UFC 269 stay stream outcomes, radio-style PPV battle updates | Poirier vs. Oliveira

Here we are … the end of a year that has been … a lot.

But tonight (Sat December 11, 2021) we can gather around our chosen device and watch violence as a family first hand! I want to thank everyone who joined us in 2021 through changes in the martial arts world and our little show.

Of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul “fight for Conor McGregor gets Joe Theismann’d before God and everyone and all points in between.

That night, Charles Oliveira tries to prove he’s at the top of the hungriest, angry division in the sport in the UFC 269 Pay-Per-View (PPV) Main Event, while Dustin Poirier seeks to take on the role, the two of the other four Kings of his era have held in full.

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CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLE HEADER! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 11th, 2021 with two exciting World Championship fights and a bantamweight bang, guaranteed to deliver fireworks. Lightweight champion, Charles OliveiraHe will aim for his first successful title defense when he takes on the No. 1 contender, Dustin Poirier, in the ESPN + streamed pay-per-view (PPV) main event. Co-headlining UFC 269, the greatest woman fighter of all time, Amanda NunesShe is defending her 135 pound crown against the gritty No. 5 rank Julianna Pena, while No. 15-placed bantamweight contender, Raulian Paiva, and Contender Series star, Sean O’Malley, aim to steal the show.

Don’t miss a second of epic face punching action!

In the PPV co-main event streamed by ESPN +, Amanda Nunes tries to do what everyone wants her to do: dominate Juliana Pena. In fact, “Venezuelan Vixen” is the latest in a litany of bantamweight (or featherweight) people who have run into the human rototiller known as the “lioness.”

Much like Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar before her, we pay to see how Nunes wins, not if she wins.

And as I stand on a train platform in my hometown waiting to take a walk Olive – which you will no doubt hear tonight – I think of 2022 and what awaits us on the other side of December. Trusting to be the person who is watching fights with you or the translator for what you can’t see and helping you to feel those moments has been one of the joys of my life.

See you tonight, see you next year. To Brendan who stepped in and became a natural part of our work, to Steph who has been the backbone of this show since joining as host, and to the doll … yeah, I’m grateful for the damn doll.

Let’s do this gang.

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Fashion Conversational Week 1462: The Empress of The Fashion Invitational on this week’s new contest and outcomes

Also back in Loserdom this week is Milo Sauer, who quickly used up exactly 100 ink blots in the early 2000s and then disappeared. Well, his name anyway: Milo (aka Tim, a math professor at George Mason University) recently confessed to me that in 2005 he broke the strict no-pseudonym rule of invitations and assumed the identity of Elwood Fitzner from Valley City. ND, collected 100 more blots before retiring too. I actually looked up Elwood in my early days of Empresshood, and while I couldn’t find that exact name back then, I found numerous Fitzners in Valley City (6,400) and thought it must be there somewhere. (It turns out that Milo has Fitzner relatives there.) Now, almost 15 years later, it’s all gone, and I’m excited to see Milo is as smart as ever – two blots this week! – but folks, don’t enter under a false name.

Iowa’s type is not for everybody, nevertheless it’s getting more durable to argue with the outcomes – The Athletic

IOWA CITY – The sound swelled so much that the combined noise ended up with an almost guttural effect. The whole Kinnick Stadium collapsed at once, with deafening cheers not just for Iowa’s exquisite players Tory Taylorwho uploaded the ball 53 yards, but also the full physical effort of Gunner Kelly Martin Ivorywho got the ball stuck on Penn State’s 1-yard line 12 minutes before the end of the game.

The decibel level of that moment was only reached by the cheers in the final minutes of the game as the No. 3 Hawkeyes made four consecutive stops on defense to seal a 23:20 win from behind over Penn State No. 5.

In his 23 years here, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has heard many of his domestic viewers cheer for the punt coverage. He heard his defense receive loud applause. This has always been a program that knows what it is and doesn’t apologize for it. And that has long been celebrated by his fan base.

It’s time for the rest of us to do the same.

Right now, it doesn’t matter that Iowa’s often uninspiring offensive could ultimately cost it a shot in the college football playoffs. We have been in one of the most unpredictable seasons of recent years for six weeks and we have a team that excels at exactly what it tries to beat, the two phases of the game that receive the least attention and arguably the hardest to master. We should orientate ourselves on the fans who stormed here on Saturday evening. Cheers for the punt. Celebrate the stops.

“They are smart football fans,” said Ferentz after the game.

UFC 266 stay stream outcomes, radio-style PPV battle updates

As I sit here with a pipe full of things both Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz would approve of in order to deal with crippling anxiety, I often think of the reason they both seem so pissed off all the time. Since the advent of mixed martial arts (MMA) – hell, since the advent of two people beating each other’s piss for sport, money or fabulous prizes – he has lived and died of great personalities.

For Nick and Nate, cage fights have always been about getting paid and being themselves. That’s why they’ve told the entire industry a couple of times over the past decade that they are saying goodbye to themselves. That’s why Nate openly smokes joints during open workouts and weigh-ins and it’s probably why Nick looked like he was doing his latest shadowboxing video (check it out here).

In other words, the Diaz Bros do the sportand not the other way around.

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CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLE HEADER! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the T-Mobile Arena with two exciting world championship fights. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 29 trainers collide at the featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, defends his title against No. 2 rank contender, Brian Ortega. The women’s flyweight champion will be present at the UFC 266 co-main event Valentina Shevchenko is aiming for her sixth title defense in a row when she meets the third-placed contender, Lauren Murphy. Last but not least, and certainly not last Nick Diaz returns against the former welterweight ruler, Robbie Lawler, in a five-round bang.

