Kevin McCarthy rejects bipartisan plan for 9/11-style Capitol assault fee | US Capitol breach

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday he was opposed to a proposal to set up an independent and non-partisan commission to investigate the deadly January 6 attack on the Capitol.

McCarthy’s opposition will undermine Republican support before it is voted on this week. Democrats control the house, but McCarthy’s opposition could reduce the legislature’s chances of setting up the commission in the evenly divided Senate.

In one statementMcCarthy accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of maliciously negotiating and “playing political games”.

He said: “Given the political misdirections that have undermined this process, given the now dual and potentially counterproductive nature of these efforts, and given the short-sighted scope of the speaker who did not examine the interrelated forms of political violence in America, I cannot read this legislation support. ”

McCarthy has long said the commission should look beyond the Capitol uprising and investigate left-wing groups protesting police violence following the murder of George Floyd.

Pelosi flatly rejected this approach and tried to model the body on the model of the non-partisan and independent 9/11 commission, which investigated and produced a report on the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Bennie Thompson from Mississippi and John Katko from New York, the top Democrat and Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, made a compromise proposal last week.

The commission would be split evenly between Democratic and Republican candidates, neither of whom serve government officials, and both factions would have to agree that subpoenas be issued.

Donald Trump supporters broke the Capitol in service of his lie that the election was subject to mass fraud and in an attempt to stop the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory. Some rioters were looking for lawmakers, including then Vice President Mike Pence, to catch and possibly kill them. More than 400 were billed.

McCarthy said He supported federal efforts to hold attackers accountable, but claimed the proposed commission could disrupt such work.

Liz Cheney, the Wyoming representative who has been expelled from the leadership of the House of Republicans for opposition to Trump and tries to downplay the Capitol uprising. led calls for McCarthy, willingly or forced to testify regarding his conversation with Trump during the attack.

Washington state Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler said McCarthy told her when he asked the president to retrieve his supporters, Trump replied, “Well, Kevin, I think these people are more upset than the elections You.”

In a recent interview on Fox News, McCarthy Avoided questions about Beutler’s statement – but did not deny it.

Cheney told ABC last week, “I would hope he doesn’t need a subpoena, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a subpoena.”

But McCarthy has thrown his support behind Trump, whose rule over the Republican Party is almost complete despite his two impeachments – the second for inciting the Capitol uprising – and his final electoral defeat.

Capitol Police said this month that threats against members of Congress increased 107% year over year.

Cramer rejects Buffett’s stance on inventory selecting, favors hybrid mannequin

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday denied Warren Buffett’s claim that Wall Street’s new retail investors will remain away from individual stock selection in favor of investing in index funds.

“I respect Warren Buffett, but I’ll always be the Peter Lynch type,” Cramer said.Bad money, “Responding to the comments from the Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO. Cramer endorses the investment philosophy of Lynch, the legendary investor best known for his management of Fidelity’s Magellan Fund and his book on investing, One Up on Wall Street.

Lynch’s philosophy is based on an investor using their ability to watch, study, and take action on a stock, Cramer said.

“That’s why I believe in a hybrid. I don’t share Buffett’s disdain for home gamers trying to pick stocks, nor do I want you to go all-in on individual stocks,” he said.

Cramer provided a list of retail stock ideas for investors to test the principles of Lynch.

“I don’t want it to sound easy. If you want to invest like Peter Lynch, you have to actually visit these places or try things on, whatever piques your curiosity,” Cramer said, suggesting that viewers read Lynch’s book. “But I think a game or two of these reopening games will go well with an index fund in your retirement account.”

A Berkshire Hathaway spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable foundation owns shares in Walmart and Costco.

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Iowa Gov. Reynolds rejects $95M in virus testing cash – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Kim Reynolds, governor of Iowa, said she turned down $ 95 million in federal funds for coronavirus testing in schools because she didn’t think funding was necessary.

The Republican governor announced her decision on a Fox News show Thursday night, criticizing President Joe Biden’s administration for offering the money to expand the tests.

“I think he thinks COVID has just started,” Reynolds said on the show televised from a forum with fellow Republican governors in Florida. I just returned $ 95 million for sending another $ 95 million to the state of Iowa to get our children back into the classroom through surveillance tests. And I said we’ve been in the classroom since August. Here is your $ 95 million back. “

Kelly Garcia, director of the Iowa Department of Human Services, later confirmed that Iowa had declined the funding.

The Republican Party of Iowa praised Reynolds’ decision, saying the Biden administration had failed in its efforts to get students back into personal classrooms, but “Governor Reynolds struggled against the teachers unions and was successful.”

Democratic state accountant Rob Sand questioned the rejection of federal funds that would have supported school testing and funded jobs in Iowa.

“It is time for the governor to stop making policy with Iowan’s health and tax money,” Sand said in a statement. Iowans will continue to pay taxes while other states benefit from it. “

Detroit mayor rejects preliminary J&J vaccine cargo, calls Pfizer, Moderna ‘one of the best’

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan turned down an initial allocation of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 single vaccine this week, according to the Michigan State Department of Health.

At a news conference Thursday, Duggan confirmed that he had refused to grant J&J vaccines from the state this week, citing sufficient supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to meet demand from eligible residents.

“Johnson & Johnson is a very good vaccine. Moderna and Pfizer are the best. And I’ll do everything I can to make sure the Detroit city residents get the best,” Duggan said at a news conference Thursday.

