LaPorte household raises cash to deliver AED’s to first responders whereas honoring son

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (WNDU) – A family has been struggling to get more AEDs to LaPorte County since their 12-year-old Colton Davis tragically died after suffering cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital in 2019.

16 News Now tells us how they turned this tragedy into an opportunity to prevent this from affecting more families.

Brett and Erin Davis say they want people to be aware of a few things. Be aware of undiagnosed heart problems that could affect your child. Find out about resources in your community in case someone you know has cardiac arrest. And are aware of the opportunities to get CPR and AED certification so you can save lives.

Colton’s parents say he had a big heart that made him a tough competitor in sports and a happy son off the field.

Tragically, he passed away in November 2019 after suffering cardiac arrest with an ambulance that took him to the hospital. His mother says an automated external defibrillator, or AED, could have saved his life, but the ambulance didn’t have one.

“We have to be careful that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Another’s child. Someone’s grandparent. For everyone, ”said Erin Davis.

They turned tragedy into change by starting a Gofundme site that already raised enough money to buy two AEDs for first responders in LaPorte County.

An Indiana nonprofit Bolt for the Heart pledged to raise the dollars raised by the Gofundme, and they haven’t stopped.

“At the same time, we’re doing a three-mile run in Michigan City on October 30th with the sole focus of raising money to put AEDs in the rest of the LaPorte County Officer cars. 85 AEDs is the goal, ”said Pierre Twer, President and Founder of Bolt for the Heart.

Access to these devices, Davis says, is one thing, but people trained in their use can save lives.

“We also want to teach awareness to do CPR. Many things happened that day that shouldn’t have happened. You need to be ready to perform CPR or use an AED at all times, ”said Colton’s father, Brett Davis.

Prepare your community for the next time a child has a life-threatening accident.

Follow this shortcut to go to the family’s Gofundme page.

click here to learn more about Bolt for the Heart and to sign up for the 5K.

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Pennsylvania grant cash going to fireplace, emergency responders all through Lycoming County | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

The local firefighters and emergency services received the welcome news this week that they are being strengthened by the state with their financing needs.

The Fire and Emergency Services grant program helps alleviate some of the challenges first responders face in their fundraising efforts.

DuBoistown Vol. Fire Co. Fire Chief Paul McKinley said the division’s allocations of $ 12,589 for fire and $ 8,993 for ambulance are very welcome.

“Every year we apply for funding” he said.

McKinley said both fire departments and EMS are trying to repair vehicles and replace old equipment.

He noted that efforts to raise donations locally were challenging, including last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joe Hopple, of Old Lycoming Township Vol. Fire Co., said the department plans to upgrade and replace equipment.

The purchases include three new automated external defibrillators for the ambulance service.

“This helps us improve our CPR response.” he said. “On the fire side, we buy some hoses, nozzles, and fire extinguishing equipment. We had to apply for the money and say what we would use it for. “

The fire department receives $ 13,480 and EMS $ 8,890.

The grant program, administered by the State Fire Commissioner’s Office, is available to all fire and rescue services, as well as volunteer rescue teams, according to Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Loyalsock Township.

Money can be used to build, repair or renovate facilities, purchase equipment, education and training, hire or stay, or to cover lost income due to the fundraising interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Muncy Area Vol. 2 Fire Co. Assistant Manager Kevin Rupert noted that the equipment is needed for the fire and rescue services.

“On the EMS side are our plans to buy protective vests and breathing apparatus with positive pressure”, he said. “On the fire side, we are examining the modernization of our first rescue equipment and the acquisition of thermal imaging devices for the fire brigade.”

Yaw said the region is blessed to have highly skilled and dedicated people who volunteer their time and efforts to protect communities.

“These grant payments will help alleviate some of the stresses these organizations face on a day-to-day basis.” he said.

Fund allocations in Lycoming County ranged from $ 2,613 for Plunketts Creek Fire Department EMS to $ 23,733 for Muncy Area Vol. Fire Co.

The following additional circle fire and EMS organizations that receive funding are:

• Antes Fort Fire Co.

• Citizens Hose Co. Jersey Shore

• Clinton Township Vol. 1 Fire Co. No. 1

• Elders Congregation Vo. Fire Co.

• Hepburn Ward Vol. 2, No. Fire Co.