Don’t miss a second of epic face punching action!

If you look at either of the two Diaz brothers, you can see what could (and should) have been. However, since UFC fighters earn less than 20 percent of the gross income of the action each year – and Dana White and Co. play games for a living and have the opportunity to make better money with their names and not risk getting hurt – Nick and Nate put the idea of ​​stepping into a cage on their pay-no-minds list.

So why do I dedicate so much of this piece to the third fight from the top on a pay-per-view (PPV) card that happens to have two title fights?

First of all, Lauren Murphy has the same chance of beating Valentina Shevchenko as I do of winning the New York Marathon in the middle of a winter storm. And for Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega … it’s going to be a fun fight. And in the end it will be Volkanovski Keep proving the reason he is a next level athlete and shouldn’t be overslept as a featherweight champion

Why am I writing about it? First, search engine optimization (SEO)! Just kidding … partially. Second, and more frankly, because I want the Diaz Bros to do what Conor McGregor and Jon Jones will never do – undermine the system!

Jones and McGregor are two guys who thrived from the system and have used it to either a Magnate with Mr. Burns-esque tendencies (You can’t look me in the eyes and say this man is not going to steal candy from a baby or buy a machine that will block out the sun) and the other is the most emotionally reticent man in our lives who treats us like shitbut we can’t go because when he shows up it makes us feel a certain kind of way.

Tonight (Sat., September 25, 2021) when Brendan and I name the fights together with Shak and Steph, I hope that Nick Diaz wins the victory and then goes away again.

Because that’s what UFC deserves!

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Darkish cash group launches marketing campaign to push Portland-area leaders for outcomes on police reforms, homelessness, cleanup efforts

A new anonymously funded political group launched a campaign on Friday to encourage elected leaders in the Portland area to move faster and better coordinate to address challenges viewed by unnamed donors as the greatest challenges in the city.

Many of the things they want to do, from creating safe homes for people on the streets to reducing gun violence, are in great demand with voters and officials from across the political spectrum. But they do not have easy solutions and there is no broad consensus on which steps to take in the right direction.

The dark money charity People for Portland began broadcasting television spots Friday urging officials at all levels of government to “end the humanitarian crisis on our streets, reform the police force, restore public safety and cleanse our once beautiful city “.

“Portland is still full of potential, but the politicians are doing too little, too slowly, to save our broken city,” says a woman in the TV ad as black and white pictures of tent camps, graffiti and headlines about murders pass by.

“Let’s tell the politicians to do their job to save the city we love,” concludes the ad, suggesting that people go to the group’s website and sign up for unspecified future political activity.

With the group’s funders remaining largely anonymous, the two longtime political advisors who lead the campaign have a more public role in the appeal. Dan Lavey, who has worked for independents and Republicans like Chris Dudley, and Kevin Looper, who has worked for progressive causes and Democratic candidates like Governor Kate Brown, are partners in this effort.

Under state and federal campaign funding rules, it is legal for the group’s donors to remain anonymous under their establishment as a political nonprofit.

Looper said in an interview on Friday that the central problem Portland is facing is “the lack of courage among elected officials … which makes them more afraid to do wrong than to do something”.

The campaign targets every elected official with ties to the Portland area, including city officials, district officials, metro regional government councilors, the sheriff and district attorney, state lawmakers, and the Portland-home governor who is also from Portland. Through digital and television advertising, the total cost of which they rejected, Lavey and Looper plan to urge local voters to contact their elected leaders and urge them to take action on People for Portland’s priorities.

“We need to get the public more involved so … elected officials at all levels feel the heat of the people they represent,” Lavey said.

Local leaders, particularly on the Portland City Council, are already working to resolve most of the problems that People for Portland lament. But the group says they want them to get results faster.

That includes making body-worn cameras mandatory for the Portland Police Department, which the U.S. Department of Justice asked the city to enforce July. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler directed the police bureau this month to prepare for body-worn cameras, including researching various camera systems and getting bids. OPB reported. Long a vocal opponent of body-worn devices, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty said she was learning how to use the technology successfully in other cities, OPB said.

People for Portland urged the city to request the body-worn cameras in a comment sent to The Oregonian / OregonLive and made separately available to the newsroom on Friday.

The city commissioners are already in the process of defining six locations where it will be built Protected Villages with showers, toilets, laundry service, psychiatric care and case managers. The move is tied to the latest from the city council politics in the evacuation of camps, which lowered the bar for the removal of “high impact” camps, in part because of the idea that people could move to the city-sanctioned villages.

The city and other regional and state government agencies also began concerted efforts to accelerate garbage collection and landfill cleaning in the Portland area after service cuts and lack of coordination resulted in solid waste accumulations around the city during the last year. However, the group says governments have more to do and “professional sanitation is an expected basic function of government”.

In addition, People for Portland wants Multnomah County’s District Attorney Mike Schmidt and other prosecutors to “prosecute those involved in violence and vandalism” during demonstrations, according to a form letter posted on the group’s website. Schmidt has obtained guilty pleadings and multi-year prison sentences for several people charged with arson, window smashing and other vandalism in connection with nighttime protests in downtown and other parts of the city.

