Beverly Hills man loses hire cash in suspected USPS examine fraud

Erik Hatchett has lived in his Beverly Hills home for five years and pays his rent with a check until he says his check for $ 9,000 was cashed at another bank in July.

“I know a lot of people like to make digital payments and the like, but you know we’re kind of old-fashioned, we like to write the check and have a hard copy of the check,” said Hatchett.

Hatchett tells KTLA that he mailed his check on July 6th and it was cashed at a Bank of America on the morning of July 7th.

Hatchett has since contacted the Chase Bank fraud department and filed a police report.

Kacey Montoya reports for the KTLA 5 news on September 1, 2021.


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The place to hire treehouses in U.S., Japan, Australia and Costa Rica

Travelers seeking a vacation in the great outdoors turn to a nostalgic source of comfort and solitude: tree houses.

But these are not the tree houses of their childhood. Like the travelers who book them, the tree houses have also matured.

Modern tree houses are more luxury houses than meeting places for children – with a corresponding price. Tree houses built by professionals can easily run into six-figure costs.

“A fully equipped tree house with kitchen, bathroom, heating and air conditioning … we’re building this for around 200,000 US dollars”, Pete Nelson, the star of the TV show “Treehouse Masters” by Animal Planet, said CNBC in 2014.

According to HomeAdvisor, a website connecting homeowners to home services, tree houses are being built for people to live in.

Since then, Prices have risen along with demand, a situation fueled by the global pandemic and the desire for fancy outdoor accommodation.

Great entrances

Aside from a worn patch of grass in the back yard, old school tree houses usually didn’t have a large entrance. Modern ones do this, some with guarded sidewalks, stone stairs, and ramps for wheelchairs and pets.

Chez ‘Tree Rest is located near the Finger Lakes area of ​​New York.

Anthony Costello | Bluenose Studios

That is such a tree house Chez ‘tree rest tree house in upstate New York, accessible via a 60-foot pedestrian bridge that starts at a heart-shaped gate. Another 10 meter long cable bridge connects the tree house with a separate relaxation deck.

Owner Tom Wallace talks about building the tree house in a video tour through the tree house where he also gives tips for a pleasant stay.

Prices start at $ 285 per night.

New heights

Tree houses for children should be between six and 12 feet tall and at least 36 inches tall, according to Tree Top Builders, a custom construction company based in Exton, Pennsylvania. These heights also require that mulch or wood chips be placed under the tree house to mitigate a possible fall.

Tree houses built for tall people are not subject to these standards, as evidenced by the three-story buildings Jungle Treehouse Punta Jaguar in Matapalo, Costa Rica.

The tree house Punta Jaguar has three open, raised levels and a ground floor bungalow.

Courtesy Punta Jaguar

What the house lacks in walls it makes up for in style. Sinks and faucets are made from seashells, and a separate ground floor bungalow has colorful pivoting windows and electric drawbridge-style folding decks. It has a caretaker, according to the website, and a private path to the beach. Guests are encouraged to be 7 years and older.

Prices start at $ 255 per night.

Guests of the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica tree house in Peru sleep 21 meters above the rainforest floor.

Courtesy Inkaterra Hotels

Adventure seekers can sleep in the Amazon rainforest in Peru Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Eco hut. The lodge’s only tree house is more than 21 meters above the rainforest floor at the end of a series of seven suspension bridges.

Programs start at $ 492 for a two-night stay plus an additional $ 660 for an overnight stay in the tree house.

Fabulous views

Childhood treehouses may have glimpsed neighbors’ backyards, but nothing is as spectacular as Australia’s Blue Mountains.

In a twist on the kids’ clubhouse rules, this tree house in the Blue Mountains of Australia can accommodate two adults, but no children or pets.

Jochen Spenser

A winking sign on the Secret tree house‘s door may say no adults are allowed, but in reality it is the children who cannot come. This tree house is built on high stilts at a great height and has a combined bridge and ladder entrance.

Prices start at AU $ 1,095 ($ 804) for a one night stay.

Sophisticated facility

Sports pennants and walls adorned with stickers have been marginalized in favor of plush furnishings reminiscent of modern homes.

The Aerohouse at Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort in Okinawa, Japan.

Courtesy of Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort

This can be seen in the Sustainable tree house resort in Okinawa, Japan. All bookings include two tree houses: the earthy Spiral Treehouse, furnished with hammocks and yoga mats, and the luxurious Aerohouse, which has the look and feel of a five-star hotel suite. The understated, sophisticated decor comes with amenities like an espresso machine and a wine cellar, according to the website.

