Ocean Metropolis Resident Gives Fashion, Consolation With Clothes Line

WoodLuck clothing offers unique and sporty clothing with style and comfort in mind. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)


Jake Brown, who is only 24 years old, is a budding entrepreneur.

His WoodLuck clothing line offers a range of items for the outdoor type. And the clothes are selling fast. The young talent not only keeps pace with the growing business, but also expands his company and still offers his regular and new customers special offers.

Brown is offering 20 percent off WoodLuck inventory and free shipping through Saturday, December 4th. The coupon code is Beer20. To order, visit WoodLuck at https://woodluckapparel.com/

Clothing is about quality, style, and uniqueness, Brown said. Every “WoodHood” hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the WoodLuck logo sewn into the garment. The company name arose from Brown’s superstition that “knocking on wood” as a lucky charm.

WoodLuck’s customer base has been growing steadily since the website launched in 2018.

And Brown is pretty sure why that could be.

“It’s about quality,” he said during an interview on Saturday in his new office in downtown Ocean City. “A lot of our older shirts just weren’t as good as they are now. I researched various companies and clothing until I found the brand with the best quality. “

Brown, who works full-time in insurance risk management, is an avid surfer and animal lover who is devoted to his family and friend, Alex Valentini of Manasquan.

Jake Brown and his girlfriend Alex Valentini in his new office in downtown Ocean City.

His passion drives the success he has achieved with WoodLuck.

Brown claims that thanks to his business philosophy – quality over quantity – he ensures he delivers a garment that is comfortable, casual, yet stylish and memorable.

“I want my customers to come back,” he says. “If people like the design or the color, but the quality just isn’t there, they won’t come back.”

Thick and soft sweatshirts from coffee to bone color define the hoodies. Like the other items of clothing, the long-sleeved shirts have the WoodLuck logo with a simple, clear gradient under the logo. The backs of the shirts have designs ranging from surfboards to sundials. The hoodies have the thin wooden labels.

Although his garments are competitively priced, Brown also knows the importance of rewarding returning customers and attracting new WoodLuck fans, he said.

That’s why Brown regularly offers discounts and specials on the website.

He attributes good business acumen to his parents Marnie and Jim Brown, who helped him with his dream, which was once a hobby but quickly turned into a career.

Each hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the logo for the superstitious. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)

WoodLuck started out at his parents’ house after all.

Now that he has opened an office in Ocean City that he uses for his inventory and WoodLuck office, he sees even more expansion in the future.

He grew up in Ambler, Pennsylvania with his parents and brother Ryan, 20, but always spent the summers in Ocean City.

“I’ve vacationed here since I was a baby,” noted Brown. “I thought Ocean City would be an ideal place to start WoodLuck.”

He is a 2019 graduate of Bloomsburg University where he studied business administration. During his studies WoodLuck was born and the website was launched.

WoodLuck orders, at least for now, exclusively online. While Brown said he was open to the possibility of opening a retail store in the future, the WoodLuck website currently gives customers the benefit of ordering exactly what they want and getting it delivered to their door.

Brown has ideas for some new items and will definitely continue to grow.

“This month itself is the best month we’ve had so far,” he said. “I only fill out order after order. It’s getting really full now, that’s great. My goal is to have more space for more inventory and possibly introduce some new parts into the line. “

Brown has some ideas but doesn’t share the details yet.

“We’ll get some new hats and shorts in the spring,” he said. “We might see some new categories over the summer. We will definitely have something new for our customers. “

WoodLuck is all about stylish yet comfortable clothing. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)

Fall River resident elevating cash for Jimmy Fund to learn Dana-Farber

FALL RIVER – Not many people can say they had a dream that saved their life. But to Fall River residents Sandra BroomeHaving undergone dozens of operations for various types of cancer, anything seems possible.

Broome was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and was planning to have one double mastectomy Next year. But that summer she had a dream in which her late father, who himself died of cancer, urged her to get an operation as soon as possible. She woke up, pinched herself, and convinced her doctors to let her do the mastectomy three weeks later.

“They called me 14 days later and told me to sit down,” she said. The surgery revealed that she had three different types of cancer in her breasts, including one that could possibly have spread to other parts of her body.