People for Portland Cities Survey paid for by FM3 Research as proof that many Portlanders agree with its priorities and want local executives to deliver faster results. According to the group, a poll of more than 800 likely voters conducted more than three months ago showed that 84% of respondents agreed that tent camps are a “humanitarian emergency” that requires more urgent action from city and county officials, and 85% supported it Redirecting existing taxpayers’ money to create “50 Safe Sanitary Villages” for the homeless across the city. When it comes to public safety, the group cites survey results that found 62% of respondents said the Portland police force could be reformed, 91% supported police body cameras, and 49% believed the city had too few police officers. 84 percent of respondents agreed that law enforcement agencies “should aggressively pursue the small number of people who use protests to cover for property damage and violence”.

Finally, People for Portland asked if Portland voters would stand against the city and county incumbents in the next election if things didn’t get better. Almost nine out of ten eligible voters surveyed said they did.

A poll of 300 Portland residents conducted by Portland firm DHM Research for The Oregonian / OregonLive over a very similar period April 30 through May 6 found that 42% said the city should hire more police officers . Most of the city dwellers surveyed said the police presence should remain unchanged (30%) or decrease (24%).

Lavey and Looper repeatedly pointed out a short timeframe – Looper suggested two years – in which elected leaders need to make significant improvements to prevent Portland from becoming a “lost city” in which a critical mass of people have decided not to renew commercial leases and stop supporting elements of a vibrant city like art.

Andrew Hoan, CEO and President of the Portland Business Alliance, did not immediately respond to a call Friday afternoon asking whether the group supports the People for Portland campaign.

However, two well-known business owners expressed their support. Businessman and philanthropist Jordan Schnitzer, whose commercial real estate company owns Portland real estate, said he had “been approached about funding,” met with the group, and believed the campaign had “some good goals.”

“I support anything that helps Portland get back on track,” said Schnitzer, who refused to say whether he made a donation to People for Portland.

Tim Boyle, President and CEO of Columbia Sportswear Company, was open about his support for the group in an interview Friday. “I contributed some money to surveys to validate what everyone in town thought was right,” said Boyle. “The city is close to my heart, I grew up here.”

“Every elected official in the state of Oregon, especially the senior official, is all complicit in the problem we have in Portland today,” Boyle said. “Half of them live in Portland, the other half visit Portland, and it’s a shame they don’t actively move forward on all the issues that are clearly visible to everyone.”

Boyle said some Columbia Sportswear Company employees cited problems in the city as the reason they were leaving, and some potential hires turned down jobs they should have worked in the city.

“I’m more than happy to talk about this out loud and put my name on my loudness,” said Boyle. “I’m not a black money person.”

– Hillary Borrud

hborrud@oregonian.com; @hborrud

Exams outcomes will likely be celebrated in model this week

Last year students wore masks picking up their high school results from Sir John Talbot, Whitchurch

Twelve months ago, Covid restrictions thwarted the usual GCSE teenage parties. And even collecting exams was a muted affair.

The school has been told that it is up to them to decide how to conduct the GCSE and A-Level Results Day, with most choosing to have students come and collect their results. Some will put schedules in place to make sure students aren’t overcrowded.

The A-Level results will be announced tomorrow with the GCSE results on Thursday. In both cases, the results come from the teachers’ assessment after the exams have been abolished.

It’s back to normal at Charlton School, Wellington, and all students are invited to collect their results together.

The Headmaster, Mr Andy McNaughton, said, “With the Covid measures lifted and students already missing out on so much, we felt it appropriate to allow students to come at the same time so that friends can celebrate together.”

Students collect their results from separate tables based on their last name and then have some time to open their envelopes in a well-ventilated environment with career counselors who are on hand to assist students, subject managers and faculty.

“We are so proud of our students and everything they have accomplished that they worked incredibly hard in education during a very disruptive time.”

“We hope this year’s results reflect the tremendous commitment of the entire school community.”

Student grades take into account a combination of mock exams, coursework, and essays as per the government’s decision earlier this year. Examination boards have provided teachers with optional assessment questions that students can answer to help schools decide which grades to award.

No algorithm was used to calculate the results, as it did last year after the chaos last August when some students were downgraded, sparking backlash against Education Secretary and South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson.

Reciprocal management model yields enterprise outcomes

Marc L. Goldberg
| Cape Cod times

question: How can I use my years of small business ownership and management experience to become a better leader?

Reply: First a leader chooses, trains, equips and influences one or more People with different skills, interests and abilities. Leaders focus on the mission and goals of the organization and influence those who lead them so that they will spend money willingly and enthusiastically their energies in a concerted effort to achieve these goals and objectives. (Winston & Patterson, 2006).

The definition of leadership was confusing, but at the coree It is the relationship between the leader and the followerse when addressing and fulfilling the mission of an organization. It’s a process, not a person. (Van Wart, 2013). Leadership is a two-way relationship between them those who choose to lead and those who choose to follow. It’s not something you do with people, but with people.

Four types of leadership: According to Mercer, Sirota, Global Normative Database, there are basically four types of leadership – partnership or mutual (82%), paternalistic (70%), transactional (54%) and adversarial (29%).

Other types of leadership are: Transformational, where leaders inspire employees by creating an environment of intellectual stimulation. Servant, where a leader demonstrates through power sharing and encourages collective decision-making. Autocratic, in which a manager prefers considerable control over employees and rarely takes employee suggestions into account. Charismatic, in which a manager relies heavily on their charm and personality. There are many other types of leaders out there, but these are the styles that are prevalent in small businesses.

According to Emily Lyon, Mutual Leadership emphasizes shared goals and motivations for both leaders and followers. It focuses on the relational nature of the interaction. For some, it means sharing power by being an inclusive activity. When organizations grow on networks of people with common goals, it brings those people together to develop a vision for planning long-term change. This works especially well in workplaces where the organization is adopting innovative practices and approaches to solving age-old problems.