The tree house resort has been open for less than a month. Guests can currently book two nights – no more, no less – and all travelers must be at least 10 years old.

The interior of Okinawa’s Aerohouse.

Courtesy Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort

Prices are 100,000 Japanese yen ($ 905) per night for up to three people; a fourth person costs an additional 225 USD per night. Bookings are currently 33% off regular prices.

Equipped kitchens

While cooking and tree houses once rarely merged, tree houses now have a fully equipped kitchen with Nespresso coffee machines and kitchen islands.

The modern kitchen at Trinity Treehouse outside of Atlanta features a wine rack and bar area.


The two bedroom Trinity Treehouse near Atlanta has a kitchen that travelers might envy their homes, let alone their gardens. Three large windows enlarge the space, which includes an L-shaped countertop, a wine rack, and a breakfast bar for coffee or quick meals. A decorative back wall sits above the kitchen cabinets, which were made in the host’s wood workshop, according to website listing.

The Trinity Treehouse is located next to the hiking and biking trails of Georgia’s 2,500 acre Davidson-Arabia Mountain Conservation Area.

Prices start at $ 289 per night.

Features that stimulate the imagination

Luxury tree houses don’t have to be too serious – that’s what log cabins are for. What differentiates a tree house from a raised house in the woods can be its commitment to whimsical and childlike fun.

To enter a tropical tree house on Hawaii’s Big Islandthe guests climb a ladder to a trapdoor that opens to the second floor. Bags and suitcases go a different way; they are pulled up using a pulley system.

Although it doesn’t allow children, the Wanderlust Treehouse incorporates imaginative functions into its design.

Levi Kelly

That Wanderlust tree house in Crane Hill, Alabama doesn’t allow children, but that didn’t stop its owner from installing a playground-style suspension bridge to connect two parts of the home. The tree house, which received perfect ratings in all 85 Airbnb reviews, has outdoor showers, a rocking bed, and a fire pit.

Prices start at $ 350 per night.

Would you like to build your own modern tree house?

items costs
Vacation rental tree house From $ 30,000
bathroom $ 4,500
Zip line $ 2,200
Spiral staircase $ 5,900
Suspension bridge $ 2,900
Trapdoor $ 500
Classic slide $ 1,200
Fireman’s pole $ 575
Source: Tree House Experts

Gourmet food

Guest in the. remain Lodges in the Loire Valley breakfast baskets can be delivered to your home every day. You also have access to an on-site restaurant and room service.

Loire Valley Lodges relies heavily on local produce and, according to its website, grows herbs and fruits locally.

Courtesy Loire Valley Lodges

The French tree house hotel opened in July 2020, with the interiors of each of its 18 buildings designed by a different contemporary artist.

Prices start at 395 euros ($ 428) per night.

* Prices are correct at the time of publication.

‘It’s free cash’: Hire aid continues to be out there for Virginians

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – There is still millions of dollars in aid to Virginians in need of rent relief, but there are also concerns that some people may not seek help.

Housing providers say there seems to be a misunderstanding that the national eviction moratorium means you don’t have to pay rent. The moratorium just means that landlords can’t kick you out now. It does not erase the rent due or in arrears. In order to receive a rent reduction, tenants and landlords must apply for it.

“Residents really have to get involved, it’s free money when you need it,” said Renee Pulliam, director of operations for residential property services at Cushman, Wakefield and Thalhimer.

People who are unemployed, have cut their working hours, or are facing expensive COVID-19 medical bills could be eligible for help from Virginia’s rent reduction program. Pulliam has seen the program help tenants in their complexes like this one at Deering Manor in Richmond.

Virginia lawmakers seek to extend eviction protection as the federal limited moratorium goes into effect

“We have had approximately 1,400 of our residents whom we helped with this program,” she said.

Virginia’s rent relief program has paid more than $ 311 million and provided rental and mortgage assistance to over 48,000 households. 53 percent of the funds went to black and brown families, and more than 60 percent of the approved households included children under the age of 8.

In February, Governor Ralph Northam announced new federal funding of $ 524 million.

“They are available to everyone in Virginia regardless of citizenship status,” said Erik Johnston, Director of Virginia’s Department of Housing and Community Development. He asks the residents to apply for help.

