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Q. A friend recently gave me a pair of ADS CN-6 bookshelf speakers, both of which have audible errors caused by rats. A tweeter makes a fake bird tweet sound on high notes, and a woofer has rat nibbles in its cone. I use them with a Denon AVR-1200 receiver and they still work at a level that I find almost acceptable. I think both the woofer and tweeter come at a reasonable cost, but are they worth repairing?

A. I love vintage Analog and Digital Systems (also called A / D / S) speakers, especially the L-Series from the 1980s. What you need to consider before repairing is whether the replacement drivers are original and what it would cost to get them working properly again.

If you are not using the original ADS woofers and tweeters, you only have ADS housings with different drivers and not an ADS loudspeaker. I couldn’t find the CN-6 speakers in the historic ADS range, and even if I could, I imagine that original replacement parts for your speakers are hard to come by.

Unless you have a sentimental attachment to the speakers or really like the style, you also need to consider the cost of brand new speakers that come with a warranty and better performance. I’d bet the $ 249 Emotiva Airmotiv B1 + or the $ 315 Q Acoustics 3020i would both sound better, even if your vintage speakers were in optimal working order. Watch them at and

I think repairing the chewed cone and correcting the tweeter defect is your best option. It wouldn’t cost as much as replacement drivers and getting the original sound from your speakers. The speaker exchange at is an excellent source for speaker repair parts and advice. The woofer should be relatively simple, and it may be able to tell you what is causing your tweeter to make the unwanted bird tweet sound and help you fix it. I would set a cap of $ 125 on the project as the money is at risk and you have no guarantee that the repair attempt will be successful.

TLOVII Toothbrush Brush Head Update: I tried the Philips Sonicare HX9023 / 65 heads (mentioned last week) on my TLOVII toothbrush and they are not compatible. For the time being, it is best to wait until the original TLOVII brush heads are refilled in June.

Great Mom Gifts For Sale: Two popular product recommendations from previous columns offer notable specials for Mother’s Day.

Mixtiles are 8 “by 8” photo tiles that stick and re-glue, hammer, or damage your walls without nails. They are designed to be purchased in bulk and arranged in groups as wall art. The quality of the tiles and the visual effect must be seen to be appreciated. With the code MIXPOSTG30 you can save 30% on any number of Mixtiles. See and order them below

Tribit Audio makes the popular StormBox Micro for $ 49, a small, rugged Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality and a sturdy strap that can be used to attach it to handlebars and backpacks. I recently tried Tribit’s $ 119 StormBox Pro speakers and FlyBuds 3 and FlyBuds C1 headphones ($ 39 and $ 69), and you can add them to my recommended products list too. Until May 31st you can save 20% on Tribit products with the coupon code Z42RT4U2. The code works with the two StormBox speakers at Amazon and with all four products at

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Philly faculties will use aid cash on constructing restore, educational restoration

Because of that, Hite held a press conference Friday morning with Democratic US Representative Dwight Evans to announce the stimulus money, but also with state lawmakers speaking about the need to change the funding of schools in Pennsylvania.

Sharif Street, a Philadelphia Democrat, said Governor Tom Wolf plans to increase government education aid by $ 1.4 billion and push all of that forward through the 2014 lawmaker’s fair funding formula. Now only new money or 11% of aid is determined by the formula – a compromise to prevent some districts, especially those with declining enrollments, from losing money. A “liability exemption clause” prevents one district from becoming less than last year.

This costs Philadelphia hundreds of millions of dollars a year, Street said at the press conference held at the concrete playground of Fitler Academics Plus, a historic school in Germantown. Only in Pennsylvania, he said, would lawmakers create a “fair funding formula” and then not apply it. “It’s an absurdity,” he said.

The board of directors unanimously passed the “flat budget” of 3 billion US dollars on Thursday evening. It will hold a budget hearing next month and appear before the city council in May, which will adopt tax measures for the schools by the end of the month. The final state budget is not due until the end of June.

During the meeting, Board President Joyce Wilkerson urged parents and activists to campaign for Harrisburg to change the funding formula for charter schools and give cyber-charters less money and revise reimbursement for special education, which would save the city $ 61 million .

“This is much-needed funding that the district can invest directly in students and schools,” she said.

America’s worldwide popularity is tattered, however our cash might help restore it

This policy depends less on American cultural power than on American money.

After the failure of US interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, promoting democracy has a bad reputation. And when it comes to spreading democracy with a weapon, that call is justified. The best evidence suggests that instruments of coercion such as military intervention and sanctions usually fail. Just before the invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan four of 15 American nation-building Interventions in the previous century had led to lasting progress towards democracy. Foreign regime changes usually do not result economically Benefits, building a lasting democracy or promoting a more stable one Relationships advance US interests. And sanctions against authoritarian regimes, such as those imposed on Iraq in the 1990s, often only serve that purpose strengthen autocratic institutions while causing considerable suffering.

Although compulsory methods of promoting democracy rarely succeed, a wide range of research shows that unenforced tools like election surveillance and foreign aid can effectively promote democracy – and they don’t depend on high approval ratings for America overseas. For example studies conducted in Afghanistan, Armenia, Indonesia, and Tunisiasuggest, among other things, that election surveillance can reduce election fraud and increase the perceived credibility of elections. And there are significant ones proofs in favor of foreign aid, which depends on countries taking concrete steps to support democracy. Like the political scientists Tobias Heinrich and Matt W. Loftis written“Over a decade of empirical research shows that foreign aid specifically aimed at promoting democracy is remarkably effective in improving the survival and institutional strength of fragile democracies.”

To put this policy into practice, the von Biden administration and Congress should increase support for the US Agency for International Development, the National Foundation for Democracy, and the US Peace Institute. These agencies work to bolster democratic institutions overseas, and all three saw their support cut under the Trump administration.

While the Biden team has rightly insisted on advocating democracy, this is currently being proposed solutions are insufficient. Biden’s main proposal for promoting democracy abroad, for example, is a “Summit for Democracy” that he plans to hold in his first year in office – a largely symbolic project that is likely to get bogged down in debates about which countries are eligible for invitation. Bigger ideas are needed to ease autocratic pressures at home and abroad.

After all, according to Freedom House, 2019 was the 14th consecutive year of retreat for global freedom Annual report. In Central Europe and Central Asia there are are “There are fewer democracies in the region today than there have been since the 1995 annual report.” Hungary, a member of the European Union, is no longer democratic; Poland, another EU member, is tending in the same direction. In Hong Kong, on the same day as the storming of the Capitol, the Chinese government arrested 53 politicians, activists, lawyers and academics, a continuation of Beijing’s crackdown on pro-democracy groups in the city.

Some may say that the withdrawal of democratic governance around the world does not necessarily matter to US interests. You would be wrong. Democratic governments don’t just treat their own citizens better;; They also tend to be more benevolent actors on the world stage. Democratic countries are less likely fight rather each other trade with each other and rather cooperate. American interests – not to mention American values ​​- suffer in a more autocratic world.

None of this can be denied that American democracy itself is in dire need of repair. However, reforming domestic democracy and advocating for democracy abroad are not mutually exclusive. They are two sides of the same coin.

Bryan Schonfeld and Sam Winter-Levy are PhD students in Politics at Princeton University.