Public well being consultants push for regional collaboration with opioid settlement cash | WJHL

JONESBOROUGH, Tennessee (WJHL) – The region will make more for its opioid settlement money if northeast Tennessee counties work together on using the funds, public health experts told Washington County commissioners on Monday.

Rob Pack, professor of public health at East Tennessee State University (ETSU), pitched a concerted approach at a special district commission workshop on settlement funds. Pack has been a regional leader in drug abuse recovery efforts for the past decade and serves on several prominent regional and national groups dedicated to managing the crisis with an evidence-based approach.

Area governments are beginning to plan how best to spend the more than $ 20 million they will receive from the Baby Doe opioid settlement.

More than a month ago, the Stacy Street First District Criminal Justice judge suggested that local government leaders consider funding an inpatient treatment center in the former Northeast Correctional Center labor camp in Roan Mountain.

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Street was in attendance on Monday, as were her fellow judge Lisa Nidiffer and State Representatives Rebecca Alexander (R-Jonesborough) and Tim Hicks (R-Gray).

Pack said he was coming not with a proposal but with a framework for how the county can best spend the funds. District Attorney Allyson Wilkinson said the commissioners will be free and free of possible “recoveries” from any bankruptcy related to the case on November 3rd.

“I have no profit from what I say tonight,” Pack told the commissioners. “I’m not looking for resources here, I’m not making a suggestion for anything.”

Instead, Pack reviewed facts about the impact of the opioid crisis at the regional and national levels.

He urged commissioners to consider a public health approach to using the funds and gave a full overview of how public health experts see the best way to help people recover from drug addiction and stay successful in recovery.

Pack said drug overdose deaths in Tennessee increased more than 40% in 2020 from 2019. However, he said that up to 66% of people suffering from substance abuse recover and call recovery “not just possible, but likely”.

A key to ensuring that success reaches the most people is remembering that recovery is likely and a willingness to use “harm reduction” methods, including considering needle exchange programs, Pack said.

Another, he said, is “maximizing the impact of settlement resources by coordinating recovery services.”

Finally, he pointed to successful models, including in Kentucky, that include opportunities for self-preservation efforts in order to be self-sustaining.

“We need to think about getting out of this eternal scholarship cycle,” said Pack.

Wilkinson said the vast majority of settlement funds have almost no restrictions.

Commissioner Freddie Malone noted that the opioid crisis has caused Washington County to bear more costs – in everything from law enforcement to public health to education – than it receives in funding.

Jim Wheeler agreed, saying the severance payment was “a very small amount that we get back for things that were actually expenses. This is not a grant … this is money that we spent and was recovered for the community … and whatever it is for is a local decision. “

Once November 3 arrives, the Washington County amount cannot be “reclaimed from bankruptcy,” and the county can begin allocating it at its own discretion.

Commission chairman Greg Matherly recommended that the procedure for examining specific proposals be left in the HEW committee.

NCL opens regional play in fashion | Sports activities

WORCESTER – Julian Rivera performed the hidden ball trick on Wednesday even though the NCL American Legion baseball team’s shortstop didn’t get the referee’s call in the end.

But there was no magic formula for NCL to rise to the winning class of the Northeast Regional. Strong pitching, solid defense, and a couple of clutch hits were winning combo as they usually are.

Sam Beaudoin and Nick Gomes combined on a six-hitter and the defense behind them was flawless when NCL beat Portsmouth, New Hampshire 6-0 in the regional game on opening day at Fitton Field

“When we play in defense, when we play NCL ball the way we can play it, we don’t think anyone can beat us,” said Rivera. “I believe that. I will.”

NCL is expected to face hosts Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, in the final game on today’s board around 7:00 p.m. for a place in the winners’ round final on Friday. Claudio Santaniello, who threw a shutout in the regional qualifying round on Saturday, is expected to start for NCL on the hill.

Santaniello gave NCL a quick lead with an RBI single in the top of the first inning. Beaudoin hit seven in his four innings of work. When Portsmouth put the ball into play, the defense was ready behind him.