Dr. Ivy Bonk, an educational psychologist, shares some principles of mutual guidance that can make existing organizations more resilient and able to address problems during difficult times. When the mutual guidance is applied it is outward and directed towards others, which is exactly what buyers want. It requires authenticity and transparency. It breaks down the silo approach of organizations and turns them into concentric circles. This leadership style helps everyone to see the workplace in a different situation. Mutuality is reinforcing by exploiting common goals and purposes. Some of the ways a leader can adopt styles associated with partnership / reciprocal leadership are:

Take care of those who report back to you. In general, employees want to give back to the organization what the manager gives them. Are the decisions based on myths in order to be able to look better in the short term? Does the manager speak of loyalty, but dismiss employees at the first sign of financial setback? If so, the team’s reciprocity is negative, not positive. When mutual leaders think long-term, loyalty is returned and employee engagement is shown. In challenging times like today, trust in business leaders is strained, but when leaders show they care about their employees, it is often returned to survive.

Dialogue is two-way. How much to talk about with your team? The new generation (Gen X, the cohort after the baby boomers) of employees was bred for information, so a high flow of information from and to the executives is expected. When leaders apply the rules of reciprocity, they will get a dialogue when they give it. When the needs, wishes and wishes communicated by the team are met by their managers through a dialogue, they feel involved in the life of the organization. We all know the basis of effective communication is open and transparent. Keeping employees up to date with critical information that affects them personally and professionally creates the loyalty that is required in times like today. “Mutuality includes fair exchange”. (Chuck Shelton) The exchange may not be of equal value, but the act in and of itself strengthens the team as a whole. Two way communication creates trust, which is important for sustainability.

Act as a team. We know that the basis of mutual leadership is teamwork. The willingness to take care of one another is the basis for winning on the economic playing field. Solving workplace problems in a team makes it possible to overcome weaknesses in the competitiveness of the organization and to ensure sustainability. Positive reciprocity is important for team building that has a common goal. When everyone on a team pulls together to achieve both short and long-term goals, they find that the strength of the group is stronger than the capabilities of each individual.

Diversity and inclusion. Diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace are receiving increasing attention today. Chuck Shelton says “Diversity focuses on the specificity of individual identity, while inclusion addresses our human need for belonging.” one gives with the expectation of taking.

Contributed by Marc L. Goldberg, certified mentor. Sources: “Reciprocal Mentoring Lab”, https://reciprocalmentoringlab.com – Chuck Shelton, Reciprocal Leadership Theories; Emily Lyon, Mercer / Sirota, Global Normative Database; – Russell J. White, Dr. Ivy Bonk, Imaginal Education Group, 12 Principles of Mutual Leadership. For free and confidential mentoring in management and leadership, contact SCORE Cape Cod & the Islands. www.capecod.score.org, Capecodscore@verizon.net. Download your FREE – Tips from SCORE eBook, Volume II, https://www.amazon.net/dp/B08QPR7G35.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul battle outcomes, highlights: ‘Cash’ impresses as exhibition goes the space

The Showtime pay-per-view battle between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul was known to have no winner announced if the show went the distance. That probably won’t take away anything from Paul who can claim a moral victory after managing all eight rounds with one of the greatest boxers of all time on Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Mayweather was clearly the better fighter, as expected, but Paul used his huge size and weight advantage to lean on Mayweather and avoid taking more than one or two clear shots at a time from the former multi-division world champion.

“I was having fun,” Mayweather said after the fight. “You have to realize that I’m not 21 anymore, but it’s good to move around with these guys.”

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Mayweather was very careful at the beginning, trying to figure out what brought Paul into the ring and also trying to avoid clean shots of the YouTube star. Paul entered the ring well over 30 pounds taller and with a six-inch range advantage.

After Mayweather had played almost exclusively on the defensive in the second round, Mayweather finally turned the offense in the third and opened with some clean left hooks that rocked Paul’s head back and occasionally interfered with the overhand right.

Although “Money” was beginning to find room to land clean shots, whenever Mayweather seemed to get his offense on track, Paul would clinch, choke, and lean, causing Mayweather to carry his weight.

“He’s better than I thought,” said Mayweather. “As for the big ones, the heavyweights? It’s going to be tough. But he’s a tough, tough competitor.”

Paul seemed to get tired on the track, losing the crack he had in his punches to open the competition, and pouring sweat as he performed jabs that Mayweather could mostly easily avoid while the boxing icon picked points to To score points.

Although it would have been a definite loss if the judges had been present, Paul was delighted after walking the distance.

“Shit man, I don’t want anyone telling me anything is impossible ever again,” Paul said. “The fact that I’m here with one of the greatest boxers of all time proves that the odds can be beat.”

The fight drew intermittent boos from the crowd, with those in attendance seeking a final knockout finish, but that level of action never came and neither appeared to be seriously injured at any point in the clash.

Paul seemed to share some of the fans’ questions about how seriously Mayweather approached the fight.

“I mean, you never know with this guy,” said Paul. “I’m going to go home thinking, ‘Did Floyd let me survive?’ It is an honor to adorn the ring with him. This is the coolest thing ever. “

Mayweather, 44, commented afterward that he is definitely no longer fighting professionally and “probably” won’t have another show.

“Your children can’t eat inheritance. They can eat from the currency. I believe in building generational wealth. That’s important to me,” Mayweather said.