The FDA on Saturday authorized J & J’s Covid-19 emergency vaccine is the third vaccine approved for distribution in the United States and the only one that requires only one dose.

Clinical trial data shows that J & J’s vaccine provides 66% overall protection against Covid, compared to around 95% for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. While some have raised concerns about the lower rate of effectiveness of the J&J vaccine, the J&J vaccine is concerned has proven Prevent 100% of virus-related hospitalizations and deaths according to its clinical trial data.

“All vaccines are safe and effective, and I recommend that all vaccines be offered in all communities,” said Dr. Michigan chief medical executive Joneigh Khaldun in a statement to CNBC.

“Also, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been studied in a more recent period of time with more easily transmissible variants, so I would not recommend comparing the Pfizer and Moderna studies directly with the Johnson and Johnson studies,” Khaldun said.

At a news conference on Friday, Andy Slavitt, Senior White House Covid Advisor, said Duggan’s comments on the J&J vaccine had been misunderstood.

“We have had a constant dialogue with Mayor Duggan … He is very excited about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And I think we want to reiterate the message that the very first vaccine we can take makes perfect sense for all of us is take, “said Slavitt.

In a statement later Friday, Duggan reiterated the effectiveness of the J&J shot in preventing hospitalizations and Covid-related deaths.

“The only reason we decided not to take the first shipment from Johnson & Johnson was because we had the capacity with Moderna and Pfizer to handle the 29,000 first and second dose appointments planned for the coming week which has already brought us very close to our capacity at our current locations, “Duggan said in a statement on Friday.

The J&J allotment, rejected by Duggan, comprised 6,200 doses that were distributed to other local Michigan health departments, according to Bob Wheaton, spokesman for the state health department.

Wheaton said the state doesn’t expect to receive any more J&J vaccines “for a few weeks.”

Duggan said the city will open a new vaccination site for J&J shots if demand from eligible residents exceeds supply of Moderna and Pfizer cans.

“We always planned to distribute Johnson & Johnson as soon as demand warranted it, and we had our distribution plan so we could make it available to our residents as much as Moderna and Pfizer,” Duggan said in Friday’s statement. “By the time the next J&J broadcast arrives, we’ll have our plan to make it available.”

Spanish rapper rejects imprisonment, attracts focus to gag legislation | Arts & Leisure

LLEIDA, Spain (AP) – A rapper in Spain and dozens of his followers locked themselves in a university building on Monday to avoid jail time for insulting the country’s monarchy and praising terrorism.

The case of 32-year-old Pablo Hasél has attracted increasing attention in Spain and has been linked to the government’s sudden announcement that it will amend a national law that restricts freedom of expression. Over 200 artists, including film director Pedro Almodóvar and actor Javier Bardem, signed a petition last week in support of the rapper.

The artist, whose real name is Pablo Rivadulla Duró, will serve a reduced prison sentence of nine months from 2018 for tweets and songs he published between 2014 and 2016. He criticizes the Spanish royal family and praises a now defunct left-wing armed extremist group in Spain.

“I’m not going to let you tell me what to think, feel or say,” Hasél told The Associated Press late Monday. “This gives me an additional incentive to keep writing the same songs.”

Known best for his often radical anti-establishment criticism, he had previously been convicted of assault and praise for armed extremist groups, despite not serving time behind bars after being suspended from a previous two-year prison sentence.

This time his imprisonment seemed imminent. The country’s national court issued an arrest warrant for him on Monday after ten days’ notice, which voluntarily expired on Friday.

But the artist said that he would not leave without showing resistance and drawing attention to his case. On Monday, Hasél barricaded himself, accompanied by around 50 supporters, in the rectorate building of the University of Lleida in northeast Catalonia.

The police require special permission – granted in this case – from the academic authorities to enter university buildings that have been the site of protests in the past.

Defiantly, the rapper tweeted: “You have to break in to take me and put me in jail.”

He told the AP that Monday’s events “were a call to organize our solidarity and ease the pressure on the streets”.

“There is a lot of solidarity from people who understand that this is not just an attack on me,” added Hasél. “But also against our fundamental democratic freedoms. Freedoms that are constantly suppressed by the state. When they are exposed to aggression against us.” We have to give a collective answer. “

The Spanish left-wing coalition government unexpectedly announced last week that it would amend the country’s criminal code to remove prison sentences for freedom of expression violations. Hasél was not explicitly mentioned, nor was there a timetable for the changes.

The proposal is rejected by the conservative opposition party and the far-right Vox party.

Changes to the Code under a new public safety law known as the “Gag Law” were made by the then Popular Party’s government in 2015 and have long been criticized by human rights groups and international organizations for potentially restricting freedom of expression in the name of protection state and religious institutions.

“The imprisonment of Pablo Hasél leaves the sword hanging over the heads of all public figures who dare to criticize the actions of state institutions all the more openly,” says the artist’s petition.

“We understand that if we let Pablo in jail, they could follow either of us tomorrow until they managed to silence a sigh of disagreement,” he added.

Amnesty International’s Spanish branch has also defended Hasél and urged the government to introduce legal changes. In a statement last week, the international rights campaign group pointed to other social media users, journalists and artists who have received similar convictions in the past.

“Expressions that do not clearly and directly incite violence cannot be criminalized,” said Esteban Beltrán, director of the AI ​​branch.

Ciarán Giles and Aritz Parra in Madrid also contributed.

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