Makhani Rajma (North-Indian Fashion Creamy Purple Beans)

Rajma, or red bean based dishes, is a staple food in many Indian households. Of the many Indian preparations that use red kidney beans, Makhani Rajma is a classic. It uses spice layering techniques to build up the flavor, with onions, tomatoes, and a dash of cream added right when they shine best. The recipe can be adapted to dietary needs. If you like chili, you will like Makhani Rajma. This dish is usually served as an accompaniment to a larger meal, but it can also be eaten as a starter. The finished dish tastes even better when it rests in the refrigerator overnight. Serve family-friendly with basmati or brown rice, naan and / or raita.

Active time: 30 minutes; Total time: 1 hour

Storage information: The sauce can be prepared up to the addition of beans and refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Where to buy: Indian bay leaf (Tamal patra) can be found in Indian grocery stores and online.

In a deep, heavy-bottomed pan, heat the oil over medium heat until it shimmers.

If you are using onions, add them to the pan and cook, stirring frequently, for 6 to 8 minutes, until soft and light golden brown. Stir in the ginger and garlic and, while stirring, making sure that nothing burns, cook for about 30 seconds until they are aromatic. Add the cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaf and cook for about 1 minute, stirring, until fragrant.

If you’re using the onions, sprinkle the cayenne pepper on top and mix to coat it evenly. (If you’re not using the onions, take the pan off the heat and let it cool for about 1 minute before adding the cayenne pepper, as it will burn instantly in very hot oil.)

Add the tomatoes and stir evenly with the spices. Cook, stirring, until the liquid starts to evaporate, about 2 minutes. (See NOTES for a smoother sauce.)

Add the beans and stir gently so they don’t break. Add the water, cover and reduce the heat to low. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally to prevent the beans from sticking to the bottom of the pan, until slightly thickened, about 20 minutes.

When the sauce starts to thicken, add the fenugreek leaves. Stir in sugar and season with salt. Cover again and continue to cook until the sauce thickens and the flavors merge, another 10 minutes.

Try one of the beans and if it’s still not flavorful add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water, cover again and simmer for another 10 minutes, then try again. Cover and cook for another 10 minutes. Season to taste and add more salt and sugar or honey if necessary.

Remove and discard the cinnamon stick and bay leaf to serve. Pour the cream over it, remove from the stove and serve hot, family-style, as a side dish or main course, optionally with rice, naan and raita as a side dish.


For a smooth sauce, puree the tomatoes and spices before adding the beans. Take the pan off the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Remove and save the cinnamon and bay leaf, then use a hand blender to process the sauce in short bursts to reduce the splashing until smooth. If you use a regular mixer, let the sauce cool completely before processing. After pureeing, add the sauce to the pan, add the cinnamon stick and bay leaf again, and continue with the rest of the recipe.

If you don’t use onions, use 1 cup of chopped tomatoes as well.

The dish is best if you use homemade beans. See related recipe for Simply Perfect Pot of Beans.

The recipe can be adapted to other types of cooked beans, including black-eyed peas and adzuki beans. Or replace the beans with your preferred ingredient, e.g. B. parboiled baby potatoes and halved cremini mushrooms, or proteins such as.

Indian bay leaf, also known as tamal patra, has a different taste than regular bay leaf and results in a more complex flavor.

Fresh fenugreek leaves and the dried seeds have a different taste from dried fenugreek leaves. Do not replace.

Tested by Ann Maloney.

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Evaluation: Purple Rocket Showcases Sean Baker’s Signature Model and Simon Rex’s Robust Efficiency

One of the most interesting aspects of Sean Baker filmmaking is his ability to achieve his unique vision in circumstances that other, less staunch filmmakers would consider disadvantages. Baker (Starlet, Tangerine, The Florida Project) routinely takes creative decisions that others would never make, let alone incorporate them into her visual style and approach to filmmaking. From working with aspiring actors (or non-actors at all) to Verité-style filming on location (Tangerine was shot exclusively on iPhones), Baker’s films always contain a sense of visceral reality that sets them apart. The filmmaker’s style and all of his signature choices come into their own in Red Rocket, Baker’s latest film starring Simon Rex, which is both captivating and slightly off-putting. The result, though perhaps not as poignant as the Oscar-nominated The Florida Project, is more than worth seeing, a modern exploration of hectic pace and opportunism.