“This may be the last time we’ll see him in the ring. Whether you liked the show or not, OK or not, give this man his flowers today,” said Stephen Espinoza, President of Showtime Sports the fight.

Elsewhere on the map, Badou Jack scored a knockout in the fourth round against Dervin Colina in a light heavyweight contest co-main event. Jack overwhelmed the Venezuelan-born who made his US debut on short notice after Jean Pascal was forced to step down for four positive tests for banned substances. Jack hopes the win can get him back into the competition at 175 pounds or maybe move up to cruiserweight.

CBS Sports was by your side the entire way on Sunday. So be sure to keep track of the live results and highlights below.

Combat card, results

  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul ends in a draw (contract issue)
  • Badou jack def. Dervin Colina on the knockout in the round of 16
  • Luis Arias def. Jarrett Hurd on Split Decision (94-95, 97-93, 96-93)
  • Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell ends in a draw (Contract issue)

Mayweather vs. Paul Unofficial Scorecard, Live Coverage





















Esports Leisure Group to Host Third Quarter Fiscal 12 months 2021 Monetary Outcomes Name on Could 17 at 4:30 p.m. ET


3 trading stocks at rock bottom; Analysts say “buy”

Investing is all about profits, and part of generating profit is knowing when to start the game. The old saying goes that one should buy cheap and sell high, and while it is tempting to simply devalue such clichés, they have passed into the common currency because they embody a fundamental truth. Buying low is always a good place to start when building a portfolio. The trick, however, is to identify the right stocks to buy cheap. Prices fall for a reason, and sometimes that reason is a fundamental obscurity. Fortunately, Wall Streets analysts are busy separating the chaff among the market’s cheap stocks, and some top stock pundits have flagged multiple stocks for big gains. We used the TipRanks database to pull up the data and ratings for three stocks that are currently cheap but may be looking to make a profit. They have received positive reviews and, despite their stock devaluation, hold buy ratings and have an upside potential of over 80%. Vapotherm, Inc. (VAPO) First off, Vapotherm is a medical device manufacturer specializing in high flow, heated, humidified nasal cannulas. These are therapeutic breathing aids with which oxygen-containing air can be delivered directly to the patient’s nose. By heating and humidifying the air, the unpleasant release of dry oxygen is reduced. As expected, Vapotherm has seen heavy sales during a respiratory disease pandemic in recent months – but its share price has been pulling back since early February. Paradoxically, the two events are related. First, Vapotherm’s financial results for the first quarter of 21 were positive. The company’s revenue increased 69% year over year to $ 32.3 million, and Precision Flow base unit installations worldwide increased 73% over the same period. The company’s net loss for the quarter of $ 5.2 million was an improvement on a loss of $ 10.2 million for the year-ago quarter. On the negative side, VAPO shares have fallen from their high in early February. The decline is substantial; The stock has fallen 50% since its peak and is down 34% since the start of the year. The decline in the stock’s value reflects concerns that the company’s flagship is oversold and that customers have bought more equipment than would be needed in normal times for fear of COVID-related respiratory distress. Such is the case of Piper Sandler analyst Jason Bednar. “Stocks have fared significantly worse since early February as many investors questioned the bolus usage dynamics from Precision Flow systems sold to hospitals last year. We understand the logic here, especially for investors with a shorter time horizon, but with a lot of that concern is apparently already being reflected in the stock at current levels. We believe the upside opportunity far outweighs the risk of further downtrend, ”commented Bednar. The analyst added, “We also believe that investors waiting for occupancy trends to bottom out will ultimately miss an initial surge that could occur if HVT 2.0 makes a contribution with a rollout later this year and the market for HVT 2.0 expands to take a clearer shape in 2022 (especially EMS and home care). “To that end, Bednar rates VAPO as overweight (i.e. buy) and its target price of $ 32 implies a robust uptrend of 81% im next year. (To see Bednar’s track record, click here.) Overall, Strong Buy’s unanimous consensus rating for this stock, backed by 4 recent analyst reviews, makes it clear that Bednar is not alone in its bullish view. The average price target here, USD 39, is even more optimistic and indicates an upward movement of ~ 122% from the current trading price of USD 17.65. (See VAPO stock analysis on TipRanks) Emergent Biosolutions (EBS) The next stock we look at, Emergent, is a biopharmaceutical company. The company has several products on the market, including a NARCAN nasal spray for use in patients with opioid overdose and vaccines for smallpox, anthrax and other diseases. Emergent’s development pipeline includes the pediatric cholera vaccine Vaxchora, which is currently in a Phase III study. Several programs, including an anthrax vaccine candidate, a chikungunya vaccine, and a seasonal flu shot, have completed Phase II and are preparing for Phase III. One of Emergent’s key programs is the contract development and manufacturing service, which is being extended to other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture vaccines they have developed. Emergent is part of Johnson & Johnson’s production chain for a COVID-19 vaccine as part of a CDMO plan. The latter is an important point. The J&J vaccine has been linked, at least in some reports, to serious adverse events, particularly blood clots in otherwise healthy recipients. This has resulted in a delay in the manufacture of the vaccine and, consequently, a delay in receiving payments from J&J. This in turn impacted the company’s financials in Q1 21, resulting in lower than expected sales and earnings. Investors are concerned, and the stock is down 33% since the start of the year. Despite the setback, benchmark analyst Robert Wasserman retains a buy rating for EBS shares and a price target of $ 120. If this is correct, the analyst’s target could be an annual return of 101%. (To see Wasserman’s track record, click here.) “EBS remains solidly profitable and, despite lowered expectations for J&N and AZ vaccine deals, expect solid sales growth this year. These stocks remain a bargain on our CDMO / Bioprocessing and could offer value investors a significant upward trend if circumstances change or new business can be made at short notice, “said Wasserman. Overall, the street currently has a cautiously bullish outlook for the stock. The analyst consensus rates EBS as a moderate buy based on 3 buys and 2 holds. The stock is priced at $ 59.59, and the average target price of $ 89.67 suggests upside potential of ~ 50% over the next 12 months. (See EBS stock analysis at TipRanks) Haemonetics Corporation (HAE) For the last stock on our list, we stick with the medical industry. Haemonetics manufactures a range of blood and plasma collection and separation products, software for machine operation and service contracts for maintenance. In short, Haemonetics is a single point of contact for blood donation centers and hospital blood banks. Blood products are a $ 10.5 billion market in the US alone, accounting for 80% of plasma, and Haemonetics has become an integral part of that business. Haemonetics steadily recovered from a decline in sales at the height of the corona crisis, and third quarter fiscal 2021 earnings showed solid results: sales of $ 240 million and earnings per share of 62 cents. While sales fell 7.3% year over year, earnings per share rose 6.8%. Even so, the stock fell sharply between April 15 and April 20, losing 42% of its value in that short time. The reason was simple. One of Haemonetics’ largest customers, CSL Pharma, announced that it has no plans to renew its contract with HAE. This contract for the supply, use and maintenance of Haemonetics’ PCS2 plasma collection system was valued at US $ 117 million and represented approximately 12% of the company’s sales. The cancellation comes with a one-time charge of $ 32 million for other related losses. Fortunately for HAE, the CSL contract doesn’t expire until June 2022, so the company has time to plan and prepare. Analyst David Turkaly reported on JMP Securities: “The announcement gives HAE some time (~ 15 months) to prepare for the expiry and we find that management is consistently strengthening its financial position through levers such as complexity reduction and product has optimization to make significant cost savings, and more of these will likely be used up-front to make up for customer loss. The analyst continued, “While this disappointing decision could affect HAE’s plasma positioning with other fractionators, we continue to believe that giving customers the ability to collect more plasma in less time – and having HAE is a very compelling value proposition.” still contracts and maintains a significant market. Share with many of the major plasma players. ”Accordingly, Turkaly rates HAE as outperforming (ie buying) with a target price of $ 110. This number implies an upward movement of 86% from the current level. (To see Turkaly’s track record, click here.) Overall, HAE has a consensus rating for moderate buying, based on 7 ratings breaking down 5 to 2 in favor of buying across the holds. The stock trades for $ 59.02 and has an average target price of $ 108.67, which is an uptrend of ~ 84% for a year. (See HAE stock analysis at TipRanks.) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.

