today when it comes to retro console gaming, speaking on the Intellivision Amico console in a speech on the online-only console Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) today.

Intellivision has now had to postpone its launch twice, and the latest plan is to launch the Amico on October 10, about a year after it was originally planned. Tallarico said the pandemic forced the company to postpone its launch, but it also gave the company an opportunity to provide more games for its launch.

The focus is on “this friendship, this multiplayer, this couch-co-op experience,” he said.

The Amico has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and its focus will be on enabling multiplayer games that you can play on the couch with your friends in the same room as Tallarico did in his youth. The design of the curvy, wedge-shaped console is meant to be friendly and approachable. They intend the console to be something that you can start using right away and it is not aimed at the more limited audience of hardcore gamers. He thinks this is an addition to other consoles and therefore doesn’t see others as competition.

It’s not about screaming graphics, it’s about having a good time with fun, simple, casual games to play with your friends.

A time machine

Above: The Intellivision Amico has a wood-paneled VIP model.

Image source: Intellivision

The original Intellivision is a Mattel game console that drove Atari’s money in the early 1980s. It was more advanced than the Atari 2600, with better graphics, and even had simple voices in some games.

Tallarico has been in the video game industry for 32 years and created the “oof” sound that has become the signature sound for Roblox games. Tallarico, who launched the Video Games Live concert series, Announced in 2018 that he had acquired the rights to the console and the original games and planned to re-launch Intellivision as a retro brand.

He rounded up many of the original Intellivision game developers. They are remaking some of the original games for the old Intellivision, like Breakout, but with modern designs.

Amico is the Italian word for “friend” and October 10th is Tallarico’s sister’s birthday. “My mother is very proud,” said Tallarico.

A handcrafted console

Above: Intellivision has a network of retailers selling the Amico.

Image source: Intellivision

The machine has 40 independently controlled LEDs on the console base and 12 LEDs on each console controller, for a total of 64, said Product Development Director Todd Linthicum. This ensures an infinite amount of expression through lighting.

Some games correlate the colors on the lights on the controller with the gameplay. The wedge shape of the console allows you to see the lights from all angles and adjust or turn off the brightness of the LEDs. The controllers can be charged in 2 hours and the batteries last 4-6 hours.

The controllers have capacitive color touchscreens, gyroscopes, force feedback, speakers, microphones and wireless contact charging. Two controllers nest in the console base, which allows them to be charged. You can also charge a controller with a USB-C cable. The controllers have four shoulder buttons and a touch wheel with a button. You can easily pause or quit a game with a home button. The controller can be moved in 64 directions and the controller screen is touch sensitive. If you take a controller to a friend’s house, you can play any games you own on your console on your friend’s computer.

The Amico has an HDMI output, a USB-C connection, a power connection and a microSD expansion slot for more storage. You can save up to 50 games on the device. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) connectivity offers a new way of unlocking functions in games or interacting with the console. You can just take an item like a gift card and tap it on the console to unlock something. Intellivision will talk more about boxing games later. There are no loot boxes or in-app advertising. However, there are online leaderboards where you can compare your score with others.

Game line-up

With the Amico, Intellivision is aimed at families to play on the couch.

Above: Intellivision aims at families playing on the couch with the Amico.

Image source: Intellivision

Tallarico mentioned some of the games that are coming for the Amico.

The list includes:

  • Earthworm Jim
  • Night stalker
  • Inca gold
  • Shark shark
  • spade
  • Cornhole
  • Astro smash
  • Retro reinvented
  • Breaking out
  • Asteroids
  • Storm
  • Missile command
  • Burger time
  • Push and jump
  • Cloudy mountain
  • Sesame Street
  • Care Bears
  • Finnegan fox
  • Bomb squad
  • Space striker
  • Rigid Force Redux Enhanced
  • Dyno blaster
  • Major League Baseball
  • Blank page
  • Telestrations
  • Flying tiger

Brands that make games for the Amico include Hot Wheels and the Harlem Globetrotters, and there will be games based on charades, soccer, pool, card games, skiing and more.

And he told the original Ecco the Dolphin team to develop a new game called Dolphin Quest.


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Australian actor Alex Dimitriades on retro type, important wardrobe objects, and a Madonna style second

Every week Sunday Life asks a celebrity about their style and the inspiration behind it. Editor Georgie Gordon talks to actor Alex Dimitriades beforehand.

“I don’t follow trends anymore. I basically reconstruct all of my favorite things I grew up with. There’s a little bit of retro going on. “Recognition:Damian Bennett

How would you describe your style?
Mood based. Style is about what makes you happy and what you are, rather than being trend-based. Lots of people try to follow things that don’t suit them. you have to adapt to your personality.

What’s the oldest in your dressing room?
A fantastic Earth, Wind & Fire 1975 tour shirt that I bought from a vintage store in Santa Monica on my first trip to Los Angeles 25 years ago.

And the latest addition?
Black Bally leather pants.

What would you wear …
… on the first date? Black leather pants with a white shirt and black monk strap Bally shoes. It’s the ultimate smart casual look to wear anywhere.
… on an airplane? I dress comfortably, but you want to look good too, so everything is a bit casual – comfortable pants, no jeans. It’s getting cold up there, so I always have a hat and a scarf.
… to the Oscars? A tuxedo but with an edge, something to personalize it. For example, when I won a lodging for The Principal in 2016, I was wearing a vintage white tuxedo and a Le Noeud Papillon bow tie that looked black but was actually purple. I wore it as a tribute to Prince who had just died.


What’s your favorite fashion era?
I recently saw a picture of the Jackson 5 in 1971: Michael was just a kid, they wear striped bell bottoms, large collared shirts, and hats – it’s psychedelic with a ’60s vibe. I feel that.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?
No. Every great designer has his or her moments, they cannot all stay at their peak.

What is your favorite scent?
I tend to layer them by mood. The Tom Ford range is a breeze.