Image courtesy of A24

Rex is Mikey, an articulate charmer who made a name for himself as an adult movie star in Los Angeles. But he’s out of luck, out of work and back to his hometown in Texas, where his first stop is his wife’s house. Right, Mikey has been away for years and fucked other women on camera, but he has a wife, Lexi (Bree Elrod), at home who still lives with her mother, Lil (Brenda Deiss). It takes a bit of persuasion, but Lexi finally lets Mikey back in the house (and eventually her bed) as he finds a way to make a living after his entertainment career is over. After convincing Leondria (Judy Hill), the local pot dealer, to give him some inventory to sell on, he asks his unemployed neighbor Lonnie (Ethan Darbone) to take him to the various strip clubs around town for his Sales. It is a life.

Looking for new customers, Mikey ends up in a donut shop outside a power station where all union workers take their breaks. Believing he is going to commit murder with them, he gets more than he expected when he meets Strawberry (Suzanna Son), the cute young clerk who calls him. She is seventeen, has large, innocent eyes and a confident demeanor that Mikey is immediately drawn to. This is where it gets interesting, because Mikey’s interest is real. It’s also a little creepy and predatory. Mikey never does anything obvious to Strawberry, and she is just as invested in their relationship, which is becoming sexual, as he is. But Mikey is always looking for a point of view, and soon he’s thinking about what a pretty young thing like Strawberry could do in his former industry and plans to convince her to move back to LA with him.

As the central character of Red Rocket, Mikey is never entirely lovable and never a villain. He’s that weird duck that you don’t see often enough in movies, a complex person with flaws and needs, someone with motivations that are not always honorable, but by no means illegal or immoral. His ambition puts him in some interesting situations, from confronting Strawberry’s teenage boyfriend (and the family who are defending him) to having unexpectedly deep conversations with Leondria’s partner June (Brittney Rodriguez). But he’s a man who knows how to get what he wants, and he’s not afraid to charm or flatter to get it. In fact, all of his charm and caress is basically a matter of course for him at this point, his usual course of action in planning his way through life. Rex perfectly manages this balance, can be anything the situation calls for – flirting with Strawberry, a frustrated husband held back by Lexi, a businessman with a vision with Lonnie.

In true Baker fashion, the non-actors surrounding Rex just elevate the process, from Lil’s natural comedic timing to Leondria’s no-nonsense performance. Suzanna Son can more than assert herself next to Rex and embodies this peculiar moment in the life of a young woman when she is no longer a child, not yet a grown woman, but is nevertheless fully capable of attracting a man’s attention. Filmed in the heat of the summer in Texas, Baker takes advantage of the wide sky and the vast landscapes and gives the film strong, bright colors that glow from the screen. While the script (co-written by Chris Bergoch) loses some of its momentum in the film’s final twenty minutes, there’s enough between Rex’s strong performance and Baker’s ever-compelling filmmaking to make Red Rocket an enjoyable ride.

Red Rocket is now playing in select cinemas.

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Royal Type Watch: From Kate Middleton’s trendy sailor look to Meghan Markle’s ravishing pink robe

November 13, 2021 – 09:33 GMT

Grace Lindsay

Another week, another amazing selection of outfits from some of our favorite royals. This week was all about glitz and glamor, from Meghan Markle‘s gorgeous red dress too Queen Maxima‘s sparkling ombre dress.

Kate Middleton and Princess Anne Whipped things up in nifty suit ensembles while Sophie Wessex just kept things in a smart black number.