Maoyan Leisure Pronounces 2020 Annual Outcomes

BEIJING, March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Maoyan Entertainment (“Maoyan” or the “Company”, 1896.HK), a leading platform providing innovative Internet empowered entertainment services in China, today announced its audited consolidated results for the year ended December 31, 2020.

Full Year 2020 Financial Highlights

  • Revenue was RMB1,365.7 million, compared with RMB4,267.5 million in 2019.
  • Gross profit was RMB537.3 million, compared with RMB2,657.1 million in 2019.
  • Selling and marketing expenses decreased by 68.6% to RMB485.8 million from RMB1,547.8 million in 2019.
  • Loss for the year of 2020 was RMB646.3 million, compared with a profit of RMB458.9 million in 2019.
  • Adjusted EBITDA[1] was negative RMB360.3 million, compared with positive RMB946.4 million in 2019.
  • Adjusted net loss[2] was RMB435.6 million, compared with an adjusted net profit of RMB703.2 million in 2019.

[1] In 2020 and 2019, the Company defined EBITDA as operating (loss)/profit for the year adjusted for depreciation and amortization expenses. The Company added back share-based compensation and listing expenses to EBITDA to derive adjusted EBITDA.

[2] In 2020 and 2019, the Company defined adjusted net (loss)/profit as net (loss)/profit for the year adjusted by adding back share-based compensation, fair value loss on convertible bonds classified as financial liabilities at fair value through profit or loss, listing expenses and amortization of intangible assets resulting from business combinations.


In this announcement, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to the Company.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, all the cinemas in mainland China had been shut down for 183 days from January 23, 2020, which posed unprecedented difficulties and challenges throughout the entire movie industry value chain. As the epidemic was kept under control in China and the strong consumer demand for offline movie watching was released continuously, the box office of the Chinese movie market has bounced back significantly, taking the lead in industry recovery among global movie markets.

During the outbreak of the epidemic, we took active measures to assist the recovery of the industry, enhanced our platform service capabilities, diversified our reserve of contents and strengthened the extent and depth of our participation in the industry. Meanwhile, leveraging on our asset-light business model and strict cost management, we had excellent risk-resistant ability and driving force of business development, which help us better mitigate the impact of the epidemic and promote the recovery and robust development of the Company’s business.

Keep Firm Foothold to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Since 2020, the national box office market has showed strong momentum of recovery and development. In 2020, the total gross box office for China’s movie industry was approximately RMB20.3 billion. Even as cinemas strictly implemented the 75% attendance limit imposed by the government, the seven-day box office on National Day Holiday in 2020 was RMB3.7 billion, which was recovered to more than 80% level compared to that in 2019 holiday period. As of December 31, 2020, the cumulative number of cinema screens in mainland China increased by 8.3% year-over-year to 75,581. As of February 28, 2021, China’s year-to-date total box office grew by 7% to more than RMB15.5 billion.