• Hughesville Vol. fire Department

• Jersey Shore Fire Co.

• Lairdsville Community Vol. 2, No. Fire Co., Inc.

• Loyalsock Vol. Fire Co. No. 1

• Montgomery Vol. Fire Co.

• Nippenose Valley Vol. 2, No. Fire Co.

• Nisbet Vol. Fire Co.

• Old Lycoming Township Vol. 2, No. Fire Co., Inc.

• Picture Rocks Vol. 1 Fire Co. Ambulance

• Ralston Vol. Fire Co., Inc.

• South Williamsport Fire Co.

• Trout run vol. Fire Co.

• Unityville Vol. Fire Co.

• Washington Township Vol. 1 Fire Co.

• Waterville Vol. Fire Co.

• Williamsport Office of Fire

• Willing Hand Hose Co. 1, Montoursville

• Woodward Ward Vol. 2, No. Fire Co.

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Wisconsin father units new pushup world document to boost cash for household of fallen first responders

A Wisconsin Dad of three achieved one of his biggest goals – doing 1,500,231 pushups to set a new world record for most pushups in a year. But the best thing about it? It was all to raise money for the families of the fallen first responders.

Nate Carroll on the 50-yard line at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey broke the record in front of first responders during halftime of the 48th Fire and police Soccer teams.

“It was great to be in the field with so many first responders cheering on,” said Carroll.


The father said he was motivated by his family and wanted to “show my children what goals look like that seem impossible when they are broken down into manageable pieces on a daily basis”. Carroll said he had been interested in the record for the most pushups in 365 days for several years. But he added, “I understand that if this challenge was to be accepted, there had to be more depth than just breaking a record.”

He spent the last year raising money for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Fallen First Responder program, which pays off mortgages for the families of police officers and firefighters who are killed on duty and leave young children behind.

The persistence to take on the task changed him.

Nate Carroll broke the record in front of the first responders on the 50-yard line at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. (Tunnel to the Towers Foundation)

“With an average of over 4,000 push-ups per day, muscles will certainly develop in the arms and core. What stood out the most, however, was my awareness of how my body felt and how it was responding to the stress of thousands of pushups each day, “Carroll said, but noted that the” most dramatic change was … the mental strength and understanding, that the body is a phenomenal creation and, if properly cared for and conditioned, it can endure significant physical stress and perform tremendously. “

His advice is that competition must become an identity, not an activity. “Set a goal and go for it. Make it who you are, not what you do. That way, when things get difficult and life throws obstacles in your way and you have easy excuses.” offers to stop or says it’s too difficult, find a way to hold on and hold on and hold on. Winning these mini-battles every day builds strength and forms your own perspective on what is possible. “

Even though he’s done more than 1.5 million pushups, his 12 month search isn’t over until June 13th.

He said he would like the final total of pushups to include the numbers 911, in honor of Jan. September 11 Attacks.

“It was an honor for me to set a new world record here in New York in front of members of the NYPD, FDNY, PAPD and other first responders. I want this record to pay tribute to the sacrifice so many heroes made on that tragic day. “Said Carroll.


Carroll said he’s just getting started. He may be middle-aged, but his journey is only just beginning.

“In the past 15 months, I’ve run 50 miles around my house, done 3,000 pushups in a marathon, 5,000 pushups in a 31-mile trail race, and over 1.5 million pushups in 365 days. I’m 45 years old and old don’t get any younger … “

Younger brothers increase cash at lemonade stand to lease meals truck for Brooklyn first responders

BROOKLYN, Ohio – A few little brothers in Brooklyn make a huge impact on their community.

Gideon and Josiah Trank, ages eight and seven, have raised hundreds of dollars for first responders with their lemonade stand in the front yard.

On Friday they used their earnings to rent the Cocky’s Bagels food truck for the Brooklyn Police and Fire Department. The truck parked in front of the police station between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. serving bagel sandwiches and other goodies while the brothers took orders behind the counter.

“We love our heroes,” said Gideon. “We’re doing this because they’re probably hungry.”

This love for first responders was instilled in them by their parents Machelle and Avery Trank.

“My wife and I really convey to them that they support our first responders because whether you like them or not, they are the first to come and they are there for our community to help us for whatever reason always you’re dealing with, ”said Avery Trank, the boys’ father.