“These funds are available with no repayment obligation,” said Johnston.

Tenants and landlords can check if they are eligible and how to apply online here. There are also an online tool to guide people the process and help you get up to 15 months of additional rent. With a valid rental agreement, it can also provide a three-month future rent.

Chesterfield County has its own program. The website can direct Chesterfield residents to this program. It is an unparalleled aid not only to tenants but also to landlords and property managers who have bills to pay.

“We still have people to pay and we still have maintenance that we need to continue,” said Pulliam.

It has been reported that some states are struggling to get the dollars into the hands of those in need. However, US Treasury Department data shows Virginia led the way in distributing the money. The Commonwealth ranks second in the country in providing emergency aid for rentals.

Landlords, tenants fill courts as the eviction moratorium ends

“It’s not too good to be true; there are rental subsidies,” said Johnston.

Tenants and landlords must work together in filling out the rent reduction application.
In fact, The governor and general assembly just passed state law making landlords and tenants mandatory cooperate.

Opinion: Unfold the phrase – Maine has cash to assist with lease and utilities

The state of Maine has already helped more than 9,000 families stay in their homes and keep the lights on by putting $ 46 million in federal rent aid into the hands of Mainers who need it.

We allocated housing aid faster than any other state except five, according to the US Treasury Department.

But Maine still has more than $ 150 million in federal dollars in a bank account (more to come with the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act), and it’s just got easier for families who depend on that money.

Under the new MaineHousing entitlement standard introduced this week, assistance with paying rent and utilities is now available to anyone who has faced financial difficulties during the pandemic, not just those who can prove their plight is right through that caused COVID-19. The qualified can now take advantage of more help over a longer period of time.

Families with household incomes up to 80% of the local median are eligible – up to $ 71,950 per year for a family of three in Cumberland County.

People can apply to

These changes and this support are particularly important right now, as the The federal moratorium on eviction ends. Last week, the Biden government temporarily extended the moratorium, but only in counties with high COVID-19 case rates, a measure that fluctuates daily.

Maine has seen one before Increase in evictions how the state courts have reopened in recent months.

With the money there and the red tape cut, the biggest problem now is making sure Mainers know that help is available. If you or someone you know has had trouble paying rent or utility bills, visit To ask for help. Even if you were previously rejected, even if you thought you earned too much or did not meet the requirements, you can now be eligible.

The purpose of this funding is to minimize disruptions in people’s lives, especially children, and also to act as a stimulus – an economic boost for individual families and the economy as a whole in an uncertain time.

Let’s get the word out and make sure these resources are used where they can do the most good.

Photo: tom.arthur, Creative Commons via flickr

Over $7 Billion in State Cash is Accessible Now to Pay Previous Due Lease and Utility Prices for Santa Monica Renters and Landlords –

Santa Monicans are urged to register today at to apply

August 4, 2021 2:35 pm

The nationwide program “CA COVID-19 Rent Relief” (also commonly known as “Housing is the Key”) is now open and is accepting applications to help income-earning households with 100% of the rent and ancillary costs, for both past and present future amounts owed. Santa Monica renters and owners are urged to verify eligibility for income and apply at today Housing approx. Gov or by phone at (833) 430-2122. This rental assistance program, along with the nationwide eviction moratorium, is designed to keep families in homes, protect tenants from evictions, and help both landlords and tenants recover from the economic effects of COVID-19.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Qualified tenants and landlords should apply for the rental assistance program as soon as possible; Funds are available until the funds are used up.
  • Rent assistance is not automatic, tenants and landlords must submit an application for assistance.
  • The nationwide eviction moratorium to protect tenants from loss of rent expires on September 30, 2021.

“We want everyone in our community to be aware of the government funds available to tenants and landlords to pay 100% of the housing and operating costs for income-earning households affected by COVID-19,” said the mayor from Santa Monica, Sue. Himmelrich. “These funds will aid our recovery and ensure that Santa Claus Monicans can stay in their homes. Our city is obliged to pass this information on to all authorized landlords and tenants. Apply today, Santa Monica! “

Today the City of Santa Monica is launching an outreach program to ensure all home renters and landlords have the opportunity to receive a 5.2 billion rental subsidy. The outreach plan focuses on equal access for our most vulnerable community members and residents aims to reach tenants and landlords who are unfamiliar with the rental assistance program or who were unable to apply due to a disability or lack of access to technology or internet services. Efforts include print and digital public relations, including mailers, flyers, door hangers, social media, email, and more.