In the years that followed, Broome, 45, had 53 surgeries, and the number is rising, and more are planned for this fall. Since her mastectomy, she has faced one hurdle after another. Tumors have appeared in other parts of her body, she had to undergo treatment to correct complications from radiation therapy to her hip, and her breast implants had to be replaced several times due to government recalls.

Fall River Clinics:These eight schools will offer vaccination clinics for students in September and October

“I look like a map,” she said about all of her scars, radiation burns and radiation tattoos.

But Broome has maintained an indomitable optimism throughout her countless surgeries and painful recovery. She said she developed a routine to make sure she walks into her treatments with a smile on her face and jokes with the anesthetist.

“I’m doing a dance, I’m joking around,” she said.

Now she’s helping to raise money for cancer treatment and research through various cancer walks and other fundraising drives. She currently heads a fundraising team, Sandra Stark, for next month Jimmy Fund Walk in aid of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The walk is virtual this year, so on October 3rd she will be walking around Boston’s Castle Island.

Heal and Help:Former Taunton State Hospital Patient Wants To Help Others Transcend And “Fly”

And Broome said she wanted to let other people facing similar challenges know what they think is the best way to endure the grueling treatment process.

“Laughter heals,” she said of what she attributes to her treatment providers at Dana-Farber who they taught her. “So many people are stressed and I get it. But stress doesn’t help the body. “

It’s not about never feeling sad or discouraged, but it’s important to have a positive attitude, she said.

“Strong people cry too,” she says. But: “If I have to have 100 operations, I’m here. Cancer and tumors will not defeat this lady. “

Audrey Cooney can be contacted at acooney@heraldnews.com. Support local journalism by purchasing a digital or print subscription to The Herald News today.

Trout Creek resident opposes federal cash

When the FEDS says “jump”, the Montana government says “how high”

Yes, thanks to the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan Act, our Montana lawmakers passed HB632, which can pour billions of dollars into our state.

We are told they have to vote YES or lose the money. So let’s get that straight. We, the people, must sacrifice the COVID manipulations of “control” and “compliance” in exchange for numerous better ways of living in Montana!

Let’s examine the funding allocated for these much-needed millions of improvement dollars, as cited in HB632: $ 462,689,925 for water and sanitation infrastructure projects; $ 275 million for communications; $ 150,000,000 for economic transformation, stabilization and human resource development; $ 213,859,768 for housing programs; $ 365,595,000 for public health and human services; $ 391,260,656 for education. Don’t worry, the grants associated with many of these funds are initially just taxpayer-funded money.

The judiciary is even allocated $ 944,721 to aid COVID19-affected court cases.

In Montana, do you feel freed by the $ 1.8 billion funding caused by the pandemic? Are you content to be a hostage to the American Rescue Plan Act?

Go back to your corner, sit down and be still.

Kathleen Hassan, trout stream

Wilson County resident receives rip-off texts demanding cash

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn (WKRN) – Bodies, death threats, and cash demands. This week a resident of Wilson County received bizarre SMS that the sheriff’s office says are fake.

One of the messages read in the section “I’m an Assassin, I Was Sent to End Your Life” and “You have to make a payment of four thousand dollars so that I can cancel the contract of the person who sent me.”

Detective Justin Cagle pointed out the poor grammar, misspellings, and poor punctuation in the texts as signs that the news is fake.

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Detective Cagle also noted that the photo the scammer contained, alluding to the fact that they killed someone, was actually a screenshot from a recent news story in which the deputy of the San Diego Sheriff passed out after he passed out during a drug downturn Has been exposed to fentanyl.

“The first thing we suggest is that they block the number and not respond to any of the messages at all,” said Cagle.

The number that texted the victims was listed as (501) 415-3676. It is important to know that the Sheriff’s Office says a lot of these scams are likely to be from overseas and the number can be manipulated.

If something doesn’t seem right, Cagle says it’s probably not right. He wants to remind people never to give out personal information or money without verifying a situation or contacting law enforcement.

“If it sounds a little lazy, don’t do anything. Ask somebody. Contact us, ”said Cagle.

Marlboro resident making mark in leisure area with ‘can do’ perspective

As a resident of Marlboro Andrew Suydam came to an independent film set to cast a role as an extra, he also got a leadership role with a new streaming platform.

Suydam, 29, is the chief producer of live events for MOBFI-TV, a streaming service named for the media to which it is dedicated (cellular, film and television). In his position he is responsible for comedy specials, concerts and congress reporting as well as the animation of the platform.