The boys have proven this love over the years with their lemonade stand. Last year the boys raised more than $ 700 for the families of fallen Cleveland Police Detective James Skernivitz and Officer Nick Sabo.

“You want to help raise money for families and contribute as much as possible,” said Trank.

A few weeks ago they had the idea of ​​renting a food truck for their local first responders in Brooklyn.

So the Potions called Natalie Bata, the co-owner of Cocky’s Bagels in North Olmsted, and asked how much they would have to raise to make this happen.

“So obviously my heart was overflowing with joy and I’m like absolute,” said Bata. “Collect $ 300 and we’ll do the rest.”

Bata said the Cocky’s food truck usually costs between $ 800 and $ 1,000 to rent for events, but she was touched by Gideon and Josiah’s selflessness and kindness, so she wanted to help too.

“So that young children understand the beauty of the ministry and give something back to the community, and then understand what these cops and firefighters do every day, and that risks their lives and gives something back to their community,” said Bata. “So the fact that they understand the importance of this form of service is only – for an eight-year-old who feels and feels like this is giving back to the community and actually wanting to work on it.” Is pretty great . “

The boys raised $ 340 and on Friday night they helped the Cocky team serve the people who always serve the community.

Courtesy: Machelle Potion

“It makes you feel really good,” said Sergeant Paul Stein of the Brooklyn Police Department. “Machelle and Avery were very supportive and taught them what it is like to respect adults and cops and what is important in life, and to see that it is just amazing with a young person.”

Trank said it was humiliating to see his sons come up with fundraising ideas for first responders.

“We have to support our local first responders because they go through a lot, they really do it and we don’t see what’s behind the curtain,” said Trank. “So I urge everyone out there to support them, just wave them, say hello and ask them how their day is.”

Bata said the spots to rent the Cocky’s Bagels food truck for the summer are filling up quickly. If you are interested, you should email or call 440-454-0675.

Gideon and Josiah plan to reopen their lemonade stand sometime this summer.

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McKeesport Group Members Increase Cash, Donate 40 Bulletproof Vests To First Responders – CBS Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

MCKEESPORT (KDKA) – The McKeesport community has won out for their first responders.

It was last December when McKeesport cop was Jerry Athans Shot while pulling a suspect out of his cruiser at the train station.

Now ward members have come together to serve the men and women who serve on the front lines in their ward.

On Sunday, members of the community distributed 40 bulletproof vests to the police, fire brigade and rescue workers.

The community raised the money for the West through fundraising campaigns last month.

“The way I see it, McKeesport is much safer now,” said former McKeesport police officer Joe Lopretto.

“Our police, fire and rescue workers have what they need and we will continue to do for them and the city supports us 100% when we do such things,” added Lopretto.

The organizers say it was one of the biggest fundraiser ever held in the community.

Colorado First Responders Gathering Cash For Boulder Officer Eric Talley’s Household – Information, Climate & Sports activities For All Of Colorado

First responders in Colorado raise funds for the family of bouldering officer Eric TalleyThe Northern Colorado first responder community comes together to support their fallen colleague, Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, the hero who was killed trying to stop the King Soopers massacre.

43 minutes ago

“We’re here for you”: Community gathers to mourn victims of boulder shootingsTributes to the ten victims of Monday’s shooting will continue across our state this weekend. On Saturday evening, dozens gathered in front of a church in Friedrich for a prayer service and a candlelight vigil.

51 minutes ago

CBS4 News Update 3/28/21CBS4 is the news channel for CO

58 minutes ago

Warm and sunny before the cold and snow returnLook at Callie Zanandrie’s prediction.

2 hours ago

Mild, dry Sunday before the next storm systemMeteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

16 hours ago

Hundreds of COVID vaccine doses are being administered at Denver ChurchA vaccination clinic was held at Seventh Day Adventist Church on Albion Street in Denver on Saturday.

17 hours ago

Employee dies at Greeley JBS plantThe unidentified worker is believed to have drowned after machines knocked the worker unconscious.

17 hours ago

Union reveals safety complaints at Boulder King SoopersThe United Food and Commercial Workers Union says a representative held a safety grievance meeting at the King Soopers in Boulder, where a shooting took place.

17 hours ago

“We’ll Weep With You”: Deputy Micah Flick’s widow shares open letter to Officer Eric Talley’s widow“I’m sorry because the rest of us all pray that no one else will ever join our widows club.”