We have put together our favorite outfits of the week so that you can get inspiration for the upcoming party season …

READ: Kate Middleton rocks the unique Alexander McQueen sailor outfit at the London Museum

The Duchess of Cambridge

Duchess Kate recycled her favorite Catherine Walker coat for a visit to the Imperial War Museum

Kate Middleton looked as stylish as ever on Wednesday afternoon, wearing one of her favorite sailor-style blouses Alexander McQueen. She paired the top with tailored pants, a waist belt, high heel shoes and her navy blue Catherine Walker A coat.

The King visited the Imperial War Museum in London to officially open two new galleries, The Second World War Galleries and The Holocaust Galleries.

MORE: Meghan Markle shines in a stunning red dress at the NYC gala

READ: Sophie Wessex shines in a classic black dress with stylish details at Windsor Castle

The Duchess of Sussex


The Duchess nailed business chic when she attended an online conference for the New York Times

On Tuesday, Meghan Markle attended an online New York Times conference and nailed business chic in her black two-piece suit.

The Duchess wore a simple black cashmere sweater with three-quarter sleeves and wide black trousers paired with a Gancini leather belt with twisted buckle from Ferragamo. To commemorate Veterans Day in the US and Remembrance Day in the UK, she rounded off the look with black pointed heels and a red poppy flower.


Meghan shone in a gorgeous red dress by Carolina Herrera at a gala in New York

The next day, the 40-year-old switched things over and stunned in a gorgeous red dress from Carolina Herrera for the Intrepid Museum’s Salute to Freedom Gala 2021. She styled the dress with red slingback heels from Giuseppe Zanotti, a diamond tennis bracelet once owned by. was Princess Diana and the earrings from Maison Birks.

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice looked so chic attending an intimate dinner hosted by Gabriela Peacock in London

Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi went to London’s Pavilion Club on Tuesday evening to celebrate the release of Gabriela Peacock’s new book, 2 Weeks to Feeling Great.

Beatrice looked so chic and opted for a black dress with a peplum hem paired with a cream colored blouse. The new mom completed the look with Zara Heels, a personalized one Anya Hindmarch pouch with her nickname “Trixie” and a Marks & Spencer Poppy Brooch.

The Countess of Wessex


Sophie Wessex opted for a little black dress when she attended a reception at Windsor Castle on Wednesday

Sophie Wessex dazzled in a sleek black dress as she attended a reception for Enterprise recipients hosted by her brother-in-law at Windsor Castle Prince Charles.

The countess’s classic black dress was made by a Serbian fashion designer Roxanda, and she styled it with a trendy clutch from Lulu Guinness and Manolo Blahnik Navy pumps.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne blue suit

Princess Anne looked beautiful in blue

Princess Anne surprised on Wednesday evening in a flashy blue suit with a matching scarf when she also attended the reception for Enterprise recipients.

The 71-year-old delighted with the chic skirt suit, which she equipped with a poppy flower, a pair of pearl earrings, black gloves and a matching black handbag.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Queen Maxima Ball Gown

Queen Maxima was a picture of elegance in a sparkling ombré dress by Jan Taminiau

Queen Maxima looked absolutely stunning in a sparkling ombré dress Jan Taminiau on Tuesday at a state banquet while visiting Norway.

The royal brought glitz and glamor with her accessories and wore blue velvet heels Jimmy Choo, a sapphire tiara and matching earrings.

Maxima cut-out dress

The monarch later delighted in a daring, cut-out dress when she hosted a concert at the Munchmuseum in Oslo

The 50-year-old later wowed in a daring, cut-out dress when she hosted a concert at the Munchmuseum in Oslo.

Her funny dress was from designer Claes Iversen and she helped to style it Gianvito Rossi golden leather heels and a golden clutch by Begum Khan – beautiful!