Center fielder Isaac Rosario stole additional bases from Owen Fox with an over-the-shoulder grab to open the second. Julian couldn’t figure out the hidden ball trick in the third as the referees ruled that NCL coach Ariel Rosario was given time out to discuss a seedy game. But his fine game of finishing fourth with runners on the corners and two outs kept NCL’s lead intact.

“I wanted to cover the bag because I saw the runner steal,” said Rivera. “The child hit it on my right while I walked on my left. I’ve lost my footing somehow. But I could only recover and get the guy. Everything went quickly, but I was confident that I could play a game. “

NCL broke it up in the fifth.

Manny Flores’ doubles made it 2-0 and the pick of an outfield player on Isaac Rosarios Grounder produced a run. With the loaded bases and two outs, Gomes’ drive to left outfielder Max Lalime eluded and cleared the bases for a 6-0 lead.

“I saw him slow down and camp under the ball and I thought ‘Argh’,” said Gomes. “It was a full base situation and I didn’t do my job. When I saw it go over his head, I was just amazed and rushed to second place. “

NCL struggled in the Northeast Regional when it was late building on its leads. The opportunity on Wednesday did not pass up.

“It was perfectly timed when we broke it up,” said coach Rosario. “This enabled us to remove Sam with less than 60 spaces, which means that he will be available for us on Saturday. We preach to the guys that they get early runs because they make our decisions easier. “

Beaudoin threw 57 pitches in his four innings of work. Gomes allowed three hits in three innings to complete the shutout and take the win.

It was NCL’s first regional game, but it played here as before.

“When we came through the Connecticut area, there was a big sigh of relief,” said Rosario. “At the time, our team had the feeling: ‘We belong here.’ We kept it easy as coaches to keep them relaxed. They treat each other like family, so it’s easier to go with the flow. “

at Fitton Field, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Hamburg, NY 5, Newport, RI 1

NCL 6, Portsmouth, NH 0

Beverly, Mass. 12, Old Town, Maine 0

Shrewsbury, Mass. 10, Essex Junction, Vt. 0 (5)

Game 5: Newport, RI vs. Old Town, Maine, 9:30 am

Game 6: Portsmouth, NH vs. Essex Junction, Vt., Noon

Game 7: Hamburg, NY vs. Beverly, Massachusetts, 4:30 p.m.

Game 8: NCL vs. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, 7pm

Game 9: Winner of Game 6 vs. Loser of Game 7, 9:30 a.m.

Game 10: Winner of Game 5 vs. Loser of Game 8, 4:30 p.m.

Game 11: Winner of Game 7 vs. Winner of Game 8, 7 p.m.

Game 12: Winner of Game 9 vs. Loser of Game 11, 1pm

Game 13: Winner of Game 10 vs. Winner of Game 11, 7 p.m.

Game 14: Winner of Game 12 vs. Winner of Game 13, 1pm

Game 3: If necessary, 5 p.m.

The tournament winner will advance to the Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.

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Democrats start particular session by elevating cash for re-election | State and Regional Information

Before deciding how to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, the Democrats had another priority on Monday in Richmond on Monday: raising money for their re-election campaigns.

The majority party in the General Assembly opened a special session with a morning fundraiser in the John Marshall Ballrooms, Invite lobbyists to meet with democratic legislative leaders for breakfast at 8 a.m., according to an invitation.

The Democrats also canceled a tentatively scheduled meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Monday Study group on campaign finance reform, which was never met, although it has a deadline of November 1st for a report to be issued.

The Del. Marcus Simon, D-Fairfax, emailed fellow lawmakers on Friday to say the campaign finance reform subcommittee would not meet on Monday “so as not to disrupt the special session schedule.”

Tickets to the fundraiser are $ 500, $ 750 for two, or $ 1,000 for four, according to the invitation sent to the press by Senate Republican communications director Jeff Ryer. Lobbyists were invited to have breakfast with House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-Fairfax, House Majority Leader Charniele Herring, D-Alexandria, Senate Majority Leader, Dick Saslaw, D-Fairfax, and others.

DoubleTree Resort goals so as to add leisure to eating | Berks Regional Information

Many companies are still struggling to find workers, even after most of the COVID restrictions have been lifted.

So the DoubleTree in Reading is getting really creative to keep attracting high quality employees.