Started in March 2020, MOBFI-TV has undergone a content expansion this year with the participation of Suydam. Before he secured his current position, Suydam was on the lowest production level of the platform.

It was summer 2020 and the production of “Love Dave” had just started when Suydam showed up for a bar scene.

His appearance came at the request of Mike Mazza, a social media friend and lead actor, who posted a message on Facebook looking for extras. Suydam had never met Mazza before that day, but the sight of the post made him take part in Love Dave.

What followed was the first face-to-face meeting between Suydam and Mazza, which might have been their last meeting if Suydam had left for the day with the other extras.

Instead, Suydam was willing to take another risk with someone he had just met. He stayed back to speak to the film’s director, Marcus Reyes, and made an offer for a bigger role on Love Dave.

The offer was not for a major acting role as Suydam’s main skill was in a different area.

During Suydam’s standby to achieve resulted in a meeting with Reyes. That commitment was complemented by something that would grab Reyes’ attention: Suydam’s decades of manufacturing expertise and a lifelong passion for creating projects.

“I’ve always wanted to be a content creator,” says Suydam. “I’ve always wanted to do something, bring it out and let people criticize it.”

Speaking from his home in Marlboro in a room adorned with movie and television memorabilia, Suydam described how he spent many years making videos, drawing cartoons, and filming live events such as bar mitzvahs, weddings, and plays.

He had built an impressive and creative résumé, but he hadn’t found the industry connections he needed to advance his career.

Despite its place outside the entertainment world, Suydam stood firm in creating its own material. He once had an opportunity to work in the larger industry while interning at Nickelodeon under Nick Cannon.

Cannon was Suydam’s celebrity boss, but he was far from being Suydam’s only celebrity encounter.

Suydam often met celebrities at events, autograph sessions and on the street, which often led to positive and sometimes less positive encounters.

While these experiences were meant for fun only, they were the accidental ignition to get into the industry after Mazza, an aspiring actor, saw Suydam’s celebrity photos.

“When I saw him meet all of these celebrities, I was hoping he would pair me up,” Mazza said.

It was through Mazza that Suydam had his first real connection in Reyes. Their first meeting was followed by a phone call during which Suydam presented his previous work.

“We got along very quickly, very well,” said Suydam. “He was very impressed with what I could do.”

One of the videos submitted by Suydam was “The Unsuspecting”, a short film that he made in 2013. The film was shot in 48 hours for a film festival at Brookdale Community College in Middletown, where it took second place and won an award for best editing.

But aside from showing off his skills to Reyes, Suydam believes they are connected through their common goals.

“[Reyes] asked me what I wanted to do, ”he said. “I said I just want to do content.”

After talking to them, Reyes realized that Suydam would be a valuable addition to “Love Dave”.

“He shared his ideas, I mean, and we realized that we can definitely work together,” said Reyes.

Suydam became the producer on Love Dave and was responsible for ensuring the cast and crew arrived on time, planning locations and dates, and confirming that those around them understood their roles.

At Reyes’ request, he did camera, light, and audio work and provided special effects.

The production of the film was concise. Reyes said the script, which emerged from a conversation between him and Mazza, was completed in a day.

Filming took place in the summer and fall of 2020 at locations in Jersey Shore and White Plains, NY. In November “Love Dave” was released digitally. And because all the scenes filmed before Suydam’s arrival had to be re-shot, Reyes thought Suydam was part of the bigger picture.

Efficient production took place despite the fact that the film (according to Suydam’s admission) had no budget and was shot during the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, Suydam found that the pandemic made it easier for the small cast and small team to film in locations that would otherwise have been open to the public and would have resulted in more people attending.

Marked during 2020 The end of “Love Dave” did not mean the end of Suydam’s work with Reyes. Before Reyes started working on Love Dave, he created a more ambitious project – MOBFI-TV.

“Marcus wanted to do MOBFI-TV because Netflix, Hulu, Hollywood and everyone else have red tape,” Mazza said. “If you bring them something, they can refuse it because they don’t like it, they can cancel you. Marcus wanted to avoid all of that and we are filming original content so there are no rules for us. If we do a TV series, it can run as long as we want. “

MOBFI-TV was scheduled to launch before Reyes met Suydam – “Love Dave” was original content for the service – but the experience of working with Suydam convinced Reyes to take him on as the project grew.