This builds on previous COVID-19 housing assistance efforts. The City of Santa Monica has paid over $ 2.8 million in rental grants to over 640 Santa Monica families as of March 2020 by providing federal funding from Community Development Block grants and the CARES Act, as well as local funding from the City’s General Fund and community contributions the We are the Santa Monica Fund.

For more information on the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program and how to apply, please visit Housing approx. Gov or call (833) 430-2122. If you need help applying, contact 3-1-1 or


How a lot cash it is advisable afford lease in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – How much do you really have to earn to comfortably afford an apartment in the Bay Area?

The National Low Income Housing Coalition has a comprehensive report this shows what the residents have to earn annually in order to be able to afford a bedroom from zero to four in different areas.

In San Francisco, renting a one-bedroom apartment alone costs a six-figure salary; specially $ 116,920.

Broken down into an hourly wage, that would be $ 56.21 an hour to have a bedroom to yourself.

IRS is sending 4 million “surprise” tax refunds this week

Anyone who only earns the minimum wage of $ 14 an hour in San Francisco can easily afford $ 728 in rent, according to the coalition. The minimum wage worker would have to work 161 hours a week to be able to afford a bedroom alone.

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is the most expensive place to live in California – followed by San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Oakland-Fremont.

DC needs to provide out extra hire cash; considers added incentives to get teenagers vaccinated

DC doesn’t seem to be getting money out the door fast enough to help anyone asked for help with the rent.

DC doesn’t seem to be getting money out the door fast enough to help everyone who asked for help with the rent.

Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio said during a DC Council conference call Friday that the city had made a number of improvements StayDC, the district’s rental and utility program, in an effort to handle a significant backlog of applications.

Falcicchio said the program gives landlords “the ability to process multiple applications and really helps housing providers who have multiple units”. Earlier this week the city made a change to allow residents “to enter the portal and really see more clearly where their application is in the process and to understand where it is in terms of status is located “.

According to Falcicchio, 3,430 applications have been completed and paid out so far.

Elissa Silverman, a member of the Grand Council, asked if he found this number “worrying”.

“Because we have an estimate of at least tens of thousands of households in arrears and who would qualify,” Silverman said. “And we’re here in June – we have to get this money out the door by September, [and] we only approved 3,430. “

Falcicchio said around 22,000 applications were being processed and interest was still high.

Silverman said the council is hearing from landlords and tenants who cannot go through the process.

You can find information on how to apply on-line or by telephone on the hotline 833-4-STAYDC (833-478-2932) Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Incentives to have young people vaccinated

DC is trying to get more teenagers vaccinated against COVID-19 Inequalities in tariffs in the districts, and that could mean more free money – or even tuition.

Three Vaccination sites in DC are offering 51 gift cards as part of the city’s promotion: RISE Demonstration Center (One Medical), Ron Brown High School (DC Health), and Anacostia High School (Safeway).

“How do we measure whether $ 51 is an effective incentive?” Asked Silverman during the call on Friday. She added that Ohio was running a lottery giving students free tuition at Ohio State.

“One incentive would be to pay for college. Is that being considered? I know we have a state university, but the most important thing we hear from our young people is their concern that they will not be able to pay for college. So it seems like taking part in the lottery would be a good incentive for that. We encourage our children to get vaccinated, ”she said.

DC is considering additional incentives for the younger population, Falcicchio said, “We are considering options for incentives that are specifically targeted at our young people as we near school start.”

He added, “This is something that is an active conversation. We’ll certainly look at Ohio and other states that have had some type of tuition or scholarship-based incentive and see what they have learned so far. “

DC Health’s Patrick Ashley said the numbers “doubled or nearly doubled” in locations with incentives to get vaccinated. And he said the outlook is positive.

“I was in Anacostia before they opened on Saturday and there were 20 people waiting at the doors and then they talked to them, they were there because it was $ 51,” Ashley said.

“And that’s a good sign. Individuals … it just takes a little sometimes to push people over the edge. And we hope to achieve that. “

Ashley said more data on DC’s overall vaccination rates will be available next week.

Friday’s call and conversation about incentives comes after data from the city’s Deputy Mayor’s Office for Education revealed that at least 60% of children aged 12-15 in Wards 2 and 3 received at least one dose of a COVID- 19 vaccine. In stations 7 and 8, however less than 10% of children in the same age group have received at least one dose.