Little did guests of the DoubleTree Hotel have a truly unique experience in store for them when they encounter students at Albright College.

“I thought it was fantastic. I’ve never been serenaded by a man before but found it quite funny including the young lady’s lovely voice and would I do it again? Absolutely! ”Said Chris Mitchell, a guest from Houston.

DoubleTree Hotel in Reading

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s very unexpected that people say, ‘Oh wow, there’s a piano over there, do you know who’s going to play it?’ And I say ‘I can’ and they say ‘nooo’ and I say ‘Yes, I can’ and it knocks them out a bit! ”Said the youngest Albright graduate Veronica Jakubowski.

They are part of a special program where students entertain guests and gain experience in the hospitality industry.

“That you can be paid not only to serve the hotel and serve the guests in it, but to be paid to share your craft, your artistic craft, this gift with others, and I think that’s what makes it unique. That’s what makes it so special, “said the Artistic Director of the DoubleTree, Nate Rothermel.

“To be honest, it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” said Adrian Jacob with a laugh.

“It’s pretty great to shape the experience because we’re on the ground floor, so to speak. So, really to create an experience with the management and the guests. ”Albright Sr. Logan Wintersteen said.

Only Albright students are currently participating in the pilot, but the hotel hopes to expand it to other colleges and even high school kids in the future. If you would like more information on applying for the internship, send an email to Nate Rothermel at

WATCH NOW: Summer season leisure returns to downtown Wisconsin Dells | Regional information

The summer entertainment in Wisconsin Dells began with a performance by the Swing Crew on June 16.

The Wisconsin Dells band played several folk, classic rock, country, and pop songs during the two-hour show. Both children and adults had the opportunity to take part in the show on stage and in the audience.

Free entertainment will continue throughout the summer, with the final performance scheduled for September 5th. The performances will take place on the Riverwalk at 105 Broadway. A list of performances is below

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Downtown Wisconsin Dells summer time leisure season begins June 16 | Regional information

List of Wisconsin Dells summer entertainment performances 2021 2021

June 16 – Swing Crew

June 17 – TJ Howell

June 18 – Rascal Theory

June 19 – Jim Gaff Band

June 20 – Derek Ramnarace

June 21 – Robert J.

June 22nd – You Mama Band

June 23rd – Swing Crew

June 24 – TJ Howell

June 25 – Rascal Theory

June 26th – high and rising

June 27 – Derek Ramnarace

June 28th – Bahama Bob

June 29th – Back2Back

June 30th – Swing Crew

July 1 – TJ Howell

July 2 – Rascal Theory

July 3rd CharlieBoy

July 5th – Steve Meisner

July 6 – Steve Meisner

July 7th – Bahama Bob

July 8 – TJ Howell

July 9 – Rascal Theory

July 10 – Sage Jennings

July 11th – your mom trio

July 12 – Bahama Bob

July 13 – Prairie Thunder Cloggers

July 14th – Swing Crew

July 15 – TJ Howell

July 16 – Rascal Theory

July 17 – Shawndell Marks

July 18 – Bahama Bob

July 19 – Steve Meisner

July 20 – Steve Meisner

July 21st – Swing Crew

July 22 – TJ Howell

July 23 – CharlieBoy

July 24th – Rascal Theory

July 25th – Perfect Stranger

July 26th – Bahama Bob

July 27th – Shawn Schell

July 28th – Swing Crew

July 29 – TJ Howell

July 30th – your mom trio

July 31 – Charlieboy

August 1st – Bahamian Bob

August 2nd – Steve Meisner

August 3 – Steve Meisner

August 4th – Swing Crew

August 5th – Prairie Thunder Cloggers

August 6 – Rascal Theory

August 7th – Jim Gaff Trio

August 8th – High & Resurrection

August 9 – Bahama Bob

August 10 – Derek Ramnarace

August 11th – Swing Crew

August 12 – TJ Howell

August 13 – Shawn Schell

August 14 – Jim Gaff Trio

August 15th – Kaylin Kole

August 16 – Bahama Bob

August 17th – Your mom trio

August 18th – Swing Crew

August 19 – TJ Howell

August 20 – Prairie Thunder Cloggers

August 21 – Rascal Theory

August 22nd – Perfect Stranger

August 23 – Bahama Bob

August 24 – Robert J.