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia Patterned Dress

Queen Letizia rocked a colorful Michonet dress at the FMBBVA event in Madrid

Queen Letizia rocked a colorful ensemble for the FMBBVA event in Madrid. She wore the ‘Ethnic Gold Neck Dress’ from Michonetthat featured a fun multicolored knitting pattern.

The Royal combined it with fuchsia-colored slingback heels with a crocodile effect from Carolina Herrera and a matching fuchsia shoulder bag.

Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania looked so glamorous in an all white Zimmermann ensemble

Queen Rania of Jordan impressed all in white during a visit to Dar Nema in Jalal Qalaa, a project of the Princess Taghreid Foundation for Development and Training.

The king wore a Carpenter Co-Ord, consisting of a long-sleeved denim shirt and matching skirt, plus a raffia pocket from Chlo and printed canvas pumps by Dior.

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Pink Lifeless Redemption 2 Mod Offers Gamers Fallout-Model Companions

A PC mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 allows gamers to explore the beautiful and treacherous old west with their favorite Van Der Linde gang member.

A PC mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 allows players to explore the vast open world together with their favorite members of the Van Der Linde gang. A modder has developed a companion system that allows players to choose a beloved outlaw from the camp to go on adventures beyond the confines of the story missions.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar’s massive open world cowboy simulator in which players take on the role of Arthur Morgan, a soldier in a gang of outlaws led by the charismatic Dutchman Van Der Linde. Together, they plan increasingly risky heists in a desperate effort to make enough money to finally escape the Pinkerton Detective Agency that is hunting them everywhere the storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2. In between missions, Arthur has the chance to explore the campsite where the large, diverse gang hides, engage the cast in unique dialogues, play games with them, do a favor, or just listen to their stories.

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There are many mods for the title that are intentionally ridiculous, including one that is Arthur Morgan’s guns ridiculously large, but PCGamesN shared how one gamer, Bolmin, created a mod for the game that would give fans the freedom to spend even more time with their favorite characters. The mod is currently available on Nexus mods. Bolmin has created an accessible way for players to hire a single member of Dutch’s crew to join Arthur on whatever adventure he might want to go on when he’s not robbing banks or managing the warehouse’s resources. It’s a profound modification still underway, but the list is already impressive, including Bill, John, Javier, Hosea, Kieran, Sean, Charles, Lenny, and even the villainous Micah. The modder plans to add Sadie Adler to the list in the future.

All of the characters available in this mod have their own specific story missions that Arthur will spend time with, but the obvious appeal of this mod is that it gives players the ability to create more memories with these characters. Gameplay footage of this modification makes the interactions look smooth and seamless as Arthur fishes with Charles, camps with John, and raids enemies with Hosea. Of course, there are no unique dialogue options when the player chooses a member of the posse to hang out. If the player so wishes, Arthur could lose dozens of hours hunting, fishing, doing household chores, Search for toads, bathe, or even track down fossils littered around one of the game’s largest open worlds. Console gamers know these activities as thoughtful, lonely chores, but with Bolmins Mod they no longer have to do it alone.

Nexus Mods is where PC gamers can now experience those unique bonding moments with violent law breakers. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an excellent choice for players looking to get lost in an immersive and beautiful world, and Bolmin’s mod looks like a worthy addition for players who want more time with the characters they stuck to in 2018. For those who love open game worlds but prefer chaos and mayhem, Rockstars release from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition should be released on November 11th for PS4 / PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: PCGamesN, Bolmin / Nexus mods

God of War Hypothetical Nathan Drake Mod Screenshot

Ridiculous God of War PC mods showcased by fans

Gemma Chan’s Pink Carpet Model Has Been Flawless From the Starting

Gemma Chan has been an integral part of the red carpet on the other side of the pond for years. The British-Chinese actress is loved for her sensational style, and her consistency is particularly extraordinary: since her beginnings in 2006, Chan has been polished and flawless from the start. She graduated from Oxford with a law degree and is known to have declined attorney training in a law firm to devote herself to acting. Roles on legendary British television programs such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and The IT Crowd have given way to coveted film roles in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Along the way, Chan closed the red carpet with her flawless glamor. But it wasn’t until her appearance in The hit film of 2018 Crazy rich Asians how Astrid Leong-Teo, the fashionable entrepreneur whose highest aesthetic is only overshadowed by her kind heart that made audiences worldwide fall in love with the star.