17 hours ago

Boulder Running Store donates 100% of net profit from shoe sales to King Soopers Shooting VictimsWhen you think of bouldering, you might think of fitness. After all, it’s home to world-class hiking and the Bolder Boulder; America’s largest 10k.

17 hours ago

Colorado Law Enforcement escort mother of officer Eric Talley to ColoradoTalley’s mother was escorted from New Mexico to Colorado on Interstate 25.

17 hours ago

CBS4 NEWS UPDATE, 03/27/21CBS4 covers Colorado first.

1 day ago

Jefferson County narrowly avoids going back to yellow levels in COVID casesDespite high vaccination rates, Colorado is one of 30 states to report an increase in COVID-19 cases this week.

2 days ago

Boulder in honor of the grocery store victims who shoot with 10 minutes of silenceThe movement is called Ten Together: A moment of silence for the victims of the boulder shooting.

2 days ago

The trauma of shooting in the grocery store can affect those far from the eventThe trauma felt while shooting at the Boulder grocery store on Monday may affect those who haven’t even been there.

2 days ago

The suspect was hospitalized after a shooting with the Deputy Sheriff of Weld CountyThe shooting took place on Friday evening and the suspect was taken to the hospital.

2 days ago

Remembering the victims during the shoot in the supermarket on MondayTen people were killed in a shooting at the Boulder King Soopers on Table Mesa.

2 days ago

Winning Colorado Lottery Ticket Sold At King Soopers In LakewoodThe Lotto Plus ticket is worth $ 5.9 million.

2 days ago

Englewood Police are seeking help in solving the mystery of explosive devicesSince January, police have responded to three explosive devices located west of Broadway and south of Oxford.

2 days ago

Colorado’s assistance in introducing unemployment benefits is slower than other statesThe Colorado Department of Labor and Employment made a major technology upgrade that blocked hundreds of thousands of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) payments by March.

2 days ago

Quebec Street on I-70 closed for the Central 70 projectQuebec Street will be closed for the entire weekend off I-70 for the Central 70 project.

2 days ago

Weld County Cold Case Update: James Dye was arrested in 1979 for the murder of Kay DayThe Weld County Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest for murder in 1979. James Dye, 64, is behind bars following the death of Kay Day.

2 days ago

Boulder Arts Week provides time for the community to come togetherBoulder Arts Week runs through April 3rd.

2 days ago

Colorado families look forward to summer when the camps fill upAt the beginning of the comeback in Colorado, families are looking forward to summer camps with some restrictions.

2 days ago

Extra COVID aid cash for important employees and first responders in NY

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – Governor Cuomo announced that $ 29 million will be available to support key workers and first responders through the Empire Pandemic Response Reimbursement Fund program.

Up to US $ 1,000 per household is available from private donations.

The program aims to provide out-of-pocket reimbursement for childcare, transportation, housing and other qualified expenses that enabled workers to carry out their duties.

Workers should be referred by employers, trade unions or social service providers who can review employment during the COVID emergency.

Families earning up to 500 percent of federal poverty, or $ 125,470 for a family of four, can apply for funds to cover the expenses.

The money comes from private donations from individuals, charitable foundations, and corporations made during the COVID crisis.

Group Raises Cash for Households of Fallen First Responders

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida – A Manatee County organization works to serve families of fallen heroes.

What you need to know

  • Heroes of Fallen First Responders hosts pop-up events in the Tampa Bay area
  • The funds raised help with funeral expenses and other difficulties
  • The group held an event Sunday for the family of a Manatee County MP

The group “Heroes of the Fallen First Aiders” started in November.

“I knew there was a need,” said founder Wesley Adams. “Families really need this support.”

Adams is hosting several pop-up events in the Tampa Bay area to raise funds.

Their event on Sunday was dedicated to Manatee County Deputy 22-year-old Antonio Hernandez, who was killed in a car accident in December 2020.

The money goes towards funeral expenses and any financial hardship the family has suffered since the loss of their loved one.

“Tony was like my brother … it was nothing but love for one another,” said Jimmy Zamudio, a friend of Hernandez’s. “But as long as I’m still alive, I’ll let his legacy live on.”

To track the next popup event, go to Heroes of Fallen First Responders website.