The inequality has some officials concerned about school returns this fall and the possibility of outbreaks as the more easily transmissible Delta variant spreads.

WTOP’s Scott Gelman contributed to this report.

Younger brothers increase cash at lemonade stand to lease meals truck for Brooklyn first responders

BROOKLYN, Ohio – A few little brothers in Brooklyn make a huge impact on their community.

Gideon and Josiah Trank, ages eight and seven, have raised hundreds of dollars for first responders with their lemonade stand in the front yard.

On Friday they used their earnings to rent the Cocky’s Bagels food truck for the Brooklyn Police and Fire Department. The truck parked in front of the police station between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. serving bagel sandwiches and other goodies while the brothers took orders behind the counter.

“We love our heroes,” said Gideon. “We’re doing this because they’re probably hungry.”

This love for first responders was instilled in them by their parents Machelle and Avery Trank.

“My wife and I really convey to them that they support our first responders because whether you like them or not, they are the first to come and they are there for our community to help us for whatever reason always you’re dealing with, ”said Avery Trank, the boys’ father.

The boys have proven this love over the years with their lemonade stand. Last year the boys raised more than $ 700 for the families of fallen Cleveland Police Detective James Skernivitz and Officer Nick Sabo.

“You want to help raise money for families and contribute as much as possible,” said Trank.

A few weeks ago they had the idea of ​​renting a food truck for their local first responders in Brooklyn.

So the Potions called Natalie Bata, the co-owner of Cocky’s Bagels in North Olmsted, and asked how much they would have to raise to make this happen.

“So obviously my heart was overflowing with joy and I’m like absolute,” said Bata. “Collect $ 300 and we’ll do the rest.”

Bata said the Cocky’s food truck usually costs between $ 800 and $ 1,000 to rent for events, but she was touched by Gideon and Josiah’s selflessness and kindness, so she wanted to help too.

“So that young children understand the beauty of the ministry and give something back to the community, and then understand what these cops and firefighters do every day, and that risks their lives and gives something back to their community,” said Bata. “So the fact that they understand the importance of this form of service is only – for an eight-year-old who feels and feels like this is giving back to the community and actually wanting to work on it.” Is pretty great . “

The boys raised $ 340 and on Friday night they helped the Cocky team serve the people who always serve the community.

Courtesy: Machelle Potion

“It makes you feel really good,” said Sergeant Paul Stein of the Brooklyn Police Department. “Machelle and Avery were very supportive and taught them what it is like to respect adults and cops and what is important in life, and to see that it is just amazing with a young person.”

Trank said it was humiliating to see his sons come up with fundraising ideas for first responders.

“We have to support our local first responders because they go through a lot, they really do it and we don’t see what’s behind the curtain,” said Trank. “So I urge everyone out there to support them, just wave them, say hello and ask them how their day is.”

Bata said the spots to rent the Cocky’s Bagels food truck for the summer are filling up quickly. If you are interested, you should email or call 440-454-0675.

Gideon and Josiah plan to reopen their lemonade stand sometime this summer.

RELATED STORY: Two boys sell snacks to raise money for the families of fallen Cleveland cops

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A “tidal wave” of an issue | New cash for lease help helps comprise tense housing state of affairs in East Tennessee

Legal Aid of East TN helps connect people with aid. Lawyers say it eases tension between landlords and tenants. Here is how they can help you.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. – During the pandemic, millions of people in the US were late on rent or utility bills, straining tenant-landlord relationships.

New federal funds, some of which are provided by the American rescue plan that came into force in March, as well as expanded evacuation protection, help tenants and owners to experience a little less stress. For some people, it comes just in time.

“It’s barely in there right now,” said Holly Fuller of East Tennessee’s Legal Aid, a nonprofit law firm that helps low-income clients. “We have had the feeling for some time that this time of year is likely to be very difficult.”

The American rescue plan denotes approximately $ 40 billion for total housing allowance. More than $ 20 billion of this will go to state and local governments to meet rental and utility costs owed for low-income households.

The city of Knoxville and Knox County announced the new one Knox Housing Assistance Program that does exactly that.

CONNECTED: Knoxville officials announce the Knox Housing Assistance program

Both the renter and landlord must file an application for funding, but officials say the money can be used to pay rent or utilities up to 12 months overdue, and in some cases even future rent payments.