These days, red carpets and fashion shows aren’t complete without Chan’s magnetic presence. Whether she wears a minimalist column dress or a puffy, architectural Louis Vuitton dress at the premiere of Marvels Eternal, she is the image of perfection. Click through to see her evolve on the red carpet as her starlight has grown, but be aware that she’s always ready for that Drama success She was found in Hollywood.

2021: Marvel Studios Eternals premiere in Los Angeles

Photo: VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images.

Chan stunned in this Louis Vuitton dress at the Eternals premiere in October 2021. The cape is made entirely of feathers, while the delicate lace skirt evokes the gentle spirit of her figure Sersi.

2021: Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 fashion show

Photo: Pierre Suu / Getty Images.

At Paris Fashion Week in October 2021, Chan attended the Louis Vuitton show in an outfit from the studio; This full leather look from Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière shows his love for modular, geometric shapes.

Photo: John Shearer / WireImage.

At the 2021 Met Gala (which was due to a pandemic in September 2021), Chan wore this sculptural tracery by Singaporean-American designer Prabal Gurung. The kite design comes from a Chinese textile from the Qing Dynasty that dates back around the 1660s.

2021: Cannes Film Festival

Photo: Daniele Venturelli / WireImage.

One of Chan’s most elaborate looks to date, this sequined Oscar de la Renta dress stopped us all at the screening of OSS 117: From Africa With Love.

2021: Cannes Film Festival

Photo: Mustafa Yalcin / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

Chan loves Valentino, and at the Cannes screening of Les Intranquilles (The Restless), this two-piece kept her cool in the hot Italian summer.

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images.

Gemma Chan came to the Met Gala 2019 as a date for designer Tom Ford and wore one of his signature exquisite column dresses. She is an absolute vision on the pink carpet with the square cape and dramatic silver headdress inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s.

Photo: Gonzalo Marroquin / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

Chan honored Chinese fashion designers in this eye-catching silver dress by Mark Gong in May 2019.

Photo: Rich Polk / Getty Images for IMDb.

Even her casual style is meticulous, as seen in this March 2019 photo. She wears awake mode with Adidas sneakers for cool comfort.

2019: Marvel Studios Captain Marvel Premiere

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.

Another stunning look, this time in dazzling Ralph and Russo for the March 2019 premiere of Captain Marvel in Hollywood.

2019: Vanity Fair Oscars After Party

Photo: John Shearer / Getty Images.

Chan continued their love affair with silver in this Tom Ford dress that was studded with sequins and a tiny clutch at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

Without a doubt, Chan was one of the best-dressed at the Academy Awards in February 2019; Her pink tiered dress from Valentino was known to have pockets, a detail that is celebrated by every woman in the world.

2019: Independent Spirit Awards

Photo: Amy Sussman / Getty Images.

At the ISP Awards in February 2019, Chan wore this two-tone Miu Miu dress that was suitable for a princess.

2019: Screen Actors’ Guild Awards

Photo: Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images for Turner.

Chan loves a dramatic train, as evidenced by this pale pink dress by Oscar de la Renta in January 2019.

2019: National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala

Photo: Dipasupil / Getty Images for the National Board of Review.

The midi sheath dress silhouette was made for Chan – Erdem is wearing it here when Crazy Rich Asians accepted an NBR film award.

2019: Golden Globe Awards

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.

This is what moments on the red carpet are made of. Chan’s gorgeous navy blue halter neck dress by Valentino was as bold as it was beautiful.

2019: BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles

Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images.