“I realized he knows a lot about what he’s doing,” Reyes said. “I could trust him to take on the role of producing projects for MOBFI-TV. He was always one step ahead and, as I have seen, he was always on point in everything he did. “

In line with his previous experience, Suydam was responsible for the live events and animation of the platform. And perhaps most importantly, he maintains unity among his teammates.

“It’s our moral compass,” said Joey Sousa, a chief producer for the service. “He is the heart of the group. We have become a band of brothers with our strengths and weaknesses, but Andrew holds us together. He controls the chaos by keeping us all on track. And he’s really nice. “

Suydam has shown his generosity towards the MOBFI-TV team by once again going beyond his responsibilities.

In addition to the animated introduction for “Dat’s Slamin”, a MOBFI TV series with Sousa, he created merchandise to promote the platform.

Suydam proudly displayed the MOBFI TV shirt he designed and worn, while Sousa showed the “Dat’s Slamin ‘” stickers he made.

In his new role, Suydam tries to help people with whom he was previously friends. Among them is Vinnie Brand, the owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick.

While MOBFI-TV wants to show a lot of comedy acts, there will be a special section dedicated to the Stress Factory.

Another comedian Suydam contacted was Paul Venier, who joined for MOBFI-TV.

Venier shared how Suydam would bring crowds to his live shows and now Suydam is hoping to attract a larger audience to his work.

In addition to comedy specials, Venier will be seen in his first serious role in the upcoming thriller series “Secret Society”. Suydam believes Venier was born for the role.

“I know he’s always wanted to do something like this, so it’s really his dream to be part of a project,” Venier said of Suydam. “I’m happy for him.”

Since MOBFI-TV wants to expand in 2021, Suydam is looking for more creative minds – provided they bring the same commitment, passion and ambition as he did in summer 2020.

“I’m very lenient, but you have to give me a chance,” he said. “If you keep saying ‘no’ to me, I can’t use you. But I’m still very generous. I like to help people, especially in this difficult business. “

If Suydam hadn’t been helping a Facebook friend (Mazza) he’d never met, he wouldn’t have met Reyes.

If Suydam hadn’t offered to take on more responsibility without being asked, he probably wouldn’t have joined Reyes’ team.

But that commitment has led Suydam to take up his greatest creative stance to date, with full support from the rest of MOBFI-TV.

“I love working with him,” Reyes said of Suydam. “He understands the vision of the project, he understands what is needed and is always there and very reliable. As a team, we have a great relationship. “

‘The Resident’: The Ups & Downs of Parenthood (RECAP) | Leisure

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Resident Season 4, Episode 13 “A Children’s Story.”]

The Resident is mostly about parents and children in the penultimate episode of season 4, the ending of which is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Nurse Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp) and Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) are eagerly awaiting the birth of their child and it’s time for a baby shower! But that comes at a time that Dr. Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas), with Nic for the day to make everything easier for her, it has to do with something very personal.

Meanwhile in the hospital Dr. Jake Wong (Conrad Ricamora) and his husband Gregg (Christopher J. Hanke) are close to becoming parents, but then Sammie (Chedi Chang) needs another operation and the prognosis is not good. But in good news at Chastain, Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut) brings in Rose (Cara Ricketts) fearing she may have a sickle cell crisis just so they can get some good news: Gene therapy worked and she is cured! And hey, Conrad points out, maybe Rose is good for Cain, even if Dr. Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal) regards him as a “problematic person”.

Read on for the ups and downs of parenting in A Children’s Story.

The waiting game

After Sammie’s surgery, she just wants to sleep and you won’t know how her digestive system reacts until she eats. But when the latest lab results show signs of kidney and liver failure (as a result of post-operative infection), Jake’s (former) stepfather, Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) must work again.

“I’ll see you on the other side,” she says delightfully to her hopefully soon-to-be-expecting fathers before Bell takes her to the operating room.

But while the surgery goes well, there is still a chance she won’t make it through the night. All you can do is sit down with her and wait … and when Jake and Gregg wake up and eat jello it’s a great sign. It looks like adoption just has to be official!

Guy D’Alema / FOX

Tough choices

After Nic realizes that Billie continues to ignore texts, she checks her friend’s phone when she is not in the room. “Please, just talk to me,” “Just a phone call,” and “You owe me so much,” was the latest news.