For Maoyan, our movie ticketing business has recovered along with the recovery of the market. During the reporting period, our market share was stable and we continued to maintain our leading position in the industry. In the future, we will continue to promote the construction of ticketing system, strictly control our costs and expenses of ticketing business, stabilize the market share and revenue performance, and further improve the profitability of ticketing business.

Build up Profound Strength by Cultivating Quality Contents

In 2020, we have participated in many movies and TV series, which have been successively released to the public with the re-opening of cinemas and the broadcasting of TV stations and video platforms. As an important participant in the pan entertainment industry, we continued to enhance our extent and depth of participation in the industry, strengthened content reserves, continued to expand our footprints upstream into the industry, and further improved the penetration and profitability of the blockbuster contents.

In terms of cinema movies, Maoyan has participated as a producer/distributor in three of the four movies that each achieved more than RMB1 billion box offices in 2020, respectively My People, My Homeland, Legend of Deification and The Sacrifice. In addition, the movies, such as One Second and Back To The Wharf produced and mainly distributed by us have had positive reception in the industry, which further validate our ability in movie selection, promotion and distribution. For example, Back To The Wharf, as the first realised movie self-produced by Maoyan, was shortlisted for the 23rd session of SIFF Golden Goblet Awards, and related unit of Cairo International Movie Festival and IFFAM.

We have built up an abundant reserve of contents which will be released in 2021 and beyond. We will also continue to enhance our participation in quality movies going forward, especially to deeply participate in the blockbusters for the important occasions. For example, we have participated in five of the seven movies that were released on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2021 as a producer/distributor. Among them, the movie Hi, Mom, which we acted as the main producer and guaranteed distributor, realized excellent performance and turned out to be the dark horse in the Spring Festival of 2021. As of March 30, 2021, the box office is over RMB5.3 billion, ranking the Second in the history of Chinese movies. There will be a series of quality movies that we acting as producer/distributor at opportune time, including but not limited to 1921, Raging Fire, Chinese Doctors, Across the Furious Sea, Warriors of Future and Knock, Knock. 

In addition, we have also started the self-production of cinema movies since 2019. Leveraging our high professional standard and content development expertise, we have produced more quality contents to extend the depth of our proprietary content reserves and strengthen our own IPs development. After Back to the Wharf, we are currently in active production of movies such as On Your Mark, Game Start, A Film Is Born, Flaming Cloud, Moses On The Plain, The Woman in the Storm and New Five Golden Flower which will be released successively. 

In addition to cinema movies, we were also constantly enriching content categories, and continued to increase the production and participation of TV series and streaming movies. In 2020, we co-produced two TV dramas with Tencent such as Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard and Babel. The law-themed suspense TV series The Last Straw developed and produced by us is planned to be shot in the first half of 2021, which will be exclusively broadcasted on Youku. Genius Go Talent, Beauty in Truth, Love Me If You Dare and several other TV series self-produced by Maoyan are planned to be shot this year. Besides, we have gradually established a solid roadmap for producing streaming movie content in a variety of categories such as northeastern comedy, new martial arts, and military, etc. We plan to release those online movies gradually in 2021 and beyond.

Make Whole Network Integration to Continue to Strengthen Internet Entertainment Promotion Platform Capabilities

As a leading domestic movie distributor and a comprehensive Internet entertainment marketing platform, we gave full play to the nature and advantages of our “Internet and Entertainment” platform. We continued to build an online and offline integrated marketing ecosystem, integrated the resources and advantages of Maoyan’s own platform and the major platforms in the industry to assist the movie producers with increasingly targeted and effectively promotion solutions. 

To address the different levels of marketing demands across the whole industry, we provide both standardized and customized movie promotion solutions. Our standardized promotion and distribution products, such as data consulting, precision marketing, material management and monitoring listed in Maoyan Pro, provide assistance to movie producers to improve efficiency. In addition, we also provided customized products and services for industry partner to achieve optimal promotion and distribution performance. For example, for the movie Hi, Mom, which was main produced and guaranteed distributed by us, we made continuous innovations by combining the environmental changes and the characteristics of the movie under the epidemic situation, and successively launched several innovative promotion and distribution solutions, such as “cloud road show”, “cloud block booking” and “red packet” etc., helped to boost the movie’s appeal, generate audience interest leading to its official release, and make it stand out above other competing titles. Our ability of continuous accumulation and innovation has been widely recognized by the market and further proved the promotion and distribution ability of Maoyan.

In order to support the realization and implementation of promotion and distribution products, we continued to build and enrich our promotion and distribution resources, and devoted ourselves to building our omni-channel media ecosystem covering the whole scenes of users’ online life. Up to now, the total user number of our Maoyan mini program ecosystem covering WeChat, Douyin, Baidu and other platforms has exceeded 450 million.

We were committed to creating industry standardization indicators, such as “real-time wish-list gathering” and “real-time pre-sale” index of Maoyan Pro, and improved the width, depth and accuracy of the coverage of such indicators, aiming to provide a more accurate and effective reference indicators and codes of conduct. Take “real-time wishlist gathering” as an example, we continued to strengthen cooperation with major platforms such as Douyin on film data and platform cooperation to get access to the entry of each viewer, and we accessed with Douyin’s “wish-list” index, enabling the movie producers to constantly monitor the accuracy and effectiveness of the promotion and distribution performance of all platforms.