Still on the red carpet for Crazy Rich Asians, Chan’s Prabal Gurung gingham print dress is modern and fun.

2018: Mary, Queen of Scots Premiere

Photo: Chris J. Ratcliffe / Getty Images.

Of course, the December 2018 premiere of Mary, Queen of Scots required a regal dress, and Chan nailed it in Miu Miu.

2018: Crazy Rich Asians premiere

Photo: Ian West / PA Images via Getty Images.

Crazy Rich Asians was a breakthrough for Asian actors, screenwriters, and the audience. For the London premiere in September 2018, Chan wore this floral Simone Rocha piece made of tulle; Rocha is Irish and Chinese.

2018: Crazy Rich Asians premiere in Hollywood

Photo: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP via Getty Images.

Astrid herself would have loved this Art Deco-inspired dress by Oscar de la Renta.

2016: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Premiere

Photo: Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage.

Chan loves a long-sleeved silhouette, as seen at the Fantastic Beasts premiere in November 2016.

Photo: Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage.

Tea-length perfection in May 2016.

2016: EE British Film Academy Awards

Photo: Samir Hussein / WireImage.

At the EE British Film Academy Awards in 2016, Chan’s talent comes into its own on the red carpet when she dazzles in this metallic dress.

2014: London Evening Standard Theater Awards

Photo: Karwai Tang / WireImage.

This photo may be from November 2014, but Chan’s style star power is evident here in this black and blue dress accented with strappy heels and a tiny clutch.

2013: Investec Derby Festival

Photo: Dave M. Benett / Getty Images for Investec.

In June 2013, Chan was the face of the Investec Derby Festival, and as usual, she wore an architectural fascinator to host the event.

2012: British Comedy Awards

Photo: Danny Martindale / WireImage.

Chan is flawless in this yellow midi dress at the Britian Comedy Awards in December 2012.

2011: InStyles Best Of British Talent Party

Photo: Dave M. Benett / Getty Images.

A rising fashion star: Chan wears part of the coveted Christopher Kane Galaxy Print collection in January 2011.

Purple Bull’s Dance Your Fashion Competitors Landed in Chicago

Photo credit: Chris Hershman / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull’s global Dance Your Style competition took off at the Windy City with a focus on footwork, jitting and more!

For years Red Bull has hosted dance competitions that featured some of the fastest and most talented dancers in the world. Synchronized Dance your style, its unique battle format has seen members of the movement community compete head-to-toe in qualifying rounds in cities across the United States ahead of the National Finals in Washington DC in 2021. One of those stops was the hometown of house music and footwork – Chicago.

Red Bulls Dance Your Style produced incredible local talent for everyone to see 25th of September at Thalia hall in the southwest of Chicago. This included renowned dancer Child nimbus, The Era Footwork Crew, DJ King Marie, and more. From the beginning of the show to the end, it was all about dance, music and, above all, the love of the city of Chicago – and we were lucky enough to get a front row seat.

Thalia Hall was lit with an eccentric energy that could be felt from the moment you walked into the venue.

Upon entering, I could get a good view from the balcony and immediately get a good feel for the energy of the audience and performers. It was set up like a classic back-alley dance-off, with a crowd forming a circle around the two dancers who competed against each other. There were a total of 15 rounds, with each participant only having one minute to show their hottest moves. As the battles continued, the winners played against each other until there was only one dancer left.

Something that stood out about Dance Your Style was that the audience had the opportunity to participate in the experience as well. Before we entered the main dance floor, we were given bracelets that could be either red or blue. After both dancers showed their moves, the MC called on the crowd to show which team they liked best. The lights would go out so all the bracelets could be clearly seen and the majority would be crowned victor. The oohs and ahhs of the crowd at the joint light show put a smile on my face every round, it was so much fun at an event like this.