If you do not live in Knox County, there is a similar application process on the state housing website. Legal Aid of East Tennessee said if this money is approved it will go straight to the landlord.

If you do not have access to a computer or if you have a language barrier, you can call (844) 500-1112.

With this new aid and a year into the pandemic, Fuller said the number of people coming to aid at Legal Aid in East Tennessee has increased, especially because tenants know that eviction protection will expire in late June.

Currently, in addition to in-house attorneys, the organization is using grants to hire private attorneys to help with case loading.

“Tensions may have eased a little. Resources have started flowing, which gives some people a little breath. However, if nothing changes by the end of this month, the term we have used in our organization from the start will be a tidal wave. Said Fuller.

Fuller said the goal is to help clients come to an agreement that will benefit both the renter and the landlord – whether it be to get financial assistance or to work out an agreement to keep an eviction out of the renter’s records. In addition, she said her lawyers will guide people through the process if their landlord has already started the eviction process in court.

“Landlords are also in a tough spot and need some relief too. That is why it is so important to use the resources so we can solve the problem at both ends to try to accommodate our vulnerable people,” she said.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee can also help people move into safer, different living conditions or connect them to other community resources.

Fuller said her biggest advice was not to wait to get help.

“Call us as soon as you get a notice that something is going to happen,” she said. “It is so traumatic to think that you may be homeless. One stress response is to simply ignore it. Do not do that. We can help your stress, we can talk you through. “

Fuller said she has seen cases of tenants losing their homes because they didn’t apply for help on time or didn’t know how to get the money. She also said that in some cases, tenants are being represented late.

“Call us, call us quickly. We are here, we are here for you. The sooner we can start our relationship, the better, ”said Fuller.

To get in touch with Legal Aid from East Tennessee, you can call one of the offices at the end of their website.

Different scholarships allow them to serve people who fall into different categories.

In Knoxville, they are located at 607 West Summit Hill Drive SW or by calling (865) 637-0484.

Read more articles in our “Pay or Vacation: The Rent Crisis” series:

The Day – Pawcatuck resident will use stimulus cash to pay hire, payments

Nearly half of respondents believe it will take them three years or more to get back to where they were financially a year ago – including about one in ten who don’t think their finances will ever recover, according to Pew Research Center. The day spoke to three people about how the pandemic has affected them and how much help the federal incentive offers.

Shawn Henning, 57, of Pawcatuck, was working up to 60 hours a week in a pizza restaurant in Norwich when the coronavirus pandemic hit the region last March.

As many small mom and pop restaurants were closed or cut short due to loss of business, Henning quickly decided to drastically cut his working hours.

Henning had spent 30 years in prison for wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit before he was exonerated and released three years ago.

“When the pandemic hit,” he said, “it got me thinking. I was locked in a grave the whole time. People in my circle have died of COVID. I thought, “I’m not going to be out here in a 60-hour week.” I’ve shortened my hours so I can make up for my missing life. “

Henning rents an apartment with a view of the Pawcatuck River. He loves everything water related – kayaking, boating, swimming and being a “beach goer”. He grew up in Groton and frequented Misquamicut and other nearby Rhode Island beaches. Once the pandemic has subsided and it is safe to travel again, he and his girlfriend will consider moving to a place like San Diego with warmth and water.

However, fewer hours worked meant much smaller paychecks to pay for his $ 1,000 monthly rent, as well as groceries, gasoline, and daily expenses. He said his $ 1,400 stimulus check for the American Rescue Plan will help pay bills and “it’s not much”.

Henning said people are complaining that the government is giving people too much money, “but the government caused this crisis.” He said that if the government had ordered shutdowns ahead of time and masked mandates, the crisis would have been mitigated. He is concerned that people continue to deny the virus is real and refuse to wear masks.

When Henning was released from prison, initially in an intermediate house in Groton, the homeowner invited him to volunteer at the Gemma E. Moran United Way / Labor Food Center in New London. He volunteers at the center almost every day and loves how many people help their neighbors during the pandemic, especially when pop-up mobile pantries are planned.

He also sees firsthand how many people need the help. The shop at the restaurant he works at is closed and the owner has had to close a second location.

“It’s hard,” he said. “That’s another reason why I keep doing what I do by volunteering with Gemma Moran,” said Henning. “The people out there hurt and they need places like Gemma Moran. People need help to feed their children. It’s sad that people need this help, but it’s a nice thing that people are volunteering for the mobile pantries. “