Embrace Changes to Fortify Service Ability of Data Platform

Leveraging on Maoyan’s advantages in the movie ticketing platform and continuous participation in the pan entertainment industry, we have accumulated a wealth of industry data. Besides, we constantly expanded data sources, updated data dimensions and professional functions, strived to provide comprehensive and professional data reference for the entire industry, and to provide the best data analysis and data support solutions for industry partners.

In 2020, we further strengthened the cooperation with major online platforms, accessed to data sharing resources, and improved the industry reference indicators in film box office, original music, movie traffic data, user search data and other aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Accessed to Tencent Video’s streaming movie box office performance data, becoming the first platform to collect this key metric from all three of the major Chinese video platforms including Tencent Video, iQIYI and Youku;
  • Launched “Uni Chart” of Tencent Music Group which syndicated data on movie MV lists, movie soundtrack lists, TV series MV lists, TV series soundtrack lists and variety show soundtrack lists to help our industry partners easily monitor the effectiveness of their music marketing initiatives;
  • Launched “Weibo Movie Chart” and combined WeChat Movie Popularity Chart and Baidu Movie Popularity Chart to provide more complete social media popularity monitoring data for the industry;
  • Launched “Douyin Movie Chart”, “Douyin Drama Chart” and “Douyin Shows Chart”. The complete user data link and ecosystem brought by such data complementarity means the comprehensive upgrade of the refinement of online promotion and distribution in the content industry;
  • Connected the cinema resources of Maoyan to Baidu ecosystem through mini programs to obtain accurate traffic of users’ searches. At the same time, linked with Baidu App, Bai Jiahao and Baidu Map to realize traffic aggregation within Baidu ecosystem.

The comprehensive coverage and integration of the above data capabilities further lift Maoyan’s platform service capabilities and data service capabilities. In 2020, we provided data service for more than 40 movies, covering movies released on National Day, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival and other major Chinese holiday seasons. In 2021, we will continue to enhance our data analysis capabilities and data support solutions for entertainment contents. For example, four of the seven movies released in the Spring Festival in 2021 used the data service of Maoyan Research Institute, which reflects the coverage rate of our data service. In addition to cinema movies, we have also expanded the data service and platform service for streaming contents. For example, we provided research and testing services for Run For Young, A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower and other TV series, and provided data service for Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2, Once Upon a Time in the Northeast I Am Haizhu and other streaming movies.

Meanwhile, Maoyan also continued to attach importance to the data service and support for the whole industry, to keep the whole industry partners informed of industry information and trends. In 2020, Maoyan Research Institute released dozens of research reports on the impact of the epidemic, box office and schedule, the streaming movie market, etc., to assist the rapid recovery of the industry with big data.

Achieve Sound Growth to Build a Better Life

Based on the above, the pan entertainment industry was severely impacted by the epidemic in 2020. However, due to the effective management and control over the epidemic and with the joint efforts of all industry participants, the entertainment industry in China ushered in full recovery after general shutdown, and the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival releases in 2021 also recorded notable box office. Moreover, certain movies that we participated in, such as Hi, Mom, Detective Chinatown 3 and A Writer’s Odyssey, recorded excellent performance as a result of recovery of the Chinese movie market, which is expected to further boost the Company’s performance for the first quarter of 2021. We remain confident about our own growth prospect as well as the overall industry’s long-term healthy development. We believe the audiences will always support quality contents. By embracing data and innovations, making quality contents reach to suitable audiences we can help to leverage the value of the content industry and build a better life.

As a leading platform to provide innovative Internet services for the whole entertainment industry, we will continue to enhance our core abilities, present more quality contents, further improve the basic service capacity of the platform and facilitate the recovery and development of the industry. Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all colleagues, shareholders and industry partners for their trust and companionship. Let us work together and generate great values for our industry!

About Maoyan Entertainment

Maoyan Entertainment (1896.HK) is a leading internet platform providing innovative services in China’s comprehensive entertainment industry. Since its inception, Maoyan has grown from an online movie ticketing service provider to an innovative one-stop platform for entertainment services. Maoyan has a comprehensive strategy to become a leading platform servicing the entire entertainment industry in China.

This strategy is supported by its five key platforms: its comprehensive entertainment ticketing platform, product platform, data platform, marketing platform, and financing platform.

Non-GAAP Financial Measures

To supplement the consolidated results of the Group prepared in accordance with IFRS, certain additional non-GAAP financial measures (in terms of, operating profit, operating margin, profit for the period, net margin, profit attributable to equity holders of the Company, basic EPS and diluted EPS), have been presented in this press release. These unaudited non-GAAP financial measures should be considered in addition to, not as a substitute for, measures of the Group’s financial performance prepared in accordance with IFRS. In addition, these non-GAAP financial measures may be defined differently from similar terms used by other companies.

The Company’s management believes that the non-GAAP financial measures provide investors with useful

supplementary information to assess the performance of the Group’s core operations by excluding certain noncash items and certain impact of M&A transactions. In addition, non-GAAP adjustments include relevant non-GAAP adjustments for the Group’s material associates based on available published financials of the relevant material associates, or estimates made by the Company’s management based on available information, certain expectations, assumptions and premises.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements relating to the business outlook, forecast business plans and growth strategies of the Company. These forward-looking statements are based on information currently available to the Company and are stated herein on the basis of the outlook at the time of this press release. They are based on certain expectations, assumptions and premises, some of which are subjective or beyond our control. These forward-looking statements may prove to be incorrect and may not be realised in future. Underlying the forward-looking statements is a large number of risks and uncertainties. Further information regarding these risks and uncertainties is included in our other public disclosure documents on our corporate website.

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