Billie confides in Nic that she became pregnant when she was raped when she was 13. She was so young and when she realized she was pregnant she had no choice. She lived with her aunt until she was born and the baby was put up for adoption. Her son is now 18 and wants to meet her. “He’s not going to take no for an answer,” says Billie. “The records are supposed to be closed, but nothing remains hidden.”

But she has mixed feelings about seeing him. “I wonder what he looks like. What kind of person is he? What he does with his life, ”she tells Nic. “But it’s the product of something terrible, something I’ve worked very hard to get over with. It’s not his fault, but it’s the truth. What if I look at his face and all I see is the man who raped me? “Then the question arises, what should he tell him about his father when he asks.

Guy D’Alema / FOX

Their conversation is interrupted when the baby shower guests arrive, and when Billie leaves Nic and Conrads, she has another message from her son: “Tell me why you don’t want to meet me?” Visibly annoyed, she replies: “LEAVE ME ALONE. THIS IS FINAL. “

It’s time!

While Conrad works one shift, Billie helps prepare everything for the baby shower – which includes sending the couple’s fathers away if they show up hours early. “Can you just rule everything in my life from now on?” Nic asks her.

The gifts range from practical (a basket of ETFs and a trading account from Conrad’s dad Marshall and a car seat from Nic’s dad Kyle) to cute (framed photos of the couple’s mothers for Billie’s kindergarten).

Conrad Nic Baby Shower The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Guy D’Alema / FOX

Then, when everyone has gone home, Conrad may be a little tired, but “I don’t think we’re going to sleep much,” says Nic. She is at work!

Are you ready to meet Baby CoNic in the season 4 finale?

The Resident, Season 4 Finale, Tuesday May 18, 8 / 7c, Fox

The Day – Pawcatuck resident will use stimulus cash to pay hire, payments

Nearly half of respondents believe it will take them three years or more to get back to where they were financially a year ago – including about one in ten who don’t think their finances will ever recover, according to Pew Research Center. The day spoke to three people about how the pandemic has affected them and how much help the federal incentive offers.

Shawn Henning, 57, of Pawcatuck, was working up to 60 hours a week in a pizza restaurant in Norwich when the coronavirus pandemic hit the region last March.

As many small mom and pop restaurants were closed or cut short due to loss of business, Henning quickly decided to drastically cut his working hours.

Henning had spent 30 years in prison for wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit before he was exonerated and released three years ago.

“When the pandemic hit,” he said, “it got me thinking. I was locked in a grave the whole time. People in my circle have died of COVID. I thought, “I’m not going to be out here in a 60-hour week.” I’ve shortened my hours so I can make up for my missing life. “

Henning rents an apartment with a view of the Pawcatuck River. He loves everything water related – kayaking, boating, swimming and being a “beach goer”. He grew up in Groton and frequented Misquamicut and other nearby Rhode Island beaches. Once the pandemic has subsided and it is safe to travel again, he and his girlfriend will consider moving to a place like San Diego with warmth and water.

However, fewer hours worked meant much smaller paychecks to pay for his $ 1,000 monthly rent, as well as groceries, gasoline, and daily expenses. He said his $ 1,400 stimulus check for the American Rescue Plan will help pay bills and “it’s not much”.

Henning said people are complaining that the government is giving people too much money, “but the government caused this crisis.” He said that if the government had ordered shutdowns ahead of time and masked mandates, the crisis would have been mitigated. He is concerned that people continue to deny the virus is real and refuse to wear masks.

When Henning was released from prison, initially in an intermediate house in Groton, the homeowner invited him to volunteer at the Gemma E. Moran United Way / Labor Food Center in New London. He volunteers at the center almost every day and loves how many people help their neighbors during the pandemic, especially when pop-up mobile pantries are planned.

He also sees firsthand how many people need the help. The shop at the restaurant he works at is closed and the owner has had to close a second location.

“It’s hard,” he said. “That’s another reason why I keep doing what I do by volunteering with Gemma Moran,” said Henning. “The people out there hurt and they need places like Gemma Moran. People need help to feed their children. It’s sad that people need this help, but it’s a nice thing that people are volunteering for the mobile pantries. “


New Resident Evil film is an origin story, says Johannes Roberts | Leisure

The new “Resident Evil” movie is “an origin story”.