Child nimbus and Lam Sedechu were the last to stand, fight, and show us incredible footwork and tutting skills. Both were incredible dancers, but in the end it was Kid Nimbus’ crazy flexibility, insane facial expressions, incredible agility and charisma that earned him the trophy. The crowd roared with excitement as MC Bravemonk looked at all the bracelets one last time and announced he was the winner.

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Kylie Jenner Turns Up Her Attractive Maternity Type With This Crimson Skintight Bodysuit

New York Fashion Week may be over, but Kylie Jenner is not easing off skin-tight maternity wear.

On Thursday, October 7th, the model and beauty mogul posted her latest outfit Instagram: a scarlet Richard Quinn one-piece from head to toe. She showed off her baby bump in a spandex catsuit with matching gloves, stilettos and a knee-length belted coat. Jenner also posed with another red accessory: a flower-strewn handbag. She has labeled the pictures accordingly: “❤️?.”

The monochrome, skin-tight catsuit looks inspired by Kim Kardashian’s fancy Met Gala after-party outfit:

It’s not the first time Jenner has been taken Maternity wear inspo from her sister, either. On September 9th, Jenner was spotted in Midtown Manhattan wearing a sheer lace jumpsuit with an oversized black coat and a pair of black pumps. Kim Kardashian wore a very similar outfit when she was pregnant with Saint West in 2015. The two even had matching, elegant updos!

Gotham / Getty Images

Pink Bull Dance Your Type Memphis

An audience of dance lovers will play the judge and ultimately decide which dancer from each qualifier to go to Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final USA. Without a jury, without planned choreography and without pre-selected music, it’s about embracing the moment, inspiring the audience and moving to the beat.

At the request of the New Orleans dance community, the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Hurricane Ida Aid, organized by MACCNO (The New Orleans Music and Culture Coalition). Since 2012, the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MACCNO) has been organizing, strengthening, and advocating musicians, artists, traditional cultural bearers, and other members and allies of the New Orleans cultural community.

The Red Bull Dance Your Style Memphis winner will be in the National final 22.-23. October 2021 in Washington, DC The winners will compete against each other to represent the USA at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Johannesburg, South Africa, December 4-5, 2021.

Chrissy Teigen Exhibits How one can Fashion the Shoe of the Summer time With Sheer Crimson Prime and Denim Shorts

Chrissy Teigen proves with her latest look that this Bottega Veneta trend is still going strong.

The model was spotted wearing Bottega Veneta’s red mesh sandals yesterday while out and about in NYC with husband John Legend. in the color of tomatoes. She styled the it shoe with a matching red button-down shirt and cut off denim shorts. She emphasized the look with elegant gold jewelry, square sunglasses and a black shoulder bag with a chunky gold chain.

More from shoe news

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sighting in NYC Downtown, NY.  - Credit: RCF / MEGA

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sighting in NYC Downtown, NY. – Credit: RCF / MEGA


A closer look at the Bottega Veneta Stretch Heels by Chrissy Teigen.  - Credit: RCF / MEGA

A closer look at the Bottega Veneta Stretch Heels by Chrissy Teigen. – Credit: RCF / MEGA


With celebs like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner wearing the designer sandal, it has become one of the most popular styles of the summer. It features an elastic mesh material that covers the toes and a matching effect on the back of the heel. The shoes are available for $ 930 at

Teigen is known for its convenient, chic style that includes casual cut jeans, trendy outwear and filigree bikinis. When it’s time to dress up, you can find Teigen in sequined dresses, brightly colored pieces, and textured dresses. When it comes to shoes, Teigen usually leans towards brightly colored boots, extravagant heeled sandals and comfy sneakers from brands like Jimmy Choo, Nike and Bottega Veneta.

Teigen is no stranger to the fashion spotlight as she is a model. She worked with Revolve to create a clothing line of the same name that includes sleek jumpsuits, wrap dresses, and suede heels. She also appeared in campaigns for brands such as Ugg, XOXO and Beach Bunny Swimwear.

This summer, slip into a pair of stylish red pumps inspired by Chrissy Teigen.