August 25 – Rascal Theory

August 26 – TJ Howell

August 27 – Shawn Schell

August 28 – Steve Meisner

August 29 – Steve Meisner

August 30th Bahamian Bob

August 31 – Perfect Stranger

September 1st – Swing Crew

September 2 – TJ Howell

September 3 – Back2Back

September 4th – Up & Up

September 5 – Rascal Theory

Source: Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau website

Indictment: Tax collector stole greater than $800Okay in property tax cash | Regional

A former Warren County municipal tax collector is alleged to have stolen more than $ 800,000 in property tax dollars from residents.

Rachellyn Mosher faces a number of charges, including corruption of public resources, official misconduct and computer theft, according to a press release from the Warren County Attorney’s Office.

Mosher was the municipal tax collector for the townships White, Harmony and Lopatcong. A Hunterdon County grand jury sued Mosher after a two-year investigation into the misappropriation of approximately $ 824,000 in property tax dollars paid by residents between 2013 and 2018, according to Warren County Attorneys.

Instead of depositing residents’ cash payments into townships’ bank accounts, Mosher would keep the money and then manipulate subsequent charges into the townships’ computers, the prosecution said.

The indictment states that Mosher stole about $ 166,000 from White Township, about $ 124,000 from Harmony Township, and about $ 534,000 from Lopatcong Township.

Wisconsin Dells hopes to increase leisure with plaza venture | Regional information

The location for the proposed Elm Street Plaza is where The Frozen Bear is currently located in downtown Wisconsin Dells. The store and another piece of land directly behind it will be demolished to build the new space that the city plans to open in summer 2022.

Wisconsin Dells Visitors and Convention Bureau Director of Festivals and Events Jenifer Dobbs presents ideas for possible events in 2021 during discussion at the Business Improvement District meeting on January 6th.


The planning phases for a new space on Elm Street begin.

Jenifer Dobbs, director of festivals and events at the Wisconsin Dells Visitors and Convention Bureau, said the square will provide a venue for up to 270 days of entertainment, including the farmers’ market. The site is slated to open in July 2022, she said. The square is on the corner of Elm Street and Broadway. The frozen bear and the property behind it are being demolished.

“It will be a central meeting point for visitors and residents,” said Dobbs. “We hope to attract the residents within a radius of 32 kilometers to call the square a meeting point. That’s over 50,000 people if you look at us in a 20 mile radius. That is a significant amount. “

The Wisconsin Dells BID committee picks summer entertainment location for 2021

The square is a joint project between the city and the office, Dobbs said. Other stakeholders include the city’s public works department, the Business Improvement District Committee and WizardQuest Owner Kevin Ricks said Wisconsin Dells Mayor Ed Wojnicz.

Romy Snyder, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Dells Visitors and Convention Bureau, said Wisconsin Dells is scrutinizing other communities with similar public spaces to decide what activities and programs are taking place in its own space, such as B. Morning yoga and movie night. A program plan has not been established.

Trans-Montana snowmobile trip raises cash for NAMI | Regional

KALISPELL, Mont. – A group of 18 snowmobilers meet in western Montana for a week-long hike in the name of charity.

The Montana Snowmobile Association’s Trans-Montana Charity Ride is raising funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Montana chapter, which supports veterans and prevents teenage suicide.

The drivers will meet in Kalispell on Friday, January 29th and leave the next morning. The riders travel south and hit six different riding areas by the time they land in West Yellowstone on Thursday, February 4th.

When the event started over 20 years ago, it was a real hike with snowmobilers touring all over the state, the organizers said. Now they have made it a little easier for the drivers and drive back and forth between the individual locations.

Driver Mark Smolen started participating six years ago.

“I came back and I will never miss it again,” said Smolen. “It was so much fun, the people I met and just seeing six of the most beautiful places in Montana is just amazing.”

Smolen shared that he is most excited to reconnect with returning drivers.

The trip ends with awards and an online auction and raffle. If you want to take part in these events, click here.

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