Johannes Roberts, who was previously responsible for “47 Meters Down” 2017, has spiced up details of the upcoming film, which has been officially titled “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”.

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Brazil Covid variant detected in New York resident for the primary time, Cuomo says

On January 14, 2021, nurses chatting outside 28 de Agosto Hospital in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil amid the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that a more contagious variant of Covid-19, originally identified in Brazilian travelers, has now reached New York.

The strain was discovered by scientists at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and verified by the Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center Laboratories. The center collects approximately 90 random samples for genome sequencing every day and has sequenced more than 8,200 samples nationwide.

The patient with the Brazil variant is a Brooklyn resident in their nineties with no travel history, according to a press release.

“The discovery of the Brazilian variant here in New York further underscores the importance of taking all appropriate measures to continue protecting your health,” said Cuomo. The governor urged New Yorkers to continue wearing masks, avoid the crowds and get vaccinated if necessary.

The Brazilian strain, designated P.1, was first identified in four travelers from Brazil who were tested during a screening in Tokyo, Japan, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The P.1 variant was discovered in the USA End of January. The CDC has since reported 48 cases nationwide. The strain has a number of additional mutations that could affect its ability to be recognized by antibodies.

There is evidence that the variant is more contagious and may make the vaccine less effective. Oxford University researchers recently released data that was not peer-reviewed, suggesting they may be less resistant to vaccines. However, additional research is needed.

Cuomo’s announcement comes as daily events Increase in New York and 20 other states. In New York, mortality and hospitalization rates are falling as vaccine distribution accelerates.

Tudyk stars as extraterrestrial on ‘Resident Alien’ | Arts & Leisure

PASADENA, California – Actor Alan Tudyk literally rode a horse to glory. He was 11 years old. Given the task in language class of reciting a great story, Tudyk said he made up a story about a grizzled vintage car.

“I’m from Texas, so I guess that was part of it,” he says. “I wrote a great story that didn’t exist. I think maybe we had to do that. And I told it in character like an old prospector: “Oh, you never heard the story of Pecos Pete? Well done, because that will knock your socks and boots off your feet ”- whatever I said.

“I caused a little trouble,” he admits, “because I came into the scene with a stick horse … I brought a stick horse with me and rode it into the classroom. I left class and had an entrance that I went to: “Yee-haw, whoopie!” and I gave my speech and when I was done I got back on the horse and left. When I finished, the teacher said, ‘You have to leave this class and maybe find another.’ “

Then his mother signed him up for the community theater, and the next thing he knew that he played the equally prestigious role of the rabbit in the fable “The Turtle and the Rabbit” at the local mall.

“He was called” the Jive-speaking rabbit, “” recalls Tudyk. “And I had a transistor radio that I held in my big ear and I was talking a big game – that I would win the race. And then I lost. But he was a really oversized character and all of my neighborhood friends came to see it at the mall … 1983 or so and they came to see it and they weren’t making fun of me. What I started to learn was that they were impressed; they enjoyed it. I was wide open to ridicule and they didn’t. After that, they somehow had respect. “He was 11 years old.

This respect has accompanied Tudyk throughout his polychromatic career. People know him from TV roles in “Firefly”, “Arrested Development” and “Suburgatory” and films like “Knocked Up”, “Knight’s Tale” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” as well as countless voice overs in Animated films like “Frozen”, “Wreck-It Ralph”, “Young Justice”.

But they still have to see Tudyk in his new incarnation. He plays an alien who crashes on Earth and takes the form of a small town doctor in Resident Alien, which premieres Wednesday on the Syfy Channel. Tudyk’s comic book timing infects the newcomer with funny gaffes while the alien tries to blend in with American society.

According to Tudyk, getting here was half the fun. He attended junior college for two years and then studied with Juilliard for three years but never graduated. While he ate there and his mother sent him cans of chili, he feared that he would not eat properly.

“And I had this chili that I never ate because it looks like dog food when it comes out of a can. But I never threw it away, ”he says.

He got a job with a theater company waiting to rent an off-Broadway theater. But the wait was six months.

“I quit my waiting table job and was trying to just make it as an actor,” he recalls. “And while we were waiting to get a theater in New York, I made a living on this chili – chili and fritos. I could buy fritos and had chili. I’ve lost so much weight. When we finally did the piece it was like, “Gosh, you picked up.” I actually lost weight because I didn’t have anything to eat. But I didn’t want to ask for money or I didn’t have that option. “

When Tudyk realized he couldn’t rely on to survive, he got a job as a bartender. His girlfriend appeared on Broadway in a play with Allison Janney (“Mom”). She took her cast to Tudyks bar one evening.