Photo credit: DSW

Photo credit: DSW


Buy: JLO Jennifer Lopez Gannon Pumps, $ 70.

Photo credit: Nine West

Photo credit: Nine West

Nine West

Buy: Nine West Bliss pointed toe pumps, € 89.

The story goes on

Image credit: Dillards

Image credit: Dillards


Buy: Protection Lou pumps made of suede with a pointed toe, $ 98.

Click through the gallery to see Chrissy Teigens best style moments over the years.

Start gallery: Chrissy Teigen’s best street style moments over the years

Best of footwear news

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Drones, cash pitched to bolster pink tide efforts in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Florida. – Drones could be used to monitor the red tide, and money should be set aside to offset the local cost of removing fish killed by poisonous algal blooms, state wildlife officials said Wednesday as they attempt to prevent future outbreaks to manage something.

Members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said more proactive action was needed as red tide outbreaks will continue to hamper the state, particularly the Gulf Coast, which is grappling with an outbreak in the Tampa Bay area.

Commission chairman Rodney Barreto suggested that a state Red Tide task force consider using drones to monitor waters for outbreaks and assist with cleanup operations. He noted that the sheriff’s office helicopters were being used to coordinate the cleanup of recent outbreaks.

“Let’s go on the offensive. Drone technology is where it is today, ”said Barreto. “I mean it’s amazing. Right? Much cheaper. In any case, much more efficient than sending up a helicopter. “


The current eruption, which has been changing daily since December due to wind and tides in the waters from Pasco County to Sarasota County, has had different effects on the Gulf Coast areas.

The key to tackling the red tide is efforts to improve water quality and reduce nutrients from human sources, such as:

In addition, Gil McRae, director of the Commission’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, said one way to prepare for widespread fish deaths is to provide a source of funding to local governments, who are typically responsible for cleaning up the litter .

“We heard about this last event – and unfortunately we knew it beforehand – when we have large fish deaths, the burden tends to be on the level of the government that manages the waste. And that’s always, in Florida at least, always the local government, ”McRae said. “So since the local government has this waste management infrastructure, they really are the only ones that can handle these tons of waste.”


As a result of the current outbreak, more than 600 tons of dead fish washed up along the Tampa Bay coast.

The state distributed emergency funds this year to offset some of the costs of cleaning up fish deaths. Local officials in the Tampa Bay area have asked the state to issue a declaration of emergency that would free up more money and resources.

As of 2019, the state has pumped $ 14.5 million into the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for its Center for Red Tide Research, which has a partnership with the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota

Barreto said another concern the task force could address is public notifications, especially for beach goers.

“When we flew yesterday, you could literally see the red tide. And you can see the people on the beach, ”said Barreto, who took a helicopter tour of the waters off Sarasota on Tuesday.

McRae said beach conditions are updated daily by the commission on their website and on signs posted by lifeguards from Collier County to Pinellas County.


Meanwhile, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried has spent the last three days promoting new “best management practices” in agriculture, which she said will help address issues that have exacerbated the red tide outbreak.

Changes in agriculture will focus on supporting practices such as cover crops, which are expected to slow down erosion and increase water availability. The changes are also intended to include the recording of nutrients used by farmers and government employees during face-to-face visits, and to replace voluntary self-assessment of the implementation of best management practices.

While at Mote Marine on Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis said he was “happy with the progress” in the state’s efforts to contain the red tide over the past three years following major water quality problems in areas of southeast and southwest Florida.

“What they are doing here (at Mote) in dealing with the red tide may have application to other types of algal blooms, such as the blue-green algae we struggle with in Lake Okeechobee,” DeSantis said. “Well, I think that was a really good investment. And I think it will pay off. Of course, red tide occurs naturally. We can’t tell people that there won’t be any. But if you have successful mitigation strategies and technologies in place, you’re really making it where it won’t have the impact it had in 2018. “