“I said, ‘No, no, no!’ She said, “We all love a pub.” I said, “This is not such a pub, this is really depressing.”

“The guy who owned it taught me how to pour bad vodka into the Absolut Vodka bottle. All the olives looked like they had suffocated themselves years ago – it was the worst place. Anyway, them brings part of their cast from Broadway, and I serve Allison Janney non-absolute vodka martinis in this bar, depressed that I’m in this situation … I thought if I ever write a novel I will be in this job stay. But the theater got through and I quit. “

Tudyk has been married to choreographer Charissa Barton for four years and says that wasn’t part of his plans either. They had met in Juilliard and kept in touch to reconnect at their mutual friends’ birthday parties.

“We were friends; would always get into trouble together. We both had the same idea of ​​what was fun, ”he says. When they started dating, Tudyk said he knew “that’s it”.

Barton now looks after young dancers and teaches at Juilliard. Tudyk also teaches acting classes there.

“At Juilliard we come full circle again,” he says. “We’re there, in the same corridors in which we met.”


Michelle Pfeiffer will play First Lady Betty Ford in a new anthology series conjured up by Showtime. There was always a famous woman behind these famous men, and how much influence they exerted on the presidency remains to be speculated.

But Ford was known for her sincere observations, down-to-earth demeanor, and genuine warmth. She made headlines when she openly entered an alcoholism and substance abuse rehab facility. In 1982 she helped set up the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, which still exists for addiction treatment.

The TV series with the provisional title “The First Lady” is produced by actress Viola Davis, among others. Davis has cast himself as Michelle Obama.

Pfeiffer, who received three Academy Award nominations, was most recently in “French Exit”, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” and “Avengers: Endgame” and told me that acting was never on her bucket list.

“I had a teacher who made a comment and it was a comment and I think that changed the course of my life,” she says.

“It was acting class and I took it to get out of the English credit. I wasn’t really interested in acting and fell in love with the class and the people in the class. One day – she can’t remember saying this – my teacher said, “I think you have talent.” That’s it And I never forgot. And I think kids go through life unnoticed and don’t really get paid attention, and I think these types of comments really affect them. “


The controversial and outspoken former soccer player Brian “Boz” Boswell is tackling a new project. Boswell will quarter an eight-part documentary series entitled “Bucket List,” which premieres on the Crackle Plus streaming site next Monday. The one-time insider linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks will visit college stadiums across the country and speak to coaches, former star players and football fans to find out why each venue should be number 1 on a fan’s bucket list.

Boswell will team up with the big and near-bigs, including Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, former Georgian quarterback Aaron Murray, Texas Jamaal Charles and current NFL stars AJ McCarron, D’Andre Swift, Tee Higgins, Christian Kirk and Dee Ford. Justin Jefferson, Sterling Shepard and many more in the 100 yard range.

Schools that have earned a spot on Boz’s lineup include his alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, the reigning national masters University of Alabama, Texas A&M, the University of Texas, Louisiana State University, Clemson , the University of Georgia, and Auburn University.


From the first of the year, Peacock began streaming the popular workplace comedy “The Office”. The show ran on NBC (owned by Peacock) for eight years and enjoyed a plethora of new fans when it reappeared in the syndication.

Some may not know that it is based on a hilarious British sitcom of the same name, in which Ricky Gervais appeared as the self-deceiving head of a nondescript paper company.

Steve Carell got himself the title of regional manager in the American version and made fun of him with the help of an accurate cast.

Carell says he met the creator of the bizarre role.

“The first time I met Ricky Gervais was – we read through our very first episode. And the only advice he gave me was to try and make the rest of the cast laugh during the takes because that’s what they did, and just keep it easy and fun and have fun with everyone. But he didn’t give me any advice on how to play the character or how to do it.

“And to be honest, he was only providing support the whole way. He’s a very, very kind, supportive man – a real gentleman and hysterically funny. “

Anyone who has seen Gervais host the Golden Globes can attest to this.

(Luaine Lee is a California-based correspondent in charge of entertainment for the Tribune News Service.)

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